How to clean a bassinet? The best guide!

My baby has been sleeping in the bassinet since I gave birth to her and now am worried that she may be sick if the lining and bedding of the bassinet continue to be dirty. But the question is – how to clean a bassinet? Having the best guide on how to clean bassinet is the first step towards growing your baby to always be healthy.

The same way it has become your routine to sweep your room every day is how it is supposed to be a routine for you to always clean your baby’s bedding periodically.

Here is the perfect guide you need to maintain good health of your baby by simply cleaning the bassinet. Before we hit the topic of discussion, let me tell you what bassinet is and the right duration for its usage.

What is a bassinet?

A bassinet is a special bed where babies sit or sleep till they are able to move and be strong. It is not everyone that use bassinet for their babies, however, it is very helpful to the growth of babies.

The skin of babies is not that mature and strong to be on the bed used by adults. The tender baby cannot find the comfort the same way you do on the normal bed. That is why the specially designed bed is made for them.

Moreover, you may not want your baby out of your sight and side when you are in the hospital. This is another reason why you may want to create a special bed for your baby.

So the bed is designed in such a way that it is near you at all times. When you want to breast feed your baby, you can take the child out and when you are done, you will return the child.

Normally, you can allow your baby in a bassinet up to 6 months before you can then start using normal adult bed with your baby. At that interval of 4 to 6 months, your baby should be strong enough to hold their necks, and make some movements.

However, with this long period of time that your baby stays inside the bassinet, chances are that it may be dirty. In fact, you are meant to ensure absolute hygiene for your baby, especially at such tender age when they are week and unable to protect themselves.

You should have an interval within the time your baby continues to stay inside a bassinet as time to always clean your child’s bed. In order to clean the bassinet well, I made made this post to show you the step by step measures of how to clean a bassinet.

How to clean a bassinet?

It involves simple steps to clean a bassinet. It is easier for you to have a period of time for cleaning your baby’s bassinet. This will help to prevent you from unnecessarily disinfect the bedding. Below are the steps to take in order to clean bassinet:

How to clean a bassinet with water and nontoxic children detergent:

Water and nontoxic detergents are the major cleaning agent that most people prefer to use. This is because it is common and does not react against the skin of their bay after the cleaning. In case you have not gotten your own, check out our top nontoxic children laundry detergents.

  1. Set the components of bassinet apart.
  2. Ensure to detach the mattress and other linings from the hood.
  3. decide on the volume of water and liquid detergent you intend to use for the cleaning of the entire bassinet. Remember that it should not be too foamy and it must not be reactive to the skin of the baby. This will help to ensure that you continue to groom your baby without rising them to hospital as a case of emergency.
  4. You can decide on the ones you want to start with first. For me, I use to start with cleaning the bassinet mattress first. This is because I feel it is the major thing for me to clean. After then, I will clean the inner linings of the bassinet like the cloth and other materials inside the bassinet with the baby. You can decide to use your washing machine for the linings but it may not be very advisable for you to use machine for the mattress.
  5. Depending on your assessment, you decide to go ahead to disinfect the who components, especially if you are going back home from hospital. You can do this ensure that you do not carry diseases into your home.
  6. The next step after cleaning each of the component will be fore you to air dry them. It is not advisable to use dryer since the bassinet mattress is made of foam. This foam may lose their shape and then become shrank due to the heat. This is why it is advisable for you to lightly air dry the components.
  7. After air drying the components, the last step will be for you to recouple it back. When you reassemble the bassinet, it will be very fine for your baby to sleep in it.

How to clean a bassinet that doesn’t come apart?

Here is the challenge, not all bassinet will give you the chance to disassemble it. Some are designed not to be apart. The components are always together and cannot be separated. The problem is – how to clean a bassinet that doesn’t come apart?

Luckily, it is simple to achieve this. Cleaning bassinet that doesn’t come apart is simple to achieve. First, you have to know that the major goal is to ensure that the bassinet is clean and not necessarily that you separated the components. You have to be sure that the inside is clean for your baby at all times.

Therefore, what you will need to do on how to clean a bassinet that doesn’t come apart is to clean it as a whole. The following are things you can choose to do in order to clean the bassinet as a whole.

  • Regularly apply disinfectant: if it is not too dirty or stained, you can regularly apply disinfectant on the bassinet. Another simpler way out is to always monitor your baby and ensure that excretions are not dropped inside the bassinet. This will reduce the level of stain on the mattress or other parts.
  • Use water mixed with liquid detergent springing: since it will not be possible to sperate the different parts of the bassinet, it is therefore important that you use little water to achieve what you want. Using too much water may cause delay in water for it to dry.
  • Deodorize the bassinet: it is still not a rocket science to clean a bassinet that doesn’t come apart, you can choose to give it new order routinely. Deodorizing your bassinet helps you baby to continue to breathe in fresh scent. However, ensure that your baby is not the type that is allergic to such scent you intent spray.

How to clean a bassinet mattress?

The babies lie on the bassinet mattress. This means that they are always in direct contact with this component of bassinet. They may urinate or pass faeces on the bassinet mattress. Therefore, there is the need to know exactly how to clean a bassinet mattress.

In this article, I will put you through on how to clean a bassinet mattress. It is not separate from what you do above.

To clean bassinet mattress, use liquid detergent mixed in water to clean it up. You can choose to do this, maybe every month until your baby is major enough. Since most bassinet mattresses are made of foams, you have to be careful with drying it.

How to clean ingenuity bassinet?

Ingenuity bassinet is a brand that has been trending for so many reasons. Many people are going for it because you can use it to house your baby for 12 months. Your baby will continue to make use of it from birth till about a year. This is why it is important to know how to clean ingenuity bassinet.

The steps outlined already on how to clean bassinet is same to what you should do to always make your ingenuity bassinet clean and hygienic for your small baby. The steps are simple and straightforward.

Conclusion on how to clean a bassinet

There is no big deal in cleaning your bassinet. With the already outlined steps above, you can be sure that your bassinet is clean for as long as you want keep your baby inside it. The major goal is to keep it clean. Whether it is apart or cannot be made apart.

The steps outlined above are also reproducible for all brands of bassinet. However, one major take home is not to use dryer machine for the bassinet mattress. This is because it can make the whole mattress to shrink in size and shape.

Also, make sure not to use any detergent that will pose some adverse effect to your child. Use those ones that you are sure are children friendly.