What is air cooler?

All you must know before you buy an air cooler device in 2023

Air coolers seem to be trending more recently. People who live in tropical regions are beginning to find it helpful in their daily activities. Returning home under the scorching hot sun and reaching out to make use of this device have really been so helpful. Today, I have decided to look into all you must know before you buy an air cooler device in 2023. This post is a must for all new users of air coolers. Even if you are disappointed with the low-quality help you got from the device, this post will guide you.

What is an air cooler?

An air cooler is a device that makes the air around you cooler. It has a way of conditioning the air it blows out and making it cool for the ones around you. The device can be portable or fixed. It can absolutely work without electricity while some have rechargeable batteries powering them even in the absence of an electric power supply.

To make some effective, you can add some cubes of ice to their container to intensify the amount of cold air produced. Most air coolers work as humidifiers to make the air around you very humid. Some function also as moisturizers to make the air within your environment. These are ways of making the atmospheric conditions around you friendly, especially during the summer when everywhere is hot, dry, and dusty.

Interestingly, air coolers are costly to come by. Some of them are affordable and available so you can buy them with just a click of a button. At the end of this post, we will offer you recommendations from among the air coolers we have tested and affirm to be worth it.

all you must know before you buy an air cooler

How does the air cooler work?

The air cooler works simply to ensure you have cool air around you. For it to effectively work, it needs a container within its component. The work of the container is to contain ice and cold water that will help to cool the air that will be coming out from the device. Through the help of the container, the ice that the portable air cooler will contain will be much. The major difference between a portable fan and an air cooler is that while the fan will circulate the air within the room, the air cooler will cool the air around you. This is to say that with air coolers, your air will cool better compared to the fan.

Every air cooler has a rotating motor within it. It’s this rotating motor that produces the air that will blow out. So as the air will be coming out, it will mix with the cold air from the ice container. This will make the air moisturized and humidified. In the absence of the ice cubes, it is safer to say that what you have is a fan.

The air conditioners, especially the big ones, can produce cool air that will have a higher level of coverage and impact compared to normal portable air coolers. However, the cost of installing and maintaining traditional air conditioners is high. Also, portability is a great advantage that anyone can consider before choosing the one to go for.

Can an air cooler cool the room?

Air coolers are not made to automatically cool your room. They are made to be direct and personal. They are made to target just you and make you feel cool. While central air conditioners can cool your room and its surroundings, that is not the case with air coolers.

However, there are some sophisticated air coolers that come at a higher cost and can attempt to cool your room, but its cooling will certainly be directional. One other thing to note about the air cooler is that the positioning has a way of helping it to cool a wider range of coverage.

Is an air cooler better than a fan?

An air cooler is better than a fan because it will produce cooler air compared to the fan. What a fan does is that it circulates the same air around you without much cooling effect. The air cooler devices cool the air around you and make the place more conducive for you to stay. Most people who get a fan or order for fan end up not enjoying it much because it doesn’t give them the needed cool air they want.

On the other hand, most air coolers can be used as fans when ice cubes are not available. This is because the major difference between the two is the one that has ice. Buying and preserving the ice can take some time, and sometimes, you may not see ice to buy for the air cooler devices.

why air cooler is not working

Is air cooler better than AC?

The air cooler is portable and can be used without electricity if it has rechargeable batteries. However, the above reason does not make it better than AC. AC has the power to cool rooms and larger building within a short time compared to air cooler that is just for one person. Most times, it is used by one person to ensure that it effectively cools the air around the individual.

On the other hand, it is easier to use portable air coolers as you will not depend on any tech-savvy to install and maintain them for you. It is very simple to use an air cooler as you can always use it for your own greater use.

Can the air cooler run without water?

Air coolers can run without water. However, it will not produce the level of cool air you should expect when you use it with water. Water is the major thing that makes it effective for use anywhere. When your air cooler doesn’t have water, it will be working as your normal small fan which will only blow hot air around your body.

Who should not use an air cooler?

If you can keep your air cooler clean, anyone can use it. However, it can be a means of spreading bacteria, viral, and other types of microbial infection to people. While some people can trigger their asthmatic spell by just sitting under cold air for a long, others can be exposed to viral infections like Rhinorrhea, catarrh, etc.

Therefore, those who have asthmatic attacks should do their best to avoid the trigger. And also, constantly cleaning the air cooler when it is not in use is also very good for you. You can still put on a face mask while you make use of your portable air cooler.

Air conditioner

Does air cooler affect the lungs?

Generally, air coolers are meant to help the lungs. The lungs on their own have a mechanism of cooling every air that enters it through the bronchial tree. This bronchial tree ensures that every air that enters the lung is purified and clean enough not to cause infection. This is why some people experience coughing whenever they have foreign particulars enter their lungs.

Why air cooler is not cooling?

If you notice that your air cooler is not cooling, there are several things you could do to find out why it seems not to be working. First, you will need to ensure that the mode or level of cooling you put it is good enough. Check if you made the mistake of lowering the cool air coming out from your air cooler and forgetting it. By changing the mode to a higher one, you could raise it to the most suitable level.

Also, you have to be sure that the device is turned on. You don’t expect a device that is off to start producing cool air. This can also happen if the wires within it are faulty in connection. Ensure that you plugged your device well into the electric socket. This will ensure that it has a good current flow which will give it enough voltage to power it.

Will the air cooler consume more electricity?

Air coolers are economical in nature. They consume electricity but not as much as the installable Air conditioners. These air coolers can even work without being connected to a power supply. This makes it easier for you to use it in camps while going on hiking and at other times. Air coolers, especially those that work with motor rotators will consume a slightly insignificant amount of current for it to be powered on.

portable air cooler

Frequently Asked Questions on Air Coolers

Are air coolers worth buying?

Air coolers are a good buy for most people who need their environment to continue to be cool to their taste. This is because it will help them to ensure that they maintain a conducive environment. Getting a cost-effective air cooler will be of immense help to you in your office and even at home. Therefore, if you are looking at means to cut costs, you can go for it. Air coolers are by far worth buying. However, it is important to always keep it clean after each use, especially if you will not be using it continuously. Maintaining it clean will help to reduce the level at which it spreads infection.

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling?

It is a horrible experience to have your air cooler running but not cooling because it will make you feel disappointed. However, one major reason why your air cooler may be running but not cooling will be on lack of ice in the ice container. Or when you don’t have water within your container, you may experience less level of cool air coming out from it. Therefore, you can add some cubes of ice into your container anytime you notice that your air cooler is running but not cooling.

How can I improve the cooling in my air cooler?

There are several ways to improve the level of cool air that comes from your air cooler including ensuring that you have ice cubes in your container. Also, ensure that the air is coming out as the air cooler fan continues to rotate. Take for instance, if the spaces where the cool air should come out from are blocked, it will cause less air to come out. This can cause you to feel little air coming out compared to when all the pores are open. Also, you can customize the level of air coming out using the modes regulator if it comes with that.

Is using an air cooler good for health?

Yes, using an air cooler is good for health, especially for the ones that work as an air purifier, humidifier, and moisturizer. The reason is that it will help you to maintain the homeostatic condition your body needs. It will boost your good health by limiting the level of dust you inhale by purifying it. If you also live in dusty and dry areas, you will also notice that the major work of removing foreign particulars through cough will be done by this simple device.

What are the disadvantages of air coolers?

Everything that has a disadvantage, will certainly have a disadvantage. Does the disadvantage of an air cooler outweigh the disadvantage? No! Air coolers are very important for healthy living irrespective of the region you live in. Though, it is most important among those living in hot regions of the world. When you fail to clean the air coolers after use, you will be indirectly incubating infective agents that will attack your health and respiratory diseases. Too much of everything also leads to disease. Therefore, staying under an air conditioner or air cooler can lead to triggers of Asthma and other respiratory challenges. It is more important to have an air cooler than not to have one.

How much temperature can the air cooler reduce?

Most air coolers are very good in that they can reduce the temperature from its hot level to a moderate level which will be good for your health. So far, most portable air coolers are known to reduce the temperature between 8 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius. However, you will need to customize the temperature according to the mode options within the device. Most air coolers come with a mode regulator that helps you control the rate at which they work.

Does the air cooler cool the room like AC?

Air coolers don’t cool the air like AC. They barely try their best but can never be like the air conditioners. This is because the energy both devices consume is not equal. The AC can cool your rooms easily without you putting in any effect while the air coolers are more personal air coolers. The cooling chemical in ACs helps to cool the air easily without many issues. The cooling from the air conditioner may not be immediate and direct but when it comes up, you will certainly feel it.

Are air coolers effective?

Are you looking for a simple device to buy to have cool air? Then you can go for air coolers. It is the best personal air cooler to go for.

Conclusion on air cooler

Air coolers are great. Though they don’t cool more than air conditioners but are better than a simple fan. It performs three main functions: purifying, moisturizing, and also humidifying the air. If you need a simple device to constantly keep your environment cool, please go for it. It is very affordable and easy to maintain. There is really not much health risk in using it. Air coolers are made for children and adults.

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