Heatcore reviews 2022: the best buy space heater?

Is blast heatcore the best buy portable heater? This heatcore reviews will tell you the benefits, features and the comments made by users of blast heatcore. If you are satisfied with the heatcore review and you want to make your order for it, there is also an affiliate link at the bottom of the post to help you make your purchase.

It is another season of winter, a time to face the cold air that accompanies the dry dust which marks the season. It is obviously a time to wear more than two clothes in the night because it comes with low temperature.

If you are my type that likes to keep warm. You will definitely be looking for a portable heater to warm the air around you or your room. The market is filled with different types of portable heaters, both radiant and convection heaters. However, the problem is in getting the quality heater. In this heatcore review, I may not tell you which to buy but I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the Heatcore Portable heater.

From this post, you will learn the difference between ceramic and non-ceramic portable heaters. You will also learn the difference between convection heaters and radiant heaters. I’ll also share my experience using Heatcore portable heaters. These are things that you may not get to know from the user guide that the company will give each customer or from reviews on other websites.

It is important to read this heatcore review to the end to capture every bit of what will make you maximize any heatcore portable heater you lay your hands to use in this winter season.

heatcore reviews

What is heatcore?

HeatCore is electric equipment that helps to cool the room by producing hot air which circulates within the room through the convention. It is an innovative technology born out of innovative procedures to get the room warm at an affordable cost.

It is easy for you to carry heatcore around or to any venue you want to use it as it is very portable and has less weight. It is also economically designed to be used at any place without affecting your monthly bills like other heaters. In this case, you can use it to generate heat in your office, in your parlor, or in any of your rooms as it is easy to move it from one place to another.

It is unlike other types of heaters as it is very energy-efficient. It can be recharged and reused at other times. One of the great features of this heater is its rechargeable power source. You can recharge it and it will be used for over a day. This heater has generated enough attention as it is made of ceramic exterior plates which protects it from rust and it makes it look economically fine. 

The heating technology in this heater is good as it can be. It allows it to be used by anybody of any age. Children can use this heater and they will not be hurt by the heat it produces. It is essentially safe for all ages. It works very fast with a maximum heat level of 1200 watts. It comes with regulating buttons that allow you to control the level of heat it produces. In this case, you can decide to change it from low to moderate and to high.

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It also does not make noise while working, unlike most other ones that will make noise and create other sounds, which is discomforting to the ear. This very heater does not make any noise while working. You can also decide to turn it off as soon as you are done using it in order to reduce your electricity bills and also save energy for further use.

Technical specifications of heatcore heater

  • Ceramic exterior: recent models of portable heaters are made of ceramic plates or exterior. This is very important as it helps to regulate the level of heat that is produced and also to control the possibility of flame breaking out. With this kind of exterior, you’re very sure that it will not rust. It will also control the level of heat that is out as ceramic does not conduct heat. The function of this ceramic exterior is to push out the hot air without itself being hot. This is one of the reasons why it’s essentially made for everyone as it does not cause any harm or damage to children and adults.
  • Methods of Heating: Each method of heating is essentially very good. It produces heat and then with the help of the ceramic plates and baffles, it sends the hot air out to the room, and then the air that is sent out to the room will be transmitted around the whole room by convention.
  • Item Dimensions: The dimension of this Heatcore is very nice as it helps with its portability and compact design. You can decide to place it on top of your office table or take it to any other place that directly warms the air near you. The dimension of HeatCore is 9.88 X 7.28 X 7.17.
  • Power Output: The power output of the Heatcore portable heater is greatly good, it produces about 1200 watts of energy. This is the maximum energy it can produce. It has minimum energy of 700 watts. Even if you decide to use the minimum, it is enough to heat up any room whether in your home or at your place of work. With this power output, you will definitely enjoy it irrespective of how cold the place you’re staying is. You can also decide to make it nearer to you as it is very portable. This is mostly the case for those using it in an office and wants to minimize the energy output.
  • Eco-friendly Timers: Heatcore portable heater comes with an energy regulating timer. With this, you can regulate the energy it produces and also when it turns off or turns on. This is most important to prevent fire outbreaks as against what you see in some other heaters. Some other heaters have been involved in fire outbreaks in different homes as a result of the lack of this timer. With heatcore coming with this timer, you can control when it cools and when it gets warm. This is because it has a timer that you can easily control by giving it time to turn off or on, even if you want to go to sleep. This is really an advantage of this portable heater.
  • 3 Heating modes: This portable heater has three levels of heating modes or energy controls. These three levels Include low, high, fun. It all depends on the environment you find yourself in. If you find yourself in a very cold environment, you can decide to use the high in order to get the room warm within some seconds. However, we are aware that it is not every time that a room is so cold that you use the highest temperature levels. That is why it is important that you use the law when it is very col. In the other case, when the only thing you need is the fan, you can also decide to use the fan. This is why this device can be used both in winter and in the summer, as it can give you a portable fan are during the summer while giving you a portable heater during the winter. There is a no-brainer to the time to use these three modes of control. It depends on how you feel.
  • Main Power Switch: This portable heater comes with the main power switch. This power switch enables you to turn it off or on at will. Like I said above, there are 3 level controls to this device. However, it is not part of the main control switch. This main power switch is a stand-alone button that you press to turn Heatcore on or off. It does not need technical know-how for you to turn it on. All that is involved is just press the button and then your device is on with green light?
  • ZPT Air filter: Do you know it is possible to spread bacteria just through this device? Yes. It is highly possible for this to be a breeding site for bacteria and other micro infectious organisms. However, this device comes with a ZPT Air filter. This ensures that all the air produced by Heatcore is coming pure and clean. It helps to reduce the rate of infection produced by this device. These are a non-common component of heaters that comes with modern heaters and as well portable heaters in order to reduce the rate at which people come down with respiratory diseases. Respiratory diseases have been attributed to increasing in the number of heaters and coolers. This device has been spotted by unpunished research to contribute greatly to the dissemination of respiratory diseases.
  • Powerful Motor: This portable heater comes with a powerful engine, so to say. This engine works by rotating the fan off and on in order to push out the hot air and then make the room hot. Each time you control the speed at which the fan rotates, this control directly comes to this powerful motor, which will either go low or go high, or power it at the level by which only the fan work.
heatcore portable heater

Features of heatcore heater

There are certain features that make it go outstanding and then unique from other heaters. It is not just because it is portable and compact. Below is a short overview of what really made it the best portable heater:

Sleek Design: This portable heater has a very good look as it is simple, sleek, and economically designed. By design, you would consider it one of the best portable heaters even before you start using it. This is exactly why it is good for you to take it anywhere you want to go, either for a conference, in your office or at home.

On and Off Button: It has a central button to turn it on or turn it off. It is not difficult to press this button and this is why it is friendly for everyone. Anyone can use it. A child can use it, an adult can also use it because all you just need to do is to press the button and it will get it turned off or on.

LED Light: His goal is a modern device that comes with LED lights. This light indicates the various power levels. It shows when it is low, when it is working and when it is so down that you cannot work. When it is fully charged and turned on, it shows a green light. When it is so low that he cannot work, it shows a red light. These are the various light colors you can get to see when using heatcore.

Ultra Quiet: Another advantage of the features of this Heatcore portable device is that it does not produce any noise as it works. As soon as you turn it on, it will silently start working without you hearing any sound from it. This is really an innovative feature of this device.

As you know, there are lots of heaters out there, that immediately it is turned on, it will start making a hell of noise that will be distracting you from whatever you are doing. This is not possible with this device and that is why it is so safe and good for you to use it in an office or even while reading in order to sustain the heat in the room where you stay.

Tip-over safety switch: This heater does not pose any safety threats. However, there are things I would want you to do whenever you are using portable heaters. Those things include:

  1. Remember to turn it off before you sleep.
  2. Do not open the inside to avoid sustaining second degree burn.
  3. You can turn it off after every one hour to let it cool a bit.
  4. Don’t wait until it is completely down before you recharge it.

Overheat protection: This device is highly protected from overheating through the materials that are used to make it. The ceramic material it is made of, his number one material that tries to serve as a poor conductor of it, and by this restricting the level by which it can get hotter. You can also decide to turn it off anytime you think it is getting overheated. This will help to both control the energy expense and as well prolong the lifespan of your device.

Flame resistant materials: Fire regulatory authorities in different countries have outlined most of the devices that are causes of flame or fire outbreaks in homes. Among them is portable heaters. However, in this heatcore portable heater. It is made of flame-resistant materials that try to prevent it from having flames which can result to fire outbreaks in homes.

5-second heat up: You don’t need to wait for years or ages for it to start heating up. This is because it has an instant power release that can get your room hot within 5 minutes. You start feeling the change of temperature of your device as soon as you plug it and with time it will be producing enough heat that can spread in the room by the conventional way and your room will get hot.

Compact: This portable heater is very compact and simple to be used. That is why you can use it on top of your table in an office. Or is it at the table in your home?

heatcore review

Benefits of ceramic conventional heater

The many advantages of ceramic conventional heaters like this portable heater. Below is the list of things we should expect to gain from such portable heaters:

  • No safety threats: The materials that disposable he tells are made of helps it not to cause any safety threats. For example, the ceramic plates that it has is a ball conductor of heat and this makes it possible for it to produce less heat that they can be touched by anyone without coming down with second degree burn. You can also sleep with two eyes closed and having a mind that your house will not burn down as a result over heat. This is because of the materials that it is made of, that is flame resistant.
  • Affordable: Most you break your bank account for you to buy a quality device. This is not the case with this. In fact, most of the quality devices I have bought are not dependent on the price. As we know there are factors of production that makes the price either to go high or come down. Where these devices produced the label and other factors of device are not as costly as in other places where some of its counterparts with lesser features are produced. This is exactly why the cost of this device is available to almost everyone. You can buy it and your country still be smiling irrespective of how much you have in the account.
  • Works silently: I know by now you’ll be thinking you are coming up to buy a heater that will be making noise. That’s not the case with his school heaters. It works silently in such a way that it will be hard for people to hear. The fan inside it does not also make noise while rotating as it has a powerful motor.
  • Fast heater: This device does not take long to heat up. Ensure it is properly connected to the power source. And then get it charged. After that, within seconds it will heat up and then get your room warm for you.
  • Easy to be carried to anywhere: This portable heater Is highly portable for you to take it to anywhere you were going without feeling the weight. You can also easily move it in between rooms at the same time. This makes it one of the best portable heaters you can get. This also is an advantage as it allows you to move it from one place to another without feeling the weight. You can also go to your office and come back with it. As simple as that.
  • Less energy consumption: This heater consumes less energy and less than your monthly bills for electricity. Unlike the radiant type or other type that produces heat in a room, this very one is less in cost and not expensive.
  • Rechargeable power source: The power source is basically rechargeable. You can get it fully charged and when it is fully charged you can use it over and over. It is better to always keep it charged than to leave it not charged. This is to allow you have access to it anytime you use it without a delay that comes with you waiting for it to be charged.
  • Absence of toxic air: The device is made with healthy that does not allow it to produce infectious air. This is a bold step in controlling respiratory diseases as these heaters are among source of infections.
  • User-friendly: The materials these devices make makes it user friendly. Its simplicity while using it is also another added that vantage that can make it for use by anyone. The biggest fire starts you just click the turn on button and then it will start working. You can also use same device, same button to turn it off. You can also control the level at which the heat comes out, or you can allow it to bear the fan level. All these are done by a Press of about him.
  • Cost-effective: If you compare the level of heat this device produce with the cost, you will discover that it is highly cost effective. Unlike other gigantic sources of heat that will cost you high amount of money without producing sustainable heat. Heat that is commensurate with the amount you spend. With this portable heater you know it will be targeted towards you an majority for a particular space, like your room. Therefore, it is highly cost effective and does not cost much electricity bills at the end of the month.

Is ceramic heater safe?

Ceramic heaters are safe for use in any home. It is also safe for use by children and the soil adult. This is because the ceramic does not conduct heat and it will not cause any burn on a child or adult. This poor heat conduction is an advantage that is basically used for this heating device. The ceramic heater can also protect your home from fire burns. This is because it is resistant to fire flames. By and large, Heatcore is safe for use in our homes.

Difference between radiant and convention heater

A radiant heater is different from a conventional heater. This difference is multi-dimensional as radiant heaters produce heat through radiation, while convection heaters produce heat by convention. Radiation simply means that the production of heat is through the object, or by radiating the heat from the object.

On the other way around, convection heaters use the air as their medium. They produce the heat and send it to the air which further circulates it around. This device, Heatcore heater, is majorly convention heat-based. This helps it to pump out hot air and it will generate and circulate out in the space. Convention heaters are majorly ceramic-based. There can be used for different things.

What makes heatcore the best portable heater?

There are a couple of things that make portable heaters unique when compared to other heaters that are on the market out there. Those factors include being portable, being compact, easier to use, friendly to us. Among others. You can also rest assured that this device will prevent any unnecessary fire outbreak in your home. Unlike what you may have seen in other devices, this device cannot cause burn as it is made of ceramic which is a poor conductor of heat.

How to use heatcore

This heating device is very simple to use. It is simple in the sense that you don’t need to do any extra settings in order to use it. As you unbox it from its delivery box, the next thing would be to plug and charge it to fullness. After that, you press the central button and tap it on. Then you control the speed.

It is either you choose high or low speed. You can also choose to use the fan as the speed level you want. With this, you are good to go. Your fan will work for you. To enjoy it well, it is so good you try to clean it weekly. Avoid its accumulating infectious bacteria within it.

Pros of heatcore

  • It is very easy to use, you don’t need any training.
  • It warms up the room very quickly.
  • Has a low power consumption rate.
  • It is very compact and lightweight.
  • It has amazing safe features.
  • The filter works great even with microbial substances, eliminates odor.
  • With the hef exterior, there is no heat or energy loss from the space heater.
  • It is ultra silent when working.

Cons of heatcore

So far there have not been any problems with this particular heater. However, you may find the following as at a disadvantage:

  • You buy it only online and not on. Local stores.
  • You may need to struggle between its availability and unavailability due to high demand.
  • Its function is dependent on electricity.
  • Not made for large space as it is made to heat small room very well and not everywhere.

Who needs heatcore?

This portable heater is meant for everyone who wants to get his piece one at all times. It can be used by everyone but a child and adult. If you work in an office and you wanted to remain warm, you need it. If you’re tired of your big heaters, which could warm everywhere increasing your monthly bill, you need it.

This portable heater is meant for all homes that want to create warm air around them. It can be administered constantly, keeping the room warm for growing up children. If you are looking for a quality heater to be using this winter, there’s no other option other than this portable heater.

Blast Heatcore customer reports

Blast heatcore has generated many reviews online. Many people have come to talk about how good is very devices too. Below are what they have to say about this device:

I am not a fan of making reviews for devices. However, this particular device is a unique one. I never thought I could get this kind of quality device at $79. So happy for the company that produced it.

Hugh Jackman, New Jersey, USA

Where I live is one hell of a place. Always good. I’ve been looking for a portable device I could use to get myself one each moment in order to always read my books. None has really worked until I saw this advertisement on television about his score. So far, all I can say about this device is that it is good and works are great.

Denis J., Amsterdam, Netherlands.

At first, I thought this device is another scam. I thought it is one of these devices that they used to scam people by writing fake reviews about them. However, after using it for one month, I realized that the device is a quality one that offers as promised. I’m glad my friends made me get it even when I thought it’s fake.

Kanye W., Israel.

Heatcore price

Heatcore prices are affordable to everyone. It comes with a discount and free shipping. Below is the price range:

  • You can buy the 1 x HeatCore + US Plug sold at $79.99, or you can choose from any of the following bundle packages: 
  • 2 x HeatCore + US Plug for $159.99 
  • 3 x HeatCore + US Plug for $179.99 
  • 4 x HeatCore + US Plug for $219.99

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Where to buy heatcore

The best place to buy a portable heater is at the Heatcore website. On the official website of this Heatcore, you will receive discounts and also free shipping to your location. The discount is whooping as you will get up to 50% discount. There are also other online stores where you can make your purchase which include the Amazon store, Walmart, Ali-Baba, etc.

Frequently asked questions on blast heatcore reviews

Is the HeatCore any good?

Heatcore is a high-class portable heating device currently made at a cost many people can afford. Heatcore heater has generated more than ten thousand (10, 000) reviews from users all over the world. It has also been trending, and according to reviews in most of the online review websites, this portable heater has received a 4.8-star rating. It has been adjudged to be the best for all kinds of homes. No fire threats and no fear of it causing burns on your children. Which other portable heater can be this good? Heatcore is really good!

Are ceramic heaters worth the money?

There are two major brands of heaters. The ceramic heaters and non-ceramic heaters. The ceramic heater is more costly because of its preventive and protective function of this ceramic. You may have heard that ceramics are poor conductors of heat. What does this mean? It means that hot air can pass through it for a long time without it getting hot. Yes! That is why it is good for children and adults. The baffles in the Heatcore device will generate the hot air and pass it out to the ceramic plate where the fan blade will blow it out to the air within the environment. Doing this over and over will make the hot air circulate and the room or office will become warm immediately. Even when it has lasted for long under the hot air, you can still touch without coming down with a 2nd-degree burn. Ceramics are also resistant to flames. What this means is that overheating cannot cause a fire outbreak in your home even if you mistakenly slept off without turning it off or setting up the timer. Ceramic heaters like Heatcore remain the best.

How much is a blaux heater?

Blaux portable heater will not break your bank for you to acquire one. The producing companies the importance of this device to every home and that’s why it is coming at a discounted price.

How much electricity does a ceramic heater use?

High-class ceramic heaters like Heatcore is good as it is very economical in use and does not increase your monthly electricity bill as other big heaters do without even offering the services intended. It has a reachable capacity which can help you not to use it every time.

Final note on blast heatcore reviews

The importance of a portable heater may not be significantly felt if you are not looking for a personalized heater. Yes, a heater device that can allow you to move it from one place to another is the best. What is a waste of resources(money)? Have you thought of buying a device that heats everywhere including outdoors? Is such not a waste of money?

You probably will understand the importance of a portable heater like a Heatcore heater if you have wasted your money buying a bigger device that will heat up where you never needed to heat. You need a space heater, not just every heater. Even if you are excessively wealthy, you need a portable one so that its effect on you can be more.

Blast Heatcore portable heater is unarguably the best for its outstanding features and benefits. When you recharge it, it can last for as long as 8 hours, however, it depends on the speed you decide to use. The lower level can last longer more than when it is high level.

Heatcore heater is a world-standard heater trending in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, India, and most other countries of the world. You can’t miss this opportunity to get such a quality device at such an affordable price.




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