Handy Heater Reviews 2024: Consumer Alert on the Best Heater!!!

Handy Heater has shown that it is not enough to have a portable heater. You need one that will be worth the money you used to purchase it. The search for that ideal heater has led us to handy heater reviews. Here, I will give you the updates you need to know before you choose the heater for your warmth.

Money is hard to get; therefore, if you must spend it on a heating device, it has to be for the best. One that is rechargeable with a long-lasting battery. You need one that has a long period of activity and is enough for you to use in any environment.

Yes! From all I have seen and tested after testing the handy heater, I believe it has some striking features and benefits that will tickle your fancy. It is not your usual Chinese product that will stand the test of time. It is by and large worth using in any home. Before I go forward, let me tell you briefly what this heater really is.

What is a handy heater?

The handy heater is a special heater made especially for people who live in places that are moderately to seriously hot. The target is to use a simple device to achieve the greater aim. It is believed that the company produced a handy heater to meet the needs of those living in the hot parts of the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Australia, and other parts of the world.

One of the outstanding features of this device is that it has a good battery that is ready to help you work for 12 hours uninterrupted. This is one of the reasons why most people who are already aware of and have started making use of this device recommend it to their friends.

No extra fees or charges for power are required, even when you increase the temperature by 70 degrees. It will still not affect the voltage or the level of current that it stores in it. Portability is a reason for you to purchase a device such as a cooler or a heater. This is because personal heaters are not made to spread heat to all areas. They are made with the economy in mind. Made in such a way as to save money each time. Therefore, they are not able to cool all parts or the apartments of your building.

This makes it necessary that you have a portable and personal heater you can move with. One that can be very easy for you to carry. A handy heater is really a suitable option when it comes to portability and compactness.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that it has a flat bottom. This means that you can use it as a tabletop heater. You can also place it on top of any other platform, depending on where you are. The aluminum body, which looks very ergonomic and compact, makes it attractive even to the blind.

Why Handy heater is the best for those living in cold regions

  1. It is relatively affordable; there are more than three different ways of heating your room: making a fire within your house to warm yourself, using a bigger heater, and other available means of heating up your room. The disadvantage that comes with these methods is that they are not economical, and heat is lost to places you don’t even intend to heat. In contrast, a handy heater is economical as it works as a personal heater. It only heats a room. It only heats or warms the air in the direction in which it is kept. You can direct its direction of heat flow without increasing your monthly electricity bills. You also don’t need to break the bank to afford this device. This is the beauty of it. It is still within the $100 range of heaters that do wonders. There are also no extra maintenance expenses involved. You can use it straight from delivery. No special skills are needed, and you do not need to look for an engineer for installation.
  2. Anyone can use it; this device is not only made for adults. Children can make use of it without being involved in a domestic accident or causing fire outbreaks. It is on record that most buildings lost to fire outbreaks are related to heaters that are wrongly used. While this is true for some inferior, low-quality heaters, the same doesn’t apply to a handy heater, which is made with a thermostat regulator that controls the level of energy expended.
  3. You can use it at home, in offices, and other places. It is simple and very easy to carry around. All you need is to charge it well before you start making use of it. If you intend to make use of it in your office, then charge the battery before you leave your home to avoid it having a flat battery. Within your home, it is also easy for you to use it in the parlor, dining room, or bedroom, depending on where you are at each time.
  4. Handy Heater is trusted by many. Since it entered the market, many people have come to read reviews on Handy Heater. A reasonable number of those researching it are also buying it. So far, about 18000 people check on this in a week, with about 150 purchases every week. Currently, the product is under promo, and people are really enjoying the discount available. Another thing that makes this device trusted by many people is that you can demand a payback of the money you used to buy it within 30 days if you don’t like it.
  5. It is safe for your children; in some homes, it is possible for children to have their own rooms. These rooms tend to be different from other rooms within the building, as they should have their own heaters and good portable air conditioners. However, where most parents are afraid is the occasional fire outbreaks that follow such measures of fighting the winter. Some portable heaters have records of causing fire outbreaks at homes. This has made many parents not throw caution to the wind when it comes to the use of a heating device. Fortunately, the portable, handy heater is here. It has gone through stages of quality assurance by different agencies and bodies related to the control of fire outbreaks, and it is currently certified to be among the personal heaters that children can use without fear.
  6. It warms your environment silently; normally, it has a rotator with it. As the electric energy is converted to mechanical energy and thermal energy, the thermal energy will be distributed around the direction you have made the heater face. That is the direction it will be blowing out the air. The good thing to note here is that it does not cause noise while it is releasing heat. It does this silently. During and after spilling out the air, it will also not produce any odor. All you need is to always maintain its cleanliness after each use, or better yet, make it a routine to clean it after a period of time.
  7. You can customize the level of heat produced. Aside from the fact that you can set up the temperature you want it to start at, you can also make it turn off or on at a certain temperature. It works through the help of a thermostat which turns off at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and also turns on at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it very easy for you to set it up even when you are sleeping and you will not have fear of it causing a fire explosion. It also makes it safe for your children.
  8. You can take it with you wherever you go; it is portable, compact, and beautiful. As a beautifully designed device, you can use it wherever you are; in the office, business center, etc. Its lightweight has turned into an incredible advantage lacking in its competitors.
  9. It can form part of your office decorations: with its design and ease of use, you can use it to continue to raise the temperature of your office. It comes in a good color design that will fit your apartment. You can also choose the one that best works for the color of your office. However, even if you don’t get to choose a color, you will certainly like the color that it generally comes in because it will fit any background color already existing in your office.


Unique features of tabletop handy heater

  1. Fast heating technology: this device is special for heating up in seconds. Depending on the distance you stay away from it, it starts to heat immediately you turn the button on for it to heat. If you are nearer to it, you will feel it immediately or you will wait for it to circulate within the room. The ceramic plate and some twerk it received to heat faster are really incredible.
  2. Anti-fire outbreak technology: news portable heaters are advanced technologically as they have been designed to resist any form of overheating that can predispose to fire outbreaks. This is a very important measure to stop homes from being raised down accidentally. This is where I join other authorities to urge them to look beyond cheap portable heaters that can cause fire outbreaks. Go for the best today. One of the personal heaters you won’t regret having is this handy heater.
  3. Contains ceramic plate for faster heat distribution: the major effect of this ceramic plate is that it does not conduct heat. It can spread heat to the outer environment without it being hot. This is more advantageous as you can hold the device without feeling that it is hot. You can also receive the exact volume and quantity of heat produced at each time unlike when you use other heaters that have material that can conduct heat.
  4. The handy heater doesn’t have wires or cords: no more unnecessary cloggy wires. They are removed in this case. The only wire here is the recharging cord. This cord will help you to charge the battery to its full strength. You can make use of this device directly by connecting it to the socket or by making use of the device after you have charged. Whichever one you choose to go with, rest assured that wires will not be your problem.
  5. Good voltage of 1200V to power it: a unique feature of a handy heater that you will rarely see in other heaters is the voltage. This is enough to give you the power you need. It is enough to you warm all through the night without feeling it. Yes! If you must buy a portable heater, you have to check if it is rechargeable and also if it has a good battery. This is because the majority of its long period of function will be dependent on the quality of the battery.
  6. Rechargeable: The handy heater is rechargeable. This means that you can always get back the energy as it finished discharging it while producing the needed heat. No extra money is needed to buy a battery. It is just to plug it into a socket and that is all.
  7. Safe for children’s usage: this device is made for everyone. It is safe for children and adults to use too. No undue hot body or electrocuting part.
  8. Ergonomic: really designed to fit any kind of environment. It will really work well for you.
  9. Compact and portable: the medium size it comes with is very good for a space on your desk. Yes, you can use it in your office or in your house. It is also interesting. However, you may need more than one if you are targeting to get more than one room warm at the same time.
  10. The handy heater comes with a thermostat: from what I have seen from this heater, it has what it takes to stop taking in more heat. This is because it has an automatic turn-on and turn-off. As soon as it reaches its set point, it will turn itself off and no more energy will be on the increase. As soon as it goes down to lower energy, it will turn itself on again and begin to heat more and more. This is really special.
  11. Operates without noise: to achieve mere heating, some devices will be as noisy as bees. However, not so again. You have a device that can work without any noise. It will produce the needed warm air around you without making noise.

How to use a handy heater by Heatwell

Handy heater use is very simple. Follow the instructions in the user manual or just use the steps below to use handy heater.

  • Unbox it from its package.
  • Connect the cord to the right socket on the device and also on your wall socket.
  • Press the power button to power it on.
  • Follow up and do the necessary customization so that it will heat to your taste. An example is to set the thermostat between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please note that all the components you need to make this heater work are in the package delivered to you.

handy heater reviews: who is it best for?

This device is not made for any particular person. It can be used by anyone. Whether students, professionals, and in short, anyone who wants to be warm all the time. It is easy to maintain and does not need any form of installation.

What are users of the handy heater saying?

What a relief it is to have the Handy Heater! The nearest heater in my home is in the hallway floor, and the heat would take forever to reach my bedroom. With the Handy Heater, I can feel the soothing heat within 10 minutes!

Thierry L. – Portland, OR

Thank goodness for Handy Heater! The heater in my small apartment barely worked, and was freezing my behind off! Now I have HeatWell’s Handy Heater, and whenever it starts getting cold, I just plug it in and set it down next to me, and I’m warmed up in minutes! It’s amazing how fast it can heat up a room.

Martin K. – Mukwonago, WI

Running the central heating in my home was costing me a fortune! But with Handy Heater, I only heat the rooms I actually use – this helps me heat up my room much faster, and I’m saving a ton on heating costs, too!

Jess L. – Fairfield, CT

Pricing and where to buy handy heater pure warmth.

Below are the handy heater prices according to the number of units you purchase.

  • 1x Handy Heater is sold for $59.99
  • 2x Handy Heater is for $119.98
  • 3x Handy Heater is sold at $134.98
  • 4x Handy Heater is sold at $164.97

Is a handy heater worth a buy?

It is not just enough to see a heater and want to buy it. There are special considerations to make before you buy. You need to consider the features that this device should offer.

Generally speaking, I will say that the handy heater is worth the hype. It is worth the attention it is getting from different people so far. You can go through the features and what you stand to gain by having it as I already said above.

Is a handy heater portable heater a good option?

It is safe for you and your children. It can also get warm as fast as possible. Nothing answers the question of it being the best option more than the above points. Except you are looking for more costly ones. If you are looking for an affordable device that can offer you all you want then go for it.

Is a handy personal heater effective in the United Kingdom?

If you live in the United States, in Australia, or you are from the United Kingdom; it is simple and great for your use. It will keep you warm at all times. I have tested this device in Florida, USA. My conclusion remains that it can work in any environment regardless of where you live.

How hot can it raise the temperature?

It is capable of raising the temperature to a maximum environmental temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very good to give you optimum warmth. Any increase above this set point is capable of affecting your health negatively. There is already a thermostat within the device to automatically turn it off at this temperature. So you have nothing to worry about.

Is there an exchange and return policy on Handy heaters?

You are considering purchasing a handy heater? Worry no more. Check their official website to make your purchase easily. Ensure to fill all the required spaces and provide the needed information as it will help you to track your product and also to make requests for exchange or refund of your money. Please note that a refund of money is complete when it is proven that the complaint is worth it.

Where can you use a handy heater?

There are no restrictions to the use of the handy heater. You can use it at home, in your office, in your business area, or in other places as the case may be. It is important to note that a handy heater is a personal heater. It is made for efficiency and economy in use. Therefore, if you have a large environment as the target, you may need to get more than one unit.

Conclusion Handy heater update

Handy heater is a good brand of heaters currently available at a promo price. Generally, it is a great investment to stop cold, especially during winter and other cold weather. It is not just enough to have a heater, you need one that is worth it. A handy heater is the single best option for you according to our research and test run.


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