Will earbuds work after being washed?

Will earbuds work after being washed?

My friend Denis mistakenly spread his washed clothes. After about 37 minutes, he remembered that his earbuds are inside his back pocket. I asked him if it is inside the case or not and he said it is not inside the case. He asked, will earbuds work after being washed? What do you think? What if I tell you yes?

In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about what happens to your earbuds when they fall inside water.

As you know, earbuds have to do with quality. All qualities are not equal. Quality is not determined by the cost of the product always. Sometimes, some products may be good in a particular area. For example, some earbuds are good on battery and sound while others may be good in connectivity. That’s just it. It is good to pay attention to what a particular brand of the earbud is good at.

Now, down to the question, your earbuds can stay for some minutes inside water without damaging or being washed without damaging. It all depends on the brand and quality. It all depends on the ingression protection code your headphones are having. IP 68 rating is good to stand water and rain. Especially when it is not up to an hour. It can stand the water levels and dust without being damaged. So it is important you check for the IPR of the earbud before you buy it to avoid water damaging it.

Will earbuds work after being washed?

What is the IP rating of a gadget?

IP rating means the ingression protection rating of any device. It is the extent a device can withstand pressure, water, dust, or accident without being damaged. The higher the rating the stronger the device is. Some earbuds can stand water to a reasonable extent while the opposite will be the case with others. It is good to go for earbuds with a higher rating.

How long will the earbud stay in the water to be damaged?

Staying beyond 30 minutes in water will not be good for any gadget irrespective of the rating it has. This is because the water may enter some places that under normal, it should not enter there. That’s why it is not very good to allow your earbud inside water for long or use it for swimming.

How to dry the earbuds depend on how long the device has been in the water and the IP rating. If the IP rating is less than IP 65, and the buds have stayed more than 30 minutes inside water, then it is a challenge. But if the IP is greater than 65 and the buds are not up to 30 minutes, there are chances that it may be a bit hard to save the buds.

The earbuds casing is impermeable to water and as such will protect the buds from damage by water. Even if water has entered the buds, ensure to get off the water as soon as possible else, the buds may not work again.

How to protect your headphones or earbuds from damage by water

Protecting your device from water may not totally depend on what you do. However, there are things you can still do to always preserve your buds. Those things include:

  • Checking your pockets before you wash your clothes
  • Picking out the buds immediately anytime they fall into the water.
  • Having a safe place you always keep your earbuds when it is not in use.
  • Know who you borrow your buds as some people may not be careful with borrowed devices.
  • Ensure the buds you want to buy has a high IP rating.

Summary on if earbuds will work after being washed.

Yes, earbuds can still work after being washed. It all depends on the factors mentioned above. It has to involve the quality of the buds and the duration the buds have stayed in the water.

Quick removal remains key to fast recovery of the buds from damage. Every owner of a bud should be careful how they keep it to avoid entering the water.

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