Will daily exercise lower blood pressure?

Will daily exercise lower blood pressure? Best explanation!

I visited my doctor for a checkup and he confirmed that I’m hypertensive. I was advised by the doctor to be doing exercise. However, I want to know, will daily exercise lower blood pressure?

The answer you see is simple and I will vastly cover it here. First, daily exercise is very profitable for your health. You can check our other posts on daily exercise.

Daily exercise has been noted to be one of the positive contributors to having good blood pressure. It is routinely advised by most medical doctors to ensure you engage in fitness exercise, especially if you’re really having hypertension.

Interestingly, engaging in little activities every day have a lot of good effects that will improve your health condition and reduce the chances of you having hypertension. We have made a post that also covers everything you need to know on how to measure your blood pressure.

There is also a good device that is made to help you keep the best reading of your blood pressure – a device you can rely on at any time to check and compare your blood pressure to ensure you continue to have your blood pressure within the normal range. Read more about the blood pressure monitor here.

Certainly, daily exercise will help to lower your blood pressure and keep it within the normal range. However, let’s go deep to know how daily exercise will lower blood pressure.

how does daily exercise lower blood

Will daily exercise lower blood pressure?

One of the lifestyle modifications that doctors always require from their patients who are hypertensive is for them to engage in routine exercises that will help to lower their blood pressure. This has led many of the patients receiving the advice to wonder – will daily exercise lower blood pressure? Truly, it does.

Daily exercise has been acknowledged by different research papers to affect your blood pressure. Exercise is known to help to reset the body’s physiology allowing you to release excess salt that ordinarily will make your body have much fluid.

Asides from your body losing electrolytes during your workouts, it will also cause blood to flow easily within the vessels thereby dismantling the possible blood clots and clogs within the vessels.

Daily exercises will not only improve your oxygen saturation within your blood and also oxygen distribution and perfusion within your tissues, but it also enhances the level of activities done by your muscles to ensure that the venous return is done as need be.

When the heart is unable to receive enough venous return it cannot produce enough cardiac output as is mostly seen in people who are sedentary and do not move around.

Daily exercises as simple as taking some miles or a little walk around your environment can have a tremendous impact on your health by boosting your blood pressure to normal.

will daily exercise lower blood pressure

How does daily exercise lower blood pressure?

There are many physiological processes that work during your routine daily workout to ensure that your blood pressure is within normal limits – an example is when hyperlipidemia leads to arteriosclerosis. The danger associated with this clog and clot of blood caused by hyperlipidemia is that it will cause more pressure for blood to be distributed unlike when the blood is flowing through a normal vessel.

When you engage in daily exercises, your body will need blood perfusion in all parts and blood will flow to supply to all parts. When the pressure for blood supply increases due to demand, it will reduce the chances of you having your blood clot within your vessel.

This makes the blood flow freely within the vessels.

Another point of view is that sodium and other electrolytes will be lost most of the time when you engage in daily exercises that cause you to lose water through sweat.

Pathophysiologically, hypertension can be a result of an occluded blood vessel which increases the resistance to blood flow. If blood circulation is constant in all vessels, it will be difficult for the cloth to form on vessels such that it can result in the blocking of blood flow. The cumulative effect of your daily exercise is that it will help to reduce your blood pressure between 5 and 10 mmHg.

To achieve such a reduction, you don’t need long hours of exercise. Engaging yourself for just 30 minutes each day is enough to do the magic. You also don’t need strenuous exercise. Choose the one you can do. It can be as simple as walking around, cycling, jogging, etc.

Conclusion – Will daily exercise lower blood pressure?

Summarily, daily exercises will lower blood pressure and keep you fit. This will also make you strong; in combination with your antihypertensive, it will help you maintain a near-normal pressure.

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