Why you are experiencing blurry vision and the best way out

Why you are experiencing blurry vision and the best way out!

Blurry vision does not spare any age. It can affect any person, whether young or old. The truth about it is that it is not funny. If you never had blurry vision, you will find it hard to cope immediately with it.

Unfortunately, this issue started when some people are still tender. Some even inherited the impairment and have since lived with it. Those who inherited this disorder, always have a rare experience when they see clearly through the help of glasses, for the first time.

It feels as though you are in a new world. All by yourself. Everything becomes fine and assumes its normal shape.

Blurry vision can be inherited or occur as a result of some errors of refraction during the movement of light rays through your eye structures. Majority of cases with this blurry vision results as results of the electromagnetic wave of light not well refracted by to/ on the retina.

The retina is the innermost part or structure of the eye with photosensitivity. Until the light is directed appropriately on it, it will not give you the best of any image. This is why anything that affects the direction of light within the internal structures of the eye can result in blurring of vision.

Below are factors that can cause light not to be directed well on the retina:

  • Abnormal cornea: when the length of cornea is longer than normal, it will make the image to be focused before the retina. This will in turn result to short-sightedness; causing every image that is far to appear blurry. The only way out of this challenge is by putting on a corrective glass that contains corrective lens. It will help to focus the image on the retina instead of before the retina. Another challenge that abnormal shape of the cornea can bring is long-sightedness as a result of too short of the closeness between cornea and the retina. It make the image to be focused behind the retina. This will result to inability to see objects that are near. Every object that is close tend to appear blurry. The use adequate glasses will be the solution.
  • Ageing lens: when the lens is old or has aged, it will find it difficult to assume different focal lengths as need arises. It will difficult for it to change according to the contractions and relaxation of the iris. This on its own can cause the image rays to be before or after the retina leading to blurry images. The lens may also grow weak due to accumulation of substances on it. For example, cataract occurs due to deposition of carbohydrates and other substances which will reduce its transparent nature and then hinder the passage of light waves.
  • Weak ciliary body: the ciliary body gives attachment to both the suspensory ligament of the lens and also the iris. So any disorder with this body can result to abnormal positioning of the lens leading to abnormal focusing of rays on the retina. The end result of this is that you will find it difficult to see clearly. You may need extra medical or surgical care to see clearly when this is the challenge.
  • Disorder with iris: Under normal condition, the iris of each eye gives way for the central aperture called pupil which allows light to enter the eyes well for you to see clearly. Opening your eyelids does not necessarily mean that you will see well except when the light entering the eyes is enough to make you see clearly. This light entering depends on the level at which the iris is ready to go. If the iris is not open very well, there will limited light entering resulting in poor outcome with your vision. This is why under bright light, like in the afternoon, your eyes seems to squint for minimal light to enter the eyes, but the case is different at nights when the eyes are wifely open to accommodate more light into the eyes.

The good thing about all the above causes of blurring of vision is that they majorly result in errors of refraction which can be corrected using good prescription glasses. You can regain your normal vision by wearing quality glasses. Unfortunately, some glasses are heavy for you to wear all the time. This makes it very hard for you to continue to wear it.

However, there is a brand of corrective eyeglasses you can effortlessly wear without feeling the weight. I have written about it here but you can more from the manufacturer of the classes here.

There are also other handful of cause of blurry vision like diabetes, hypertension and other chronic ailments. The major reason why diabetes predispose to blurring of vision is that it makes the fluids within the eyeballs to be cloudy. Both the aqueous humor and the vitreous humor become cloudy under hyperglycemia. This high level of glucose within the fluid impair good light penetration and subsequently affects the focus of the electromagnetic wave of light on the retina. If unchecked, chronic complications from diabetes may lead to a more severe condition that can cause full blindness. This is why it is necessary to take immediate care of your health the moment you know that you have hypertension or diabetes.


Blurry vision is not for adults only. It can affect even a month old baby. There is no clearcut duration of onset but some literatures have pegged it to start around 9 years in those who inherited it. The best measure remains to see your physician anytime you feel that your vision is not normal. You can always regain your vision back if you do the needful.

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