Which earbuds are best?

Most times, the conclusion of an earbuds being among the best is made after using the bud for a while. However, there are things you can check for before buying an earbud. Those factors to consider are what I will discuss with you in this post.

I believe it is not enough to say that a headphones is good and will produce quality sound and strong Bluetooth connection, it is good to check it all round. Only then that you can boldly be correct to say that such bud is among the best.

Which earbuds are best?

Below are the factors to consider:

Battery capacity:

The battery life of the buds is an important factor factor in considering a headphone as quality or not. An average earbud should have a battery life of more than 4 hours after each charge. An outstanding earphone should also last at least 10 hours after about 2 hours of charge. With this, you are home and dry. You are ready to enjoy the best buds you have bought for yourself. It will be awful to buy an earbud that cannot last up to 3 hours after each charge. What gain will such give?


Better options of connectivity are just evolving. better option of Bluetooth is here. We are currently at Bluetooth 5.2 now and more stable connectivity is being achieved. Some earbuds will continue to connection issue as it is what their brand want to achieve by producing the buds. However, the recent inventions in the world of earbuds has the recent connectivity and can offer you what you want even wireless at a speed you will surprise. It will not make sense to have any of those buds that cannot sustain strong connection with your phone because you may not make calls effectively as the buds may be disconnecting frequently.


Another way of knowing quality earphone is from the microphone. Some of them are static in sound or produce cracking sounds. However, there are still many of the earbuds with good microphone for your musics and calls, and it is even very affordable. Before you buy a buds or spend any money on earbuds, ensure to have tested the microphone and that it suit your taste. If microphone is the only thing you do not like about it and you think you can get what you from the buds, you can go ahead and purchase.


There are many two major ways to control the earbuds. It is either you are using buttons to control it or you are using touch to control it. If you will use buttons to control it, you will need to press some button to make it work. Like you press the increasing button for volume and decreasing button to decrease the volume. On the contrary, you can just touch the bud and what you want to achieve will be achieved. You tap the buds once to pause the song and twice to restart the music. You can also give it more taps to achieve more from the buds. It all depends on the product and the user-guide.


Latency is the duration it will take from the moment you press connect to nearby device and the actual connection with the device. Some buds can take many minutes for connection to take place. Sometimes, it may be due to the Bluetooth version. It is important to have a bud that will not waste your time.

True wireless stereo

True wireless stereo is a feature that comes with modern buds. It has the capacity to connect with your phones. Both of them can connect seamlessly with your laptop, smartphones or tablets and transmit quality stereo that is highly strong. You can also connect only one or pause one of them while the second one is still active. This is really nice as it helps you have the bud while at the same time doing other things with uninterrupted attention. Getting headphone with quality stereo is you almost done with what you expect. This is because the sound quality of every earbuds is a major factor in determining which is the best.

Water resistance

Do you know you can wear your buds under rain and yet it will still be good and damaged? Yes, it is possible. It all depend on the IP rating of such earbuds. If your device is made of Ingression protection of 65 and above it can resist water, dust and even mechanical pressure. Before you buy an earphone, please ensure that it has above 65 in its IP rating. It is better to go for quality rather than just going for brand. Being highly costly does not mean it is quality.

Volume control

The volume of your earbud is vital. It is good to have earpiece with sound control which is easy for you. This comes to the different ways to control your headphone. Some earbuds come with buttons while others come with touch control. Some you will need to tap from one and above to issue command. It is very important to note the latency of your else you may think that your command or your tapping is not effective.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is not similar to noise isolation you can get from any earbuds. Block your ears and that’s an isolation but when the technology in your earbud is able to filter the sound that it tolerate, you are good to go. This is exactly one of the quality you will get from these latest buds.


You need to be stylish. So you need an earbud that will add to your physical looks. Go for brands of earbuds that can make you appear smart. It helps a lot.

Price of the buds

Price of an earbuds range from 50$ to 250$. It depends, those from already known brands may be costly because you are also taking pride in the name they have built. Some quality earbuds can also be very affordable because of the cost of labour in where there are produced. For example, earbuds produced in China are mostly cheap due to the cost of labour unlike those produced in the United States or other parts of the world.

Conclusion on the best earbuds

Best is anything that can offer you what you want. It does not depend on price. When you see the best of what we just discussed above, you are good to go. Before you buy any earbud, go through its features and specifications. There will help you in many ways.

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