What to know before you buy an iphone!

What to know before you buy an iphone

iPhone is a phone for men and women who are believed to have class. It gives you a high level of presentation and social security. However, what costs money like apple product is worth knowing better before you buy.

What to know before you buy an iPhone are many. You need to know some of the challenges you will meet using it and other gains that await you as a proud owner of such a brand of phone.

My friend, James was using his Samsung Galaxy S10 normally like every other person but seeing how Apple phone users seem to be respected, he decided to purchase one of the latest models of iPhone.

He got his order and began to use the phone. Along the line, he attempted to transfer files from his Samsung phone, only to see that it is not as simple as one can do with other Androids. He also attempted to download his purchased apps from Appstore but it was not possible. He had to repurchase them.

Not long, he began to notice some differences between Android and Apple products. Then he feels it would have been better he knew those factors before buying the Apple phone.

Well, he was not regretting buying an expensive phone like Apple but he feels it would have been better he knew more about the phone before having one.

Here in this post, I will guide you on things to know before you buy an Apple phone to help you enjoy the flexibility which you may not see on Android versions especially if you are currently using Android.

Android features that will be missing in an iPhone

There are many features that you may lose as you make the shift to Apple products. These features may include your progressions in most apps, an active screen where your Android shows you time, and other notifications even when it does not display light, you may also lose the simple flexibility you use to enjoy with your smartwatch.

While you can still connect to these smartwatches, you may experience challenges like not replying to notifications and also the inability to answer calls from your iPhone with your usual smartwatch.

In Android, you can easily use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. But here in Apple phones especially iPhones, you will not have such features as fingerprints rather you will have a face detection ID. We know the problem with face detection, it changes with the ordinary barbing of your hair. Removing glasses or caps can also affect your facial recognition.

Your USB type C cord for charging your phone may not be for it again. This is because most Apple phones have their own type of charger. The battery may also be less in duration compared to the Androids. If you are the type that enjoys playing games on your Android phones, you will also miss your progressions as there is no way to retain the apps and their progress.

Things you will gain from iPhone

There are many things to gain as an iPhone owner.

  • Improved security: with an iPhone, your security will be enhanced. This is so as all permission to track you or not will depend on you. Do you allow an app to track you or not? This is unlike what some of the android apps linked to google do sometimes when they start tracking you without permission. You can also change your current location easily. You should choose your location wisely, turn off personalized ads, turn off push mail, and a few other things you should try to keep which you will know as you continue to use your iPhone.
  • Enhanced Camera: The good thing about App is how enhanced its camera is. Some of its camera sensors can produce augmented Reality of real images. In fact, the camera sensor in an iPhone is so advanced.
  • Increased authenticity: No installing of pirated apps or those apps from unknown sources. This ensures more security and works against all unknown tracking of your private information.
  • Phone Security: Apple incorporated had a website where you can blacklist your phone when stolen. With that, the phone will become as good as a dead phone.
  • Enhanced speed: No delays, no latency of any sort. iPhone is the go-for when you are looking for phones that do not hang.

What we should check before buying iPhone

It depends on whether you can afford new ones or you are going for the used versions. Whichever you are going for, there is definitely know something to check before buying them. Those things to check include:

  1. Your budget: ensure to go for the one you can buy. It is used and new models of each iPhone series. Check their market value and ensure they have your taste before spending your money. On the offside, the used iPhones sometimes can give issues like being stolen, technical issues, and others.
  2. Features: each iPhone series has a distinctive feature that makes it different from another. It is advised that you should not buy models that are too close to each. You may not have the extra features you need for the money.
  3. Security: It is good to check the IMEL of every iPhone. This is the most beneficial way to ensure that you buy a functional phone. Some may have their IMEL blocked by their former owner while others may be a security strategy to get you behind bars. So be wise before you buy any iPhone.
  4. Gestures: iPhone may not show time and other features when the LCD light display is off like in the case with Android. However, iPhone has a peculiar display that you will really like.

Summary of what you should know before you buy an iPhone

iPhone has everything to offer you. However, it is good to prepare your mind before you spend your money buying it. Some people like it for the prestige it offers while others like it for the services it offers.

Choose the side you want to be; either for the services it will offer you or because of the social presentability it offers. Whichever one you go for, just know that it is worth it.

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