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What can google assistant do? Best guide!

Many people have been using google assistant without knowing. You probably have spoken into your phone only for it to return answers to your question. You may have made online searches with browsers such as Chrome by just using your voice as a command and the expected results came out. This is the Google Assistant in action. It can go beyond that level to help you control your house appliances through voice commands and other secret control keys. Here, I will be answering the question – what Can Google Assistant do? Before I dive in to answer the question, let me briefly tell you what Google Assistant is.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a special virtual assistant that has a way of helping you to do a lot of things within your home like helping you to switch to turn off and on your automated appliances, especially as regards your appliances like the speakers and lights.

This also extends to mobile devices whereby some searches online can be made as a result of your voice notes. The application was developed by Google to assist you in doing a lot of things so that while you sit at a particular corner of your room you can control what happens generally within the apartment. Interestingly this thing takes place as a result of your voice command without you using your hands to perform any action.

It is available mostly on Android devices that are powered by Google and other third parties that are already allowed by Google to make use of it. A simple example of what Google Assistant is is the fact that you can open your Google Chrome and within it, you can make your search using your voice note and it will output whatever response or answers you seek.

It is also interesting to note that the answers you need can be by voice interaction which can come as a two-way communication verbal responses will be given to whatever you said and the machine will also wait for you to reply. This application tries as much as possible to be like a natural human assistant, however, it has slight delays.

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What can google assistant do?

Google has developed a system that makes life very easy for people. For example, in 2017 Google came up with google assistant which has undergone many modifications and changes to ensure that more complex tasks can be handled by Artificial intelligence just like humans. It has moved from Google Now to Google Home and down to Google Assistant. This virtual software application can be used anywhere including your home, offices, and business areas to ensure an improved interaction between you and your environment.

This artificial intelligence called google assistant can handle simple tasks up to complex tasks like opening your door, turning your home appliances, tunning news stations for morning news, and also giving you the weather forecast to tell you about how your day will be.

To get this fixed within your environment, you must not break the bank as it still comes at a subsidized price depending on the device you want to use within your home. What Google Assistant does includes trying to turn on and/ or turn off your appliances like televisions, fans, and other automated appliances. It relies on automation for it to really perform the expected command.

Personalize your applications under the command of your voice, you can as well use your smartphone, especially mobile devices to check out things online without touching them with your fingers. This is primarily and predominantly a result of the advancements technologically built by Google into most of their mobile devices.

What can google assistant do?
Women controlling smart home devices using a digital tablet with launched application in the white living room. Smart home concept

How does google assistant work?

Google Assistant relies solely on automation for it to perform its work. So for it to really work, it has to be installed in a device that relies mostly on automation like smart television, smart fan, smart home, and smart speakers. These are the type of things that it will really power and also allow you to use your voice to command for it to turn it off or turn it on in real-time.

How does google assistant speak?

Google Assistant speaks in such a way as to mimic natural human beings because you can easily understand whatever it is saying and doing. When you ask short questions, it will give you the answer you need in real-time without wasting much of your time.

Can google assistant call 911?

People really want to know if Google Assistant can call 911 in case of danger or when they are in an emergency situation. It is good to note that calling 911 does not necessarily depend on high-level technology like Google Assistant. However, Google Assistant can help you make the calls to 911 and also help you connect with other relevant agencies like firefighters and other agencies that will help you in times of emergency. An important difference between this and other times is that this time around you’re going to issue a command using your voice only.

Why google assistant is not working?

Google Assistant may not work as a result of many reasons one of them could be the inability of you to have data. When there is a poor internet connection within your area within the device that you are trying to use Google Assistant and it will give you a poor result. Therefore, it is important that before you are done making use of Google Assistant you ensure you have an active data plan.

Are google assistant and google home the same?

Google Assistant and Google Home are not really different. First, Google Home includes the appliances that depend solely on Google Assistant for it to really perform their function. The set of devices that make up Google Home includes smart television, smart speakers, and smart electricity bulbs. The above-mentioned devices are automated in such a way that they respond to your voice command and through your voice command they can be turned on or turned off. Activities within your Google Home are solely controlled by your Google assistant which works through your voice command to set an alarm and to also give your voice control to the devices within your Google Home.

Conclusion: What can google assistant do?

“What Google Assistant can do”, has been answered in this post to ensure that you have a deep understanding of some of the smart features that your phone has, especially if you are using a Google smartphone. cannot be underemphasized because they have penetrated most homes and also most devices to control the activities of such devices.

You can issue a command to your phone for it to set an alarm for you if you do it perfectly for you. You can also tell it to make a search online for you and it will give you the response immediately. Magically enough, the fact that you can say to your devices in such a way that they are automated and work under your command through voice notes. Though this technology looks as if it is new, it has really gained momentum in most societies and homes.

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