Weighted blanket you can wash

The weighted blanket you can wash – the best guide!

Seeing how thick a weighted blanket is will be enough for you to ask for a “weighted blanket you can wash”. Having a blanket means you have to keep it clean all the time. Keeping it clean ensures continuous use without smelling. To ensure that it continues to be clean, you have to continue to wash it periodically after each use.

Depending on how dirty it gets and the frequency of use, you can choose to wash it every two weeks. If you are the type that sweats a lot, you may need to was it more often than someone who doesn’t sweat. Failure to do the laundry more often may lead to having a smelling blanket.

If washing it often will be a burden to you, you can choose to have more than one so that you can easily give it to a laundry man to wash for you. The good side of most blankets is that you can wash them with a washing machine and dryers. You can be sure you will not be using your hand always while you wash it. Though it is thick, it will not damage your machine when you are making use of it.

Can a weighted blanket be washed?

While some people, considering the weight of a weighted blanket, may consider not washing it, it is possible to wash your weighted blankets.

You can use your hands to wash it or you use a machine to wash it. Depending on the size, you decide to wash it using your own washing machine or use a commercial washing machine to do that.

To wash your blanket, it is very important you confirm that the laundry machine does not bleach and also that gentle detergent will be used. You will not be happy to see your blanket change color simply because you gave it out for washing.

Some blankets contain metals as their beads, ensuring that it will not help the machine to tear its cover. In fact, when you are washing your blanket, you have to do that with care not to have the blanket torn by the machine.

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Will a weighted blanket ruin dryer?

Weighted blankets have weight within them. These weight materials are made of either plastic or irons. This is why you should be considerate in using your dryer for your weighted blanket. You can dry it just like other clothes, but you need to be careful to avoid losing your blanket or the dryer.

Under normal conditions, the blanket should not damage your dryer but you never can tell what will make it affect your machine badly. When you have weighted blankets made of metal beads, you may choose another option of drying them after washing.

Will a weighted blanket damage the washing machine?

Due to the weight of the blanket, you may wonder will a weighted blanket damage the washing machine. All laundry machines are not the same.

If you think that the one you are using at home may not be strong enough to withstand the pressure and force that will come from your blanket, then the best option there is to use commercial laundry for it. At the commercial washing center, there should have a machine that can easily wash the weighted blankets for you without them being damaged.

You will need to consider the size of your weighted blanket and also the size of your washing machine. If the size is equal, you can give it a try. If the size of your washing machine is smaller than what will contain your blanket, then use your hand or try the laundry center nearest to you.

Conclusion – Weighted blanket you can wash

While considering several options available for buying a weighted blanket, it is important to consider a weighted blanket you can wash as an option. If it will be difficult to wash, you may consider otherwise. You can wash it using your hand or machine. You can also dry your blanket with a dryer without it being damaged by the machine.

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