• March 23, 2023
weighted blanket for adults

Weighted blanket for adults in 2023

At old age, people are in danger of many things; cold, diseases, depression, and other challenges. Blanket, especially the weighted one have been confirmed to be helpful to adults. However, many people are still asking for the best “weighted blanket for adults”. It is good to consider and be sure that weighted blanket is truly good for adults or is it just for a hype.

This post will convey and cover the expected benefits you should expect from a weighted blanket. Read through to learn more.

Are weight blankets good for adults?

Weighted blankets are know to be the blankets that have weight in them to increase the level of deed touch they produce. When in use, it gives you that feeling of hugging and absolute coverage. While it has been trending in different places and becoming the new tool in beefing, it is appropriate for one to ask: are weighted blankets good for adults or is it just for mere use without any medical benefits?

Well, weighted blankets have been in use by many family to the extent that some adults cannot sleep without their blanket. This is because it has a way of stimulating hormone production and making you sleep calmly. When you sleep under the cover of blanket, you will feel covered enough to be protected. There will be no fear around you.

As and adult, especially the elderly ones, one problem you will notice is that your sleeping pattern will change. Instead of your usual sleeping more in the night and less in the day, it will change to you having few minutes sleep in the night and more hours of sleep in the day. Your circadian rhythm will change gradually to the extent that every night, you will be struggling to sleep compared to what happens during your day. This condition is normal and there is solution already for it.

The best way to enjoy your sleep is by using your weighted blanket to enhance the production of the sleep hormones that will help you sleep well at night. It will also enhance and prime your mood. Some of the hormones that will be produce will also work on your emotion to always keep you in the best emotional state.

What does weighted blanket do for adults?

“What does weighted blanket do for adults”, seems to be a question that is gaining traction in our bedding materials market. People want to know what they stand to gain by making use of a blanket. Will it just be for the mere reason of having something to wrap yourself? Can’t clothes be enough to achieve that? Is there no other means of getting the same feel that comes from blankets? Below will present to you the various things you will gain by using weighted blanket as an adult.

As an adult, especially if you are already above 50 years, you will have poor sleeping habit every night and this may impact your daily activities negatively. When you use weighted blanket to sleep, it will help you to sleep very well because its close touch with you will help for the release of some hormones. These hormones that will be released will include dopamine, melatonin, etc. The main function of these hormones is to work on your central nervous system to help you sleep well.

Also, when serotonin is secreted due to the close contact and deep touch from the weighted blanket, it should be hopeful of having a balanced mood. It will reduce the ease of getting anxious or any environmental factor causing you to have anxiety.

Asides from its impact to your sleeping and mood, you are going to be covered and made warm in all seasons and whether. You will also be protected from any environmental influences. Imagine covering yourself with a thick clothing that does not easily expose your skin. You will definitely sleep well because it will not cause you to sweat either.

The best weighted blanket for adults

As an adult looking for the best weighted blanket, you have to ensure that the one you are choosing is having about 10% of your weight. This will help it to exact that force or pressure that will help your hormones to be secreted. You can use mere wrapper in place for non-weighted blankets but not for weighted ones. The weighted blankets are the best blanket for adults because of the extra weight it bears. This weight is what allows it to perform its function.

You can also compare between the glass beaded blankets and the plastic beaded blankets. There you will make your best choose. While plastic blanket can produce a little allergy to insignificant number of people, the opposite is the case for glass beaded weighted blankets. The weight of plastic bead blankets is also less compared to those made of glass or metallic beads.


Weighted blankets are made for everyone. It is a good option for both adults and young children. However, it is good to go for the best weighted blankets for adults if you must buy one. This will help you enjoy yo the fullest all the advantages that blankets have to offer you.

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