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Top 4 must-know secrets to excel in niche blogging

I have already covered what niche blogging is all about and give you the needed explanations that can make you start. However, there are some key secrets to excel in niche blogging that you still need to see and read about especially if you want to beat your game come 2023. It is no longer news that getting to the top pages of Google is now an uphill task. However, all hope is not lost as you get there with the tips I will be giving you through this post.

Whether you are a pro or a newbie, you will certainly learn some things from this post and use it for your good. It has been prepared from our years of experience in blogging. The game and aim of this post are to help you increase your traffic this year by pressing the right buttons.

The four secrets I will be sharing through post may not be comprehensive in itself but will certainly give you a great soft landing in upscaling your blogging and giving more loyal audiences. With these digital Tips, you will be well informed on how to navigate the murky waters of blogging and see yourself on the first page of Google search engine and Bing search engines.

Pick the best niche for you

One of the primary hurdles that you will first face on the road to blogging is the niche to choose. Fortunately, many other experts have written about it. They have explained the nitty gritty of blogging from the niche level. I will be scratching some of those factors that affect the speed and improvement you have in niche blogging. Those factors are listed below.

  1. Passion: it is good for you to consider the best niche that you already like. You may do this by writing out the areas of your life that you already have passion in. If you are the type of person that likes games, you can choose to get a related niche. If you have joy going through gadgets and also explaining things about tech, you can choose a niche towards that side. You know what you can talk about if someone wakes you up from sleep. That is sort of your area of passion. You can decide to consider starting niche blogging in such an area to help you remain informative every time.
  2. Interest: interest is different from passion as it is aroused by the interest gained in the field whereas the former is all about natural love for a particular area of study. When you find yourself in a profession, you may not have the passion to be there. However, when things within the profession begin to give you interest, you could develop a zeal for it. Take, for instance, if you are a medical doctor, you may choose a niche under health to write on. While making this choice, you can also consider your best place of passion under health as it will help you do your best at the odd hours.
  3. Profits: you can consider where you can make more profits. You consider the niche that can give your blog more chance to do affiliate marketing or AdSense. You have to consider the multitasking or the multipurpose nature of your blog. However, this should not be the primary goal but it can make the list of considerations before you go for a particular niche. It helps to ensure that you stay on track when your blog starts gaining more impressions and clicks.

Publish content as often as possible

When you already fulfilled the above secret of choosing the best niche, the next thing will be to publish content as often as possible. Your articles should be crafted towards making them more informative and targeted at solving a problem. It is important to revisit your past posts and keep the updated just the same way you make new posts. It will help to let Google know that you are working on your blogs and also make other search engines stay activated towards your regular posts.

It is also important to note that when your audiences can see almost everything they need on your blog, there will turn on for it at all times. The content is not finished. There is always something to write at all times. You just have to make out time for it. You have to give it your time at all times. Yes.

When you look around you, you will certainly see what to publish. You will see an area to solve problems. Search engines are hoping to solve every problem people have. They are not happy to return “search results not found”. They hope to provide every information to the search. Search engines can’t do that without your services; it is not possible without your regular update on your posts and creating new posts that will solve problems.

Optimize your contents

When you write what you have on your blog, it looks naked. For search engines to pick up and for more people to really engage with you, you will need to do some things that will make the post stand out. You do some finish touchings to ensure easy reading through it. I have provided you with a list of things to do as in the lists below:

  1. Give your post heading: ensure that you make some interesting headlines on your posts. Ensure that the headline you are giving at each time is evoking curiosity. You can use H2 to H5 to ensure that you make your post catchy to readers and make it easy to flip through. This makes it easier for you to pass your messages. Sometimes, using bulletin or other symbols to indicate important messages make people put in more attention to reading your articles. It is very important to also show the importance of headlines by using different sizes to write them. It is all about making your post more attractive to readers, and even the search engine.
  2. Check for errors: ensure the removal of semantic errors and put in good mechanical accuracy when writing. I have already written on this in my previous post talking about niche blogging. There are already Chrome extensions that will help to ensure that you don’t have many errors in your writing. Remember, you may be good at writing but it is still good to ensure quality and error-free articles.
  3. Internally link your posts: you have probably read a book that quotes a topic discussed on another page. That is exactly what you have to do to ensure that related content is connected to new posts. It makes more sense rather than repeating a particular severally like a broken record. You have to ensure that the topics you have covered are linked appropriately and when necessary. You should not just link articles for linking sake. It is important to see the need first. You can always create the need for a particular post to be linked to another. This can be done by creating sentences that will tally with what is the targeted post.
  4. Genuinely look for external links: you should not only link to internal posts. You can also link to other posts in another blog. It goes a long way to raise the authority of your blog and make search engines see you as an authority. You know, in the real sense of research, people quote and link to authorities. So by receiving an external link, you are an authority in your field. This is possible when your articles are quality and captivating. It has to be interesting before people will decide to quote you on their own. Alternatively, you can decide to engage in guest posting. However, you will need to target some websites so as to ensure that you get to the blogs with high domain authority. It may take you time and be a bit stressful getting the sites of higher value to allow you to publish free on their website but with money and effort, you can get there. Whichever that will work for you, try to link your blog to another site and let others link to you as well.
  5. Share your posts on social media: you can also gain enormous traffic by sharing your posts on social media. This is because others will also share the content with their followers on the platform to ensure greater reach. It is a simple click of a button that ensures you get what you want. Very interestingly, if your article has a good headline, the link will be clicked easily.
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Target your posts to solving novel problems

The best way to gain an online presence and gain readers is to be a solution to many people’s problems. When you constantly engage in publishing solution-oriented posts, your engagement will increase. More people will like to read your post. They will always time their time to read your post. It is therefore important to look for problems to solve at all times. Problems are never finished. There will always be a problem in your niche to give a solution. There will also be a topic that is not covered to your taste yet. All you need to do is always cover it on your own through your own post.


Summarily, be solution driven. Target solving people’s problems and give it your best to ensure you offer them the best. Do not only focus on serving the search engine posts but also ensure that they are worth it. It is more rewarding. Take out your time to consider each of your posts as though you are a visitor. What would be your comments? How would you assume the post? As informative or just a nuisance? This will be the best spirit hence.

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