Tigress Alert reviews 2023: the best trending personal safety device.

Tigress Alert reviews

You may not know what safety is until you are at the point of danger. Safety is everything. Safety is one of the things that seems to be lacking in our society today. This is because whenever one is moving on the way there is always a fear of one thing or the other. For ladies, this fear may include being raped or being sexually molested by someone. This fear comes from experiences that some ladies have had.

Most of them are not even comfortable wearing their normal clothes outside as they are afraid of being raped by their male counterparts. This fear is not peculiar to women alone, as males also have their own fear, which prevents them from doing certain things.

The fear may include someone snatching away their phone from them or other valuable items which they may not want to easily lose. One of the ways of dislodging these criminals when they attack you or come to snatch away your things or rape you is by alerting the public to know of your current predicament and come to your rescue.

Many times, you may not be free to give that signal that can attract many persons to come to your rescue simply because of the situation you may find yourself in at such a point. In this case, it will be difficult for you to easily alert the public to come to your rescue and as such, you will fall into their hands and become a victim of circumstance.

Some persons in their own way, have had bitter experiences with this assault. And that is why a group of engineers has come up with an innovative means of dislodging someone who comes to either rape you or snatch away your valuables. Even if the person points a gun at you, they’ve come up with a way you can always alert the public, and immediately your attacker will be arrested and dealt with properly.

The new gadget, they’ve produced as a means of dislodging such attackers is quite simple and easy to operate by any owner. You do not need to have a special skill to work with this gadget. All you need is to always press the button you are supposed to press and immediately the public will be alerted and everyone will come in your direction for rescue. This same gadget is currently being used in the United States of America, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.

You can’t afford to miss such simple safety gadgets, which have been a lifesaver to most people. Whether you are a lady or a guy out there, this device will really be of great help to you. The name is Tigress alert. And here we are going to talk about every simple thing you should know about Tigress alert. Tigress Alert uses the benefits, the features, and what the current users of this innovative device are saying about it.

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Tigress alert reviews

What is Tigress Alert?

Tigress Alert is a personal security device specifically designed to keep you safe no matter where you happen to find yourself. Despite being incredibly small, Tigress Alert packs a punch. A very loud punch. 130 decibels. That’s loud enough to effectively stop ANYONE in their tracks. Your assaulter will think twice (if they can think at all!) about continuing their attack on you.

Tigress Alert not only bombards your assailant with an ear-splitting ‘scream’ but it also acts as an emergency beacon to anyone within earshot. And let me tell you, there will always be someone who will hear you if you press this alarm. It’s that effective.

Your attacker will flee and several people, at the very least, should be on the way to assist you.

Knife and gun control laws are becoming more strict than they ever have before. And it’s just not that practical to carry around a set of nunchucks or a broad sword or what have you! But absolutely anyone can carry and utilize a Tigress Alert!

If you’ve never considered all the benefits of a tool like this, then keep reading. It wouldn’t be right for me to keep all this vital information to myself. This is something that will actually help you when you NEED it.

Tigress alert review

Features of tigress alert personal alarm

  • Personal alarms set: Tigress alerts can be your alarm system. This is its function to produce a sound that is capable of making people come around or signals you to wake up for something good. So anytime this thing goes on peeping, he would definitely be alerted about something that you planned before to done. This feature makes it multi-purpose as it is no more just for safety, but also for extra purposes which can help you out to become a better person.
  • Easy to carry with: It is very portable and you can carry it from place to place without feeling its weight of it. This is because the company that produced it made it in such a way that it should be light and easy for you to carry from one place to another without a feeling, as it helps you to utilize it whenever you are in danger. He also helps you to carry it to any place without having the feeling that it is weighty and against your carrying capacity.
  • Sound scope: The 130db alarm siren is normally heard up to 600 feet/ 185 meters away. This helps to attract people towards you and make them begin to ask questions about what must be going wrong around your corners. This is greatly a safety precaution. Everyone needs to have one, especially if you’re going to an unknown place. When this alarm beeps and people begin to wonder what’s wrong. It helps you to also regain safety from your attackers and be easily rescued. This sounds group has been a reason why so many ladies have not been raped and so many have not also lost their valuable items to the hands of a snatcher.
  • ABS and Metal bar Battery: LR44, 110mA, 6V. This feature is a great one and helps the battery to last longer and also not to be weighty. When the battery is light, it also adds more to the whole weight of this gadget and makes it less in weight.
  • Color: The color of this device is mostly black as it also helps when you bring it out, especially in the dark for people not to easily know or your attacker not to easily know that you have a tool that can raise alarm to people. Making the color black has been an advantage to most people who easily pull it out from their pocket without any signal that something that will be of their advantage is coming out from their pocket.
  • Weight: The weight is 37.7g. This has been a great advantage as you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its difficulty. It’s also not a hard thing for you to carry it from one place to another.
  • Attachable: Digress a lot is also designed in such a way that you can decide to attach it to any other thing, attach it to your belt, or attach it to your post. However, you would always want to carry it. It makes it easier than you can easily attach it to other things and also walk away with it. This also helps you find not to get lost as it is very compact and easily portable.
  • LED Light130 dB Siren Alarm – Pull the Easy-See Strap to activate the ear-shattering alarm. Tigress Alert’s alarm is equivalent to a military jet engine taking off from an aircraft carrier, and louder than a jackhammer or an ambulance siren.
Tigress alert portable safety alarm

How to use Tigress alert

Making use of this device does not really involve a high skill or technique. And This is why virtually everyone can make use of it and get the best out of it. As it is a gadget that beeps anytime you press it. It does not require extreme things for you to really use it best.

One of the things that attackers always hate is anything that can attract that tension in them. The moment anyone who attempts to rape you discover that you have a means of alerting the public about your danger, such a person would flee with the speed of light. This is exactly what you want to achieve with this device to let the people know of your current danger and come to rescue you.

So for you to use this device, what you need to do is to easily pull it out and press the button. The central button is always there to help you immediately you pull it and push it to start beeping and making sounds that can attract anyone that is beyond 600 feet away.

As this sound begins to beep, it’s capable of making people frightened and come to your rescue. Irrespective of how heartless such a criminal or invader is, the person must surely flee on hearing the sound that comes from this device. This is why this device is currently making a buzz in different markets and also online space.

The ease at which everyone makes use of this device and the fact that it does not require technical skills or specialization for you to use it has been one of the reasons why a lot of people are making purchases of this device. They feel it is a highly protective tool that they can use to secure their protection and defense.


  • 1. When the alarm sound goes low, please remove screws from the back cover and replace the new batteries.
  • 2. Pull off the hand strap to activate the alarm. Insert the plug back to turn off the noise alarm.
  • 3. The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put it in your ears.

Pros of Tigress alert

  • Extremely Loud: This is one of the advantages that come with the Tigress alert. It’s being very loud in the way that anyone is feet beyond where you are can still hear it and other people standing by can hear it and easily rise to intervene.
  • Smart and Compact Design: It also comes with a very good design that makes it possible for you to move with it or any place, and also it is very presentable wherever you take it to. You still want to use by everyone who wants to remain safe wherever they go.

A Great Choice for Making a choice to have this grade two is a grade one in that it is a step in the right direction towards safety. You know more. Be afraid of what happens next. Wherever you go, as you have these two we always have to attract attention towards you and make you safer. Even if you go to visit your boyfriend and something started happening in a weird way, you can easily rush out of the building and then press this gadget to attract the attention of neighbors and passersby.

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Specifications of Tigress alert

Manufacturer Tigress Alert 
Part Number 30013-40015 
Item Weight 2.57 ounces 
Package Dimensions 4.96 x 3.14 x 1.53 inches 
Batteries 3 LR44 batteries are required (included). 
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No 
Color Black 
Power Source Battery 
Batteries Included? Yes 
Batteries Required? Yes 
Battery Cell Type NiMH  
Tigress alert personal safety device

Benefits of Tigress Alert

  • Scares Off An Intruder: Nothing scares an intruder like beginning to hear a sound coming from the direction where he targeted. Makes the attacker unsafe and fear for his life. It’s a great one in the sense that as soon as the alarm begins to peep, such an intruder would begin to make way for his own safety by fleeing the scene.
  • Peace Of Mind For People With tigress alert: Nothing can be compared to anything that gives you confidence in the midst of danger. When you are surrounded by an intruder or an attacker, or someone whose attempt is to rape you and you have something to fall back on, which is something like tigress alert, you definitely have Peace of Mind because you know the way to attract your audience who come to rescue you. Having a device like Tigress Alert is tested and trusted as a major way to be out of danger and also get yourself heavily protected even more than you carrying arms.
  • Peace Of Mind For Family:  Sometimes the fear is not only on our own side. Even our families are worried about us when we move out. One of the ways to assure them of safety is to have safety tips and as well a safety gadget like Tigress alert. This will help to give them the confidence that whichever thing happens in your way, you will definitely have a way to maneuver and also avoid being attacked. And that is how Tigress Alert gives Peace of Mind to your family and makes everyone confident that you will come back safely without any danger. If you are a newly married man and your wife is always talking about your safety whenever you move out. Having this safety device will also help to assure her that nothing will ever happen to her.
  • Better Chance of Full Recovery: As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is always better to fully prevent danger than allow it to come before you start trying to cure it.  It is better to ensure that danger never comes near you than allow you to come to your doorstep before you begin to look for means to get it off. One thing this device, Tigress Alert, is good for is to give you full recovery of both your property and also safety in any condition.
  • Very affordable: This device is very affordable if you have $40 you can have your own and also get to enjoy the great future that is within it. Unlike many other personal safety devices that people buy at a very costly rate and at the end of the day still do not do extra things compared to what every regular safety tool does.
  • Very portable:  The weight is also within something you can easily pull out and use when you are in danger and such does not discourage its usage. It’s very good for you to have a personal safety device that each weight is within what you can easily use when you are a bit in tension.
  • Very compact: The device is also designed in such a way that is something you can carry with your palms. No one can even know you have it if you have it on your palm. And I thought you can press it and cause people to begin to turn to your side for your rescue. This is a great advantage that most other personal devices for safety do not have.
  • Quick response:  This device is so great as it responds immediately. You press the button to give you exactly what you want. You do not need to continue to press the button before it will turn and raise an alarm that everyone within 600 feet away can hear. As soon as the button is pressed, his sound is following up immediately. This is great as it does not cause delays which is capable of causing your life.
  • Very Loud:  The level of sound that comes out from this device is very good, and easily attracts passersby to come to your rescue. Many who have used this device have attributed its loudness of it to one of the things that have caused relief to them, especially when there was an attempt to rape them.
  • User-friendly: You do not need to be a specialist for you to use this device. This is because it is wholly user-friendly and you can just pull it out and press a button and it will give you exactly what you want at such point. Even when you are highly tense, all you need to do is to pull it out and press a button and it will release a sound that attracts passersby and other people who come to your rescue. Definitely, Tigress alert is worth it and is a great device For everyone that wants to remain safe anywhere.
  • Cost-effective: These devices are premium ones. This is because it’s what it cost and is very good at delivering exactly your purpose of buying it. With this device, your safety is reasonably assured and also it works very snappy to give you the needed attention you need.

Why personal alarm like tigress alert is a must

 If you love your safety and you do not want to easily be attacked by passersby or any intruder, it is good you have a personal alarm system, one that is able to release a sound that can attract attention and make people come to your rescue at any time. It doesn’t just end in having a personal safety device. You also need to have a personal safety device that works and can bring you safety at all times. This is exactly what this device assures you, absolute safety.

So if you’re the type that no longer goes out because you are afraid of being raped, or you are afraid of your valuables being snatched away from you, or you live in a place where its safety condition is epileptic and not yet guaranteed, it is time you begin to use this device to have your walk and be assured that your safety will be appropriately and absolutely guaranteed.

Tigress Alert Customer Reviews

My six months without knowing its exact importance of it. Not until my friend asked me for a date and we went, after the date we came back home. He was a bit drunk and that day he attempted to rape me. As he made that advance and attempted to beat me up in the condition, I jumped out of the room and began to press my Tigress alert. Not long neighbors came asking what was the problem and that was how I got myself out of such danger. I really like this Tigress Alert personal alarm for safety.

Jossery Mona

I had a very busy day in my office and was just walking like one who is tired to my home. Not knowing that some criminals are already waiting for me near my home where I was dropped off from the Uber. As I made steps, I saw some people about three men making steps in my direction in such a suspicious way. Immediately I began to press my Tigris alert and people came in my direction to know what the problem is. To my surprise, those men flee and run as much as their feet can carry them. Thanks to Tigress Alert for being my savior that day.

John Wenz

Not a fan of public reviews on devices. However, Tigress alert is a lifesaver. I was 38 weeks pregnant and waiting for my EDD at home. One day, all of a sudden, I began to feel contractions and go into labor. My husband was not around to assist me, but then I was able to come out in front of our door and began to press Tigress alert.

People rushed out to know what the problem is and they carried me into the vehicle and sent me to the hospital immediately. Before the emergency vehicle could come from the hospital, they already carried me in and that was how I had a safe delivery that day. That’s why I tease my son with the name “Tigress Alert”.

Mary Kerl

Tigress Alert Price

Tigress Alert has gained wide popularity in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and a host of other countries and this can be attributed to the price tag. The price of one tigress alert is 39.99$. There are other price packages available. Two tigress alerts can be gotten at 79.98$, three at 89.98$ while four tigress alerts are sold at 109.98$.

However, it is important to note that these are discounted prices and might go up anytime soon.

Where to buy Tigress Alert

Whether you live in the United States of America or you live in Argentina, Brazil, the UK, or other parts of the world like Israel. You can always get this device to your doorstep as there Is now an online platform where everyone can make their purchase of Tigress alert. There’s now a tigress alert website where you can always make your purchase, buy the device in the quantity you want it, and receive at least a 50% discount per unit.

You can get such an affiliate link to make this purchase at the bottom of this post. The safety of the link and its security is well assured for everyone and every card user.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about your order or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Contact the Tigress Alert Team:

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Singapore: +65-6347 5958

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Frequently Asked Questions (Tigress Alert Review)

What is the purpose of personal alarms?

Personal alarms are generally made for your safety personally. It is good as it easily alerts the public of your danger and they come in to rescue you. Its importance can never be emphasized, as it is the reason why some women can work with their heads up in the public, especially at night, without the fear of being raped. Men can also work with their safety assured and also the safety of their valuables, assured without attackers coming to snatch away much from them.

Is tigress alert effective?

With over 2000 Tigress Alert Reviews currently online, made by users of this device, it is quite trusted and tested to say that Tigress alert is effective. This means that an investment made on this device is quite a good one and can yield absolute safety to you wherever you are.

Are there chances of a false alarm with this device?

 False alarms simply mean when the user of this device begins to beep it when there was no cause for alarm. So it is totally dependent on you to press it when you do not need assistance. However, the problem here is that you will be confusing the masses or the passerby and this may make them not come to your rescue next time they hear such a sound. So it’s important for you to press this button only when there is a need for you to press it.

What is Tigress Alert?

Tigress Alert is a personal alarm designed to keep you safe in dangerous situations.

How does Tigress Alert work?

Tigress Alerts projects an astounding 130-decibel alarm. The blasting siren is sure to scare off your attacker, giving you the precious few seconds to make a getaway.

Is Tigress Alert effective if I’m somewhere really noisy?

Tigress Alert is louder than a car horn, an ambulance siren, and a military jet engine taking off from an aircraft carrier. You will never be somewhere that Tigress Alert won’t be effective.

I’m not good with any kind of technology. Is Tigress Alert the right personal alarm for me?

Tigress Alert is designed to be easy to use, even if you are in a situation of panic. Just pull the pin and the 130dB alarm will begin to sound. Tigress Alert is a personal protection device that absolutely anyone can use, from children to seniors, and everyone in between.

Is Tigress Alert simply a noisy keychain?

Not only is Tigress Alert useful for scaring off attackers, but it is also designed with an LED light. This can be helpful if you are looking in your purse to get your house keys or if you are in a really dark situation.

How many Tigress Alerts should I buy?

While you yourself may only need one Tigress Alert, they are so valuable that we encourage you to get an additional one, or more, for a friend and/or family member.

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Conclusion (Tigress Alert Review)

This post has given you a detailed digress alert review in which whatever you need to know to ensure your safety in any environment you are in is contained. We’ve also attempted to answer some of the frequently asked questions by new users, and we believe that such will help you utilize this device to your best.

There are many reasons to like this device, especially because it is cost-effective, portable, compact and easily used by new users. So if he touches your mind to go further, to click the button to buy, you can use the button below to now make your approaches.

 It is also safe to note that buying as a first-timer, you will be enjoying a 50% discount from the purchase and as well you have 30 days to yourself. Maybe to return the device or to ask for a refund in case you are not satisfied with the device you receive either in terms of quality or in terms of service. We’ve also given you the customer care details in case you would want to get back to them for any reason, maybe for further clarification after you approach this or for other things.

Thank you so much for going through these reviews. We hope it has helped you a lot.