Step by step on how to use earbuds

The best Step by step on how to use earbuds

Quality earbuds are good, especially if you know how to use earbuds. You will listen to music with clear and stereo sound. You will also receive calls and speak effectively using the buds.

Earbuds are really good to have. This is why we have decided to write the step-by-step ways of using earbuds. In this step-by-step method, we have made it simple by using pictorial analysis in all.

Before we go on, it is important for you to understand that most earbuds connect to other devices using Bluetooth. It is the version of Bluetooth they come with that enables how stable and fast, their connection will be. When their connections are stable, they will allow you to make calls and listen to audio clearly.

Most of them come with a fingerprint sensor for control while others come with button to enable you to control them. It is through this fingerprint sensor that you can pause or continue any song.

The control is the sharpest and most accurate. At a single tab, the song will be made to stop. We will be taking things you need to use your buds in a step-by-step manner.

Charging your earbuds

Below is the box or case containing your earbuds. This box is both for storage and for charging the earbuds. It can be in different shapes depending on the bud you buy. When you open the case of the earbuds, you will see a pair of buds inside.

Below is a picture of one of the buds. As you can see, the two yellowish points near the letter R are for charging. The upper part is the earpiece for sound.

Below is the inside of the charging box. The two earbuds are within it. You can easily and safely put your buds inside this box after each use. You can also put it there for the sake of charging. This will effectively help you make use of it at any moment.

You need to understand that the major part that you can charge directly is the case. You cannot connect the earbuds directly to electricity. So anytime the buds are down, you can recharge them by inserting them inside the charging box.

However, anytime the charging box, which is serving as the power bank, is down, you will charge it directly on electricity. The picture below shows exactly how you can connect them to electricity using any socket available to charge them.

Use earbuds with fingerprint sensors or button control

While making use of quality earbuds, you may need to pause the sound either on one ear or both. You may need to control the soundtrack playing without touching your phone. At such a point, you may need to control the sound or music from your earbuds.

This will need you to press a button or use your fingerprint as the remote for the buds. This particular bud in this post uses fingerprints. Therefore, you can tap the fingerprint sign to control it. It is very easy and responsive.

Use earbuds through Bluetooth control

There is also a need for you to connect your earbuds to your phone. This is majorly achieved the Bluetooth. So, here you will turn on your Bluetooth from your iPhone or Android smartphone. After doing this, you turn on your earbuds, assuming there were off.

Go into your Bluetooth-paired devices and connect your earbuds to your smartphone. To disconnect them, you can always disconnect using the same step; you can also do the same by simply turning off your Bluetooth or the earbuds.

Another important thing to note when making use of earbuds is that Bluetooth has a limit to the distance you can go. It is best not to go beyond 5 meters away from the position of your phone or the Bluetooth source to avoid tottering or disconnection.


It is a very easy-to-use earbud. All you need is to follow the above steps in making use of earbuds. It is straightforward and simple.

After every use, always remember to keep your buds charged by putting them back into the case. It is inside the case that they can get fully charged and ready for your use. Making the choice on the earbud to go home it is not easy but I have written on it on the best possible guide to make your decision.

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