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Snoring and sleep apnea: is device the best way out?

Snoring is never fun even for the person snoring. It is only pleasurable when it is depicted on home television but never fun to anyone. If you do snore while sleeping, you will find out how you struggle with gaining restorative sleep. The sound alone sucks and can mar the relationship between two couples.

Snoring is a consequence of bad sleeping posture or an outcome of a background illness. Illnesses that bring about snoring are not far from the respiratory system. They impact the level of inspiration and expiration leading to making noisy sounds. It is this noisy sound that appears as snoring.

Snoring can ruin your social life starting from your relationship to your workplace down to your health. For example, some people have lost their loved ones simply because they are snoring loudly each night. As bad as it was for them, they could not bear it again and had to call it a quit. Is that the best option or they could have managed the situation? Well, not everyone is comfortable with such sounds. Some would prefer to have a calm sleep without a partner than to have a disturbing one.

Some people have also lost their jobs because they were snoring while on their break from work. They were suspected to have diseases that may affect their overall health and that alone made them be laid off from their lovely job.

Snoring is so bad for some people to the extent that they cannot sleep without snoring even when they are on a plane or evening having moor rest. This is how bad it is for them. Some have gone far and near looking for solutions without an effective solution to them. Some have taken drugs, and engaged in different lifestyle modifications without any reasonable improvement.

Is there a solution for anyone already having chronic snoring? Yes, there is. Read this post till the end to find out.

What snoring means?

Snoring is the outcome of forceful breathing through a narrow respiratory path. Take, for instance, your nose, mouth, pharynx, or bronchus being narrowed due to bad sleeping posture, you will produce harsh sounds that will be irritating to the normal ear. It is this harsh sound that is called snoring.

Also, if you are already battling with diseases that affect the rate at which you breathe or make you not sleep in your usual way, you run a risk of snoring. Unfortunately, when we snore, we do not know. This is because it deals with a sensory impulse that controls the harsh sounds without our conscious mind being aware.

Some of the factors that occasionally lead to snoring include drinking alcohol excessively. When you are the type of person that takes alcohol to an intoxicating level, you may lose total consciousness while sleeping and this may make you lie down abnormally. Such malpositioning while sleeping may cause you not to breathe well.

Chances are that when you are unconscious and can’t breathe well, you may only strive to improve without making the needed moves that will restore you to a normal position. Ordinarily, no one would allow himself to suffer the hand of snoring, but it comes in your unconscious state. It comes when you are unable to control your position or try to change the way you breathe.

This has led to the use of different gadgets to make you aware of yourself the moment you start snoring. You will understand your sleeping pattern with this device and also monitor the way you sleep each night. Here is it, each time you snore, the device has a way of monitoring you and the sound you make. When the sound becomes harsh, it will stimulate you. With such stimulation, you can easily change your position to a new and comfortable one.

You don’t even need such snore stopper device to be invasive. It will be on your external surface and will be able to offer you the needed services. Yes, it can be like a strap that you tie over your chin or like a wristwatch you wear over your wrist. The key thing about such a device is that it helps you monitor the way you sleep and correct your position. Check this video below to understand snoring more including how to escape from it.

How to identify when someone is snoring?

Getting to the root of it to know when someone is snoring and when the person is not snoring is good for you as it will guide you to know which remedy to recommend. As you know, people can still make sounds while sleeping or while sick without it being snoring. People can have crepitations, rales, rhonchi, and other respiratory-associated sounds.

One major distinguishing point to take home here is that you will hear the sound loud and clearly annoying when it is only snoring. Other sounds may need you to have your stethoscope before you can hear them well. Unfortunately, it will make you forget the good things about your life. You will almost forget yourself.

How snoring works?

How snoring works is that there is an abnormality in the way air is produced through your respiratory system. Normally, the air is supposed to come out through your nostrils without creating sounds. Unfortunately, when your airway is too narrow, the air that is coming out and touching the narrow structure will make noise. It is this noise that is called snoring. It happens to people with sleep apnea and also people who are used to it from birth.

The sound comes from the forceful exit of air from the bronchus or the nose. It can occur in all ages but most among adults. If it has not become a chronic problem for you, a touch by someone lying on the same bed as you can make you stop snoring. Such touch can make you change your position and assume the best for you at such a moment.

snoring and sleep apnea

How snoring affect relationships?

The sound of it is annoying to all ears including that of those who are snoring. If those who snore can be made to hear themselves snoring, they won’t like it. Therefore, “how snoring affects relationships” is that it can breed hate or dislike among couples making them sleep on different beds. Some will even go the far as sleeping in another room to avoid anything that will make them hear their friend snore. Most people can even cut off every tie of relationship they have with you the moment they noticed that you are good at it. Asides from the dislike that naturally greets people snoring, it is a sign or symptom of other diseases such as obstructive sleep apnea. When it becomes a complication of an ongoing illness, it will be difficult to erase the habit of it without tackling the background illness first.

How snoring affects your partner?

How it affects your partner is uncountable. Imagine putting on an earpiece over your ear and listening to the noise from another person. How will you feel listening to it for like 30 minutes? Sure, you will be tired and may not want to be around such a person again. The person may not know that he or she is making noise, even when you inform such a person. This is exactly the case with snoring. The person snoring doesn’t know how annoying it is despite you telling such a person about his or her snoring, it will be hard for the person to agree because it comes when he or she is unconscious.
With this, your partner may not be able to enjoy restorative sleep just like normal. Her sleep may be cut short anytime you are around. This makes the relationship go sour. Even when someone is with you in the same room where you are snoring, it will still be hard for the person to concentrate. It will be too hard for such a person to really concentrate because the intermittent irritating sound you make does not allow the person to. With this, having a partner in the same room or for a project will be severely affected.

How snoring affect sleep?

Snoring occurs because air is not coming out smoothly from your respiratory system. The air coming out is harsh because it is squeezing itself on the structures that it is passing through. With this poor intake of air, you will struggle to enjoy your sleep. When you begin to find it difficult to sleep, it may get to a point when you see sleeping as a big deal. Some people who snore actually have background illness that affects their breathing each time they are sleeping, especially those with sleep apnea. It is very difficult to sleep when you cannot breathe well. Unfortunately, the people affected here are not only those who are snoring. Anyone who stays in the same room may not have good sleep either. This will transcend and affect everyone who shares the same room leading to poor sleep due to the harsh sound coming.

Can snoring kill you?

There is a way people will be running away from you because you snore and you may prefer to be alive anymore. You will prefer to die than to live again. This can either make you look for solutions by all means or go depressed. The less depression you can get from snoring can make you wonder about the things you are still left with. But can it kill you? No! It cannot kill you except you are the one giving it chance to over-bother you. The best thing you can do in such a situation is to go for any available solution within your reach. You decide to get gadgets for yourself or look for a solution to the major cause of your snoring.

Can snoring cause headaches?

Stress can cause headaches. It can cause your temperature to increase. Lack of adequate sleep is a stress factor on its own and can cause you to have headaches and other issues that people who have stress can have. Normally, after each work, you are meant to rest for the day and enjoy regaining the energy you lost. Unfortunately, this may not be the case with those who are always snoring easily. It may be difficult for you to enjoy your sleep well in such a situation.

Can snoring cause sore throat?

There are people who breathe through their mouths. These people always have their mouths open while they are sleeping. They open their mouth to receive air. The other group of people uses their noses for breathing. The good thing here is that the nose is made with a defense mechanism that is targeted at getting most of the infective organisms off the body. Unfortunately, mouth breathers do not have such defense actively protecting them. When they have cause to snore, it means that they will find it difficult to contain the level of irritants that will enter their mouth. This can lead them to have sore throats. The exact way snoring can cause sore throat is not yet fully known. However, the answer to what can cause sore throat is yes, though to an insignificant population.

Can snoring be cured?

Yes, it can be cured. It can be cured depending on what is causing you to snore. If you are snoring because of an ongoing illness, the way out will be for you to treat that illness and you will be fine. However, some people have formed the habit of snoring each time they sleep, especially after drinking alcohol or other intoxicating liquor, the best shot at this will be to stop taking those things gradually. They are also devices that you can put on your body to tell you when you start it. This device is impressive as it can help you lessen the burden occasioned by it.

When snoring becomes a problem?

Snoring is a problem always. It is a big problem for those who use to snore as their social relationship with others may be affected. Their own health will also be on the line. Against this backdrop, it is advised that everyone who snores should not wait until when snoring is a problem but tackle it immediately.

When snoring is dangerous?

No one likes to snore at every moment he sleeps. It will not be funny to fall into such a category. Such is dangerous and that is when snoring is dangerous because you snore at every slight closure of your eyes. It is dangerous because you will no longer be at liberty to sleep as a guest in any place. You will not be happy to see yourself sleeping and snoring in a place you placed yourself highly. It is capable of ruining your personality. Getting any remedy to stop it from being incessant will also be greatly helpful to you.

Which snoring devices actually work?

The road to solving your snoring issues is personal. You alone will know the best for you. For example, there is an anti-snoring device that you can wear like a wristband. What it does is let you know when you start it. Anytime you start it, it will create a sensation that will make your body move. The essence of this will be to create the needed change in position that will make you breathe well and not snore. Other devices, like the jaw strap, will help you to close your mouth if you are a mouth breather. The major thing it does is to ensure that your mouth is not open and predisposing to your breathing difficult since you are to breathe through your nose.

Which snoring remedies actually work?

Over time, people have been coming up with many remedies as ways to stop snoring. Some people have even come up with some drugs to help widen or dilate the respiratory tract so as to stop the harsh sounds. Unfortunately, this is not asthma that beta blockers and steroids can be used to resolve. This is more of other health challenges like sleep apnea which can go by medical or surgical relief.
Therefore, there is a need for you to know exactly what is causing your problem. If you think it only occurs when you are drunk, then control the way you drink. If it is because of another illness then treat it. Other measures which may include the strap or the wristbands may not give you a lasting solution until you are able to resolve the precipitating condition.

Will snoring make you tired?

It occurs when you are weak and too relaxed. At such a point, your tongue and respiratory muscles may become too relaxed that you start it. With incessant snoring, you may find it difficult to enjoy your sleep. With repeated sleep deprivation, you may become tired.

Will snoring affect a newborn baby?

Research conducted by a Harvard professor shows that people between 17 and 30 years claim to snore frequently. Those in their old age can also run the risk of snoring easily. Newborn babies will find it difficult to snore. There can be other sounds like rales, rhonchi, grunting, and other harsh respiratory sounds.

Why does snoring happen?

It happens when the airway is too loose that air finds it difficult to pass through it without making harsh sounds. It is these harsh sounds that are produced that appear as snoring. It occurs among old people who run the risk of having weak tongue muscles. When you get yourself drunk, your body can also be too weak that you lose control of your body. This is capable of making you snore. Other factors that make the air coming out from your lungs struggle on its way out are also capable of causing you to snore.

Why snoring is bad?

Snoring is bad because it has the following effects on your body:
#Lack of sleep.
#Tiredness or weakness at the place of work due to poor sleep.
#Loss of zeal to work due to fear of being tired.
#Fear to sleep in an environment that is not your house.
#Discomforting your partner.
#Has a bad impact on your overall health.

Does the chin strap work for snoring?

A chin strap has come to be one of the measures to stop you from snoring. Many people are currently using it to relieve their it by putting it on while they sleep. This helps to taunt the mouth muscles and decrease the chances of them getting lost. The chin strap will not only help you to stop it, but it also helps mouth breathers to start using their nose to breathe. With such development, you can run lower risks of sore through and respiratory infection.

What is the difference between OSA and snoring?

OSA stands for obstructive sleep apnea which makes one not to breathe while sleeping. This affects your health in such a way that it is almost impossible for you to enjoy restorative sleep. Any attempt to sleep will always end you forcing yourself to be awake because your brain has its own way of stopping you from breathing whenever you sleep. On the other hand, obstructive sleep apnea can manifest through it. At its mild stage, you may notice that you snore a lot. Later, it can progress to the inability to breathe when snoring. Therefore, It may or may not be a complication of OSA. If your local doctor has made such a diagnosis that you have OSA, it will be good for you if you get the best remedy for this. It will prevent you from it subsequently. It is very important that you consider your health.

Non-Medical causes

Aside from health issues that can make you have bad sleeping habits which may culminate in your snoring, there are other factors you have to avoid in order to keep yourself from it.
Alcohol: One of the major challenges facing alcoholics is the challenge associated with bad sleeping habits after taking alcohol excessively. This can combine with minor illnesses to make you exhibit some symptoms that may make you snore.
To avoid snoring when you sleep, you may also need to consider your sleeping position to avoid it.
causes of snoring


The first step to ending snoring is to know what is causing it. When it is a result of an already existing disease, the best approach will be to treat yourself. You can also stop other lifestyle habits that cause you to snore. One of the ways of stopping it is through the use of snoring devices and chin straps. Some claimed that they work for them. You can get one that can work for you effectively while you look on to resolve the background issues.

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