Smartcar reviews 2023: the best car diagnostic tool!

If you are looking for the best Smartcar for your car diagnostic, then you are at the right spot. You probably have not been a victim of what the auto mechanics are doing. They will will bring their compact device and get it plugged on your On-board Diagnostic and immediately it will tell them where the fault is coming from.

Immediately, they will turn to you and make a list of things you should pay for. Take for instance, the engine light shows off and they observe that the issue is coming from your engine. Immediately, you will see a list of things they intend you to pay for so that they will fix your car. The annoying thing is that their list use to be around $5,000 and above.

What if you can know exactly what is wrong with your car? You will probably know the exact amount to budget for your car repair. In fact, you will know the problem first and will be ready before hand. This is why we have made this Smartcar review to help you understand every tip you need to know as regards its use, features, and also what other users of this car diagnostic tool have to say about it.

What is Smart car diagnostic tool?

Smartcar is a simple device that tells you what is wrong with your car and how you will fix it. Through the help of its app which you should install on your phone or tablet, it works well to tell you what to do to get your car moving without the help of any auto mechanic who may hike the cost of fixing your car just for his selfish reason.

However, you may look at it and decide whether it is what you can fix or something that is beyond what you can fix. At this point, if it is what you cannot fix, you can consult your mechanic for further actions. The good thing here is that you have estimated the cost of fixing it and possibly, what it will take to fix it.

The good thing about this simple and compact device is that it is universally accepted as it works with its app that can be installed on both Android and iPhone of all versions. However, it is not compatible with all vehicles especially most of the cars built before 1996. It works well with most cars that car after 1996 as most of them have OBD II. It is this diagnostic port that the device connects to through chips to read what is wrong with the car and further display it to you through the phone app.

Smartcar car doctor reviews

It is normal for you to think that buying this device would cost much. Hence the reason why you have been hiding from buying Smartcar car doctor to help you fix your car in case of emergency. Fortunately, this device is not as costly as you think. You will not break your bank account just because you buy this device. No! It has been subsidized by the producer with at least 50% price reduction. With this anyone can buy it.

You can also decide to put this device on your dashboard or to carry it along in your bag as it is both lightweight and portable. It is cost-effective as it last for long and does not easily get spoilt.

Which car diagnostic scanner is best?

Getting the best car diagnostic scanner that can help you not to be a victim of the scam from some auto mechanic has not been easy until the advent of Smartcar. Well, it is not the only car diagnostic tool available in the market, however, it is a device you can rely on even in the face of emergency.

Below are the checklist of what you should expect from quality car diagnostic tool:

  • Portable size
  • Compact shape
  • Universal compatibility
  • Simple to use
  • Preprogrammed and easy to understand
  • Cost-effective and affordable to many people.

Are car diagnostic tools worth it?

  • Smartcar car doctor
  • Ancel FX2000 Vehicle Obd2
  • Innova 3100RS FixAssist
  • iCarsoft CR Pro Multi-Systems
  • Foxwell NT301 Obd2 Scanner
  • BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro
  • 2022 Newest FOXWELL OBD2
  • FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
  • Motopower Mp69033 Car OBD2 Scanner

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The above are different brands of OBD-enabled devices which helps you to know what is wrong with your car firsthand. It can tell you what is wrong with your car ranging from simple issues to the ones you cannot handle.

By and large, it is never a waste of money to buy any of the above car diagnostic tools. However, in this post our emphasis is on trueblue car doctor review. We recommend it as we have seen it work and have other users come to testify of how good it is.

Car diagnostic tool benefits (trueblue car doctor review)

There are many outstanding benefits in having trueblue car doctor. This benefits are itemized below:

  • User-friendly: the device does not need you to be an expert before you can use it. If you can easily understand that language you choose, then you are free to use it. No special skill need or any other need for regular subscription monthly to maintain its work. It is free and the only money you will pay is to buy this wonderful car diagnostic tool.
  • Cost-effective: It is by far worth more than the cost. You cannot see such quality OBD2 scanner at such price but the producer has made easier for anyone to fix his or her car with getting stranded on minor issues.
  • Portable and lightweight: the device has little wright below what you will even recognize much more complaining on it. It works as a chip and that is why it does not need to be heavy before it will work. Here, the advantage is that you can even put it on your pocket bag and go anywhere you want without having any issue.
  • Compact in shape: The shape of this car diagnostic tool is very good that you can put it in your smallest pocket without even knowing that you have anything.
  • Design with good looks: It is very ergonomic in its design and something you will be proud to present anywhere. It is definitely one of the best designs you will see.
  • Works well on most cars: the issue of whether it is made.fornyiur car will not come to count as it is very simple for both Android and iphones. The app is also free and installable on any device with good interface for your understanding.
  • Highly reliable: It is a device you trust. There is a popular saying that you should not trust anything that is mechanical but not in this case. You can rely on its service whether there is an engineer around you or not.

Can I do a car diagnostic myself?

Yes. You can do your car diagnostic yourself with the assistance of anyone with special skill. You also don’t need to acquire a special skill or certificate or training to know how to do it yourself. The device itself comes with user manual which will help you to understand most of the basic things made for you to know about it.

If you don’t have the quality diagnostic tool, please do not waste your time checking for issues on the car to fix as whatever issue it brings out may be very hard to fix. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable diagnostic tool that will help you monitor your car regularly.

You can check it on your own and also fix any issue. First get this device then every other thing will add up.

What is the tool that tells

you what is wrong with your car?

There are many tools that tell you what is wrong with your car. However, they are generally called call diagnostic devices. One thing about it is that it is very easy to use with the help of its app in your phone. So after buying the Smartcar car doctor, the next thing to do is to install trueblue car doctor app in your phone ( this is irrespective of whether it is Android or iPhone).

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How do I use OBD diagnostic tool?

How to use OBD 2 (Smartcar) is simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Buy the OBD2 device (Smartcar car doctor)
  • Download its app into your phone.
  • Whenever your car is faulty or you suspect that it is faulty, then plug the OBD2 into its port on your car dashboard.
  • Go back to your phone App.
  • Know what is wrong with your car from the app interface.

What users of Smartcar are saying?

Most OBD2 users have come online and in different points of discussion to share their experience on this device. They have made Smartcar reviews giving this device 4.9 out of 5.0 star ratings. The producer also claims that the device is 100% reliable. The company went ahead to give people a 50% discount and more if the units are more than 1.

Where to buy car diagnostic tool? (Smartcar car doctor review)

The best place to buy a reliable diagnostic tool is at the official Smartcar website. There you can easily buy the car diagnostic tool at affordable price. The website is also very reliable, safe and secured for your transactions.

Buying Smartcar car doctor from the official website of the company will also help you to enjoy the exchange and return packages applied to the company.

This will include complete refund of your money in case you are not satisfied with the outcome of the device delivered to you. You can also channel your questions and comment to us if you have any thing you want us to answer.


Frequently Asked Questions on Smartcar diagnostic tool

Where do you plug in a diagnostic tool?

After having the diagnostic tool the next thing to do is to get it connected with your car so as to know exactly what is wrong with your car. To do this is very simple except your car is made before 1996. If your car is made after 1996, then you can easily plug your device on the OBD2 port on your dashboard. Plugging it into the port will help you as it will send all it’s notification to the app on your smartphone and from there you will understand where to fix.

How does a car diagnostic scanner work?

A diagnostic scanner works in a simple way to make you understand what is wrong with your car. There is no magic involved. It is the same thing some auto mechanics and engineers do when you bring your car to them and they quickly use their computer on your car to detect what is wrong. So the device will work like an electrical device and get most of the issues fixed.

How can I use my phone to diagnose my car?

It is simple to diagnose your car’s fault simply with the app in your phone. How to do this is to buy the diagnostic tool. After that buying the tool, that’s when you can comfortably use your phone to check for updates on your car.

What can a car diagnostic test tell you?

Car diagnostic scanner would tell you what is exactly wrong with your car. You will know when it is electric fault or other fault. This will help you not to waste your money on calling another engineer who is not fit to work on your car.

How much does it cost to have a diagnostic test on your car?

Carrying out a diagnostic test on your car does not cost you much if you have your own. But if you don’t have, it becomes cumbersome as it will mean that you will pay each time you want to run a diagnostic scan.

How to use Smartcar diagnostic tool on my car?

The way to use this Smartcar on your car to detect faults is still easy just like other diagnostic devices. The steps above are same with what to follow if you want to use this service.

Does Smartcar car doctor worth it?

By and large, Smartcar car doctor is worth it. You have to consider it and then possibly take advantage of the discount that is currently available.

Final note on Smartcar reviews

If you are looking for Smartcar review that will be very exhaustive, I am sure that this has offered you what you are looking for. Through the help of this review, you can be among the lucky ones who will benefit from the discounts currently available.