Slim Optics Eye glasses Review 2022: best quality slim optics!

Slim Optics Eye glasses reviews

Eye challenge has really come to be a great challenge to many people. This has led to people seeking remedies from different hands. Some people have gone for surgery as a means to get free of their visual challenge while others are stuck in wearing spectacles. The choice of which one to use absolutely rely on the challenge of the person. For example, if you have cataracts or Astigmatism, you will definitely not start with glasses first. You will need medical attention which could lead to either surgery to remove the cloud part or just by taking drugs to restore the challenge to default.

While the majority of people out there go by glasses, it is also important to consider some of the factors that affect the choice of glasses. for example, some people have different kinds of heads and faces which include; oblong, round, flat, square, etc. This shape of the face goes a long way to determine the choice of glasses as you would not want a glass that will fall of when you wear it. Fortunately, some eyeglasses come with little extensions to help hold them tight. Some glasses are also made in such a way that it is difficult for them to fall off.

The use of spectacles gained ground due to the fact some of them are multi-functional and are quite adjustable to serve their multipurpose. Now you have glasses that can correct nearsightedness and at the same time have a serious correction on farsightedness. They are adjustable to whichever issue you are having. With this set of adjustable glasses, you can read comfortably irrespective of any sight issue.

Among the adjustable glasses, we are going to walk you through how to use a special eyeglass that has helped many people say bye to poor vision. We will offer you a review on Slim Optics – Eyeglasses with the view of helping you know more about the glasses so as to help you utilize them better.

Slim Optics is currently trending in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, German, Israel, and around the world. This Slim Optics eyeglasses review will offer you the benefits attached with this glass, the features, and what users have to say about it. With these, you can make the bold choice of whether to buy or not to buy. Please kindly go through this review as extra points are here and may not be even in the Slim Optics instructional manual.

Let’s dive deeper.

Slim optics eye glasses

What are slim optics glasses?

Slim Optics adjustable Glasses is the brand you need to be sure you are purchasing when choosing the perfect pair of ultra-slim and ultra-light spectacles. There are copies of these single vision glasses in the market, but Slim Optics remains the brand of glasses that reflects the statement of being the world’s lightest and thinnest pair of reading glasses. It has demonstrated a high effect in correcting eye defects. It is very portable that it will be hard for you not to have it with you any time and any day.

TheseSlim optics eyeglasses offer a range of color frame(s) to appeal to both men and women from the subtle to the loud, the wearer gets to choose! Of course, you may wish to purchase a couple of pairs of these reading glasses to have in those places where you always forget, the car, or our handy case attached to the back of your phone.

Their light and extremely compact design will support your prescription glasses that your Optometrist has prescribed. It will provide support in the sense that you can use as an alternative to those one. It will boost your sight for reading both tiny and bold articles. You do not need to continue to worry about how to improve your vision again.

As way of giving users quick boost, it comes four optical strength depending on how serve your case is. Slim Optics reading glasses are offered with the four different lens optical strength options for the wearer to choose:

+1.00 (Low), +1.50 (Low-Mid), +2.00 (Medium) and +2.50 (High).

The Low covers a range +0.75 to +1.25,

the low-mid covers a range of +1.25 to +1.75,

the medium covers a range of +1.75 to +2.25, and

the high covers a range of +2.25 to +2.75.

You will want to choose the option that most closely matches your needs.

However, since reading glasses are optimized for near vision distance reading usage, you will automatically adjust the reading distance between your eyes and the object you are reading. Since Slim Optics – Eye Glasses cover optical strengths ranging between +1.00 to +2.75, nearly all people requiring reading glasses will find a Slim Optics reading glasses option that suits any age of the user. Slim Optics reading glasses are out and about, a great substitute to prescription eyeglasses. These Slim optics typically weigh less than 6 grams, a nitinol wire bridge, the bridge width is comfortable, supplemented by a pair of stable and comfortable nose pads. This type of reading glass will fit the majority of face shape types.


Features of Slim Optics eye glasses

  • Slim Optics – Eye Glasses reading glasses sit neatly on 100% of noses without temples(arms that go over your ears ) the flex grip technology ensures they securely sit on your nose and don’t fall off. They are available in 4 powers +1.00, +1.50,  +2.00, +2.50.
  • In this smartphone era, people find themselves frustrated when their traditional glasses are out of reach. Slim Optics – Eye Glasses offering has now expanded. The new addition of the “Always with You” line of readers is the new full-frame FrontPage Collection. FrontPage has two unisex styles: the rectangular “Brooklyn” and the round “Manhattan”.
  • The world’s thinnest and lightest full-frame reading glasses at only 9 grams, Frontpage are as slender as they are strong. Each is paired with a durable 4mm aluminum Milano case with a magnetic closure and felt lining. The exquisite 4mm case is slender enough to stick on the back of your phone. Frontpage Collection reading glasses are always with you.
  • The Milano case fits nicely on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X. A solution to attach the case to Samsung Galaxy phones is coming soon. Available in a multitude of colors and a choice of +1.50, +2.00, or +2.50 magnifications. ThinOptics glasses are designed to be always within reach, eliminating the frustration of losing glasses.
  • As we age, reading glasses often become a necessity to continue to enjoy reading or taking in a menu or instructions when traveling as our eyesight changes. For those of us coming late to wearing glasses for reading, contact lenses are not an option. Remembering to pick your glasses up when you go out for the day or evening is for the new user a chore. The case is clunky and self-conscious wearing remains an issue, even if you have the perfect pair of prescription glasses. Blurred vision or a vision problem remains as those spectacles remain at home.
  • There is a solution for the day out or being on holiday or taking a weekend break, times and places when you are frequently out and about have not picked up the prescription glasses to take out to the place where reading glasses are eventually going to be needed. The recently released Slim Optics – Eye Glasses reading glasses are the on-hand solution. This pair of glasses are designed to prevent eye strain and assist your eyesight in whatever you need to read when away from home. A considered piece of eyewear this a pair of spectacles stripped down to the minimum, offering the wearer a pair of stylish reading glasses.

Benefits of slim optics glasses

  • The lightweight makes it portable: Slim Optics eyeglasses have lightweight and can even be carried at the back of your smartphone. You can take it anywhere without forgetting it there.
  • Comes in four optical strength: All you need is to choose the one that best serve as this optical strength helps to boost the way you see what you read and things around you.
  • Boosts your vision: One good quality you will see with this glasses is the ease at which it boost your sight. All the books you could not read before now, you will read them clearly but you also need to choice the optical strength that best serve.
  • Very affordable to buy: The vision of the manufacturer is to make it accessible to all and this is the reason why its cost is less compared to other brands out there.

Slim optic eyeglass reviews customer reports

“If you like to read while laying on your side, but you need readers, these are the glasses for you! These are my first reading glasses – I started wearing my wife’s but I prefer to read while laying on my side – and any glasses with arms wouldn’t fit right when my head was on the pillow. Slim Optics removed the arms and instead they attach to your nose. I haven’t tried wearing these in public yet – but they are great for reading in bed – and they also make a great bookmark! The perfect gift for the reader in your life! “

Chicha Enzo from Denmark

“Slim Optics are reading glasses that can be stored in a wallet or on the back of your phone. Its portability has always been the reason why I almost travel with it to all the places I have gone. It really works very fine both for my reading and public outings. I like it so much!

Samuel L. From New York, USA.

“Sunday afternoon with my “Slim optics”reading glasses and my book… Though it was difficulty finding this spec of glasses in Australia, I am glad I eventuallly got mine through online purchase with fast delivery through which I received it in my country. This glasses works beyond what I saw in reviews before making my order. It is very great.”

Lymal Kalib from Australia.

I take them with me on every run now, and no more text reading frustration! The nose pads have a little grippy texture to them so they stay in place, but they are so amazing lightweight that you soon forget they are there.

Emmanual Johnson from the United Kingdom.

The glasses fit perfectly in the case that Slim Optics sent and when I need to read a really important email, tweet, or even a magazine on the airplane, I have my slim optics reading glasses at my fingertips. Incredible but wonderful design.

Euzel K. review on slim optics From Isreal

At first, I didn’t believe this glasses but I just decided to give this a try. After about 3 months of using this glasses, it is safe to say that Slim Optics makes “insanely” thin and flexible reading glasses that you’ll always have with you because they live in the barely noticeable slot on the back of your Slim Optics mobile phone case.

Daniel Bajael From Nitherlands.

What is slim optics price

Buy thinoptics or slim optics here

Slim Optics glasses are very affordable. With all the incredible benefits of using these glasses, the price still looks so cool for all. This price is one of the reasons why many people have this glass today. It is really causing a buzz and making stock limited as many people are seizing this opportunity to get multiple.

The glasses also come with a discount of at least 50% per unit you purchase. Also, you will have a refund and a return policy covers you against any damage or possible reasons why you may not want to continue using these glasses in less than 30 days of your reception of the delivery. This simply means that you file for a refund or a return of your money in case you are not comfortable or satisfied with the product you received.

It is also important to note that there are many places you can make purchases online for this product including the Slim Optics Amazon store and others. However, we recommend people who like this product to make their purchase using the affiliate link at the bottom of this post as it is safe and secure for your cards. You will also not be a victim of the ongoing online vices.

Best place to buy Slim Optics- Eyeglasses

The best place to buy slim Optics is from the manufacturer’s online store because there is an exchange and return policy in addition to the discounts accrued to each purchase. In fact, if you really want to get the original glasses without wasting money, there is the best place to buy these reading glasses. We really cannot overlook that some glasses that are not to the quality of Slim Optics are in the market in the name of performing the same with these glasses. So to avoid the SLim Optics scam, use this manufacturer’s online store.

Frequently asked questions on slim optics eyeglasses reviews

Below are some of the questions and answers on Slim optics:

Are Slim Optics™ reading glasses comfortable?

They are very comfortable to use as they stick to the nose bridge. They are also portable as you can carry them at the back of your phone.

Are Slim Optics – Eye Glasses™ durable? Will they break?

They are durable if properly managed. It can last for at least 3 years without any complaints. It can then break if you rough handle it.

How good are Slim Optics – Eye Glasses?

Slim Optics is very good as it has many innovative features that bring the benefits that users of this product get to enjoy.

Will Slim Optics – Eye Glasses reading glasses fit my nose?

Slim Optics glasses is so made as to fit all faces. It is also specially built to fit all nose bridges. It is also adjustable to suit it, so you should not bother yourself about its fitness.

Will Slim Optics – Eye Glasses reading glasses remain securely on my nose?

After placing these slim optics on your nose bridge, it can be tightly fixed even if you decide to start shaking your face. It acts like a magnet that clings to the nose with a sign of falling out.

Is slim optics eyeglasses good for everyone?

Slim optics eyeglasses are made for general and medical use. It is not exclusive for those with known problem of sight. It is made for those that would want to use slim eyeglass as their preference. Many people have been using it without any adverse effect so far.

Is slim optics glasses affordable?

The producer of slim optics has made it more affordable by introducing a promo with up to 50% discount at the former sale price. Now you can get this device as low as possible and without breaking your bank account. You can as well use this glasses with your relations like your brothers, girlfriend or anyone who may want to use this glasses with you without the fear of it having any medical effect. It has been trending in the market and many persons are currently going for it.

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Conclusion on Slim optics -Eye glasses

If all you need is a reliable glass that can serve you well both for seeing and for reading, then search no further as Slim Optics eyeglasses are here to help you out. All you need is to utilize this opportunity and get one for yourself. A secure link to the manufacturer’s online store has been provided below.



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