Serenity weighted blanket reviews 2022: the best buy blanket?

Is Serenity weighted blanket the best buy? These Serenity weighted blanket reviews will help you understand the benefits, features, users comments, and also, where to buy it with discounts. Go through this serenity-weighted blanket review till the end to understand why people are going for it.

If you struggle to sleep each time as a result of stress or other factors and you have tried many measures without relief, it may be because you probably have not tried serenity weighted blanket. This serenity weighted blanket review is to let you know more about this latest brand of the blanket.

You may know about the weighted blanket and its great benefits in giving comfort to you especially when you are under stress but you may not know the extent to this Serenity brand of weighted blankets can get you to sleep even when sleep is far from your eyes.

Many people are faced with many complex issues in life that they are denied sleep as they continue to think about the possible way out. You may also need something that can be very helpful each time you are back from your daily activities or lonely in the plane or bus—that thing is a blanket especially the one with beads like serenity brand.

In this post, you will get to understand why serenity weighted blanket is trending and becoming the best option for families within the United States and in other countries of the world. It is not a surprise and there is no brainer to it. It has performed well within this shortest time. The company produced this blanket in line with the recommendation of the Sleep Foundation which recommends the best-weighted blanket to be at least 10% of your weight.

Our team has made this review to guide you throughout the process of acquiring yours, including telling you the pros and cons you will undergo by buying these blankets. The team has also provided you with the best affiliate links for you to make your purchase under discounts and free shipping.

So this independent Serenity weighted blanket review is more like a guide to help you tap from what serenity weighted blankets can offer. Reading this post to the end will help you know more about this brand of blanket, however, you may decide to use the affiliate links for your purchase if you like serenity weighted blankets.

What is serenity weighted blanket?

Everyone seems to know a blanket as a sleeping cover used to gain warmth. The ‘weighted’ in the name means it has a weight range between 7lb to 25lb depending on your weight. However, not everyone is aware of the ‘serenity in this blanket. Well, Serenity, in this case, is a tradename or brand name. It is a special name given by the company that produces quality weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets are as good as they give you the impression that you are covered by clothing; it has a proprioceptive stimulation. This goes far to give you comfort and peace of mind while sleeping. Serenity brand of a weighted blanket is portable for easy mobility from one place to another as it give you a sense of companionship especially while you ar eon planes or bus. You can decide to go to a conference with it. You can also decide to use it as your own personal blanket next time you are checking into any hotel. It has this premium quality that is resistant to stain.

The materials used to make this blanket is anti-allergic and cannot react with your skin. Many people develop contact dermatitis simply by being in contact with some clothing or materials within our environment and this has led to serious health challenges. This serenity-weighted blanket has undergone several researches and trials to ensure that it is free from allergens.

Apart from this blanket being a solution to as many that develop allergic reactions to other brands of blankets, it also eases insomnia and improves sleep. If you are finding it hard to sleep then you need this blanket to help you sleep optimally.

The importance of quality sleep can never be underemphasized as it is paramount to living a quality life both in your workplace and as you engage in your other daily routines. Also, this blanket produces warmth and this means it can be used during winter to generate enough heat that as you sleep under it you will not feel cold.

The mind of the producer of this brand of the blanket is to ensure everyone has a quality blanket at an affordable price without breaking their bank accounts. This is why this quality and premium weighted blanket is made affordable for you.

serenity weighted blanket review

Benefits of using serenity weighted blanket?

  • Provides comfort and security: Serenity weighted blanket is very cool and good for use. As we know, covering ourselves most times shows security consciousness. This goes a long way to make the body that is really covered from harm and protected from any vices that may come. When the temperature is getting so cold and we get to cover ourselves with a blanket, we tend to achieve warmth which is gaining comfort ourselves. This comfort can go a long way in trying to recreate our mind, recreating ourselves, and then making us happy and then surviving anywhere we are. This indicates how a serenity blanket can work to generate enough comfort for you that you can enjoy irrespective of the seasons of the year.
  • Ease stress and soothe anxiety: Whenever you are comfortable, it’s one step ahead of getting out of stress and easing anxiety. This is exactly what a serenity-weighted blanket does to you. Getting to work almost all day is very stressful and tiring and comes with some sort of work anxiety. However, having a quality blanket is one way ahead. This is because with your body covered with this blanket, you are warm and your body produces hormones that tend to remove every source of anxiety in you. This is really an advancement in tech and a way of solving human problems.
  • Improves sleep quality: Some persons have been unable to sleep on their bed for a long time simply because of the kind of Blankets and also the foam they use. You don’t expect to use a heat-generating blanket and still enjoy your sleep. It is not possible. For you to achieve a perfect sleeping pattern or sleeping way, you need the best foam. You need a quality blanket and you need a quality pillowcase. The above-mentioned are things that will facilitate the way you sleep and make you sleep comfortably. You must not break your account in just an attempt to sleep comfortably. This is because there are affordable products you can use that can deliver the best and help you sleep better. An example of such a quality product is serenity-weighted blankets.
  • Calms the nervous system: Having the best product for your sleep is a way of inducing physiological positive feedback to you by releasing hormones that will make you comfortable. This magically occurs when the hormones from the nervous system had been stimulated and they now come to cancel every source of anxiety in you.
  • Enhances Calm: when the stress of the day has engrossed you overwhelmingly, the best way to relieve such is by cuddling your weighted blanket as soon as you are back. This has been proven to have some level of effect on you in making you feel relaxed again.
  • Relieves Travel Anxiety: Sometimes there is this feeling you may have while in the plane—feeling of loneliness especially when most of the other persons are foreigners. In that situation, developing anxiety will not be far from the expected. However, covering yourself with a blanket has a way of giving you a deep body pressure that can relax your mind and make you feel alright again.
  • Helps Releasing Dopamine and Serotonin: Cuddling on your blanket has been proven by many research to serve the same purpose as a hug. Hug as it has been explained is known to help in the release of dopamine and serotonin which helps to boost your mood. This is exactly what a blanket does when used appropriately.
  • Assists in Fighting Insomnia: Sometimes, the best cure for not sleeping well is not medical. The solution for this problem may depend on factors like the type of foam, bed sheets, or blanket you use to sleep. If you are yet to get a quality blanket, you can check this Serenity weighted blanket as it has most of the things you want.
  • Aids Elderly People: I have come to see a couple of people battle less sleep during nights while having much irregular sleep during the afternoon. This is the case with old age. However, in absence of end stage heart-related disease, blankets have been proven to be efficacious toward having quality sleep by the elderly.
weighted blanket

Pros and cons of buying serenity weighted blanket


  • Very affordable: The serenity weighted blanket is very good as it is less attractive to stain and reduces the stress of washing it often. Fortunately, it is highly affordable through the official store. Buying this brand of blanket online will really help.
  • Has medical value: This brand of the blanket had been known and trending for its effect on reducing the anxiety and stress we pass through. Using this blanket to cuddle yourself will give you a good feeling.
  • Gives comfort: there is no other better option when it comes to a weighted blanket than a serenity weighted blanket. Sleeping under gives a feeling of satisfaction and security to you, unlike other brands that may not exert the same level of effect on you.
  • Lightens your mood: Sometimes we meet with an awful situations that will require us to calm down and lock ourselves off for some time. Covering yourself with this blanket will go a lengthy mile to help you recover from such situations.
  • The weighted blanket helps to give us cool sleep: Blankets are known to help us want to sleep comfortably. A weighted blanket is not an exception when it comes to this. They are known to contribute immeasurably to better sleep. This brand of the blanket is quality as it provides a sense of touch, then makes you sleep better. This is not similar to other brands of Blanket.
serenity weighted blanket reviews


One thing about this Serenity weighted blanket is that you can get it mostly online at the official website of the producer. You can also get it online through Amazon, Walmart, or Alibaba online stores. The delivery is also fast and without stress.

A second issue that comes with this product is the chances of running out of stock. With much demand, there is a possibility that you may be short in demand.

How serenity weighted blanket works?

A serenity weighted blanket works by causing some hormones to be released from your nervous system. The released hormone that is released goes a long way to suit your brain to produce more of the hormones and to reduce the anxiety you may be going through. Making you comfortable and giving that sense that everything is okay is among the qualities that make serenity weighted blanket.

That is why it gives you an extra edge to having quality sleep undisturbed. When compared with its contemporaries, it has been discovered through many types of research that this serenity weighted blanket plays a lot of physiological functions and also other physical functions.

Customer reviews of serenity weighted blankets

Before now when I used to sleep without blankets, I know how I use to turn around tossing about whenever I sleep in my normal bed. But the last one month I slept on this weighted blanket. It has beean so great as it reduced my turning and tossing around my bed. In short, serenity weighted blanket remain the best.

Marburu K.

I feel very happy each time I’m traveling with my blankets. This is because it helps me to reduce the anxiety that I have while traveling as I sleep on my weighted blanket anytime I feel so down. There’s just this way It works that I can’t really explain especially to make me feel happy and comfortable again with a better mood. I strongly recommend everyone making a journey, especially a long one to get a serenity with it.

Kadwin Jinn

I enjoy having quality sleep right from when I was at age 12. However, the whole thing fizzled out when I became married. There was this stress from work and also stress for my children. I barely sleep for long as I have one or two things to think about and also to engage myself in. However, I discovered a secret that has always helped me for a while now, to sleep well.

Guess what the secret is? This blanket remains the secret as it helps me to sleep very well in any kind of situation I find myself in. If you’ve been battling with sleep for long now and taking medication has not worked, it is good you go for this serrnity weighted blanket to see if it can help you as it has down to me.

Jenet Mark
serenity weighted blanket sizes

Weighted blanket benefits?

Using this brand of blanket can offer many benefits to the users. Many people have attributed calm sleep and reduced anxiety to this blanket. Below are the core benefits of why you should go for this Serenity Weighted blanket:

  • Protects you from harm: covering yourself at night while sleeping can be helpful as it protects you from any possible bite from mosquitoes or other insects that can cause discomfort to you. Nothing beats having an uninterrupted sleep for a long time. You can sleep straight up without any interruption from anything even if the room becomes cooler it will not still affect you much because the blanket covering is already given you adequate cover.
  • Serenity weighted blanket provides warmth: Sleeping under an air conditioner that makes the room cooler may make your sleep less enjoyable. However, sleeping under a weighted blanket gives you an edge over the temperature. This is also helpful during the winter period if you are unable to afford a portable heater for yourself. The blanket delivers enough warmth to keep you secured all through the night.
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety: When you are comfortable, you are a step ahead to conquering stress and anxiety.

Frequently asked questions on serenity weighted blanket

What weighted blanket do I need?

There are many brands of weighted blankets in the market. However, it is important to know the best brands for you. The difference in the brands includes their differences in weight. Also, differences in focus either on medical or general use. Some of the weighted blankets are more of a general use blanket while others can also render help towards the medical aspect of our health. In all, for you to choose the best blanket, you have to go for the one that is 10% of your weight. Having 10% of your weight will make it better for you to feel and also have the cuddle that will give you a sense of protection while sleeping.

What weighted blanket should I get?

There is a comforter, Serenity, Duvet. These are brands of weighted blankets that can help to depend on what your situation is. If you are looking for general blankets you can go for a comforter or Duvet. These two are very good when it comes to the general work of blankets. But if you’re looking for a blanket that can help you out to ensure you are medically fit and ensure that your anxieties are reduced and that you have cool sleep after work, you go for serenity without blankets.

Are weighted blanket good?

Many researchers have proven that a weighted blanket is very good for the body and our health. A lot of persons have also taken it decision media to talk about how well weighted blankets have been to them. So definitely weighted blanket is an exceptional quality way to sleep. After securing the equality form, you also need to go for quality sheets and then have a quality blanket to enjoy the best sleep ever. Getting tired after work and needing rest is a normal thing. However, where you are going to lay your head will matter more than every other thing. And having serenity weighted blankets as part of the things that you sleep on will really give a boost to you having quality relaxation and as well cutting down your anxieties.

Are weighted blankets safe?

Trying to notice if this weighted blanket is safe is a very good attempt. This is because while a weighted blanket can be very good for the adult, it can also not be very nice to neonates and children less than two. This is because children less than two may not be able to push it away from their bodies when they’re getting suffocated. However, with any discomfort that comes to an adult having the blanket, it can easily be resolved as they are going to know when to get off the blanket or when it should be there. This is really great concern to anyone hoping to have this kind of weighted blankets as it is very important to note that you don’t leave your child under the weighted blanket for long without your supervision or without your presence. Having this at the back of your mind will help you resist every attempt to leave your baby on the weighted blanket, which will most likely lead to the death of the baby if your baby is suffocated for a while.

Why weighted blanket work?

There are many works of weighted blankets. These start from the general use of blankets down to the medical use of blankets. That blanket leads to a production of a certain type of hormone that helps the body work well and increases the body’s mood. This is exactly how anxiety is reduced in a person having serenity-weighted blankets. So the main purpose of anyone using this serenity-weighted blanket is to ensure that the anxiety is reduced to the barest minimum level and to ensure that one enjoys sleep after a long time of work. This is exactly the thing it does and the way by which this blanket does it work is by causing some physiological changes and these changes would bring up greater changes in our body physiology to make us healthy life.

When to use weighted blanket?

It is good to know when to use a weighted blanket. This is because whatever is good is also likely going to have negative effects. However, these negative effects can be evaded by rightfully knowing when to use them. Well, a weighted blanket does not really have a particular time or conditions for using it. However, using it during the winter period would help a lot as well as using it when you feel down and want to boost your mood. This blanket has been attributed to causing physiological changes that would boost our immune system and those who never system to produce hormones that relieve anxiety.

Weighted blanket for anxiety?

A weighted blanket has been proven to have a great effect on anxiety levels as it causes the release of hormones like oxytocin and dopamine which have a certain level of making your mood happier. Yes! It can make you feel good again irrespective of what is causing the anxiety. It may be workplace anxiety or travel anxiety—it works on all of them.

Weighted blanket is it worth it?

Everything that can make you happy when your mood has changed is really worth it. A serenity weighted blanket is so good as it has a way of making you feel good and relaxed even among your stress drivers. That is why many persons are currently going for this blanket.

Weighted blanket near me?

The best way to get and purchase a weighted blanket especially near you is to use the online shop of the producer. Using a weighted blanket near my website is the easiest way to purchase this device irrespective of where you live.

Weighted blanket to help me sleep?

A weighted blanket is known for their role in helping us sleep well. In comparison to other brands of blankets, this is noted for its weight which helps to give us comfort, warmth, and security that helps us to sleep comfortably. So if you’re looking for a better option to help you sleep well. Then you have to go for weighted blankets.

Weighted blanket vs duvet?

There are differences between a weighted blankets and a duvet blankets. The difference between these two blankets is that while serenity weighted blanket is majorly for medical purposes, a duvet can be used for general purposes. Duvet serves the purpose that any other blanket can as well serve and is the first to gain universal attention until many research gave birth to Serenity Weighted blanket. Comforter and Duvet are not peculiar, nor are they very essential to a particular lifestyle. On the other hand, weighted blankets have been noted to do many things which include general health promotion like trying to boost comfort and work against anxiety.

Conclusion on serenity weighted blankets

Blankets give warmth. It gives a sense of security. Covering yourself with the best blanket like Serenity Weighted blanket can be an antidote to anxiety and stressful day. Yes! Imagine you return from work late in the winter evening having the best bed to lie on and also having the best bedsheets to soothe your relaxation. That will definitely be so cool.

In view of the above, I have created this post to tell you how good Serenity Weighted blanket and other weighted blankets can be. Well, I am particular about the Serenity brand of a weighted blanket as it has created a niche for itself in the market and in most homes.

This brand has gone wide to trend and cause a buzz in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, India, Canada, etc. Every home in ten homes is using Serenity Weighted blanket, especially in the USA. The producer of this blanket had also placed a warranty and guarantee to refund or exchange according to the taste of the customer if the brand goes south.

That’s the confidence the producer has in this product. People have so been raising independent reports from their experience using this brand of the blanket. It is cost-effective and at a price affordable to most people.



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