RangeXTD WiFi booster reviews 2023: the best buy WiFi booster?

Rangextd wifi booster has proven a strong wifi extender you can rely on anytime. Being portable and compact, you can easily carry it anywhere you go. It is among the devices that pass wifi signals beyond internet dead space.

Nothing is as annoying as having a data plan that cannot browse or using a router for browsing without getting a satisfactory signal to get the expected result within seconds. I am personally tempted to smash my phone due to the delay in giving me what I want. This pain of having my phone delay my result has made to go into research to know the best way out.

I have made my research and come up with all the necessary facts and details to give to you through this rangextd wifi booster review. Therefore, if you find it difficult to access the internet and cloud services due to poor wifi strength, here is a device that will help you out.

RangeXtd is currently being used by over 500 persons all over the world and many of them that have reviewed this device have given it an average of 4.8-star rating on a scale of 5.0 rating. Stay through and enjoy the reading. If you are ready to purchase, we have also made an affiliate link from the official website available for that.

Rangextd review

What is RangeXtd WiFi booster?

RangeXtd WiFi booster is a new tech-breakthrough device that works with your router to give you the best signal with boosted internet speed. The innovation came up after many trials to meet the spec. If you have once had an internet dead zone in your home or place of work, you will understand what it means to go around your building or office looking for where the WiFi signal is strong. With this device, such will end. You will no longer be looking for 4g network again. The device is highly portable and durable.

The design of this device is great as it brings out the beauty of your room and makes you worth greater. Many people have seen this device before now but probably saw it as only for the big wigs within our society or for official use. No! It is highly affordable and for everyone who does not like an unstable network.

RangeXtd WiFi booster does not increase the internet speed beyond what the router can offer at its best, however, it reduces all obstruction your phone may have to receive the full signal. What it does is to make the best from the router come real. As you may know, there are many things that make the WiFi signal less strong. It can be the wall of your building, or it can be due to the appliances there. All of these combine together to reduce the network strength. When you connect with such a router, it will not even send mail, talk more of making a search on google.

With Rangextd, the router can be at its best all through. This is because the RangeXTD wifi booster will receive the signal from the routers and transmit the same strength to your devices if it is connected to your device.

Range xtd pros and cons

Rangextd scam
Pros of Range XTDCons of Range XTD
Gives you a strong WiFi signalIt will not work if damaged
Highly portableYou only buy with discounts and free shipping from RangeXTD Website.
Very affordableIt is in high demand currently which may cause it to be out of stock any time soon
Connects very fast
Reduces internet dead space in your building
No extra monthly subscription
It can accept multiple connections
No technical skill required
This table doesn’t necessarily show the cons of RangeXTD because there are none.

RangeXtd reviews: features and specifications

  • Universally compatible: Range XTD is very compatible with most routers all over the world. Different versions of Routers can be connected with this device without any broadband challenge. This is exactly the reason why it is featured among the best.
  • Smart Signal Indicator: This device has a smart signal indicator that helps to show when the signal is enough to sustain your Internet browsing and also when it is low. With this, you can easily change location to mount your device at a place where the router has a strong Wi-Fi connection. That is the great feature that comes with this device, which helps it to work perfectly well.
  • 3 in 1 Reuter, repeater, and access point: This device comes with a system of 3 in-1 comprising of a router, a repeater, and an access point.
  • One-Button Setup: You don’t need to know much about technicalities to be able to set this device up. It is simple. And it involves simple procedures. As I have already indicated in this post, you need to go through how to set up this device in order to quickly get to know how to set it up.
  • Two built-in antennas: To fully transmit an uninterrupted signal from your Reuter, it has two built-in antennas. The function of these two built-in antennas is to give strong signals to your phone that can help you browse at any moment. These two built-in antennas also help to receive the signals coming directly from Reuters and then reposition them in such a way that it comes directly to your smartphone.

Rangextd information

Dimensions‎2.76 x 3.94 x 4.33 inches
Weight‎7.6 ounces
Manufacturer‎SC Trendy
Item model number‎30251
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars 4,163 Reviews
Best Sellers Rank#9 in Repeaters
Date First Available‎April 2020
Table of specifications for RangeXTD WiFi repeater.
rangextd wifi booster

How To Set Up Wireless Repeater Mode

This mode copy reinforces and extends coverage of your existing WiFi signal. Perfect for large spaces with hard-to-reach areas.

  1. If your wireless router does not have a WPS button you can set up Repeater Mode through your web browser
  2. Switch to Repeater Mode mode
  3. Plug it into a power source and switch on
  4. Open up the network/Internet settings on your device
  5. Select and connect to RangeXTD
  6. Open a web browser
  7. Enter the IP address (see back of device) for RangeXTD into the URL
  8. Enter the password (default: admin) on the Wizard setup screen and log in
  9. Select Repeater
  10. Select your WiFi SSID from the list
  11. Enter your WiFi password and click Apply
  12. Go to your Internet settings and connect to your new SSID
Rangextd reviews

How To Set Up Wireless AP Mode

This mode transforms your wired internet connection into a WiFi hotspot. Ideal for offices, homes, and places where there’s only a wired network available.

  1. Switch to AP (Access Point) Mode
  2. Plug it into a power source and switch on
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable (Included) into either the LAN/WAN port
  4. Open up the network/Internet settings on your device
  5. Select and connect to RangeXTD
  6. Open a web browser
  7. Enter the IP address (see back of device) for RangeXTD into the URL
  8. Enter the password (default: admin) on the Wizard setup screen and log in
  9. Select AP
  10. Select wireless SSID
  11. Select wireless security
  12. Create a password and click Apply
  13. Wait while RangeXTD restarts
  14. Once the reboot is complete, go to your Internet settings, enter the password and connect to the RangeXTD AP

How To Set Up Router Mode

Connect with a DLS or modem cable and use it as a regular wireless router. Best to use when you need to share WiFi access with multiple users.

  1. Switch to Router Mode mode
  2. Plug it into a power source and switch on
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable (included) from your modem into the WAN port
  4. Open up the network/Internet settings on your device
  5. Select and connect to RangeXTD
  6. Open a web browser
  7. Enter the IP address (see back of device) for RangeXTD into the URL
  8. Enter the password (default: admin) on the Wizard setup screen and log in
  9. Select Router
  10. Choose an Access Point: DHCP (usually the default), STATIC, or PPPOE
  11. Rename the SSID
  12. Select Security preference
  13. Create a Password and click Apply
  14. Wait while RangeXTD restarts
  15. Once the reboot is complete, go to your Internet settings, select the SSID you set, enter the password and you’re now connected.

Troubleshooting Guide

A factory reset may be necessary if you are experiencing, speed, connectivity, or other unusual issues. Please note that a factory reset will wipe all saved data (passwords, usernames, and custom settings) from the device.

  1. With a small pin, press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds
  2. Remove the pin and wait for the lights to turn off
  3. Unplug it for 3 seconds
  4. Plug it back in

Frequently asked questions

To effectively review this device, It is important that I give answers to some questions that have been raised on different platforms. The questions include:

What does the WiFi booster do?

Wi-Fi boosters essentially are good as they tend to extend the original signals coming from our Wi-Fi or router device just as they are coming. It gives you a good boost of your internet for different purposes including for screen mirroring iphone to your big screen Tv. The good thing about this device is that it is not under the effect of local factors, which tends to cause low broadband. With Wi-Fi boosters, you can have a fast speed. This is because it tends to clear off the Dead Space that exists in your Internet speed within your house. It transmits the same speed of Signal that is produced directly from reuter into your cell phone, which then gives you the fast speed. Using it is also a very simple thing that does not require technicality.

Why is my broadband not connecting?

There are a couple of reasons why your broadband may not be connecting. It is either you are currently in an Internet Dead Space. Or it may also be that your network provider is having some challenges as a result of a service upgrade because when your network provider is having a network upgrade, it may affect the Internet speed and that may cause some breach in the connection of your broadband. However, in absence of any problem coming from your network providers, you can be able to boost the speed of your Internet by simply getting an extender in form of RangeXTD that can help to increase the speed of the signals coming from your Router device. So I advise you to troubleshoot two basic things. First, you need to be sure that your Wi-Fi is turned off. If your data is turned on and then it is not working, the next thing to do is to confirm that your network provider is not having a service upgrade. After checking that and it is still not working, the next thing to do is to connect with your Wi-Fi extender. Quality Wi-Fi extender such as range XTD is capable of giving you strong Wi-Fi signals just as it directly comes from the device reuter.

Where is rangextd made?

As we know, most of the American companies are now based in China. They try to gain from the cheap labor that is in China and use it to produce quality devices. This range XTD is not different as it is produced in China by an American-based company that produces innovative devices that can help life better.

Where to buy rangextd in Canada?

If you live in Canada and you like this RangeXTD device. There’s no hard way to it. It is available in all countries and anyone, anywhere, can get range XTD. Range XTD near me depends on you having a Wi-Fi signal, if you can browse and read this post, definitely you can buy range XTD irrespective of where you are living including people living in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, or in any other part of the world, you can definitely still buy this device. To buy this device, click one of the affiliate links at the bottom of this post and it will lead you to the official websites where you chose the number of units you want to buy and then make your payment and expect your delivery in due time.

Who sells rangextd?

Range XTD is sold by different online stores. You can still get it at your local stores. However, I recommend that people buy range XTD from the official RangeXTD website. You can use the affiliate links in this post to get yours. The reason why I recommend people to get their range XTD from the official website is that it comes with discounts. For each unit, you purchase you’re going to get up to 50% discounts plus free shipping to where you live. All these show you enjoy what comes from RangeXTD wireless portable device at an affordable cost if you buy through the official website.

Rangextd how to use?

The major use of range XTD is to boost Internet speed. This means that whatever relies on the Internet for it to work, can enjoy the services of this portable extender and this makes the reason why we use rangeXTD. This device can be used by both young and adults. It does not require much technical knowledge to be able to use it. You can use it in offices and use it at home. You also use it in different other places that rely on the Internet for service. To use this device, what you do is to unbox it first. Plug it on the wall socket. And then get connected to it with your smartphones. Remember that this device needs an electric power supply to work. The socket you are connected to must have a power source for it to work as it will not work otherwise.

How Rangextd works?

Range XTD works in a simple way. It works as a junction between your smartphones and your reuter. As your router releases signals for Wi-Fi, it will, first of all, hit the rangeXTD, then RangeXTD will get connected and transform it into its own signals. Then your phone will get to connect to the signal coming from rangeXTD. This makes it simple and easy for perfect use. This particular signal is full just as your router released it. This signal from this device has not been affected by the local factors such as your house, appliances, or other causes of internet-dead-space. Remember, you must not have the high technical knowledge to use this. It is more like a normal system that everyone has and everyone can use. However, you would do one or two settings after receiving the delivery. These settings I’m talking about are already contained in the guideline from the user guide manual given to you during your delivery. You look up to it there and then make your setups, then plug your RangeXTD into a wall socket. And immediately your signals will go around the room.

Is Rangextd legit?

Range XTD is made by an innovative company that has come to offer solutions in the world of broadband. You may never understand how sleepless nights used to occur in those who have Internet issues as a result of poor signals from their Wi-Fi, even after subscribing to it monthly. Such a problem is what made this innovative company come up with RangeXTD to solve the problem. Range XTD has lived up to its vision and aim and now it has been able to solve and give away a lot of issues that come from the routers. It is highly legit and not a scam.

Is Rangextd any good?

Range XTD has generated thousands of reviews online. According to a popular review website Amazon, it has served as a solution to Internet problems. It is known for popularly boosting the signals coming from Wi-Fi and routers. Many who have used it have testified that it is good and worth the buy for everyone who really wants to have boosted Wi-Fi signals.

Is RangeXTD the best buy WiFi booster?

Most times our network providers are not the problem. The problem may be coming from the type of house we live in or from the appliances we use in our homes. So it is a multifactorial problem for us to have Wi-Fi signal delays. However, Range XTD is very good at boosting WiFi the signals. As we know, it is always better to boost the poor signal from Wi-Fi routers than get new ones. Therefore, anything that can solve this problem is worth it. This is not exactly why RangeXTD is really worth it. For me, rangeXTD is worth it because it comes at an affordable price, it is also cost-effective, very compact and it is portable. What else can make a device worth apart from the above features?

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Conclusion on RangeXTD reviews

You may not understand the importance of a Wi-Fi system that is working until you lose out on some files or get delayed in submitting a job application or your assignments. This is definitely when you will understand how great it is to have a working Wi-Fi system. If you have been in this shoe, you know how fucking crazy it will be.

Prevention is better than cure, and here is the best way to go for prevention. Forget about your routers. Forget about your service providers. They may probably not be the problem with your issues. All you need is to enhance your connection by using a portable device that you can carry through any way you want, and it can boost your signals.

The good thing is that rangeXTD is here to help out. It is an innovative makeup that is here to ease off every communication barrier and broadband issue. Definitely, with this compact and portable device, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on a go at any point, any day. No more Internet hitches, no more struggling to browse. It is time to go for a range XTD device. What are you still waiting for?