ProtabletX review 2024: Is smart pro tabletX worth this hype?

ProtabletX has created a new dimension for Android tablet devices, especially with its 5G network compatibility and its big screen of 12.9 inches. This has created a buzz, making everyone contemplate making a switch to this new device. Is it really worth the hype? What is making everyone go for the Protab tablets instead of other costlier brands? These and more are the reasons why I have made this Pro tablet review.

What is ProtabletX?

The ProtabletX smartphone is a new brand on the market with lots of unique and attractive features. It is among the leading Android tablets with 5G compatibility. The first thing that could lure you to this smart and affordable tablet is the size of its screen, which is enough for you to get the expected view while using it to stream movies or take shots.

It is among the few classy and affordable Android tablets built with class. Yes, with this Protab hybrid tablet, you can take shots easily using either the front or the back cameras. The picture quality is comparable to that of 4K. The pictures will be good enough to give you good social media likes.

When considering quality as regards communication, it is important to look at the speed of the internet connection and the duration of the battery after every charge. These are the areas where one can easily call out Pro TabletX as the best. It has an effective 5G network connection. However, this works if you are in an area where a 5G network is available. The good thing here is that its maximum speed of internet connection will not be 4G, as it can extend beyond that.

The battery capacity of this tablet is 8800 mAh. For such tablets, this battery capacity will be good for your office activities. It can also keep you alive until you finish your assignment.

Pro TabletX is a mixture of class and affordability. It is not just your routine Android tablet, as it has received several touches that make it outstanding.


Pro tabletX benefits

There are many striking things about Pro TabletX, and they are ready to wow you.

  • Simplicity, affordability, and ease of use: this tablet has a simple and ergonomic look that makes it stand out. With its ease of use combined with its relative level of affordability, it is definitely made for everyone who has long needed a tablet but is unable to afford one. Interestingly, you must not be a pro to use this device. Already, if there is one thing an Android device is good at, it is ease of use. You can use it strictly from scratch and maximize its advantages.
  • Effective for office use: its screen is enough to help you lessen the daily burden you get each day from your office work. Combined with a quality battery that can last a minimum of 12 hours when in active use, you are good to go. Its use can also be extended to include using it to take selfies and official photographs when you are on an official assignment.
  • Good screen size: The greatest advantage that serves as the driving force for tablets is the fact that their words are bigger than those from mobile devices. This is not out of order with this smart Android tablet.
  • Keep you up to date with all local and international happenings. It can connect with the radio to help you know what is happening within your locality. This is in addition to the internet or online news sources.
  • Pro tabletX has dual SIM card ports: Some Android tablets, like the previous generations of Samsung tablets, are known not to have SIM ports and depend on totally different wifi devices to give a wifi signal. The case is positive and best here. You have two SIM card spaces for you to choose whether to use two or only one. Whichever one you go for, certainly access wifi through your device. You can also use other communication sources to get your tablet to broadband.

Limitations of Pro tabletX

If you are looking for a high-end device you can use to edit your pictures and videos to a high standard, you may consider checking other options. This is because, while the front and back cameras are good enough to make reliable pictures, there are many more devices that can give you better quality but at a higher cost.

Also, in order to get it distributed across the globe, the major company has decided to utilize the free-only space to do it. Purchases are simply done, you can use any of the links here on this post to make your order.

Unique features of Protablet X

There are many features that are added up to make this tablet the talk of everyone. See them below:

  1. Looks beautiful with a screen size of 12.9 inches.
  2. Has 5G network compatibility. This is a feature that is still rare on most other tablets.
  3. Dual SIM card ports allow you to use more than one SIM card at a time.
  4. It had radio FM which allows you to get to the waves from radio stations around you.
  5. Long battery life as it has more than 8800MaH voltage and charges fast.
  6. It has a type C charging port with a type C charging cord. This allows you to effectively charge your phone with speed.
  7. Fit for seeing movies, reading, and also social media. It can produce good images that can offer you a good number of organic likes.
  8. Easy to use as you may not need prior knowledge to press and use this tablet, especially if you have ever used a smartphone before.
  9. It is affordable compared to other brands of phones that do similar or less than it.

Who is the Protab tablet made for?

  • Students: nothing can make you angrier like having a poor network connection. It can produce an ineffective and boring mood. This is why students have been the leading buyers of Pro tabletX. It offers high speed of connection allowing them to do their assignments with ease. This is certainly a bragging right coupled with its affordability as it is student-pocket-friendly. It is good both for online use and also for connection with browsers.
  • People working in offices: if you work in an office, you may not have the time to carry your laptop to everywhere. You may need a more portable device that has a bigger screen compared to a mobile device. This is where this trending Android tablet comes into use. You can use it in your office for sharing documents and for interpersonal communication.
  • Movie freaks: streaming YouTube or other social media platforms for good movies can be more interesting if their complete resolution can be seen. If you can really view or see a movie using the best resolution, you will get much from it. One of the factors that helps you to view the movie or pictures easily is the large or big screen it has. This is why I recommend it to everyone who likes to watch movies during their leisure periods.
  • Those who love tablet phones: there are people that like love to use tablets for their activities. These groups of people share such obsession partly because they don’t get to strain on their eyes to see words while reading with it. They also see movies with good resolutions.
pro tabletx Android tablet

Pro tabletX pricing and where to buy?

  • Buy One ProTabletX $199.00 + Free US Shipping
  • Buy Two ProTabletX, Get One Free $163 Each + Free US Shipping●
  • Buy Three ProTabletX, Get Two Free $140 Each + Free US Shipping●
  • Buy Four ProTabletX $150 Each + Free US Shipping

Contact customer service by phone from 9:00 am to 14:00 pm, on Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5) or by sending an email to:

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234
  • Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email:


Frequently asked questions on Protab tablet review

What is the camera quality of Pro tabletX?

Pro tabletX is one of the trending Android tablet devices that have a good camera. It has a back camera of about 13 Megapixels and the front one of 8 megapixels. However, one thing is sure. It may not beat the quality of the Samsung Galaxy flagship tablet but is good enough for your personal use. If you are looking for a tablet for more sophisticated activities like editing your photos and videos, then you may add more money and buy another costlier tablet instead of tabletX. For an average person that needs a tablet, it will not be bad to go for Pro tabletX especially now there is a 50% discount on every purchase made.

Is there any warranty and guarantee on this phone?

There is a minimum of 14 days for you to make your complaints in the event that you notice any issue on arrival or delivery of the product. After receiving your complaints and analyzing to know where the fault is coming from, you will receive your full payback without any deduction. You can also change your mind to go for any other product in exchange for this tablet.

Can children use this Android tablet for games?

Children who like to play games with smartphones can enjoy this device. In fact, it is impossible to raise children without them learning partly from phones. The world is really advanced technologically that children, once in a while, go for games. Pro tabletX provides the needed chance for your children to grow effectively and competitively with their mates as it is easy to use.

Is the Pro tabletX tablet really worth the hype?

To some people who have started making use of this new product in the market, it is very impressive. To others, it is an affordable alternative. By and large, there is something special to gain by having this device. Therefore, it is not hype but rather a buzz coming from such a quality Android tablet. The price has already been discounted up to 50% to ensure everyone can afford it.

Is the Protab tablet a scam or legit?

This tablet is not a scam. It is coming from a well-known company. They have their address well spelled out so that it will be very easy to trace them in case you are not comfortable with the product after purchase. However, ensure to only make your purchase from the official website of the company as contained in the links shared in this post.

Final words on Pro tabletX reviews

Pro tabletX has shown to come with the most outstanding features including its compatibility with 5G network and efficient screen size of 12.9 inches. It is currently among the most sorted after tablet devices. It allows the use of more than one SIM card. If you have more than one SIM card and you want to extend your communication either at home or in your office, this is the best way to go.

It is certainly an affordable high-class device for anyone who needs a tablet for study, office work, or other purposes. The producer currently has a 50% discount accrued to its price to ensure that the first set of buyers enjoys it at a cheaper price. This is why it is buzzing everywhere.


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