PowerPod Reviews 2024: the best key chain phone charger?


Are you looking for a very portable device that will be easy for you to carry. You are tired of going out with your current power bank charger and you need one that is not as heavy as that one you are currently using?

Have you ever prepared to go for adventure or for any outing and you wished you have small power bank. One that you can carry unnoticed?

Powerpod is here to make it better for you. Power pod phone charger is great for charging your device at anytime. It is very easy to carry and you will hardly for it at home while going out because there is a space where you can change your keys.

If you are looking for a very portable device for powering up your device or sustaining your device when you are in an important situation, then you have one here.

Our powerpod reviews will shine lights on the importance of this charge, it’s features and what most of the users have to say about it. It is currently rated 5 stars and we believe you will gain more from the insight we share through our reviews.

What is PowerPod Charger?

Powerpod charger is a makeshift portable device meant for powering your device and preventing you from possible lack of communication because the battery of your phone has discharged.

The powerpod is a rechargeable device that can help you each time your device lost charges and you are not near a charging spot. It works also as part of emergency kits.

This is because when you are not free or you don’t see where to charge your phone, you can easily use it to charge your device.

It is very simple and easy to handle because you can attach it to your bunch of keys. This device is very good for use because it has less weight and to be used at any point.

Powerpod charger is good for all brands of phones. The one that works for iPhones is designed to be different from the ones that work for Androids. This is another uniqueness you need to note.

It is good for you to buy the one that works for your phone because it has a direct connection with the port of your phone.

Powerpod is designed with Type-C charging port which makes it charge your phone very fast. This fast charge technology within it made it very unique and the best power device for your smartphone.

After each use, you can also recharge it to ensure you have a well-charged device. That is what makes it the best for your use.

How to use PowerPod phone charger

Powerpod phone charger is simple to use because it has a charging head that fits the charging port of your smartphone. So anytime your phone is down, you can use this phone charger to charge it and raise the power in it.

What you do is that you connect the device to the port of your smartphone. It will start charging as fast as possible immediately. There is no technicality involved.

It is almost like other power banks you have except that it does not have cables or wires. You will connect it directly to your phone.

How Does PowerPod Works?

Powerpod works as a phone charger with its own retained charges. It can charge your phone easily for you. However, you must recharge powerpod after each time you use it to power your device.

As a rechargeable device, it means you have to recharge it after every use to ensure you can use it even in an emergency.

Features of PowerPod key chain phone Charger 

  • Attaches Firmly Into The Phone When Plugged
  • Dark With Label
  • Battery-Powered
  • Two Versions are Available
  • Rubber-Layered Cover
  • Minimized Size / Compact

Benefits of PowerPod 

  • Very easy to use. You will not find it difficult to make use of this device as it is direct without many procedures to make use of it. It is a good device you can pull out at any time to ensure your phone remains turned on for your use. You will not find it difficult to carry it because it is simple to use without the difficulty you will get with other power banks.
  • The compact, sleek, lightweight, portable design makes it the best power highly portable power bank you can go for. It is presentable anywhere and it is also designed to withstand water or dust. What this means is that you can make use of it anywhere. Even rain will not stop you because it will be hard for the rain to enter this device.
  • There is an option for you to choose the type you want to buy at the official website of the producer. If you are using an Android phone with Type-C charging port, it is advised you choose the type-c version because that one has been tested to be the best for your phone. That will also work best for your phone. On other hand, if you have iPhone or Mac, go for that one. Don’t make the mistake of taking the one for an iPhone when you have an Android smartphone. It does not work like that.
  • Powerpod is well designed as it does not have cables or messy cords. It is very easy for you to make use of it as you will plug it directly into your device. Immediately, it will start charging your device to raise the battery charge capacity of your phone without delay. It works with all kinds of phones to charge them to the fullest.
  • After each use, it is very easy to Recharge Power pod as it has its own recharging USB head which helps it to work very fine when it comes to getting itself recharged. It is important that before you start making use of it, you should get it well recharged to avoid the issues that come with batteries that are charged before use. When you charge it before using it, you have raised the battery standard to such that it will not easily discharge. You have also made the battery inside power pod stronger.
  • Power pod had a built-in Micro high-velocity charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours. This power delivered to your phone to boost the battery is very good especially when you have no hope of getting your device charged. It is a makeshift portable phone charger you can use for your phone irrespective of the brand it is.
  • You may have run into a time you need your phone to be charged. You needed your device to remain turned on, either because you are in a dangerous place or because you are expecting a call that is very important to you. This is exactly what you will receive from this charging device because it will be there for you to use for your phone.
  • It is also designed with quality rubber that will last for a long. The rubber is used to cover it very well and to prevent it from raining. This makes it the best go-for when it comes to small-weight power chargers for your phone.
  • As a makeshift power charger for your phone, it lasts for two hours and after that, you will need to charge it again before use. However, within two hours, it must have given your smartphone enough charger or power to save you from danger or the issues associated with turning off the phone.

How rapidly will Power Pod recharge my telephone?

Power pod will recharge your phone for you. However, its speed will not be like when you use your normal charger at home. No! Power pod will give you the power you need in your phone.

However, you need to know that it will be a bit slow but not the level of poor speed that will affect your chances of engaging in your planned activities.

It is enough to save you from danger. It is enough to make you stand tall in the face of danger or a power outage.

Which Devices Are PowerPod Compatible With?

The Power Pod comes in two variants –

  • USB-C for Android: this one is made for Androids strictly. It will not work very well with Apple products. Therefore it is advised that if you want a power pod and you have an Android smartphone, you should go for it.
  • Lightning for Apple: aside from the type-c version you will see for Android phone users, you will also see the version for Apple users which is the Lightning form of Powerpod. This is the best for iPhone users. Mac and iPad users can also use this type of Powerpod.

Is power pod a scam?

The power pod is legit and has worked for many people. You have to choose the right one that will work for you. You have to go for the one that is for the brand of phone you use.

Another good thing to note is where to purchase it, we understand that there are many portable devices currently on sale from other platforms.

They may not be like this Powerpod. That is why we have decided to recommend a good alternative where you can make your purchase and get the original phone charger.

Powerpod reviews customer reports.

This is a nice little power pod which comes with key ring as well and works perfectly as a key ring. The battery is small as well – 800mAH and 1 Amp output However given its form factor and selling point, the small capacity works. It keeps the phone on for around an hour, all the while charging it, without adding much bulk. Although the charge is slow, it is really handy to have it when you need that little juice to keep you going for another couple of hours. Given its small factor and ability to hold charge for months, it is very good.

From Google reviews

“Brilliant little gadget. This little gadget is a lifesaver, it’s a discreet size & is easy to hang my keyring. I don’t have to worry anymore about my phone “dying”. I also like the fact that it comes in various phone “charger” styles as I also bought one for my husband who has a Samsung. Thank you for a great product.”

Reet Petite, Sydney 

“Very compact and easy to array. I have only just got the device, but it is easy to use and has charged one phone and it took a while. Otherwise happy to be able to carry and not take up all the room in your handbag.”

Lynne Blazey, Peel, WA 

Powerpod is a perfect little companion which you don’t know you need, until you need it. My only complaint is that, when the output is USB-C, I would have preferred a USB-C input charging port as well. Instead they have provided a micro USB port so you will need to carry 2 separate cables when you are travelling.

From google reviews

“Handy! Handy to recharge to 20 to 30 percent on my mobile, I don’t know about any other devices as I haven’t tried them yet. Fully charged it took my mobile from 30% to 49% before running out of puff.” 

Greg Holden 

Powerpod price? 

PowerPod price is $19.99. However, you will also pay an additional charge of $6.99 as delivery charges. This price is already a discounted price to assist you to buy this device at any time.

With more increases in the units you purchase, there will also be an increase in the discounts you will receive.

Where is the best place to buy Powerpod

The best place to buy Power pod is on the official website. There you will get it at an affordable price with reasonable discounts already applied to the product. You can also get it cheaper than what you will get on other marketing platforms.

Asides from the affordable price you get at the official website, it is good to note that you will have a customer care that is open every moment to take your complaint or question if need be.

Also, you are sure of having your money 100% refunded to you if you do not like the product for any reason. However, you will have 60 days to return it if you are not happy with the product or if it has some fault while it is been delivered to you.

Your cards are also well secured on the platform of this marketer as it is encrypted. You can also use other alternatives like using PayPal.

Marketers details

If you have any complaints to make, you can contact the market using the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions (PowerPod Charger Review)

Will my Powerpod work with my smartphone? 

Powerpod works depending on the type of phone you have. Ensure your charging port is like the one they advertised. If it is not a Type-C charging port for Android phones, there is no need to buy it because it works for devices with Type-C charging ports. If you have an Apple device, you can use this device because it is made effective for all iPhones, iPad, Macs, and other brands. Very easy for you to use it as you will only have a direct plug of this device.

Would I be able to recharge my Powerpod?

You can use this device to recharge your smartphones for 2 hours and after that time, you can also recharge powerpod within some minutes. It is easy to do both. You will need to connect this Powerpod to its charging cable. While, if you want to use it to recharge your phone, you will connect it directly.

How often can my Powerpod be recharged? 

How often you can recharge your powerpod will depend on the number of times it is down or the number of times you use it. It is good to always keep it handy and ready for use. That’s why it is good to always get it charged after each use.

Does power pod key chain worth a buy?

Well, if what you want is a makeshift power bank that can serve in time of need, it is very good. However, if you need a device in form of a long-lasting power bank, we advised you to check other power banks. This is because this power pod will only last for 2 hours for each charge. This makes it not a perfect survival tool, assuming you plan to go with it for adventure. You can only use it for adventure if you don’t have another option or you want the one that you can have unnoticed.

Conclusion on Powerpod reviews

Powerpod reviews have made you understand what this device has to offer and what makes it unique. The outstanding features and benefits it has been incredible. You can use this portable power bank at any time.

It is also best if you are in an emergency. It is available at an affordable price for your purchase. However, we advise people to use the right platform to avoid receiving crab.

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