Pawsafe Nail Clipper Reviews 2024: Best Pet Nail Cutter

PawSafe Nail Clippers sound too good to be true. But it is true and legit. Your dogs will no longer struggle to hop or jump. No more lacerations when your dog jumps on you or visitors. Your pet will become your worst enemy if at every moment with it you sustain bruises.

A way to change the narrative has arrived. Time to boost the hygiene of your pets by not allowing them to harbor germs within their nails. We know that the nails of pets, especially dogs, are strong due to the class of animals they belong to and what they consume, but with Pawsafe nail clippers, you are a mile ahead of the challenge.

Pawsafe nail clipper reviews will offer you an in-depth buyer’s guide and review. You will get to know the benefits and some things to avoid about the product. You will also read what other users of the clipper has to say about the product. Above all, you will receive some discounts if you make your purchase through any of the affiliate links in this article. The links are safe, secure, and protected by the latest buyer’s act.

Pawsafe Nail Clipper Reviews: why is it important to trim your pet nails?

It is very important to trim the nails of your pet both for the good of the pet and for your own good as the owner. This is because, to a large extent, a healthy nail free of germs is very important for both dogs and cats.

Sharp claws can tear a piece of clothing or scratch up furniture and human skin at every slightest contact. Your pet’s nails are made in such a way that they do not fall off on their own. Therefore, failure to trim the nails might lead to them breaking off from too much pressure coming whenever your pet jumps. This can lead to injuries and pain but prevention will be better than treatment in this case.

It is important to trim your pet nails so as to make your pet comfortable, harmless, and healthy. When you remember that your pet is harmless, it becomes your best friend. But you always sustain bruises with every contact with it, it will always be hard to play with it. So if you want your dog as your best friend, a dog you can easily play with, then cut or trim the nails to make it harmless and comfortable.

What is PawSafe Nail Clipper?

Pawsafe nail clipper is a type of trending pet nail clipper that helps in trimming the nails of your pets in a professional way even if you are not a professional. It is a tool made for homes in order to have a friendly dog or cat.

This pet clipper is a special one due to the features it came with. It has a magnifying mirror that can give you up to five times magnification while using it to trim your pet’s nails. It has a sharp ergonomic handle for easy use.

Are you always irritated to see your own nail litter the floor when you trim your nail? In this case, you will not see it as the clipper comes with a kind of plate whose work is to retain the piece of the nail the clipper cuts off. With this, the process of trimming your pet’s nails will be clean and ever-interesting.

You will also have a replaceable blade that comes with the delivery. This blade can last for a long depending on how you use it. I know you may be wondering if these pawsafe nail clippers are made for you or for veterinary doctors at this point. No, it is not just made for professionals. Anyone can use it and it comes with an easy-to-understand user guide. So relax, make your order and say bye to the long nails of your pets.

Features of PawSafe Nail Clipper

The great benefits of any product are always a result of its features. If a product is unique and great, there must be some innovative tweaks made to it. The same applies to this nail-cutting device. With PawSafe, you do not have to travel miles or spend excessively for your pet to get a nail cut.

You do not have to hand your pet over to a nail groomer because it does not turn out fine for the dog in the end as it leads to anxiety and disturbing behavior in some pets. All you have to do is to use your Pet Nail Clipper to do the easy and stress-free job. With this, you will be able to save your money, save your strength and in most cases, save your dog or cat. The secret lies in these features below:

Pawsafe Nail Clipper Ergonomic Handle:

As you can see from the images of the pawsafe nail clipper, it looks like scissors. It has a blade, pivot, and handle. The handle is simple to hold and looks good. The handle helps you use it on all kinds of pets’ nails.

It is very easy and comfortable to use if you have used scissors before now, you can still use them with ease even if you naturally develop trembling hands when making use of tools, you can still comfortably use the Pet Nail Clipper without any form of disturbance. This is because it balances well on your fingers as you use it.

Pawsafe Nail Clipper LED Light

This device is produced by an expert in pet training and grooming. This company made up of experts including veterinary doctors has made research and discovered a problem pet, especially dogs use to have each time the traditional method of trimming a dog’s nail is used. The problem they discovered is that sometimes, as a result of poor technique or not seeing things clearly, some delicate part of the dog is being removed. This is never well with the dog as it causes them severe pain especially when the blood vessel is tampered with.

Also, some people may not do the trimming under full light coverage and would want to have a light source. The problem here is that if someone is handling the light source for you to do the trimming, you may make some mistakes but if a light source is attached to the device, it will control itself as you move your hands. This is the major reason for adding an LED light to the nail cutter device. It is one of the major things users are happy about.

Pawsafe Nail Clipper 5x Mirror Magnifier

While cutting your pet’s nails, it will be a lot easy if you can have a feature that shows you exactly where to cut. That is the beneficial function of the 5x Mirror Magnifier. With this feature, you do not have to free on the likelihood of cutting other parts of your pet not expected. It guides you to the perfect point to press the ergonomic grip for a perfect cut. This is another special feature of the Pet Nail Clipper.

Pawsafe Nail Clipper Nail Catcher

This is one of the most advantageous features of Pet Nail Clipper. I have had a neighbor who would always complain and nag about the problem of littered nail trimmings after cutting his dog’s nails. The climax of it was when he found a trimmed nail in his little son’s mouth. Awful right? Well, it could be worse than that, but with Pet Nail Clipper in your home, that will not be part of your worries. You don’t have to worry about nail trimmings.

The PawSafe has a little compartment that captures nail trimmings. This means zero mess, zero litter, and zero worries. A clear proof that the Pet Nail Clipper got you covered. The built-in nail catchers hold nail trimmings until later disposed at the garbage.

What makes the Pet Nail Clipper the best choice to cut my pet’s nails?

The Pet Nail Clipper is not only the best choice to cut your pet’s nails, but it is also the most reliable and stress-free means. The use of a Pet Nail Clipper will eliminate the constant fear of pain and bleeding dogs and cats usually have any time you want to trim their nails. Talk about a healthy nail for your pet. Then Pet Nail Clipper is your plug.

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Things to not worry about because Pawsafe is the solution

✖️ Poor lights leading to overcutting?

✔️ The LED lights enable you to see the Quick clearly.

✖️ Can’t see nail details?

✔️ 5x Mirror Magnifier magnifies the nail for accuracy.

✖️ Grip is too slippery?

✔️ The ergonomic handle is a non-slip grip.

✖️ Nails litter everywhere?

✔️ There is easy clean-up with a nail catcher.

✖️ Annoying position for your pet?

✔️ The Nail Guider allows comfortable positions.

PawSafe Nail Clipper Pros

  • Reduces anxiety and constant trips to the nail groomer.
  • Saves money and time from frequent grooming.
  • Ensures a clean environment after trimming.
  • Guarantees a painless experience.
  • Gives your pet maximum comfort.
  • Maintains a short and clean nail.
  • Strengthens the bond you share with your pet.

PawSafe Nail Clipper Cons

  • The purchase or order is made using one of the affiliate links in this article as the product may not be in your local stores.
  • It will take at least 5 working days for you to receive the delivery except you stay in the USA where you can receive it less than that.

How to use PawSafe Nail Clippers [Pawsafe Nail Clipper Reviews]

  • Gently place your pet’s nail in the PawSafe nail trimmer.
  • Use the LED light and magnifier to line up the nail where you wish to trim it.
  • Then begin trimming the nail gently.
  • After trimming, easily dispose of nail trimmings into the garbage.

Does PawSafe Nail Clipper work? [Pawsafe Nail Clipper Reviews]

Oh yes! PawSafe works incredibly. The ergonomic grip is not slippery but firm and comfortable to hold. Together with the precision blade, it aids a comfortable position. I love to refer to the grip as an all-hands-friendly handle. The LED lights are highly distinctive features that illuminate the dark nails and expose the delicate area known as the “Quick”. Nobody wants their pets running and screeching in pain with blood all over.

The LED lights, in line with the 5x Mirror Magnifier, is the perfect solution to this. The Mirror Magnifier allows you to see clearly where to cut with the aid of the lights. Mistakes are practically impossible with the pawsafe Pet Nail Clipper. And even after everything, you will consider yourself so lucky and happy to still have a trimmings-free floor after cutting your pet’s nails. Awesome right? This is why you should not let the PawSafe opportunity pass you by.

Pawsafe Nail clippers reviews users reports

I got my dog when he was about nine years old so he should be 11 by now. He is a black Labrador with thick black toenails. I recently noticed he was having trouble getting up on the hardwood floor. I must admit we sort of skipped the puppy part of the manual- the part that mentions that you’re supposed to clip their nails every 1 to 2 weeks.

So I laid him in the tub on the bath mat. I watched a couple more YouTube videos which really helped with my confidence. On the first naiI I decided the guard was useless and moved it up so I could see better. Taking off literally shavings at a time, I got past the crumbly part to a dark center. When I start to pinch and see the nail give a little I immediately let go and that’s where I’d stop.

Out of all ten toes I only got the very tip of a quick. No blood, but I could see a pin size spot of liquid. To finish I clipped off a little layer of the thick top side which rounds it out and supposedly helps the quick recede. To first timers from a first timer, the key is to just go little by little. It took me over half an hour. I had it easy though because my dog is old and just laid there the whole time.

For as long as I’ve known him his nails hit the floor. Now he is so “stealthy” and I love the sound of his pads on the floor. He now has more traction to help him get up. I highly recommend this product!

Desmond Dandof

We have 3 dogs, 2 of which are a large breed and 1 is a 4month old (but he is already pushing 50lbs). I bought these clippers to get our puppy used to having his nails done and to also clip the other 2 dogs’ nails. 1 of them HATES even having her feet touched but she did very well when I used them on her! She’s been clipped too short too many times (crappy groomer) and these worked great! I even clipped our older Pyrenees’ nails, which never need to be cut as she is outside 24/7 and they cut through her tough nails so smoothly! When/if these clippers break or get dull, I am definitely buying another pair!


We bought these nail trimmers for my very nervous, split prone jack, Lilly. We have tried everything. We’ve tried dozens of nail clippers (these would split her nails and often would not cut all the way through the first time) , a dremel (very noisy and stressful for LilIy), more frequent walks on the pavement, and groomers (expensive and her nails would still get split).

These are the only clippers that I have found that cuts through the nail without effort and does not split her nails. The nail guard is very convenient and I don’t have to worry so much about cutting her quick. Her nails are very long now so I’m following the instructions and cutting just a little bit off each week to let the quick recede.

I am very happy with this purchase. It has certainly made my life easier and Lilly doesn’t seem to mind getting her nails clipped as much the process is now much smoother and painless.

Lurretta J.

I am a first time user. It took me a month to work up the courage to do it.
These clippers worked beautifully.
If you are a first timer like me, watch some You Tube videos it will help and you can feel confident you have good clippers with these.
I was so relieved.
My dog has those black nails that added to my fear. She was an angel for me.
Her nails were so long. I took the tips off. They are still a little long, I am waiting a week or so then will take off a bit more.

Louis Adams

PawSafe Nail Clippers Price? [Pawsafe Nail Clipper Reviews]

For as affordable as $19.99 USD. This is clearly a lot better than the frequent payments you make to a nail groomer. With Pawsafe Pet Nail Clipper, you will save more and gain more.

Where to Buy Pawsafe Nail clipper

Nowhere else will be recommended than buying from the official website of the manufacturer in the link below so that you can have the nerve to talk when your expectations are cut short. You need either a valid PayPal account or a debit card in order to process your payment. Buying from the manufacturer’s official website will also make it possible for you to enjoy their discount and also enjoy lots of other benefits. 

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Frequently asked questions on Pawsafe Nail clippers review

Is There a Refund Guarantee?

Yes. One beautiful thing is that if you are up for a return after purchasing PawSafe, it is achievable as long as it is within a period of 30 days from the purchase day. This also stresses the fact that there is no risk involved for you.

Which nail clipper is best?

The best nail clipper for pets depends on some factors. The best nail clipper is any clipper that will not affect the blood supply of your dog or cat. From many users of pet nail clippers, those with light are better than the normal or traditional ones.

What is the best nail clipper brand?

The is no particular brand that seems the best nail clipper brand. However, some are better than other due to their feature. For example, Pawsafe pet nail clipper is better than other brands as it has an LCD light near its blade.

What is the best dog nail clipper?

The best nail clipper should ideally be able to cut the nails of the dogs without causing them injuries or blood loss.

Where to buy dog
 nail clippers for thick nails?

There are many online stores that you can buy dog nail clippers for thick nails. An example is buying through the affiliate link in this post.

Where to get silent dog
 nail clippers?

Silent dog nail clippers are very good for trimming the nails of dogs. Having it and using for your pets will you in grooming them. Use any of the links in this post to make your purchase.

Conclusion (Pawsafe Nail Clipper Reviews)

Have you thought of strengthening the bond you share with your pet? Have you considered reducing the amount of time you leave your pet in a stranger’s arm who happens to be a groomer? PawSafe has made cutting a pet’s nails easier. The illuminating LED lights ensure that you don’t accidentally hit the pet’s “quick”.

Let’s create a scenario. Imagine coming back home with a happy feeling to hug and kiss your pet, only to get a scratch from their claws. Oops! You immediately proceed to get your PawSafe Pet Nails Clipper to cut the nails. Your pet starts to fret, remembering the previous trimming exercises and how they go soar.

With a little reassurance from you, your pet stays warmly calm and allows you to take the lead. Tada! You’re done, and there’s no harm or pain or bleeding. Your pet is happy. What do you think will happen the next time you want to give your pet a nail cut? Let me tell you, they’ll come running happily and confidently to you.

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