OptiLookNPick reviews 2024: A must-read for best buy!

In this OptiLookNPick review, I will be telling you all the things you need to know about this special device and how it’s going to help you see a small orifice of your body that I cannot easily penetrate to see very well. Through these reviews, I believe you should be able to know the benefits, features, specifications, and what those who are currently using this device have to say about it. Whether it is worth buying or not worth buying.

At the end of this post, I will also put at the bottom an affiliate link that will link you to where you are going to get your purchase under a 50% discount and free delivery.

What is Optiloopnpick?

OptiLookNPick is an innovative and quality device that is being used to see narrow spaces within our bodies. You can use this device to clean up your ears or also to clean up your nose, especially when you feel that there is a presence of foreign bodies or particles within such space. It comes with a screen that helps to project whatever the pointed point part is showing.

I see true that is used to enter delicate spaces in your body parts. It is quite easy to clean in and you can use it not just for one particular person, but for as many as possible. It’s also not difficult to use as it works out like a projector in which you insert it into such spaces and turn its screen on, and whatever that they pointed parties saying would be projected directly to the skin in such a way that you will see it.

It is very affordable and compared to its competitors in the market as you can always get it from the central portal or their website where you gain at least a 50% discount for each of the purchases you made.

Though it’s in form of special equipment specifically made for those in the health sector or engineering. However, it does not really need you to have specialized skills for you to be able to use it, and this is because if you can control it to project whatever you’re seeing on the screen, you can definitely make use of it as much as one who has a scale about whatever direction they are taking it to. It is simple to use and direct as you do not need to struggle with cables or buttons in order to use this very special gadget for getting to see hidden particles.

Reasons to use OptiLookNPick Tool

There are many reasons why you would want to choose this device as the best for your cleaning ears and other orifices of your body, ranging from the fact that it is affordable, cost-effective, and durable. However, it’s also important to understand that one of the major reasons, why everyone from different parts of the world, has been celebrating and talking about the Optiloopnpick ear cleaning device is because it is reliable and trusted after many times they use it to see the internal ears and even nose of their patients or relation.

It is the only device that can give you an extended view of what is really wrong inside your ears or nose. Even if you do not have the skill required. As a medical practitioner really explain whatever you see there. However, note that something is within your ear space or nasal cavity.

It is also very stylish for use Irrespective of the environment wearing you are in. You can always set it up like a tablet or other equipment that you use daily. As you set it up, you can get to analyze whatever that is with your ears piece and then also take a full picture of what is there in order for future references.

How OptiLookNPick Works: OptiLookNPick review

How often look works is very simple, as you can always use it without your high-level skills. All you need to do is, first of all, to get it connected with its monitor, which will project whatever thing that is within your orifice.
After that, if it is your first time using it, there will be no need for you to clean it before using it.

However, if this is your first time making use of it, it’s advisable you clean the tip which you are going to insert into the mouth or into the ear. After cleaning it and dimming its feet for you to progress, you can then insert it into the ear or nose and then look up to your monitor to project whatever thing that is inside such place in which you’ve inserted it.

As simple as this, you can be able to see what is really going on within such a cavity, and the best way for you to tackle it. You can also view that at your personal level and then further refer it to a found physician who will take the best position and see that the best thing is done on it to ensure that such presence, especially if it is a foreign body, is not there anymore?

Features of OptiLookNPick Inspecting and Cleaning Tool

  • Functionality
  • Safety, design, and use
  • Device connection
  • Lightweight
  • Camera technology
  • Portability
  • Easy cleaning features
  • Ear wax removal

Benefits of Using OptiLookNPick Ear Inspection and Cleaning Tool

  • Affordability
  • All-round visibility
  • Health insights
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Painless and comforting
  • Protection
  • Healthy living
  • Elimination of blockages

Specifications of OptiLookNPick

  • LED Lights: Six LED lights
  • Diameter of Camera: 5.5 millimeters
  • Camera: 0.3 Megapixels
  • Cleaning tools: Alcohol
  • Resistance: Water resistance
  • Focusing distance: 1.5cm
  • Accessories: One camera protective cover, one ear wax removal, and two ear picks.

Advantages of OptiLookNPick

Below are the Advantages of using the optiLookNPick Inspecting and Cleaning Tool

  • Excellent View: It will be very easy for you to take a good grasp of what is happening within the orifices of your body. This is because it presented 2 views on the monitor or screen through a technological means.
  • Camera Technology: It works in form of a camera technology that would snap in the inner part of your ear or nose or the turn seals and then project it through the screen.
  • Weight: The weight is also good as it does not become heavier to your hand in such a way that it is. It is difficult for you to carry it. This is why anyone can easily use this device comfortably and achieve their expected result.
  • Ergonomic Design: It also looks very great, especially when you carry it. And This is why you can use it in any environment or any place without the feeling that it is looking rugged.
  • Pricing: It is also very affordable and easy to buy from the official website where you are going to end at least a 50% discount from the normal prices and you also going to get it at a cheaper rate compared to what its competitors are selling their own.
  • Set-up and Use: It’s very easy and simple to set up and use. This is because it does not require any particular skill or exposure or technological know-how for you to use it.
  • Lightning and Camera: Either system that somehow will project light into the inner canal of your ear. And from there we use its camera system to record whatever is within the canal and the project is also on the screen for you to clearly see it. This lightning and camera system helps you to do it on your own self without a second person coming to carry it or to assist.
  • Ear Picks: This device is also special and that is why it can also be used as here pigs to remove whatever thing that is causing a blockage on the ear.
  • Ease of Use: There is nothing making the easy job of this device so stressful as it comes in a unpack and use of the system. So direct from the box, you can get the money to charge, stop and just start using it for yourself without even a second pressing getting involved. This is why it is easy to use and as well as user-friendly.
  • Safety of the Ear Canal: Like the ones that you can use to clean the wax on your ear, this one does not cause any problem to your ear as it uses its lightning and camera system to take a picture of what is within your ear canal and possibly how you can remove it. Therefore it ensures the absolute safety of your ear canal.
  • Easy Connectivity: You can easily connect it with another device or monitor, which can give you a view of what is really happening within a canal. Such connection can be with a mobile phone or with any kind of device that is possible of transmitting whatever picture this optilookNpick has taken.
  • Wax Removal: Wax removal is also made very simple through. This means as you get to see it clearly and removal of it is also done swiftly.
  • Early Detection: It also gives you a chance to easily detect whatever problem you’re having in way of obstruction, especially in your ear canals.
  • Easy Medical Services: It also helps those who are in charge of the ear, nose, and throat to easily render service to their patients without undue protocols and processes.

Disadvantages of OptiLookNPick reviews

  • Use: Most people prefer to use this device alone for their own medical checkups. While some other people do clean it up and use it on more than one person, especially if it involves a family member. This is Annie Taylor has been noted as a disadvantage by some people. However, a better way to handle this situation is that more than one person can as well use it.
  • Limited Products: Offers like this at such discounted prices are not always there. Sometimes they are rushed and when they are rushed it leads to limited offers or post-talking. So it’s very important that you check if it’s available now and make your order as soon as possible.
  • Purchase Limitations: Is limitation is when you want to buy it, but you cannot buy it because it is not available. In this case, unavailability leads to purchase limitations. However, currently, I think the company has stocked up and their purchase is going without any hitches.

OptiLookNPick compared to Cotton Swabs and Other Cleaning and Inspection Tools

It is good for us to also consider other competitors of this device and know how exactly the device we’re talking about here is far better than its other competitors. So below are essential features that mark this device special.

  • Health Insights: This device helps to give you insight into your health condition and tells you more about whether it’s a mechanical obstruction or the obstruction in such kind is as a result of other pathogenic causes.
  • Ear Wax Removal: This device removes wax from your ear without causing any injury or wound, and this is exactly why it’s better than its other competitors.
  • Cotton Swab-Related Risks: It’s void of the risk that comes with cotton swabs and other related earwax cleaners.
  • Adjustable Lighting: Unlike its other competitors, this very one comes with a lighting system and also a camera system that projects whatever is happening within such a tiny car. Now out for you to see.
  • Camera Technology: One of the best thing that happens with this device is it comes with a camera system that captures whatever that is happening within the system or canal and project it out.
  • Simple to use and Versatile: It can be used for different things and is very simple in such a way that even people without spatial skills can also use it and achieve the same result that people with special skills are using it for.
  • Two-in-one Function: It does A lot of functions which may include you visualizing and as well removal of wax.
  • Easy to Set up and Use: Setting this device up is very easy and does not consume much time and also does not need you to have a specialized skill for it to be able to do this.
  • Easy Diagnosis: With this device, you can be sure of making your diagnosis as early as possible and possibly following up on their diagnosis to ensure that all is corrected and everything is fine.
  • Affordability: When it comes to affordability, this device remains the best as it offers at least 50% discounts per purchase, and the discount also increases with the number of units you’re getting to buy.

OptiLookNPick customer reviews

There’s something very satisfying about knowing how good a job the OptiLookNPick does at unclogging my ears. After using it for the very first time, my ears felt fantastic and I could hear so much better! I’m officially done with cotton swabs

Nathan G.

This was a present for my husband. Let’s just say his ears needed a bit of TLC. At his age, keeping your ears clean and watching out for potential health issues is important. Not only is he looking and feeling better, but he loves his “cool new gadget.”


I discovered the OptiLookNPick by accident online. I was intrigued. I gave it a try and could not believe what was in my ears. I had no idea. Thanks to this device, I am now much more aware of what’s going on with my body. My wife has seen the benefits and wants one too!

Joel W.

Purchasing the OptiLookNPick Device

If you want to purchase this device, it is quite easy to do that irrespective of where you live. Even if you live in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, Argentina, or other parts of the world, you can easily make your purchase through their affiliate link at the bottom of this post.

The affiliate link at the bottom of this post will take you directly to the company’s website where you are going to make your purchase and will get your details given in such a way that your delivery address would also be captured and you are going to get 50% discounts. On each unit you purchase. That is why it is very simple to buy Optiloopnpick.

Contact OptiLookNPick

Contact our Customer Support Team

By Email: 

  • support@buyoptilooknpick.com

By Phone:

  • The United States and Canada (Toll-Free):  855 288 4558
  • United Kingdom: 033081 80844
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5684


  • Thinknix Enterprises Limited 1286 University Ave #1019, San Diego, CA 92103-3312

Why do you need an OptiLookNPick inspection and cleaning tool?

Many persons have a reason why they need to look in look. However, it’s good to know that this device is more like the normal cutting swabs that you use in your cleaning of ears. While the price for this may be higher than the price for cotton swabs, it is important to note that Optiloopnpick is more effective and has other uses apart from just using it to see the inner ear.

Frequently Asked Questions on OptiLookNPick Inspection and Cleaning Tool reviews

Below is the FAQ in these OptiLookNPick reviews.

Is the OptiLookNPick suitable for use by infants?

This device can be used by anyone, including infants and adults. However, who uses it may be the question here. It is good to note that in fact another person can be involved to use the device in cleaning their ear. Unlike an adult where the same person can handle it and use it to clean his or her ears.

Who can use OptiLookNPick?

This device is not just for medical use only as those who want to use it to visualize tiny holes, orifices, and canals in other things that are not human beings can also use it to do that. So it is magically used by anyone who wants to visualize places that I cannot clearly give or tell what is happening there. However, it is important to note that each user is more when it comes to medical needs. Such medical needs may include using it to clean your ears, to know what is happening in your nose, and as well to get your truth surveyed.

Is the expert advice of a doctor needed before I use the equipment?

Basically, you do not need the expert advice of a doctor to use this device. This is because there is no special requirement of their tech technical expertise or medical expertise to use this device. It’s important to also note that some doctors use it the same way normal people use it to visualize what is happening within the year before commencing treatment. So if you have known how to place it in your ears, you can actually use it and detect what is wrong within your ear and know what next step to do, either to consult a physician or to remove the wax.

When can I use OptiLookNPick?

Where you can use this device included the removal of wax from your ears, removal of any foreign object from your nose, and as well surveying other parts of your body that your eye, under normal conditions, may enter to see you well.

Can OptiLookNPick be connected to Apple devices?

You can decide to connect it to any device at all that is around you. It’s also investor connection to both Android and Apple phones and does not by any means go below standard.

How does OptiLookNPick work?

This device works through the Lightning system that helps it to visualize a space that the high condition cannot enter. After this, the device will announce and send a copy or a shot of what is happening there into your system. Whichever one you’re using as the screen or monitor is going to project it into it for you to totally see what is happening there and know the next line of action to take.

Does OptiLookNPick have a return policy?

Yes. If the product does not meet the user’s need, the buyer has 30 days to return the product. After returning the product, a refund shall be made.

Should the OptiLookNPick always be connected to a device such as a computer or a smartphone when used?

It is not a must for you to connect this device to your computers or any other device before you use it. However, it is important for you to do that, especially if you want to have full coverage of what is happening there, and maybe you want to also keep the picture after such usage. So in this case you can decide to connect OptiLookNPick to your mobile phone or computer in which you can capture the picture of such canal and use it subsequently for further management or care.

How often should the OptiLookNPick be used?

You can decide to use this device as often as possible, especially if you’re monitoring your ear canal or other parts of your body for recovery. So there are no set limits to which you can use this device to ensure the total removal of your earwax.
You can decide to use this device as often as possible, especially if you’re monitoring your ear canal or other parts of your body for recovery. So there are no set limits to which you can use this device to ensure the total removal of your earwax.

Can the OptiLookNPick be used to inspect the eyes?

Absolutely no. This device is not used to inspect the eye because the eye is open and if you want to see the inner part of the eye there are other devices that can be used to do that, such as a fundoscopy and others.

Does the OptiLookNPick inspection and cleaning device work?

Yes, OptiLookNPick works very well in trying to ensure that you have a clean ear, one that is free of wax. It ensures that there is a picture of what is truly wrong within those spaces of your body that you cannot easily see. It has been used by many persons and a lot of reviews have been written online as regards its effectiveness.

Can the OptiLookNPick cause damage to parts of the body?

OptiLookNPick is not a radioactive element that can cause issues to your health condition. The main thing he does in your body is to point out areas that are possible under some obstruction and then you look for a way to get out of such obstruction. OptiLookNPick has a smooth edge that does not in cannot be asked to cause injury or wound to the path of your body. So this device is essentially good for use and does not cause any damage to any part of your body.

Can users still visit the doctor after using OptiLookNPick?

It’s very important for you to visit your doctor after using this device, especially if you do not understand what exactly you are seeing through this OptiLookNPick device. Even if you understand what you’re seeing on the device, you can really make out the picture of what it stands for and what next to do. You have to see a physician in order to get appropriate treatment. That can stop other subsequent damage to such parts of your body. However, he is not rooting for you to see a doctor after making use of this device, because on its own this device can be used to clean wax. If the wax is just the problem.

What should I do if my OptiLookNPick is damaged?

It depends on when and where this your OptiLookNPick got damaged. If it got damaged before the delivery comes to your doorstep, what you will do is that you will receive it and send it back to the company for a refund of your money or possible exchange with another one. However, if you have used it past one month, that is 30 days and it got damaged, you have no other option other than to go for another one. If you like the product. However, I can assure you that this device does not easily break because of the materials it is made of.

How much can be used in the purchase of the OptiLookNPick?

Below are the different prices for different sets of OptiLookNPick. All you need to do is to click the link at the bottom of this post which will take you through the affiliate link to the official website where you are going to have a clearer overview. Of the number of units, you buy and as well the latest price tag for each of them. The product has the following purchase prices:
$81.99 for a 4× OptiLookNPick device
$66.99 for a 3× OptiLookNPick device
$59.99 for a 2× OptiLookNPick device
$29.9 for a 1× OptiLookNPick device

There are two ear cleaners you can use such as Tvidler earwax cleaner or LookPeekpick earwax removal. They are great and will ensure your ear wax is totally removed. You can also get yourself a quality lumbar brace.

Conclusion: OptiLookNPick review

You have read OptiLookNPick reviews up till now, which is really nice as by now you must have known the benefits and features of this device. In summary, this OptiLookNPick device is very great as it helps you to see where your normal or unaided eyes cannot reach and as well makes it so amplified that you can note the exact point where there is an obstruction or there is the presence of foreign materials within the Orifice.

It is very cost-effective and reliable. OptiLookNPick can help out to point the place where there’s a blockage for you to remove it without calling for any skilled personnel to Commander sees during doing such. The purchase and delivery are all over the world and within all the countries of the world as you can always make your order and get it delivered to your doorstep within the same area where you make your order without any hitches.