NovaWave Antenna reviews 2022: the best powerful antenna?

You probably have heard that Novawave antenna provides free tv stations for you to see premium videos, entertainment, sports, etc. These services were before now paid for at high cost, but now airing at no cost. Novawave antenna rating is coming because most persons no longer need subscription to see programs from the channel they previously paid for.

Making monthly subscriptions for the channels that provide you different TV programs and events was normal until the cost increased. The subscription charges are also increasing per day, and unfortunately these service providers are either not up-to-date or there is just a network failure and other issues that come with making monthly subscriptions.

Since the cost of paying for the premium services are no more friendly, there is dire need for a device that could allow you to see the quality of services at no cost.

This has led to a lot of research in the area of technology and sciences in order to provide a better alternative compared to the monthly subscription. Consequently, there is an alternative that is currently making waves both in the market and the most places in the developed countries of the world. People have begun to queue up for a free antenna that they can use to get most of the channels seamlessly. This device provides you with programs for high-definition videos.

If a free service can provide high-definition videos with quality audio what then is the need for payment or a monthly subscription? This has made a lot of persons to do away with their own monthly subscriptions and then begin to use this free technology that is currently making waves as an alternative for them to see and then view any station they want to view without them paying a dime for it. Novawave antenna reviews will answer if it is a scam or legit.

What is Novawave?

Novawave review
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Novawave is an innovative technology that is currently making waves in the United States and in the United Kingdom especially as it has replaced the normal subscription made monthly for most of the programs people watch on television. It has become a free version of a one-time payment for most of the channels that people watch on their television.

This is because no extra payment is made after purchasing this wonderful gadget as it has the capacity to capture most of the waves that pass through or over it and then transmit it to high-definition videos and audio. Novawave stands as a turning point in the area of subscriptions made by many persons and as well providing a solution to the prayers of many who have always sorted for a means to watch their different programs over the TV without making a subscription monthly.

And also, those who are never satisfied with what comes out of their subscription are glad that now they can easily watch those stations and their programs without the subscription which they think is a waste of money.

Novawave comes with advanced technology that filters only precise signals over a large range of frequencies. This technology helps you to maximize its uses in order to get what is more important than even the time you used to make subscriptions for your monthly programs. The technology that is in this device is a result of years of research and the years of this study have provided a better alternative that is free of charge.

A Signal booster can be used to support up to 1080p pictures. Even if at first you’re not getting the exact quality you need from this gadget, you can go for higher quality by buying just a signal booster and immediately you get your high-definition videos with good audio.

NovaWave has high quality and excellent overall performance. Before this gadget entered the market it was tested and trusted through many research experiments. Such tests confirmed its quality and that it can really substitute the paid version for our programs. This is because of the quality builds, an excellent performance that is really expected from it which has been given to it as a result of technological know-how and exposures by the experts that worked on it.

There are many devices like this NovaWave Antenna, however, if you’re looking for value for your money, it’s better for you to go for Nova Wave Antenna as it has all it takes to give you the best you want in terms of your programs and their coverage. No need to waste your money on other crabs of devices or something that look like some of what you’re looking for, I advise you to go for NovaWave antenna technology so as not to regret it, the value for your money is intact and very cost-effective.

Novawave is easy to assemble and put together. This is because you do not need to be an expert in the area of technology for you to be able to assemble it and make it work. Set it up and it will give you the best you want to capture most of the waves that passed over it and give you high-definition videos just in a while. It does not take more than 5 minutes for you to set it up and begin to cover most of the programs freely with your television.

NovaWave antenna has supportive and responsive tech. It has a mobile app that is so responsive and good for everyone’s usage, the interface is also easy and user-friendly. Therefore, having this Novawave gives you a lot of hope and more to gain than any to lose.

Novawave antenna reviews
Image of Novawave antenna

Pros of NovaWave antenna

  • Novawave antenna has stunning HDTV available free of charge
  • All the top broadcast channels in the US are available OTA
  • Effortless to set up right out of the box, with a true plug-and-play installation
  • Can work anywhere in the United States, even on the go
  • Novawave antenna is compatible with all television sets and brands, as well as most older TVs
  • Always prioritizes close TV signals to get the best picture quality but shows all broadcast TV channels in the area

Cons of NovaWave tv antenna

Per our deep research from our own experience and from the experience of other users through the online reviews that over 2000 users of NovaWave Antenna users, there are not yet any observed cons of NovaWave antenna except maybe some few channels that may not be available.

Novawave antenna reviews: Features

Novawave antenna reviews, the following are the features we have found in this antenna:

  • The beautiful industrial design allows this Novawave tv antenna to fit in with your TV/entertainment setup.
  • An indoor TV antenna can be mounted to the back of your television, to a window, or anywhere else you like.
  • The best TV antenna for rural areas thanks to its extremely long range and ability to pick up signals from extreme distances.
  • One of the few TV setups to include antenna TV channels guide right out-of-the-box, too
  • Picks up, decodes, and provides full HD signals – video and audio HD, too.
  • Gives access to more than the top broadcast TV channels in the United States, completely free of charge with no strings attached.
  • Always connects to the most powerful and consistent signal in the area, but still provides backup signals to other broadcast channels so that you have the most variety to pick from.
  • NovaWave works with all modern (and most older) television sets right out of the box!

Specifications of novawave tv antenna

  • Novawave tv antenna is the best indoor TV antenna
  • Passive gain antenna
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • 87.5-230MHz, 477-862MHz
  • Receiving range UHF
  • Novawave tv antenna has an impedance of 75 Ohm
  • Passive Gain: 3-5 dBi
  • Fitment of coaxial ports

How to use Novawave

NovaWave is very simple to use because it does not come with a complicated interface. All that is needed is for you to download the NovaWave antenna app to your smartphone and follow the necessary steps. Other things involved include a manual setup which will help you to connect the cables to the television set and then immediately opt for the antenna that will begin to show you what is going on as a program with the television. Below are the necessary steps you need to take hold to the disadvantage of using NovaWave antenna as your best antenna for free coverage of television programs.

  • Download the NOVAWAVE ANTENNA APP: downloading this app is very simple as you can get it if you’re using Android via the Google store where is if you’re losing your Apple phone if not well get this app from the Apple store. It does not cost extra money for you to get this device from the stores especially online.
  • The second step that you will follow after downloading this app to this mobile phone is to set it up and connected it to the antenna through the direction in the user manual that comes to the delivery of the Novawave antenna.
  • the next step you need to make use to connect the necessary cables with your television using the back where do you connect a coaxial cable to your television and immediately start scanning another to give you the coverage of the programs you need? Search manual connection you can now turn on your television in order to make the necessary search for the channel you need. It’s under here that you are going to see different channels and then from here you can be able to choose exactly the one you want to watch and you see them under high-definition videos and good audio coverage.

With the above steps, you are good to go as you can continue to see any of the programs you want to see free of charge at any time without extra money or you get to face the challenges that come with setting up a complicated gadget.

Novawave reviews
Image of Novawave antenna

NovaWave App

NovaWave’s digital TV antenna can locate any signal from nearby TV towers and send it to your NovaWave antenna. This allows you to watch all your favorite broadcast channels without having to pay any fees or make commitments to cable companies.

The NovaWave TV signal finder app allows you to search your local area and locate the nearest TV towers to you. All available broadcast channels will be displayed by the TV tower locator app. Simply point your NovaWave at the tower and the signal will be transmitted directly to your TV without any interference or compression.

This app currently works only with US towers. However, NovaWave is looking to expand its services so it can offer the best TV antenna in more places.

Customers can view all towers near them with the app. You can also scan a 30-mile area and view every broadcast channel from each signal. This provides customers with the best coverage of all TV tower signals near you.

Customers can also use the app to view their favorite local and national news and sporting events all on broadcast TV channels. It’s free to watch at any time and without paying any fees or contracts.

The best thing about the NovaWave TV Signal Finder App is that it works with both traditional and NovaWave Digital TV Antennas. These are the four steps you need to get this app up and running.

  1. NovaWave TV signal locater app available for download
  2. Register for an account to join
  3. View the available broadcast channels at all nearby TV towers
  4. Point your NovaWave Antenna to the tower to enjoy all your favorite programs on broadcast channels free of charge. You have probably thought of cutting the cord. Now is the time.

How NovaWave antenna works

Novawave antenna works to receive different radio waves and gets them transmitted to a television set, and the television set provides the program to us. NovaWave antenna is made of a high-tech wave receiver that works to receive the wave coming from different stations and get the same wave transmitted to television then our television will play it free of charge.

No major difference between NovaWave antenna’s wave and that of subscription. The good news about the NovaWave antenna is that you do not need the payment for this antenna as it receives its signal free of charge and is transmitted to your gadgets free of charge. Comes up with a very good interface that enables you to control most of its functionality and at the end of the day enjoy the programs you want free of charge.

Novawave antenna review
Image of Novawave antenna

Why people in the United States, UK, Israel, Columbia, Australia, and Canada are buying NovaWave antenna

Many people from the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Columbia, Australia, Canada, etc, have written over 2000 NovaWave antenna reviews and are buying NovaWave antennas for the under listed reasons:

  • It’s easy to set up (plug & play).
  • It’s easy to use once you have it set up.
  • Large receiving range
  • It is lightweight and discreet.
  • Attractive design
  • Purchase once
  • Cable bills went!

NovaWave antenna reviews Users reports

Great antenna for a small environment with an unobstructed access to the outdoors. The footprint is very nice and lightweight. Very portable and hassle free setup. I tested the antenna against the “ANTOP” and basic Best Buy model. They all received most of the channels in the area. It received about 76 channels in the Arizona setup which is less than the “ANTOP” but much more than Best Buy model. Very happy with the functionality of the antenna.

Lucas P – San Antonio, TX

Easy to use with very clear picture and quality. The smaller footprint makes it simple to mount on a window to get the best reception.

 Leila– Montreal, QC

I love how quick this product is to set up. I just plugged it in, scanned for channels and started watching. I’m in a remote area so I didn’t expect many channels, but I got 9 new channels. I would love to see how many channels this product picks up in a different area.

Nick D  – Boston, MA

How Much Does the NovaWave Antenna Cost?

The cost of the Novawave antenna is affordable compared to what it does and the amount you could have spent in subscribing to your monthly channels. Below is the different price tag for the number of units you would want to buy. It’s also good to let you know that there is a 50% discount on every unit you buy. However, they can also be increased in this count as the number of units you get to buy increases.

  • 1x NovaWave antenna: $49.99
  • 2x NovaWave antenna: $99.99
  • 3x NovaWave antenna: $119.99

Frequently asked questions on NovaWave antenna

What is the Novawave antenna?

NovaWave antenna is your free version of the normal subscription antenna used to make a subscription monthly. Technological features enable you to use most of the programs provided by some of the TV stations without making any type of payment for it. This lies in its ability to receive waves from different channel stations and gets them transmitted to your television sets.

Is the Novawave HD TV any good?

Whatever is capable of providing what you want at a free cost is definitely good. The first time I heard about it and what it can do, I thought it was one of these crabs of a gadget that is currently going on over the internet, however, after making use of it for a while, I saw how amazing it is, and definitely, it is worth a buy by everyone who would want to do away with the monthly high cost of subscription he or she does.

What is Novnovawave indoor cable?

This is a gadget that enables you to watch most of the presentations and programs on different channels and then get to see them free of charge without any payment. Is very portable, lightweight, and compact in such a way that you can easily place it somewhere and get the waves transmitted directly to your television set.

Why is my Novawave antenna not working?

For your NovaWave antenna to work properly, it is important that you get to set it up accordingly. This involves you getting to download the NovaWave app and after making the download, the next thing you have to also do is to connect the wire at the back of your television set to exactly the coaxial cable. After the connection, you can turn on your television set and then initiate a search for different channels that are available. The next step will involve you making your choice and watching what is going on on the channel.

Why choose Novawave antenna HD TV?

There are many reasons why people choose this NovaWave antenna. This ranges from the free nature of it, its easy accessibility and set up for different channels, and if not having a complicated interface. Its user-friendly interface has given an upper hand to everyone to be able to remotely control this device.

Do I need a subscription for Nova wave HD TV?

No. You do not need any kind of subscription to make use of this device because it works freely to provide you with the available channels.

What channels are available on Novnovawave HD TV?

As you turn on your television set to search for available stations, when it is finished searching, it will find all of the standard broadcast stations, plus about 32 or so “digital broadcast stations”.

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Conclusion on Novawave Antenna review 2022

The above NovaWave antenna review has given you all the tips you need to know. It is therefore left for you to make your choice, either to continue to pay such a whopping sum of money as your monthly subscription bills for a channel that you do not need. Or you can decide to go for this NovaWave antenna which does not cost extra money apart from the one you used to buy and after that, you can always watch any of the channels or programs you want from the television station without you spending extra time.

By and large, from what we’ve seen from NovaWave antenna through first-hand experience, it is an amazing device that anyone would want to use not just because it comes with a free offer but because it is quality, reliable and affordable.



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