Light socket security camera

Light socket security camera reviews 2023: are light socket security cameras any good?

Light socket security camera is the most recent security camera in the market currently. It has been causing buzz since it entered the market following the enormous features and benefits that it comes packed up within it.

Being very affordable and easy to use has made it look extremely unique compared to other security cameras that are already existing before it got produced.

It is made with cutting-edge technology by a team of tech experts with the view of solving the problems associated with the security cameras that are already in existence before this Light socket security camera.

Light socket security camera reviews

Security camera for light socket

Attempt to ensure absolute security and protection of our property did not just start today. It started about 80 years ago when the first security camera was introduced. The major reason for this security camera is that it is able to capture the real-time event in a video format.

It is able to inform you of any attempt by any burglar to break into your privacy or home without your permission. This security camera since its invention can be used both in your private residence and in public places like your place of work or business center.

Since the first attempt at producing this security camera, many brands have been produced and marketed for the general public. You can get them in a different format in the market.

An example of these brands of security cameras includes Dome cameras, bullet-type camera, C-mount camera, Day/ night CCTV cameras, Infrared/ night vision CCTV cameras, Varifocal cameras, wireless cameras, etc. The above are all available prior to the production of the latest version called the Light socket security camera.

While the major purpose of this device is to monitor what is happening in your place of residence, it is important to note that there are processes that must be followed before the video footage will be captured satisfactorily. This means that there are also some challenges that may be encountered in the process of using this device.

With the help of this security camera, you can now get a piece of video evidence that is legal tender in any court of competent jurisdiction. However, you may not get the best video from this security camera unless you have stable WiFi and also having a good camera.

Some of the security cameras cannot work under forge or dark moments. Also, not all security cameras are built the same way. Some are very complex with the way they are built and it takes a high level of experience to operate them.

That is why in some offices, there is a special unit that is in charge of it. However, not all are that complex and present issues. The security camera for a light socket is fair in its build. In this post, I will be introducing an example of the latest security camera for light sockets you will really like.

light socket security cameras reviews

Light socket security camera

Light socket security camera is an innovative security camera with cutting-edge technology built by tech experts with the intention to have a high level of improvement in coming up with video shorts and also giving a higher level of value compared to what is currently obtainable.

One great advantage to enjoy in using a light socket security camera is that you have an improved resolution of images and videos as they will clear. Moreover, light socket cameras are the best in terms of the bulb they are made with. It makes it possible for you to keep the security of your home at a high standard at all times.

It is also simple to operate in such a way that you can use your mobile phone hotspot to connect to it and it will offer you the best services you need. With your phone’s hotspot, you are sure of having a clear video capture that can be presented anywhere.

Moreover, the Light socket security camera is such that can cover 360 dimensions when it is turned on. With this, you can capture all angles of your home at all times. It also has a feature that allows the video captured to be zoomed higher. This zooming ability in combination with its ability to turn 3600C allows you to see all angles of your environment.

You can equally connect this device with an app on your phone that can help you to monitor what is happening in your home immediately. It has the automatic ability to turn itself on and start capturing what is happening in your home immediately.

This is through the help of shadow-sensor technology that it has. Being connected to a light socket also means that a light socket security camera has the ability to capture every movement as it is well-illuminated at all times.

Moreover, you will not be struggling to find a place where you can hang this device. This makes it better for you. You can easily unscrew the bulb that is already mounted on your socket and screw in the security camera. It will also be a form of camouflaged bulb light which in real security sense is a security light.

This makes light socket security camera bulbs the best because they can be used at all times to catch a burglar red-handed with evidence that is legal tender.

Light Socket Security Camera setup in 3 steps

Step 1

Once you receive your security cam, go ahead and screw it into your chosen light socket

Step 2

Then, scan the QR code with your iPhone or Android to download the app.

Step 3

Finish with the in-app instructions. Your 360° moveable camera with LIVE streaming and HD recording installation is completed.

So, you can keep an eye on your property, day or night.

You’re all set!

Once your Light Socket Security Camera is securely connected to your wifi, you’ll be able to take full control of the 1080p camera right from your iPhone or Android — able to move it 360° horizontally and 120° vertically.

Light socket security camera reviews

Light socket security camera reviews should give you the tiny and big details you need to know about light socket security cameras. It should be explicit enough to help you understand what you are likely opting to acquire just assuming you want to buy one. This is the reason why I have dedicated this section to the light socket security camera review.

It is not just about having enough to have an effective device, it is better to have an effective device that is easy to manipulate. That is the first thing you should know about a Light socket security camera.

It is very simple to use as it does not come with too many complex buttons. With the user manual that will come with the package, you will begin to make use of this device right from the moment you unpack it.

Also, a great feature of the light socket security light is that it functions as a 360° Panoramic Camera. This means that it captures what is happening in all corners of your home easily because it can turn to any angle where there is motion. It is able to cover a good extent of your home and can equally turn to capture what is going on.

This device can give 24/7 Surveillance, however, you will also need to have a constant power supply. The best thing to do is to have a solar power supply within the area or section of your house where you want to have it –assuming that you can’t afford to power your whole with automatic solar energy.

The good reason why you should use this device is that it works as far as there is light to power it and it can capture anything happening within your home or office.

Light socket security camera is also made with infrared technology that helps them to capture what is going on even in the dark corner. This is why it works both at night and during the day. Through the help of this technology, it can work to improve the light that comes when it is activated by motion.

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In this light socket security camera review, it is also important for you to understand that it works by the motion sensor technology and this depends on moving objects around the camera.

This means that it can easily monitor and record whoever walks around its area of coverage including you. It can also help you to monitor and keep a record of the behavior of your workers without them knowing that they are under full blow surveillance.

Light socket security camera is also designed to work with Wi-Fi including the hotspot from your mobile device. This simply means that you will not depend on the Wi-Fi that comes from your MiFi or other router devices that you have been using for other cameras.

The advantage that comes in here is that you can easily connect the device to your WiFi at any time you want it and disconnect it when you no longer need the coverage. However, you have to be very careful to ensure that your internet access is available all the time to ensure that it will continue to work.

An advantage that comes with this method of using your phone to hotspot the security camera is that you can also have automatic notification and monitoring using your device. If your office is near to where you installed it, you can hotspot it very well.

However, you can also use your Wi-Fi extender to make your Wi-Fi cover better. If your WiFi is unable to work properly with the device, you may go through our article on how to extend your WiFi through walls.

One major challenge of most security cameras is that water and dust have destroyed many of them. This is not the case with this device because it came prepared. It has with it one of the most recent weather-resistant and durable designs that make it survive even the harshest condition.

The water-resistant is able to protect and cover it from the severe hands of water and dust making it last long. Light socket security camera also does not come with many wires. When the digital device has fewer wires, it makes the handling of it better compared to when it has many wires. You will not have to battle the clogging of wires as you connect. This also makes it easier to a camouflaged security camera.

security camera for light socket

Are light socket security cameras any good?

You have heard many things before you landed on this page. You may have found this article through Google or through one of your friends. Therefore, there is no doubt that one of the questions you are asking yourself right now is – are light socket security cameras good?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about security camera as it has many features and benefits that you will like, and below are most of them:

  • Installation is made easy with or without a technical background
  • High-resolution videos and images
  • Wireless connections with your phone using WiFi and the installed phone app
  • Easily detect all forms of motion within your home or office.
  • You can use this device to monitor what is happening in your office in a Two-way audiovisual communication 
  • Light socket security camera is good because they alert you of any danger or threat to life within your working environment or home 
  • It also has many advancements including its water and dust resistance.
  • It is made to last for a minimum of 5 years and has the ability of continuous surveillance provided that your WiFi is turned on at all times.
  • Another good thing about a light socket security camera is that you can afford it even with its outstanding features and benefits.
  • It is also very compatible with different light sockets and also phones.

The above features and benefits are just to show you some of the things and to answer your question – are light socket security light any good? You may still notice some other little complaints like poor resolution when your WiFi signal is very poor.

Is the light socket security camera legit?

Asides from asking the question –are light socket security light any good –people also ask another question – is light socket security camera legit. This is a very important question to ask, especially if you have interested to buy this device. If you have it in your budget to purchase light socket security light, you have to be sure that it is legit and not just a scam packaged well.

Well, as usual, before I come up with reviews, I take out time to see more about such devices. Therefore, I took out my time to test this light socket security camera and I have seen that it is worth the buy. It is very legit.

If you also check out reviews sites where customers make their reviews, you will notice that it has been rated 4.8/5 because of how fast, simple, and accurate it works to give your images and videos of high resolution. Most owners of companies who are currently using this device have decided to mount it on their entrance door and they use this as a roll call for their staff and for other security purposes.

Light socket security camera is a device you can be proud to have because it can work at all times of the day and night to capture all forms of motion around. It also has the ability to turn 360 degrees towards any object being enhanced with infrared capacity.

is light socket security camera legit

Light socket security camera Price

Like I said before now when I was answering your question –are light socket security cameras any good –its affordability is one of the things that stand it out. It may not be the cheapest in the market, but certainly, you will enjoy this device if you have it.

The light socket security camera price is $46 if you only want to buy one. If you want to buy more than one, light socket security camera price can be as low as 39$

One good thing about buying a light socket security camera is that there is no hassle in making your return. You can always return it to the producer if what is sent to you as your package does not fit the narrative you have read here. To ensure you have the best quality, below is the link to the official website where you can make your purchase.

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Frequently asked questions on Light socket camera reviews

Light socket camera reviews come with many things including questions on what the device is and stand to offer. Here are some of such questions answered in short forms.

Are light bulb security cameras any good?

Many that are interested in security cameras, especially the light socket cameras want to know if it worth buying and that is why they are asking – are light bulb security cameras any good? It is very good because it can maintain 24/7 absolute surveillance. It has about 20 years duration with warranty. Light bulb security cameras have great ease of installation and can be used in both private homes and public places like malls and other places you need. It is able to produce light as it comes with LCD light. There are many advantages one stands to gain from having this light socket security camera in your home.

Do light bulb cameras work when the light switch is off?

Light bulb cameras work very well because most of them produce their own light through the LCD light. However, when the light is off, it will not capture in the dark. Therefore, works with the light during the day and needs light to continue working during the night.

Does the light socket camera record?

Light socket camera records and also give you the video footage you need. It basically works as an audiovisual security camera that you can use at any time to optimize the security of your home or business center easily.

How much electricity does a light bulb security camera use?

Light bulb security camera does not use much electricity. This is why it can even be powered by the solar system. The major need of a light bulb security camera is the WiFi which helps it to capture what is going on in any environment.

Conclusion on Light socket security camera review

Light socket security camera is a cutting-edge security camera made by a team of experts with a view of producing a security camera that can serve as a bulb and security device at the same time. It produces a real-time two-way audiovisual communication system between the camera and your phone.

It can turn 360 degrees and can give you high-resolution videos both at night and during the day. Light socket security camera is designed to capture all forms of motion within your home and is also affordable to anyone who wants to optimize the security within their home.

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