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Koretrak watch review 2021: Is it the best under 50$ smartwatch?

Koretrak watch reviews:

As the world continues to exist, the rate at which technology will continue to bring out cutting-edge and high-tech devices will remain unabated. This fact is evident in the modern series of smartwatches. Gone are the days you need to break your bank just to buy a smartwatch that can analyze your vital signs and in addition do electrocardiography (ECG) on you. This is because the latest series is very affordable and multi-functional.

With less than 100$ you can be sure to purchase a smartwatch that can read your bio-vital signs more accurately. However, there are extra features performed by few smartwatches—these few have the capacity to read the number of steps you make each week, control your sedentary life, and as well, be part of your fitness components.

If there is a fitness smartwatch that has been tested and trusted by many through online reviews—it is the Koretrak smartwatch.

Sleek and very ergonomic in design, it is not only for keeping time—it is very much into your health. With its high-level biosensor, you can always keep track of your health and even know when your exercise level is less and need for more workout. Incredible, right? Read the full review before you buy.

koretrak smartwatch review

What is Koretrak watch?

Koretrak watch is a perfect watch for anyone who wants to keep focused monitoring on his health parameters. It is a sleek wrist bracelet-like smartwatch that is made for all: both the rich and the average in order to encourage good health.

It is a better alternative to the overpriced Fitbit, Samsung, or Apple smartwatches as it performs all the functions they do. It works with Androids and iOS and performs some of its functions alone while others are done in combination with the Koretrak app you installed on your phone. Very dust-free and ergonomically designed to give you fitness and health fitness.

Koretrak smartwatch benefits

  • Koretrak is a timepiece
  • It offers your vital signs as you wear it on your wrist.
  • It measures your ECG
  • Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and USB C for faster charging
  • Can send you sedentary alarm
  • Can measure your position; with the help of the Koretrak app on your phone.
  • Can tell you about the level of exercise you do in a week
  • Monitors sleep
  • Easy to charge
  • Its ergonomic design fits every attire you wear.
  • It is very cost-effective and affordable
  • Can be used for alert, SMS, and calls; especially when connected with the phone
  • It is highly compatible with Androids and iOS phone
  • Simple and user-friendly even to people who have not used smartwatches before.
  • It can work as a health parameter monitor for people having a chronic illness
how to connect koretrak with phone

Koretrak vs Fitbit

To buy Fitbit, you will almost break your bank account. The annoying side is that you are majorly buying a brand as what Fitbit does can be done by a smartwatch that costs less than 50$. Sounds incredible? Try Koretrak today and see more. It is not about the cost of a product, it is more about the multi-function of the product.

Koretrak watch set-up

It is very important to note that Koretrak does not work completely on its own—it works with mobile phones including Androids and iOS. However, the good thing about it is that it works according to our setup. After receiving your delivery and getting your smartwatch charged, the next action is to download the Koretrak app to your phone and set up your watch to work with it.

Setting it up is not a hard nut to crack either, all you need to do is turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and search for the Koretrak app. Then connect to it and it will start working. By following the command, you will finish the setup. You can also use the Koretrak watch manual as a guide.

Koretrak customer reviews

Koretrak smartwatch customers report

I read every review here starting with the one-star reviews. I almost walked away and I am glad I didn’t.
I began doing searches and I could not find a single site that had anything bad to say. TIP- If you buy one, go to YouTube and see from opening the box to set up, just how easy this is.

Mine came this morning, It was 50% or so charged. The App downloaded from the QR code in seconds. Once there you can easily make any adjustments.

Change from Farenheight to Celcius, meters to feet … it has an alarm/timer. Today I read 3 text messages, I know the time of day, my vitals, the freakin’ weather … I don’t know what some want or expect these days, but this was a solid $49.95 investment.

Joe F

As a beginner, using the smartwatch is an excellent way to assist me in monitoring my status, inclusive of my sleep patterns, steps are taken, and in key areas is critical in maintaining good (and for some better) health.

After wearing the monitor for only three days, this has become a critical part of making healthy choices. At the end of the day (or morning) I can review my statistics that automatically downloads to my phone to get a clear picture of what I need to continue to do or strive to do to maintain healthy choices.

Jordan Ryan

I have purchased many cheap watches and they are okay for a while and then they don’t work anymore or break. I like this watch because of the medical conditions I have. I can keep up with my blood pressure, heartbeat, calories, and more. Liked it so well that I bought one for my wife and one for my daughter for later. I really like it for the comfort also. Sometimes you forget you have it on. Just a great buy.


Koretrak watch price

Koretrak costs less than 50$ especially if you purchase it from the Koretrak website. It comes with different names according to online stores but the one we have tested and believe is the best is the Koretrak brand. You can get other brands in Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. So we feel it will be better if you make your purchase from the Koretrak website.

Where to buy Koretrak watch

The best place to place an order for Koretrak is from the koretrak website. There you are sure of discounts and return and exchange policies. You can safely and securely make your orders through different channels like PayPal, credit cards, etc.

koretrak smartwatch price

Koretrak reviews frequently asked questions

Does Koretrak really work?

Yes, it works very well in assessing your vital signs and also offering you accurate timing. It works best when it is connected with its app on your phone—Androids or iOS.

Is koretrak made in China?

It is made in Hung Kong and distributed according to orders to all parts of the world. It has a branch in the United States and this makes it simpler and easy for people to receive their orders in a matter of days.

Does Koretrak have ECG?

Yes, it has ECG to record both changes in your heart’s impulse generation and other electrolyte changes like potassium deficiency.

Does KoreTrak measure blood pressure?

There are many automated devices for measuring blood pressure. However, Koretrak does more Pulse rate monitoring.

Is KoreTrak legit?

Yes, it is legit with user-manual to ensure that users of Koretrak do not see it as a scam. It is a very solid investment into your health if you make the purchase.

How do I connect my koretrak to my phone?

Very simple, use your Bluetooth as the network, search out your watch and follow the command. You can also refer to the Koretrak watch manual for more details.

Is koretrak waterproof?

It is made with IP67 rated material which makes it waterproof and dust-free.

Is Koretrak watch any good?

Yes, it good as a biosensor watch which is below 50$ yet can do almost what Fitbit of over 200$ does.

koretrak smartwatch reviews

Conclusion on Koretrak review

All-round reviews from different users have made it clear that Koretrak is a smartwatch rare to come by with its fantastic benefits and features. Wearing a light-weight wristwatch that within few minutes will notify me of all my vital signs and health records is a great feat that is very effective from this health watch. It is a smartwatch am glad to have.

You don’t need more reviews to confirm it because the smartwatch is nearer than you can imagine. It is a click of the button below away. However, the high demand sometimes causes an out of stock on the Koretrak website.

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