KoreScale reviews 2023: (Latest buyers’ report) best buy weight scale!

Korescale is a smart weight scale with towering features and benefits. It is one of the most reliable smart scales for tracking your daily and weekly fitness improvement. If you are currently under YOGA program and you want to easily know your improvement, then there is no other alternative than to use a smart scale.

You don’t just need scales that will track only the weight in kilograms, you need one that can also show you other parameters like your bone density and fat mass. With such a result, you can plan well on how to be at your best weight. If you have a child that is malnourished and you want to know everything about your nutritive rehabilitation, then go for Korescale Gen2.

Continue reading to know more about why I made this korescale gen2 review.

Body weight smart scale

Who needs a body weight scale?

  • People who are obese
  • Students when engaging in routine exercises
  • Housewives who want to also keep track of their weight.
  • Civil servants who do not have time to do routine exercises.
  • Everyone who wants to be very healthy and fit.
  • Anyone with a family history of hypertension, diabetes, heart-related disease, etc.
  • Those chronically sick.
  • Those on nutritional rehabilitation.

Why is the body weight smart scale important?

  • Availability for routine body weight measurements.
  • For routine health check-ups.
  • The easiest way to run away from high BMI is not good for your health as it causes high Low-density Lipoproteins levels in your bloodstream which can cause heart disease, stroke, and other causes of death.

To ensure you have the best body weight that is the same as your ideal body weight, I have made this review in this post. It is called KoreScale reviews. I will be writing on the second generation of the device, KoreScale Gen2 reviews.

Korescale app
Image showing Korescale gen 2 and its Korescale app

What is KoreScale?

KoreScale is a biometric smart scale that is very good at measuring our weight and also other physical and biochemical parameters. It checks the fat density and other related causes of obesity in our body and stores the information and as well releases it when we need it. It is electronic and can store the data of as many users as it.

KoreScale reviews have shown that it is very user-friendly and easy for anyone. You must not be a nurse or a doctor to operate it to the best. You can as well know your weight and then apply caution when it is needed.

Unlike other traditional and manual scales that are still existing today in the market. This very one is trendy, very innovative and so good for your health. If you’ve been looking for a reliable scale that you can use to routinely check your weight, this is the best one to use. It comes with 4AAA batteries to enhance its work. There is also the KoreScale app for your graphs and results.

KoreScale Gen 2 can also be used as a family device for measuring the weight of everyone who registers his or her name on it and after the registration, each time the person is using it, information concerning the person’s weight will be registered there, and also outputted rightly anytime the person wanted.

It is affordable, easy to maintain, portable, and very compact. You can keep it in a corner of your house and use it as much as you want it. If you are the type that travels easily from your home to another place. You can also decide to carry it with you whenever you’re going out in order to correctly check your weight. This is a very good advantage that this Korescale has to offer you.


KoreScale review: Features

  • Personalized goal setting: if you are looking up to have the best fitness, it is good to always go for smart Scales that allow you to have a personalized goal setting of how you want to add or lose weight. When you set a goal, you can easily monitor it through your periodic tracking and comparison of your weight.
  • Progress reports: KoreScale review from the producer has stated that it saves every body weight measurement done by you or any other person who has a registered account with it. You can easily go through your body weight chart for the past 3 months or 6 months as the case may be. This may help you, especially if you have enrolled in Yoga, to know your improvement. It is also a good one for people in nutritional rehabilitation to know when to stop.
  • Kore Scale app: what makes a device smart is that it has a database that can allow you to register different users and also save their data separately. This is an incredible feature possessed by KoreScale through its app. The app is also very compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.
  • Easy-to-read graphs: it also outputs its results in such a way that you can easily use them to analyze and understand your health. This graph will be seen on the mobile app.
  • Good Specs: size is 304*304*22mm; it allows you to choose between kg and lb as units of measurement with the ranges as: 0.2kg to 180 kg or 0.4 lbs to 396 lbs; 4*AAA batteries are used; the technology used for measurement is Bioelectric impedance analysis which analysis your body fat mass, bone mass, muscle, and your entire body mass.
  • There is weekly/monthly/yearly tracking: This device comes with features that will make it possible for you to track your period body weight and be able to analyze your improvement within your choice intervals. It is really awesome to have one.
  • Portable and compact: You do not need a special space to keep your device as it does not occupy much space. Also, it is lightweight for you to easily carry it.
korescale reviews

KoreScale Gen 2 reviews: Why I recommend it

  • Different accounts but private results: If you are worried about the privacy of the information it gets, it’s time for you not to worry again, as every one of its results is private to the owner’s profile. Therefore, before you use this device, and sure you have your own profile where information related to you will always be stored.
  • Korescale gen 2 measures many biometric parameters: This very device measures many parameters including your muscle weight, your dry fat, and other parameters. It is really a good device if you want to keep fit and maintain your routine fitness exercises.
  • Easy to understand: if you follow these our korescale gen 2 reviews you will see how easy it is to understand. The use of this device is also easy as it does not require you to be highly skilled in the use of health-related devices or for you to be a professional in the area of health. Anyone with a simple idea as to how to press his phone can as well manipulate this device.
  • Arrive at your own fitness:  One of the easiest ways to arrive at your own fitness is to use a device that is easy to understand. This is exactly what CoreScale can offer to you. It will give you that easy ride that will make you achieve your fitness in the slightest of your own time.
  • Has BIA technology:  This very device that this comes with is good enough and helps to maintain a reliable result each time you use this device. This is a great advantage for anyone who could order a KoreScale device.
  • Connect with any gadgets:  One of the ways this device works is to connect to your phone or tablet or computer to store the information it has already gotten through its app. The good thing is that it can connect with any kind of phone, both Android and Apple and also Mac. So you don’t need to worry again, irrespective of the kind of phone you have. It is easily compatible with it.
  • Portable and compact: KoreScale gen2 reviews have shown that it is very portable and compact and you can carry it anywhere you want irrespective of the distance or the means of transporting it. This is really an enticing feature and benefit in this very weighing scale.
  • Affordable and reliable:  The result you get from it is also very reliable and it is affordable for you to buy. However, the best place to order it at a more affordable price remains the online platform of the producer. There you can save 50% of the cost for yourself and still receive it under free delivery.

Pros and Cons of Korescale gen2

Kore health scale Pros

There are many advantages when it comes to KoreScale and routine measurement of our weights. You can get a very accurate result of your weight by using KoreScale. This is in keeping with the best practice to ensure you live a healthy life.

Constant monitoring of your weight will help you to check excessive fat intake and as well look for means to eliminate it. If you currently have obesity and you’re taking obesity-related drugs, there is also a need to ensure that your drug is working by constantly checking the weight gain and weight loss that you have.

The device is also easy to manipulate by anyone who can use it. All that is needed is for you to create a profile using the Korescale app, and after creating the profile each time you want to use it, you have to as well select the profile you have created, and whatever data you got will be stored under your own profile. You are not required to be a nurse or a doctor to make this happen.

Just the ability to read and write can help you know the best button to press to achieve this. It’s also very affordable and you can buy it. You must not break the bank to get a reliable weighing scale. That is exactly what KoreScale has come to do. This device is very compact and portable. The lightweight allows you to move it from one place to another without you feeling any problems.

This has been a selling advantage to this device as it is easy to be used at any place by anyone. It measures many factors that are biochemically and bio-metrically related. This is to say that the use of color skills can help to enhance the constant monitoring of your biometric features.

Kore health scale Cons

It is good to note that KoreScale Gen2 is not made for the following people:

  • People with osteoporosis
  • Those using pacemakers for heart or other medical implants
  • Pregnant women; because the weight will differ from previous weights measurement before pregnancy.
  • Those undergoing dialysis.
  • If you don’t like smart weight scales.
  • If you can’t make a purchase online.

Korescale gen2 reviews: KoreScale app

Korescale Gen2 reviews will not be complete with making you to understand that it comes with an app that you can download on your phone irrespective of the kind of phone you are using. It works with Android and any brand of iOS you may intend to use.

The main work of this app is to ensure you are up to date with every bit of your metrics. This also helps to ensure that your information is personal as you have the app on your phone which you alone have access to.

KoreScale app

Korescale reviews: How to use KoreScale

To use KoreScale, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Read our instructions as contained in korescale reviews.
  • Download the KoreScale app by scanning the barcode on the delivery package.
  • Create your profile by following the instructions as they appear.
  • Put the 4 AAA batteries on the KoreScale scale.
  • Turn on your KoreScale scale.
  • Place it on a flat surface.
  • The next step involves you removing every other thing except your clothing and then standing on top of it.
  • You can turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and sync with KoreScale. After the completion of the pairing, your result will appear on the KoreScale app.
  • As the reading comes up, it will be noted and then it will also be saved for future use inside the Korescale app on your phone.

However, before you do the above steps in using it, you also need to have your profile on the KoreScale Gen2 app.

Kore scale reviews: How it works?

KoreScale works smartly to offer you results for 14 different parameters that determine your health. They include:

  1. Weight
  2. BMI
  3. Body Fat
  4. Fat-Free Body Weight
  5. Subcutaneous Fat
  6. Visceral Fat
  7. Body Water
  8. Skeletal Mass
  9. Muscle Mass
  10. Bone Mass
  11. Protein
  12. BMR
  13. Metabolic Age
  14. Heart Rate while you are on the scale.
KoreScale reviews
Image showing how Korescale works to measure your weight

KoreScale reviews Users’ reports

I’ve really enjoyed using this scale. I do a quick weigh-in after every workout and I can see exactly how much progress I’ve made. It’s great being able to see your results in real time mapped out on a graph. Yes, I recommend this product.

Thomas R.

If you work out, you NEED one of these! Super accurate results and the app makes tracking fast and easy. It’s worth every penny!

Tress Jay

The scale is so helpful! It made staying on top of my diet easy and helped me conquer my health performance goals.

James Mike

Korescale Gen2 price and where to buy?

KoreScale Gen2 price is 100$. The best place to buy it is at the official website of KoreHealth company. There is currently a huge discount of about 50% available on each unit you buy. More discounts apply with an increase in units purchased.

The good thing about this official website is that you will receive an original that will enjoy a minimum of 30 days warranty. You can also reach out to customer care for support in case you have enquired.

You can contact the customer care center to know about your delivery and to also ask any question you may have as regards KoreHealth company.

KoreScale reviews: Frequently asked questions

Is Korescale worth the hype?

Currently, a lot of people living in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are talking about this Korescale and what it has been doing for them. The question is whether this is a scam or hype. For the sake of this review and the interest of anyone who would want to buy this smart scale, I will say that it’s worth having and is actually very essential for a good living.

Who can use Korescale?

Anyone who wants to know his/ her weight can use this device. Anyone who wants to measure the weight of the fat in his body, and the weight of his muscle can as well use this device. So this device is meant for both children and adults. Anyone can use it.

Is Korescale a scam?

Korescale is not a scam, it is real. It has been used by a lot of users and a lot of positive reviews have been made about this device, most especially the fact that it can work with any kind of phone you use including Android and iOS phones. This is definitely a selling point in it, and why a lot of people have been going for it instead of the traditional weight scales that people could use.

Korescale with discounts?

 Yes, Korescale comes with a discount of up to 50%. This 50% discount that comes with free delivery is all available if you purchase it through the online platform.

Why can I buy Korescale?

The best place to make your purchase for Korescale is through the online platform where you have a 50% discount on all your purchases. The level of discount you have will also increase with the increase in units you’re going to purchase, and definitely, you are delivery will be free of charge. These are some of the benefits that come with this product.

Is Korescale the best smart scale to buy?

Definitely, Korescale may not be the best to buy, however, from the positive reviews we’ve gotten. We advise customers who are looking for a smart scale to go for it as it has everything one needs on a weight scale and it’s enough to measure your different biometric parameters and give you their values. In such a way that irrespective of where you go, you can still check it.

What is a weight loss eating plan?

A good eating plan will help you as you plan to shelve off some weight. First, you need to know some of those habits that cause weight gain to you. An example is eating late at the night. This tends to affect your metabolism by affecting cortisol which moderates the internal growth process.

What is a weight loss exercise plan that works?

In order to reduce your current weight, you must not be on weight loss pills or diets. As simple as weight loss exercises that you may plan to suit your schedule can be very powerful in helping you to lose weight. You can take it from twice a week to once in two weeks.

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Conclusion on KoreScale Gen 2 reviews

Many users have made reviews on Korescale Gen2, especially as it helps them to know more about their health. It is the new trend in tracking your health improvement and fitness using its measured results. Now you can know if you are meeting your fitness goal through your weight gain or loss plan. It will help you efficiently use your weight loss pills, diet, and routine exercises well. KoreScale is the best scale we can recommend to you now.