KorePulse Reviews 2023: best for pain relief?

KorePulse Reviews:

What if I tell you that there is a new massaging device that is very effective, very affordable, and can be taken with you anywhere you go? KoreHealth company has looked into the challenges people pass through just to relieve pain and have decided to invest in the market to produce a very affordable massager called KorePulse.

You may have heard the name but if you don’t know anything about it, don’t worry as we will walk you through a simple way to relieve your pains using a massager like KorePulse.

KorePulse review will tell you more about KorePulse and include what the users are saying so that you can conclude whether to buy or not. So kindly go through this article to the end to grasp the extra tips which you can only find here.

Why you should buy KorePulse?

While people that have problems with their vision buy glasses to help them relieve it, and those that want to monitor their general well-being buy fitness trackers. It is important to know why it is important to buy a KorePulse pain reliever.

If you often experience muscle pains, including cramps and spasms, then KorePulse is the one for you. The reason behind this because of its ability to treat different muscle groups.

It has a high vibration intensity, which can penetrate the muscles deeply, which is perfect for releasing the tension in your muscles. It is effective with trigger point treatment and myofascial release. KorePulse can also help relieve plantar fasciitis.

The KorePulse device is equipped with four different vibrating levels, which can help with your pre-workout as well as the recovery process. The levels consist of high vibration, Pulsating, medium, and low. You can bring the device to the gym to help you with warming up, enhance circulation, and as well as recover tight and sore muscles.

Another reason why you should choose KorePulse is that it has the power to target your muscles well. The rollers can work side to side and in circulation motion. It will help every muscle that hurts and let it work on other areas that are tense and painful. The product can be used for both the younger and elder generation regardless and also by both males and females.

Also, it is very portable wherein it only measures 3.75 inches in diameter and is light in weight so there is nothing to worry about bringing the KorePulse anywhere. KorePulse is suitable for everyone who wants to avoid or treat their muscle pain in an easy way and not have to book an appointment for massages every time.

What is KorePulse?

Korepulse is an innovative device used primarily to relieve pain. It is a form of massager that relieves localized pains by causing a vibrating motion on the spot. This vibration motion works as a therapy as it penetrates the deepest muscle layer in order to affect pain relief.

The vibration helps to erase the pain in the trigger points of the body. It removes pain irrespective of cause; whether it is caused by muscle pain, muscle spasms, or muscle strains. The producer claims that it is very effective against all kinds of pains and that it works very fast to get the pain point out of your body.

The pressure this device generates as it vibrates is optimal for health and enough to aid the relief of your pain. Once you locate the pain point, the next thing is to turn your device on and move it close to the point. As it is on point, the pressure and vibrations will simultaneously clear off the pain.

Just as the pain has intensity levels requiring different degrees of pressure, this device has different vibration degrees for you to choose one. The choice you have to make includes leaving your device vibrations at one of the following degrees: low, medium, pulsation, or high. That is one of the uniqueness of KorePulse – you choose its effects according to the degree of your pain.

It is also small enough that you can take it easily with you. While you for camping or for adventure, your massager can also make the companionship. With just a pound of weight, carrying it will not be too heavy for anyone. It is also compact in shape enough for you to easily carry it.

In fact, KoreHealth did enough research before debuting this wonderful device. In the line-up of uniqueness, it also comes with a battery that is rechargeable and can last at least 1 hour after every charge to 100%.

When it comes to relieving pains, two major processes are involved, it is either you are losing the muscle or you are tightening the muscle. Whichever one your body needs, Kore Pulse can offer it but its major effect is to lose or relax your muscles.

This is why it is advised that you use it before you go to the gym in order to get started and to also use it after the gym when excessive lactic acid may have started causing pain.

This lactic acid is produced as a result of anaerobic respiration that occurred while you are doing to the gym. KoreHealth included relief of sore feeling within the muscles as one of the things it does by losing up the muscle and allowing more blood to enter it.

Specifications of KorePulse

As a new product, its specifications are not completely known but below are those technical facts you must know about it:

materialsilicone rubber, plastic
Size3.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches
Weight442 grams (less than a pound)
Vibration modesLow, Medium, and High, Recovery Massage(pulsating)
Battery Life50 minutes and also rechargeable
maneuverability360-degree maneuverability
density coreHigh
pressure spikesDeep tissue

I can assure you from what is above and the nature of Korepulse that it is made from quality materials. So if you are worried about how long it will last, that one is not an issue as it is very durable. You only need to always recharge the battery whenever it is low or absolutely flat.

How does it work?

When thinking of the processes involved for this compact device to get its work done, you have to remember what I told you before now about localizing the pain point. So this device operates under the principle of Localized Vibration Therapy.

The vibration on the painful point of our body creates pressure there, this pressure leads to loosing of the muscle there and at the same time increases the blood flow into the pressure.

The blood gets to enter deep and deeper as the pressure that is mounted on the pain point gets to increase. The penetration of the deepest layer of muscle helps circulation and pain relieve the most.

As I also told you earlier, some pains do not have an exact location while some move from one point to the other(migratory pain). KorePulse has the final remedy for this kind of muscle pain. Do you know why? The device is compact enough for you to roll over the part where you feel the pain on it.

While you do the rolling, the pain gradually leaves where it gets erased because this kind of pain is basically a result of nerve irritation. With blood inflow, the region gets to improve. Depending on the intensity of the pain, you can always choose the speed level that suits your pain.

Kore Pulse device targets the following muscles:

  • Muscles of the neck region: The acupuncture points that are located at your upper back and shoulders can easily be reached by the pressure spikes coming from this device.
  • Muscles of the back region: KorePulse is compact and round enough for you to roll your back muscles on it and by doing so the pressure and vibrations coming from the device get to massage the trigger points.
  • Muscles of the feet: This is mostly for people who like jogging and those that stand for a long. Korepulse will help to relax your muscles and let in more blood inflow.
  • Muscles of the Legs and arms: the main thing you need to do here is to cup the Korepulse and you will access those hard-to-reach muscles.
  • Whether you are trying to get back in shape or do it for the first time, recovery is an essential part of your fitness journey.

How to use KorePulse?

The use of this device is very easy and simple with no complicated steps involved. Really, there is no need to call on a Masseuse to come to take the glory that comes with this device when you can just purchase it and by just rolling over it like the image below shows you will set yourself to be pain-free.

Here is a step-by-step process of using KorePulse:

  1. Step 1: Activate the vibration by turning the device on. Press the power button to turn the device on.
  2. Step 2: Choose your vibration speed or mood according to the pain you want to relieve and remember to start from the minimum to the highest depending on your experience.
  3. step 3: You can then hold it over the affected areas or roll the affected area over it.

You can use KorePulse in three different ways namely:

  1. In your hand: Hold the ball in your hand and rub it against your skin slowly. It is helpful for massaging the neck, biceps, shoulders, and triceps.
  2. On the floor: in this method, your place the device on the floor and rub your body over the device. Your lower back, hips, feet, calves, and hamstrings get massaged.
  3. Against the wall: Last but not the least, you can place it against the wall and push your body against it. It is suitable for the chest, upper back, and glutes.

Advantages of using KorePulse

Like any other gadget, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the product. The advantages are as follows:

  1. It is easy to use the device
  2. KorePulse is ideal for post-workout stretching and can help improve flexibility, circulation, and grip strength.
  3. KorePulse features 4 variable levels of vibration to treat muscle pain caused by injury, strain, or chronic conditions. It causes relief from all types of pain.
  4. It is applicable to simple and chronic muscle pain
  5. Muscle tension is effectively released after using the device
  6. It helps in eliminating the effects of stress on your body. KorePulse is like having your own personal masseuse to help relieve tension whenever you feel anxious or overwhelmed.
  7. KorePulese is portable and can be used anywhere, either at home or in the gym, or at work as a tool for exercise.
  8. The product can last for a long time as it is made from sturdy materials
  9. It is currently available at a 50% discount rate.
  10. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. This is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Disadvantages of KorePulse

  1. It can only be bought online, though it is not really a problem because most people already purchase different products online.
  2. Stock is quite limited
  3. Shipping will take longer than stated due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic but efforts are being made to rectify the situation.

KorePulse Test

Of course, we want to give you an honest and accurate review of korePulse so we let some people test it out. We gave five people the device and these five people are the usual ones who often go to the spa to get a massage because of muscle pains. So we asked them to skip the massage and start using Korepulse for two weeks so they can observe the benefits of the device.

After two weeks, we started interviewing each of them to ask for their feedback. They loved the device because it did work with their muscle pains. One of the five often experienced muscle cramps every night and he started using Kore Pulse before going to bed. He noticed an improvement because, on the second day onwards, the cramps stopped.

The other four also experienced an improvement in their workout and their muscle stiffness. Their muscle knots as well as their cramps have decreased. Two of the four loved how it helped their muscle become flexible enough to do their workouts well. They all wanted to keep their KorePulse and of course, we let them.

This test, only means that KorePulse is a truly effective massage device.

Customer care details

Here is what we know about the suppliers and their contact details:

Company Name: Strong Current Hong Kong

Company Address: Suite 2201, 21/F. Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Email: support@korehealth.com

Phone: the United States and Canada (Toll-Free): 609 414 7087

The United Kingdom and Ireland: 08708 200084

Austria and New Zealand: (02) 8607 8318

Verified KorePulse Customer Reviews

Below are what the people are saying about KorePulse. Below are KorePulse Amazon reviews and the ones we have been able to verify:

Feels great after I hit the gym! My legs are always really stiff after I work out, buy KorePulse loosens them up and takes the pain away fast.

Jamie T From USA

Wow, this thing really does help with stress! I liked to rub it across my shoulders after a hard day at work and it definitely makes a big difference.

Harold P From UK

I use it every morning and it keeps me feeling relaxed and loose all day, like I have just had a massage

Jared L From Canadan

Works just like a foam roller, but it is much more effective. It feels especially wonderful on my feet. No more pain or cramps!

Tara W From Israel

KorePulse Price

KorePulse Massage ball is available on the official website at a 50% discount.

1x KorePulse Massage Ball (Deep Massaging Power) is $59.99 + Shipping fee ($8.95)

2x KorePulse Massage Balls (Home and Office Pack) is $109.99 + Shipping fee ($9.95)

3x KorePulse Massage Balls (Triple Massaging Power Pack) is $149.99 + Shipping fee ($10.95) *Recommended Deal*

4x KorePulse Massage Balls (Friends and Family Pack) is $191.99 + Shipping fee ($11.95)

30-Day Guarantee: If you are not completely thrilled with your KorePulse. The suppliers are offering you a 30-day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the items back to them for a full refund or replacement less shipping fee.

Where to buy KorePulse?

If you wish to purchase the product, it makes great sense to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. But that is not all: if you want to purchase more than one, you can do so with special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time.

This means that you can purchase several lamps at the same time and pay less for the piece itself. The order is uncomplicated and completed within a few minutes. 

Another great advantage is the numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he can use secure methods such as PayPal or Credit Cards.

These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you send the product back if you do not like it, you will get your money back without any problems. A further advantage is a fast dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. A few days after the order, the product arrives and can be used immediately.

KorePulse Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

How does KorePulse Work?

KorePulse works by vibrating on the part of the body wherein the pain exists. Through this therapy principle, KorePulse uses high-intensity localized vibration therapy to activate the muscles and deep tissues throughout your body

Who can benefit from KorePulse?

Athletes looking to reduce recovery time and improve flexibility, seniors who want to improve their circulation, as well as anyone who regularly suffers from muscle pain, tension, or stress

Where on my body should I use KorePulse?

KorePulse can be used virtually anywhere you experience muscle tension or soreness including your feet, calves, hamstrings, gluteus, hip flexors, shoulders, forearms, and back.

What kinds of benefits can I expect from KorePulse?

In addition to pain relief, localized vibration therapy has been proven to increase bone density and muscle mass, boost metabolism, improve circulation and alleviate stress.

How long does the KorePulse battery last?

With every charge, KorePulse provides 50 minutes of sustained massage on a single charge and can be recharged quickly from any standard power outlet.

Conclusion on KorePulse Reviews

KorePulse is a breakthrough in the world of pain relief. Very apt in relieving pain involving muscle spasms, muscle strain, stress, and an excessive surge of lactic acid. It does not erase pain as a result of a wound or strap injury.

Any pain that has a link with an open wound does not concern it. It is really a self-remedy to chronic muscle pain and incessant pain from muscle tightness. It is also a nice post-gym device as it can relieve soreness due to the gym in less than an hour.

Its ball nature also makes it possible for you to roll over it in order to get off hidden pains that are a result of irritation of nerve endings. So by making the muscle relax and letting in more blood inflow, the pain gets to disappear.

This product is tested and trusted. I assure you that you will appreciate the pain relief and definitely buying it this month helps you enjoy the whopping price slash down.

To get to the official store, click the blue link button below and accurately fill in your address and enter your details.