Invisicharger wireless reviews 2023: latest wireless charger scam?

Invisicharger wireless power bank reviews: Is this the latest wireless charger scam? Do you know what happened to the last customers? Is invisicharger worth a buy?

Overall rating on invisicharger wireless from most of the users is 4.7 out of 5-star rating. This is a good one as it shows the customer satisfaction achieved by this devcice to users.

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What is Invisicharger?

Invisicharger is an innovative technology developed by a Hong Kong-based company as a way to power your mobile devices when there is no electricity. It works as a wireless power bank. However, it works through a tabletop.

It does not use Qi technology, however, it is very compatible with devices that work under Qi technology. It is fairly affordable and cost-effective when compared to other devices that work by its principle.

It is a perfect match for anyone that needs a second alternative to electricity in an office certain. Imagine having a power source to fall back to in your office when there is no electricity power supply. That will be really great especially with the ergonomic look Invisicharger will give to your office.

No long cord of wire. Just your table and your wireless charger that is even hidden from where people can see it. Placing your phone around the table makes it to start charging your device.

The company that produced made it with the intention that everyone looking for a quality wireless power bank will go for it. It is not only used in offices but it can also be used in your home. Just similar way you use it in your office. Placing it under your center table and that is it. It will power every phone placed around it.

It is a very strong and powerful device that is user-friendly. Though the price is moderately affordable, it is for everyone who has taste for quality and the best.

Who is Invisicharger made for?

Invisicharger charger is meant for smartphones and other related gadgets that can be powered by the electric power supply. It is highly good for everyone who would always want his or her phone to be at an updated level especially the battery. Everyone wants to be in continuous communication with his or her loved ones or business associate so it’s important for you to always get your phone at a ready mode where you can take it and make use of it at any point you want to make use of it.

Many people have also been denied the opportunity for them to complete their school assignments as a result of a lack of power supply. This is really an ugly incident and should not be allowed to call twice the only way to ensure that this kind of incident does not occur again is to have a better alternative for your power system. An alternative that can always save you when there’s no power supply from your power supply is. Such an alternative can be a form of a power bank or a direct power source.

therefore this power bank is made for those who work in an office, those who have a business center where their phone is constantly being used, those thaand t also need your phone to constantly do the assignment and get things sorted out easily.

Who can use invisicharger wireless?

To use invisicharger wireless does not demand highly skilled personnel. One who has for once powered his or her phone can be able to use this wireless charger to charge his or her phone and other related gadgets. It does not take much energy to do this.

Why it is important you have Invisicharger power bank?

  • It is the best power bank investment: you can still get some wireless power banks that are cheaper than this Invisicharger charger, but honestly, there are made of Qi technology which is less than the Nikola Tesla induction principle that this Invisicharger uses.
  • Works wireless: No need for those useless cords. No need for you to surround yourself with wires in the name of a charging device. With Invisicharger you don’t need those things. All you need is to place your phone on the top of the table and you are good to go.
  • Very compatible with Android and iPhone: It works for both Android and iPhone. With works almost with all brands of iPhones and with more recent models of Android.
  • User-friendly: so simple to use after setting it up. No plugging, no type C or B cord. Just place your phone and it will get charged.
  • Designed ergonomically to suit you: you need an office that looks presentable. No the one that will look like where they are selling phone accessories including cables.
  • Can save you from danger and disappointment: This is enough to save your life especially when you have an important discussion and there is no electricity.
  • Makes you ahead and prepared in communication: No more barriers from the charging device or the charging port. You are free to charge your device anytime and remain alive in every conversation.
  • Does not need Qi-rated license fee: Qi-rated license is permission to use every Qi-enabled charge the phone. Invisicharger does not work under such principle and so you don’t need it.

Features of Invisicharger

  • Wireless charging pad. For mobile devices with wireless charging capability. Power input by power adaptor, 12V @1A.
  • Charging output by wireless max 5V @ 1A (5W)
  • Charging distance. Minimum 22mm, Maximum 32mm
  • With Induction, sticker can improve charging efficiency but is not a must. The induction sticker can help to increase charging efficiency, but not a MUST. (the charger can work without this induction sticker).
  • Must be installed under the table to be used, the device will not operate if the phone is left directly on top (Min distance)
  • Install by adults only, strong magnets can be a danger to children (Finger pitching, a small part, swallow hazard)
  • A loud audio tone will play once the charging connection is secure
  • Charging works best and is stronger when both device and mobile phone are aligned in the center (Hence the tabletop sticker placement)
  • This is not Qi Charging. It can work with Qi-enabled devices but typically Qi rated chargers require a license fee.
  • This is not fast charging. iPhone/Samsung takes around 4 hours to charge fully.
  • Max is 5W output. Not 10W.
  • NEVER put a metal part between the charging or the device you are going to charge.
  • Does not transmit data or information
  1. This means you can literally place your phone down anywhere on your desk or countertop and it will charge itself.
  2. InvisiCharger is More Powerful Than Other Wireless Chargers!
  3. Breakthrough technology out of Hong Kong

Things you may not like about Invisicharger wireless charger

  • If the charging distance is less than 22mm, it might not be able to charge (too close to the charger)
  • Will not charge if the phone is upside down (charging circuit facing up)
  • It does NOT work on all kinds of tables. If a table with a metal frame on the surface, a certain type of composite such as a quartz top contains a metallic molecule which can interfere with the connection/detection (IE certain types of marble, granite, quartz, etc)
  • Never charging your cell phone together with wireless and wire at the same time.

How to use Invisicharger

Invisicharger is simple to use. It is as simple as placing your phone on top of your table and immediately it will start charging it. After unboxing and getting to read the instructions which are still similar to what we have here, you can set up your device and started using it.

What you must not do to enjoy Invisicharger

  • Do not modify the power source
  • Do not reuse the double sided tape
  • Do not use any screw or glue to fasten the unit
  • Does not work with phone/mobile devices without wireless charging capability( IE gen 1 Airpod, iPhone 7, or older device)
  • Do not install outdoors, wet, or in a marine setting
  • Discard alignment magnet after installation

How Invisicharger works

InvisiCharger invisible charger works by Nikola Tesla model of technology. It allows the charging of devices through induction technology. Nikola Tesla’s principle works more than the Qi technology.

This principle that Invisicharger is using has been in existence for a long though it is owned by the wealthy in our society. Thanks to this new company that has made it available for everyone.

Invisicharger is one of the most powerful changes you can have at home or in your office.

The good thing about this charger is that it is not restricted to a particular material. It can work on wood, quartz, plastic, granite, and glass BUT not metal. It uses the magnetic induction principle so it is not suitable for a metallic tabletop.

The type of phone case you are using does not also affect its charging. Unlike the Qi technology and others that work with wires, this Invisicharger does not need you to remove your pouch or phone case for it to work.

So, you set it up and place your technology under the table. Immediately you are good to go and start using it.

Invisicharger reviews customers reports

I like this device because I don’t have to replace my cords, I don’t struggle to fix the charging port. All I do is to place my phone on the table. That’s all. Really wonderful. That’s just the kind of technology that I love!

Mercy Lalong

I’m so glad I discovered the InvisiCharger – I can’t mess it up because I never even have to touch anything. Tired of those messy charging wires clustering around my table. Sometimes I even run out of space on my table simply because of useless cords. Now I am using Invisicharger, I just place it below the table and every part of the table is for charging.

Magnus Koradi

Though it takes about 4 hours to fully charge my Samsung tablet, I prefer this wireless power bank to other alternatives. I have used both Qi and normal cables but now really appealed to my interest like this one. Invisicharger brings out the beauty of my office each time I set it one. It is great and I recommend it to my friends and family members.

Morgan Jonne

Cost of Invisicharger and where to buy it?

The cost of Invisicharger is lower as the units increase. You enjoy more discounts depending on the unit you order for. The official Invisicharger website remains the best place to buy from so as to enjoy such discounts. Below are the prices:

1x InvisiCharger Wireless Charger 40% OFF ($69.99/Unit)

2x InvisiCharger Wireless Chargers 45% OFF ($64.50/Unit) Best Seller $128.99

 3x InvisiCharger Wireless Chargers 50% OFF ($58.33/Unit) $174.99

 4x InvisiCharger Wireless Chargers 52% OFF ($56.00/Unit) $223.99

Frequently Asked questions on Invisicharger review

Does Invisicharger really work?

Well, Invisicharger is better than Qi chargers. It charges faster and gives room for people to charge their phones at any spot on their table.

Is Invisicharger legit?

Made by a Hong Kong tech-based, it is highly legit and not a scam. You may have heard about it as it is currently making trends within social media and off social media.

What is Invisicharger price?

As already stated above, the prices are cost-effective. Check above to see the price tags.

Does Invisicharger have a warranty?

Definitely, it had a warranty. If you want to return for a refund or exchange you can do so. However, you can do so within 30 days from the day you bought it. You need to also note that submitting a notice for a refund or exchange does not mean it will be approved. There are clearly stated conditions for it to happen and you will get it inside your delivery manual.

Where to get independent Invisicharger reviews?

This is exactly the problem with online marketing, it is hard to get an independent review on any product.

Is Invisicharger fake?

Invisicharger is not fake as it has worked for many people. These people have taken their reviews online to talk about how good this charger is. Though we understand that behind every good thing there will still be imitation from other people producing inferior brands. Therefore, I advise you to good for the quality if you want to enjoy this product. Going for the quality does not take much time as you can get through the official Invisicharger website at the bottom of this post.

How long does invisicharger take to charge devices?

First, it depends on the ampere capacity of the battery you intend to charge. The higher the ampere the higher the time it will take for it to get charged. However, on average, I have seen this invisicharger charger raise the voltage of a battery to a reasonable percentage under 2 hours. The latest versions of android and Apple phones no longer take much time in charge as the connector in them are better than the previous ones. So its speed of charging devices will not be a problem as it was part of the factors considered before producing Invisicharger.

Where can I buy Invisicharger in the USA?

Buying Invischarger in the USA is very simple and easy. If you can read this review on Invisicharger, definitely, you can buy Invisicharger also. This is because it is available online. What you need next is to click the button at the bottom of this post and it will lead to the official website where you will make your purchase.

How long does Invisicharger wireless charger get delivered?

The speed at which you will receive your delivery partly depends on where you live. For those living in the United States of America, it will take roughly 5 working days for them to see their delivery come to their doorstep. However, those that are living outside Canada and the United States may have their delivery come to them within 2 weeks. Other contributing factors serving as a determinant of when you will receive your order include factors such as the number of orders placed by people and pandemic restrictions. However, none of the contributing factors mentioned above is currently impeding delivery.

Where can I buy Invisicharger in Canada?

To buy Invischarger in Canada is simple as buying it from the united states of America. At a click of a button, you have already made your order for the Invisicharger charger. The producer company introduced a single method of purchase of this product. This method is made available online for whoever wants to buy to click a button and get their order sent to their preferred address. As simple as scrolling down to make click on the button for purchase will make you have your own Invisicharger delivered to wherever you live in Canada.

Is there any warranty for Invisicharger?

Definitely, there is a warranty for you if you make a purchase of this charger. You will have free 30 days to test run this gadget, if it is not good or has a faulty part, you will return directly to the company and either demand a refund or an exchange using your exchange and refund policy which the company has made to be one their best international practices.

What is the cost of an Invischarger in the USA?

The United States of America has a similar cost of this product to most other countries like Canada. There is central pricing for Invisicharger though the only difference is what it takes to get it delivered to where one wants.

Does Invisicharger work?

While I cannot offer you 100% assurance that this charger will work for you as you want it, I am confident that in the end, you will like this product. Many reviews of mixed feelings are already only from users, however, it is good to keep your expectations average whenever you are about to go for something for the first time.

Final words on Invisicharger reviews

All the invisicharger reviews have made you know is exactly what Invisicharger will offer you. Makes your table look great and wirelessly charges your phone. You will really like it. It also sells at a discounted price plus free delivery to your doorsteps.

What are you still waiting for? Grab yours now.