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HVNsleep pod reviews 2023: the best Antisnore for the price!


You are tired of snoring, right? Here is the best way to go about it instead of the other former ways you’ve been trying hard to stop yourself from snoring. I understand the pain that comes with you snoring every night and it’s getting to disturb people around you. Probably, many people have complained about it, telling you how disturbing you are and how irritating your snoring is to them.

Unfortunately, you have not been able to find a cure to this, or probably some of the physicians have told you that there is no way you can cure snoring, that it is either a pathological abnormality or a sign that you are now resting well. While such claims cannot be disputed as there is still the basis for the claim that they have made. However, many of the users of the latest tech product, which has an attributed effect of reducing the level of snoring that people have, are actually currently making too many sales within the market.

 A new device that can easily stimulate your muscles, especially those around your neck, in order to get a bit stimulated and move in such a way as to stop snoring by opening up your air, is currently on the market. It’s not your regular anti-snore devices that barely work. The HVNSLEEP POD reviews coming from different users from the United States of America, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Israel, and other parts of the world have it that this device is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 for its effectiveness.

The name of the device is HVNSLEEP POD. It is popular among most young people and the elderly. However, this is probably the first time you are hearing about this HVN Sleep pod. It is a very simple device that is produced after a long while of serious research to look for a non-medicinal way of handling snoring instead of leaving everything to the belief that snoring does not have a cure.

 Research immediately ensued, looking for a way to get rid of snoring as a major problem, especially in relationships. The person who first kick-started this research is a victim of divorce as a result of the disturbing nature of snoring coming from him. His partner was not able to contain the way he snores and decided that it is better to quit than to continue in such an irritating environment.

Finally, everything seems to work out perfectly fine as the technology was able to arrest his incessant snoring and also restored him back to enjoy his sleep. So he decided not to hide the secret to himself alone, rather, for it to be a solution for many persons who may be at risk of losing their well-cherished relationships simply because of snoring. That led to the production of this device in bulk, and today everyone can lay hands on HVN Sleep pod and also get to use it well in order to stop his or her bad snoring habit.

This HVNSLEEP POD review will let you know about HVN sleep pod—what it is, its benefits, its features, what users are saying about HVNSLEEP POD and most importantly, I will also give you some cautionary tips to ensure you have the best from this device.

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What is HVNsleep pod?

hvnsleep pod review

HVNSLEEP POD is an electronic gadget or device which works through a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS) to ensure that snoring is stopped. It does this by stimulating the muscles around your neck each time it notices that sounds similar to snoring are being made, especially when you’re sleeping. It does this discretely in such a way that no one knows except itself, and also the person snoring.

It has a sophisticated technology that helps it to stop the snoring and immediately to turn on itself in order to ensure that the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is done immediately and that the muscles within the neck are as fast to stop the snoring. There’s no particular stage of sleep that you have to be for it to start working as it works anytime it notices snoring, both when you are immediately sleeping and when you are deeply asleep.

This device also has another added advantage as it can take note of your sleeping pattern and then transmit it into a recorded device through an app that you can now use to have an overview of how you slept last time. With this function of its ability to record the way you sleep, you can also make an assessment and improvement on your sleeping pattern to ensure that you reduce the risks and chances of snoring each time you sleep.

This ability to monitor your sleeping is really a great one as it is highly impossible for someone else to come and monitor the way you sleep in order to give you advice. Even when you check the physicians, especially those who are more inclined with the way people sleeping are snoring, it’s still difficult for their advice to come true as all they do are based on knowledge from the textbook instead of having practical experience in order to tell you about the sleeping pattern you have. Therefore, HVN sleep pod is both a diagnostic and therapeutic measure to arrest snoring.

It is a diagnostic tool as it can help your physician to get an overview of the way you sleep, especially in addition to the electroencephalogram which helps also to tell your physician the pattern of sleep you share. With the addition of these two, your physician can be able to treat you fine and know exactly the root cause of your snoring.

Besides this, it also has an immediate effect on your sleeping pattern, as it has a way of stimulating the muscles around your neck and making them immediately contract instead of being relaxed. As soon as those contractions in the muscles around your neck, your snoring will stop and then you continue your sleep again. It is not hard also for you to get adapted to it, and that is why you may continue to use it for over five years without any issue getting adapted and with its ability to also continue to stop you from snoring.

Though the device is a bit costly, it is cost-effective and also user-friendly as it gives you the chance to utilize it to your best and anywhere you are. It also does not have medical issues, especially if you are not contradicted to using it. Therefore, you should no more be worried about sleeping in an airplane or sleeping in any conference hall because of snoring.

As with this device, you can be able to contain and control the degree to which your snore. This device is made to stop your snoring to its barest minimum. However, you should note that it does this gradually. It does not mean that the first day you wear it, you have absolutely enough snore-free season. No! You need to know that it will work gradually until it will absolutely stop you from snoring.

hvn sleep pod reviews

Specifications of HVN sleep pod

Below are the specifications that come with the HVNSLEEP POD which make it unique and also do its function magically:

  • Product name: HVNSleep Pod. This name is the trade name that you can use to get it in any part of the world. It will also serve as the delivery name, which the company will use to deliver it to wherever you are living in easily. Even among your friends, whenever you have time to talk about this device with them, it is better to use the product name as it enhances our recommendations and also condemnation in some cases. Also, the producer is very proud of the product since it came out to the public as it has undergone a lot of public reviews and also ethical reviews.
  • Brand: HVNSleep.  This is absolutely a high-quality brand compared to other brands that are in the market and it has also been a selling point, especially for this device.
  • Model: 30481.  Knowing this model number will really help you, especially when the product is delivered to you. It will help you to ensure that it is what you ordered that you are receiving and that it will work perfectly as explained in this review. Therefore, it is important to know the more that you are going for as the model has a lot of roles to play.
  • Dimensions: 40.5*25.5*13mmm. This is exactly the dimension that this device takes. With this dimension, it will be a perfect fit on your neck and easily stimulates the muscles to do their work at any time.
  • Weight: 10g.  It is portable irrespective of where you are and also the position at a point. Whether you’re sitting down or sleeping, having it within your neck does not pain and does not irritate, so it is really a great quality one and one that came out of a lot of reviews and people’s opinions and that is why it’s worthless and something you can carry about.
  • Pulse frequency: 53Hz ±10%. This is the frequency at which it releases impulses into the muscles around the neck. Ordinarily, one may wonder how such a small device is able to come up with such pulse frequency, but the good thing is that it is carefully designed and the quality one that it produces enough pulse frequency that is able to stimulate the muscles that make them act like one to stop there Snoring.
  • Battery capacity: 3.7V/80mAh. This device will need you to charge it almost every day. However, it is important to note that this 80 milliampere that it has can last for the duration. You can use it within a specific period of time. I am pretty sure that you do not use more than 8 hours to sleep in a day and this device is so good that it can last more than 8 hours after a full charge. That is really the advantage of this battery capacity that comes with it, as it is very helpful to you as you can relax without thinking much about charging it. However, it is good to know that it uses a flat beam charger that works best to enhance its voltage and energy capacity.
  • Run time: About 15 hours.  So you should be sure of using this device for more than 10 hours each day after a full charge. With this confidence, you can go to your work with the mind that by the time you are back, your device must have fully charged and can also serve you for that period of time as you use it.

Content of HVNSleep pod

Below is the list of things you should expect for your delivery, especially within the delivery pack. When you see it. The absence of any of the under-listed items should make you suspect that the delivery that comes to you may not directly be for you. And the best thing you have to do is to send it back to the producer for them to recheck and then adequately send it back to you.

  • One HVNSleep Pod
  • One Charging Dock
  • One User Manual
  • One Quick Start Guide
  • One Wearing Guide
  • One Charging Cable
  • Ten Electrode pads

Features of HVNsleep pod

  • HVNSleep pod is Ergonomic: The design of this HVN SLEEP is so great and that is why it is easy for anyone to wear it outside, especially while unchecked or while in a public conference. Usually, it can be with you without people beginning to ask you too many questions or begin to know why you put down something or what you are like. It looks so good just like a strap you put over your jaw. The reason why it is designed to look so great is that one can start snoring anywhere even while on the public scene. So it’s very important to have the solution really in order to always stop you from snoring anytime the thing starts. It also helps you to wear it in advance and not just to bring it out. On a lighter note, the design also attracts people’s attention to it so that they can have their own and stop snoring.
  • Advanced sound recognition: HVNSLEEP POD has a special technology that helps you to recognize any slight sound made, especially one that looks like a snoring sound. It is developed especially in such a way that immediately it receives such sound. It will be activated to act further.
  • HVNSleep pod has TENS technology: with its ability to recognize special sounds, as soon as the sound is recognized, the next thing is for TENS to take action and this action is taken through transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which helps immediately to stimulate the surrounding muscles to act by contracting and opening the airway. The contractions of this muscle have a way of kind of stopping the snoring by making the muscles get more contracted instead of being relaxed. This is a major feature that the HVN sleep pod has which helps you to do its work easier and faster.
  • Snore-stopping power: From the above things we’ve already stated, it means that this device has the power to stop you from snoring and give you another calm sleep. Such capacity is rare, especially one that is reliable and one that you can easily fall back to at any time of the day or time of your age. It works very well ensuring that you do not snore anyhow.
  • Mobile App data analysis: It has an app that records your sleeping pattern and mode every night and tries to use it as a means to give you information about how you sleep and a better way you can control yourself in order to not to smile again. This is a good one as she keeps wanting to train you and gather the information that will be helpful to boot you and your physician. If you intend to use it in order to have a better diagnosis. Some physicians have also requested that patients get this kind of device to monitor their sleeping patterns and ensure that the best remedy is given to them, especially regarding snoring.
  • Magnetic electrode patch:  It has a magnetic bulleted patch that helps it to attach easily to our body surface while we still pin it down as a strap. This sense of this magnetic electrode patch is to enhance its ability to remain placed wherever we decide to put it as a means for it to transfer sound effects and also stimulate the muscles around there.
  • Magnetic charging base technology:  It has a magnetic charging base that helps you to charge very fast. With the help of this technology, you can rapidly charge it in less than three hours. The charging cord is almost like the normal one that those who use Android phones used to charge their phones.
  • Long battery life: Another great feature that this device possessed is its long battery life, which helps it to always power up officially anytime you pull it out. After charging it to a complete, you see that it has a runtime of non less than 15 hours, which can even help you use it within two days till then not be late wherever you are. Also, you can use solar power to charge it and it will still last as long as the one that is not charged under solar power.
hvnsleep pod

How to set up your HVNsleep pod

Below are the easy steps to take to ensure that your devices are working very fast and fine. It doesn’t really take time for you to do it as all you need to do is retain your phone.

  • Download and install the app (It’s free): If you use Android, you can go to the normal play store and get your device downloaded. But if on the other hand, they use an Apple phone, you can go to the Apple store and download HVN sleep pod. Downloading it does not cost any money, nor does it take you it takes much of your data as it is easy with a click of a button for you to download it. There are also no special steps to downloading it from your play store, irrespective of the kind of phone you use. Ice. All you need to do there is to type its name and it will appear you click on it and immediately it will start downloading.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone and pair it with the HVNSleep Pod: the same way you receive a special connection with other devices in order to share information with such devices is the same way you are going to connect the Bluetooth of your phone with the one for HVNsleep pod.
  • Place the electrode patch underneath your chin. The groove should be near your throat: Ensure to put the electrode patch underneath your chin as that is how it works immediately to effect its stimulatory effect on the muscles around your neck, which will enhance as well lead to the contraction of muscles that regulate your snoring. It’s important to take note of placing the electrode underneath your chin as it has a lot of capacity to do what this device is known for. The absence of placing this well may lead to it not working, which may tend to mean that this device is a scam. So it’s important you note that’s will apply this device in its best form.
  • Press and hold the strip for 30 seconds to ensure that it’s making full contact with the skin. 
  • Turn on your sleep pod and attach it to the conductive strip.

How does HVNSleep pod work?

Normally people start snoring when they fail to relax and the muscles of the truck are also relaxed. That is when this abnormal sound starts coming out from someone.  When the muscles controlling the vocal cord get relaxed, any kind of sound can start coming out and the audibility or the loudness of this sound may not be controlled by the individual.

 So the major way by which HVN SLEEP POD works is to control the way you make this sound. As a result of relaxation in the muscles within your throat. What it does is to activate those models and make them contract immediately in order to prevent you from that now. It does this in a discreet way whereby you may not even notice it.

Before you know what is happening, it has already done what it wants to do and you are no more snoring again. The action of this device does not also stop or interrupt or interfere with your sleep as it still helps you to continue to sleep calmly as if nothing ever happened.

The way this device does work is that it uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to stimulate the nerves around wherever it is placed and make those nerves also cause contraction in the muscles around it in order for the muscles to tense up and stop the effect of snoring.

The device comes with kids. That helps it to be charged every moment. It is only when it is well charged that they can release this electrical impulse which will help to stop you from snoring. It does not depend on the nature of the skin, or other things that may ease be affected. However, it is also important for everyone to pay attention to caution, especially for medical reasons, as already stated in these reviews.

hvnsleep pod reviews

How to use HVNSleep pod?

 HVN SLEEP POD does not really need a special way for you to use it. The most important thing about this is to ensure you use the way we have already enumerated or how to set it up. When you are when once you have already set it up, the next thing you have to do is to press it on and place it on your chin. After putting it on your chin, you can now connect these straps and immediately we start functioning. Anytime they sound that is similar to a snoring sound. That’s exactly how it works. And how you use it best for your own good.

Medical caution on the use of HVN Sleep pod

  • Do not use this device if you have pacemaker surgery
  • Do not use it if you have an implant within your chin.
  • Do not use it if you react to it easily.
  • Anytime you are not comfortable with it, discontinue its use.

Benefits of HVNsleep

  • HVNSLEEP stops snoring: This device works very fast to stop you from snoring as it stimulates the muscles which makes the snoring take place. These stimulated muscles get contract and cost a little movement within the muscles to ensure that they discontinued you from snoring. It does this very fast in such a way that you will not even identify when it is working.
  • Hypoallergenic: On its own, it does not cost any allergic reactions to both the skin and also to the internal body as it is made in such a way to deliver its work discreetly. Without much contact with the skin layer.
  • Relatively affordable: This device is relatively affordable as you can make a purchase of it with some discounts and stay attached which gives you some money back to your pocket. Unlike some other ones that are too high in their cost without having much effect, these devices are known to function best at any time of the day or night. When you are having to snore.
  • User-friendly: The device itself is not complicated as anyone can easily handle it, whether child or outdoors. In order to stop snoring. It does not have any complicated control system which may prevent anyone from using it. Rather it is so simple and easy to operate as all you need to do is to turn it on and connect its strips appropriately. It also does not cause any form of allergy. Therefore it is generally friendly to anyone who wants to use it.
  • Cost-effective:  This device is a bit costly. It has been noted by many of the users that the device functions appropriately under suspicion. This means that it is very cost-effective and can do its job as simply as possible.
  • Long last battery capacity: HVN sleep pod has at least 15 hours of runtime which helps it to function at any point in time and also in. Sometimes you can use it for more than one day, especially when you are in a place where you can easily charge it. This long battery capacity is targeted towards ensuring that you make use of this device irrespective of where you are, and that is really an enormous advantage. These devices have over other devices.
  • Easy to set up:  All you need to do is to follow the steps of the outline in this refuse and your device will be immediately set up without much stress or effort from you.
  • Does not contain chemicals:  This device does not use any chemicals in its function. Therefore there is no cause for alarm and no need to fear anything as all it does is to use the magnet to control its function, especially in releasing the transcript. Electrical nerve stimulation will immediately make the muscles start contracting And release every relaxation that is leading to snoring.

HVNsleep pod users report

I bought this item recently and I can see how effective it is just after one day of use. It improved my sleep quite a bit. I feel better when waking up. Before now I use to struggle with sleep in my house and this add to the things that make my day bad most times as it makes me feel like sleeping at my place of work. I am really glad I have laid hands on a better solution to my bad snoring habit.

Leqis Camigari

The most effective anti-snoring equipment I ever used. I was using two different kinds of anti-snoring products and they both didn’t work for me. My friend told me about the HVNSleep so I tried it and now I love it. Great product for anti-snoring and bringing comfort to sleep!

David S.

Happy to buy the HVNSleep for my husband. Snoring is one helll of a thing that nearly crumpled my relation but am glad I and my husband are over it now. He has stopped snoring since using it and he said that it is really comfortable and everything is easy to use. Highly recommend the product!

Sophia E.

What is the price of an HVNSleep Pod? ( HVN Sleep Pod Review)

The company is currently running a huge discount on prices. You stand a chance to enjoy these offers when you buy directly from the official website. See prices below:

  • 1× HVNSleep Unit: $119.99 + $8.95 Shipping.
  • 2× HVNSleep Pod Units: $239.98 + $9.95 Shipping.
  • 3× HVNSleepPod Units: $269.98 + $10.95 Shipping.
  • 4× HVN SleepPod Units: $329.97 + $11.95 Shipping.

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Frequently asked questions on HVNsleep pod

How does HVNSleep Pod work?

Hvn sleep pod works by releasing an electrical nerve stimulation which helps the muscles around the neck to contract and as well make the muscles relax so that the snoring itself can also stop. The high-end technology receives the small sound and then immediately transmits the electrical stimulation which will go into the skin from the skin to the muscles and get the muscles activated to contract and make snoring cease.

What should I do if the device feels uncomfortable?

People who have come to talk about their use of this device have not really mentioned the area of it being uncomfortable. Understand that things can become uncomfortable at any point in time irrespective of the person using it. Therefore if it becomes uncomfortable to you and you tried to adjust it and it’s still perceived to be uncomfortable for you the best thing you should do is to detach it from yourself immediately. It is advisable that you also watch the way you are lying down and ensure that you are not pressing the device on yourself. If you noticed that it is due to the position while sleeping the best thing to do is to adjust your sleep position to a better one.

Will the power indicator stay on after the device is powered on?

The power indicator does not stay on for long. Show the light for only 10 minutes and it will turn itself off and the rest of them will now be their money train and also they control from the technologies that are inbuilt in this device.

How long does it take to charge the device and how long can it be used when fully charged?

Approximately 2 hours for this device to be fully charged. You fully charge it and also takes an extra 15 hours for it to discharge. This is almost two nights. If you are on a two-day journey and you’re looking for the best anti-snoring device to use then you have to go for hvn sleeping pod.

Can I use HVNSleep on an airplane or a bus?

Hvn sleeping pod can be used anywhere irrespective of where you are either on the plane or in the comfort of your bed or even in your office you can always use this device to avoid snoring while sleeping.

Does HVN sleep pod work?

Yes, it works discreetly to ensure that you do not know at any time and also gives you a rundown of how your night went including how you slept and how you turn up and down on your bed.

Can I stop snoring with HVNSleep pod?

Yes, you can actually stop snoring if you use HVNSLEEP POD because that’s the major function of the device, and that works for many people all over the globe.

How much is an HVNSleep?

The price of this device is a bit affordable as you can get it cheaper from the official website of the producer. You can also use the affiliate link within this course to know the price and as well as to purchase it it is safe and secure for your transactions.

Check another alternative to HVN sleep pod called Sleep connection.

Conclusion on HVN sleep pod

Snoring is a very bad disease as it brings discomfort to some people and is also a threat to many relationships. Some persons have been evaluated a couple of times just to know if they can find a solution to this health challenge. Several futile attempts to resolve this health challenge have also denied the hope that you can ever receive a medical cure.

However, not until some tech devices that springing up as a means to arrest every cause of snoring. Some of these anti-snoring devices have been gaining Media traction while a lot of them have really been given solutions especially as regards stopping snoring. Some of these anti-snoring devices have also assisted in the management of other comorbidities as they give a pointer to what is really going on by actively monitoring the sleeping patterns and how you rotate and other activities that follows your sleeping every night. Thanks for taking the time to go through this hvn sleeping pod review.