how weighted blanket work

How weighted blanket work

The weighted blanket has been trending for a long time now but not everyone has cared to know or talk about “how weighted blanket work”. In this post, I will be taking you around to show you how a weighted blanket works to provide you with enormous benefits.

If you are still struggling with sleep or you are already old and struggling to maintain a good circadian rhythm, then you can try this weighted blanket for the best sleeping pleasure and mood. It has promised to be packed with lots of interesting benefits which many people have explored over the past 100 years and counting.

The weighted blanket has been attributed to having therapeutic values and as well as having other benefits which may include helping you to sleep comfortably. How all these come to happen and the ways you can go to continue to enjoy these are the top reasons why I am making this post. Continue to read to learn more about the use and benefits attached to this device.

Why weighted blanket is the best blanket to keep warm?

If you are living in a region that is always cold like in zones where snow falls or you are currently in the winter season of your region, there is still hope for you because you have a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have both weights to induce physiological processes in your body and thickness to also ensure you have the needed warmth that will maintain the needed health status.

When you wrap yourself with a weighted blanket, you are stimulating the release of similar hormones released with hugging. When you hug, the hormones activated are called oxytocin and serotonin. These two hormones are calming hormones and will bring enormous benefits through their function.

How weighted blanket work?

Below is how a weighted blanket works to provide you will calm and lovely moods:

Weighted blanket as a hormone stimulator

  • Serotonin: this hormone is produced when you cover yourself with your blanket. Its major role is to help your emotion to be balanced. It controls appetite to some extent making you balance in the way you are hungry.
  • Melatonin: melatonin is a major play when it comes to sleeping. It helps you to maintain a relatively calm sleeping routine. It is stimulated through the deep touch exacted by the weighted blanket. When it is activated and produced, you will feel like sleeping. This is also one of the hormones produced after sex that makes some men fall asleep immediately after sex.
  • Dopamine: weighted blankets also help with the production of dopamine which has a major effect on our body to control our movement and make us calm. It complements what serotonin cannot do to ensure that you have the best mood anytime. It is one of the major playings in ensuring that you don’t have anxiety. What this means is that as you use your blanket, these hormones will be produced to help you sleep well without being anxious about anything.
  • Oxytocin: oxytocin helps you sleep. If you battle with your circadian rhythm, there is a chance that your oxytocin level is low. With a blanket, it will be produced in adequate volume to help you sleep effectively. Remember that anything that decreases your sleeping can affect your day.

The weighted blanket also works by deep touch:

When you cover yourself with a weighted blanket, you will almost feel as if you are cuddled by someone. This is on the one side a way of feeling warmth and protection. Covering yourself under this will certainly make you feel safe even if you are in a new environment.

Weighted blanket with glass beads

For weighted blankets to work well, they contain weights within them. It is this weight within a weighted blanket that makes the difference between weighted and non-weighted blankets.

One of the things that constitute this weight in blankets is a piece of glass arranged in beads. The good thing about glass beads is that they are not allergic or hot. You can use them at any time without being afraid of allergies.

However, it is good to understand that it can be heavy because the glass has more than other weighted blankets. You have to ensure that the one you go for has the right weight for you. It should weigh around 8% to 12% of your weight.

Best weighted blanket without beads

Not all weighted blankets have beads of plastic or glasses. Some are known to be without these contents and yet have enough weight. This category has normal fabrics as contents and derives their weight from such.

The good thing about the ones that don’t have beads is that you will not be afraid of allergies or the weight they may have. You may not also be afraid of being injured while making use of this device. For your children, it is better to use a weighted blanket that does not have beads for them. It is safer for them.

It is good for you to always confirm the type you want to buy. It is important so that you won’t feel cheated at the end.

A final note on how a weighted blanket works

Weighted blanket works by deep touch which will cause the release of hormones that will make your mood calm. It will also help you have a calm sleep. It is really a good bedding tool that you will be glad to have.

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