How to wash hey dude insoles? The best guide!

I recently discovered that what is making my Hey Dude shoes smell is the Hey Dude insoles. I haven’t washed them since I bought them because I don’t know how to wash the Hey Dude insoles. One of the challenges people who have shoes with detachable insoles have is how to wash them—whether to use a machine or not, including the steps to take to ensure that they are absolutely clean.

If you are caught in such a web, then you don’t have cause to worry because, in this post, I will extensively outline and explain to you the various steps taken to ensure that your insoles are always clean. I will perfectly answer your question: “How do you wash your dude’s insoles?

Knowing how to wash your Hey dude’s insoles is very important, aside from those who don’t like living clean lives. If you fall into this category of people who will do anything to ensure that there is no awkward odor coming out from their shoes then spend the rest of the few minutes going through this well-detailed article on how to wash hey dude insoles. Before we dive deep into the article, let’s know what insoles are.

What is Hey Dude insole?

Hey dude, shoes are one of the most popular brands of shoes to buy. It is popular for its quality and durability. Within each pair of shoes are insoles to cushion pressure as you continue to move with them.

The part inside the Hey Dude shoes that is directly in contact with your sock’s plantar surface is the insole. The hey dude insoles are detached, allowing you to remove them, clean them, and also ensure they are neat every time.

Like every other shoe that has insoles, Hey dude shoes are not immune to smell if you fail to ensure that the insoles receiving the pressure and heat from your leg are clean. To prevent the possible cause of the smell of your shoes, you need to constantly wash the insoles. You still don’t know how to wash Hey dude’s insoles? Don’t worry, we are now entering the step-by-step process of how to do it perfectly.

How to wash hey dude insoles? Step by step!

Below, I will be giving you different options to keep your Hey Dude insoles clean. I will show you in each of the options the steps you should follow on how to wash hey dude insoles. The core target is to ensure clean and odorless insoles within the Hey Dude shoes.

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Option 1: Wash hey dude insoles by Scrubbing them.

The first option to consider here is the simplest form or way to clean hey dude insoles. It will involve the use of water and liquid detergent to scrub your insoles. Below are the directions on how to get there.

  1. Bring out your shoes; chances are that the shoes may not be with you at the point where you want to clean the insoles. Therefore, you will need to bring them out and get them ready for cleanup.
  2. Release the lace: untie the lace to loosen the shoes. This is only possible by gradually removing the lace you initially tied.
  3. Bring out your hey dude insole. The next step will be to bring out the insoles. After untying the shoes’ lace, the next thing will be to bring out the insoles from each of the shoes.
  4. Bring out water: here you will estimate the quantity of water you need depending on how dirty the hey dude insoles are. If it is lightly dirty, then you will only need a small volume of water. In another case, if it is very dirty, maybe because it has been a while since you used it, then you will need more volume of water.
  5. Get a liquid Non-toxic detergent: getting the best liquid detergent is good. You need a safe, odorless detergent. You can then mix the detergent with the water. Ensure that the water and the detergent are properly mixed, especially if your detergent is in powdered form.
  6. Mix the detergent well. The reason for mixing the detergent well with the water is that it will not really clean off the dirt and odor if both are not mixed up well. The goal here is not just to produce foam but to also form a solution.
  7. Use a piece of cloth or brush to scrub your insoles and keep them clean: since the water and the detergent are both mixed up well, the next thing to do will be to use it to clean off the dirt and odor of the insoles. Carefully use a piece of cloth or brush to do this.
  8. Air dry your hey dude insoles: after scrubbing the insoles, ensure to air dry them. Make sure not to expose it to too much sun so that it will not be bleached.

Option 2: Clean the Hey Dude insole with disinfectant.

Sometimes, you may also feel that the best thing you need to do is to disinfect your shoes and insoles. If you are in this category, you shouldn’t worry. Here is the step:

  • Follow the first three steps already listed in option 1.
  • Get the right disinfectant ready. You will need to know exactly what you intend to disinfect in your insoles. If you feel that you are at risk of scabies, then you can use scabicide to disinfect your hey dude insoles.
  • Apply the disinfectant on the insole: the major purpose of this will not be to make your insoles clean but rather to ensure that all infective organisms on your insoles are out.
  • Air dry the insoles if you used a liquid disinfectant.

Option 3: Clean the Hey Dude insole by Deodorizing.

Sometimes, there is this recalcitrant resistant odor that comes from your insoles. You have used the first option here and it wouldn’t leave. Now you are worried about how to clean hey dude insoles to make the odor leave. Here is the way forward. Since the insoles are already clean but still retain some level of abnormal smell, you can decide to deodorize them. However, you must get deodorant to make it happen.

After all the steps in option 1 above and it wouldn’t leave, then you can apply your deodorant to deodorize the hey dude insoles. This will certainly work out for you.

Option 4: Alcohol cleaning of hey dude insoles.

If you don’t want to use normal water and detergent to clean your hey dude insoles, maybe because you want to try alcohol cleaning method, then here is the best way out.

  • Follow the steps in option 1 up till step 3.
  • Get an equal volume of alcohol and also water. Mix both very well to ensure that the alcohol is diluted well.
  • Then use the mixture to scrub your insoles and make it look clean.
  • Then air dry your insoles.

How to clean hey dude insoles – Machine or hand washing?

What exactly is the best way to clean hey dude insoles – should it be by using a laundry machine or by hand washing? Here’s the best tips on how to clean your dude insoles.

While the machine will make it effortless for you to see your insoles very clean and ready to be used, it will not make the best choice because the insoles may be damaged in the process of trying to wash them.

Also, using the machine will make your insoles to be over soaked. When your insole is over-soaked, it will delay to be dried. It can even make you to use dry or go for sunlight which may worsen the whole issue.

Moreover, it will not be very good for you to leave such inflexible material with your washing machine, especially as it will be hard for it to notice the major areas that are not clean.

It is also good for you to know that Hey Dude insoles are made of memory foam. The foam component is the major thing to preserve because if you wash them in the machine they’ll lose their shape. This may make them shrink. You can wash the insoles by hand with soapy water or purchase new insoles if you can’t get them to appear as clean you want them to be.

Therefore, how to clean hey dude insoles should involve hand washing. The above steps we listed on how to wash hey dude insoles involve using hand. This is because, with the use of a manual hand, you will enjoy it more and get your work done easily.

You can even clean your hey dude insoles without over soaking them with water. This makes it faster for them to dry.

Do hey dude insoles shrink after washing?

As you attempt to clean your hey dude insoles, you may notice that they swell up as they are inside the water. Never mind, when it is dry, everything will be fine. However, it is important to note that hey dude insoles do not shrink after washing. It is important for you to know this because it is a false belief that has kept many people from washing their hey dude insoles, not necessarily issues with how to wash hey dude insoles.

Can you dry the Hey dude insoles in the Dryer?

No! Please do not attempt to dry your hey dude insoles because it is made with materials that may not stand the heat of your dryer machine. It is important to only air dry your hey dude insoles till they are dry and ready to be used.

Can you wash shoe insoles in washing machine?

It is not best to wash shoes insoles in washing machine. However, if you run out of other options, you can try to use your washing machine to do the washing.

If you must use the washing machine, then you must select the delicate cycling option of your washing machine and use only cold water for it. Possibly, you can put the insoles in a single bag to prevent them from awkward sounds and movement while inside the machine.

It is always best to wash your shoes insoles with hands rather than using your machine because the machine may end up damaging or making them shrink them for you.

Can you wash the inserts of hey dudes?

Yes! It is good for you to create a routine to always wash your hey dude insoles. This will prevent them from having bad odor and make them look clean and good for you.

Can shoe insoles be washed in washing machine?

Yes! However, your washing machine should be on delicate mode. The preferred temperature for the water should always be cold one. This is because using the hot one may make hey dude’s insoles shrink and reduce in size.

Can you wear hey dudes without the insoles?

The hey dude insoles perform great functions for the shoes. They help to cushion the pressure applied to your feet. By doing so, they tend to prevent though having plantar fasciitis. Therefore, I advise that it is better to always wear your shoes with their inserts or insoles including wearing hey dude shoes with their insoles.

Conclusion on how to wash Hey dude insoles

There is no rocket science in how to wash hey dude insoles. It is as simple as washing any of your clothes. I have outlined the steps you need to wash your insoles. The steps and options above can be applied beyond the level of Hey Dude brands. Ensure to follow the recommendations and approaches to make your shoe insoles continue to look great.

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