How to recondition wiper blades

How to recondition wiper blades? The best step by step guide!

You have been using your windshield wiper blade for too long with no money to buy a new one. All you need is “how to recondition wiper blades”. With this knowledge, you can continue using your current wiper without any reason to change it immediately.

The safety of driving attached to the clarity of your windshield can never be underestimated, and this is why we are going to answer this burning question: how to recondition wiper blades.

Over time, your wiper blades may get old and may even not work accordingly again. This will require you to come up with measures that will help you recondition your wiper to function as initially intended and work perfectly again.

Many people seem not to know that it is still possible to recondition their windshield wiper to make it look new again. Here are the tips you need and an example of what will help you achieve new wiper blades without spending a dime of your money.

How to recondition your wiper blade includes routine cleaning of your wiper blades to ensure that dust and other particles that will blur the windshield are adequately removed. This may occasionally involve the use of vinegar, silicon lubricant, and baking soda to make the blades of the wiper soft and ready to work. How to recondition wiper blades may involve as simple as just refilling the windshield wiper fluid.

Before we go ahead with how to recondition wiper blades, let’s see how to clean the wiper blades to remove and keep them clean.

How to clean windshield wiper blades?

In order to effectively recondition your wiper blades, you need to clean them first. This brings us to the question – how to clean windshield wiper blades?

The two possible things that can make your windshield wiper blades not function well include if they are dirty and need you to use sandpaper to remove the dust from them. Another factor to also consider is whether it has rust on it. The rust will need to be removed so that the wiper can function effectively to ensure that you see clearly anytime you are driving. The steps covered in making your windshield wiper blades clean will be covered under how to recondition wiper blades. Before we go into that, let’s show you how to take off windshield wiper blades.

How to take off wildshield wiper?

First, pull the entire wiper assembly up so that it remains vertical.

Then turn the blade perpendicular to the arm so that the hinge is visible. You’ll notice a small tab on one side of the hinge.

Pull that tab* out (you’ll here a snap) and then pull the wiper down, towards the car. Now that the blade and arm are separated, remove the blade through one of the holes on the blade.

With the blade removed, the wiper arms are now unprotected metal, so don’t leave the arm up if you turn away to get your new wipers. If they were to fall back down, it would not be good for your windshield. I like to lay down the old wiper in a way that it will catch the arm should it fall, just in case.

How to change a windshield wiper?

If you think that your windshield wiper is very old and you need to change it to a new one, but you don’t know exactly how to go about it, and this is the reason you are asking, How to change a windshield wiper? Below are the steps you need to follow to achieve it.

Let me assume you already bought the one for your car, and the only thing left is for you to change the windshield wiper. However, if you are yet to buy your windshield wiper, you can do that by knowing your car’s model and year. This will help you find the best match for your car. You can use Amazon or Walmart to make your purchase and expect delivery.

Now that you have purchased the new one, what you will do is follow the steps above on how to take off the windshield wiper. Follow the steps until the end to ensure that you have already removed the old one. The picture below shows the point you should be at.

After removing the old windshield wiper, the next thing to do is bring the new windshield wiper closer so as to reassemble the windshield wiper with the new one. In this case, you will need to connect your new wiper with the arms of the windshield wiper tool.

Connect both the wiper and the arm to ensure that both are fixed firmly so that they will not detach while wiping the screen.

After connecting both the arm and the wiper, the next thing to do is to bring down your wiper blade and begin to use it whenever you want to clean your windshield.

How to recondition wiper blades?

It is not every time that your windshield wiper blades will need you to replace them. Sometimes, it just needs you to clean them up or just to make the wiper a bit wet. There is really no hard way to achieve this other than to follow the steps below on how to recondition wiper blades.

Remove dust, mold, and rust from the blades or arms.

Here, you have to ensure that your blades are clean by gradually removing the mold or dust that could have clouded the wiper blade, making it not function effectively. You can also use sandpaper to ensure that every piece of mold or rust is totally removed. This is usually the first step taken to ensure that you have a clean windshield.

Wet or freshen your windshield wiper blades using baking soda.

Baking soda is another agent that can help you have a wet wiper blade. The best way to achieve this is to pour a quarter-beaker of baking soda into a plastic bag and wrap your wiper blades with it. Allow it to last for some time, then remove it. Automatically, your windshield wiper blades will be renewed and reconditioned immediately. You can continue to enjoy as much as possible with the wiper.

Use water or white vinegar to soften your wiper blades.

Water and vinegar are two things that have really helped to ensure that you recondition your windshield wiper blades easily and at no cost. To achieve this, take the wiper blades off according to the directions I have already given you above. Then pour a quarter cup of vinegar into the bag and tie it off.

As your wiper blades are inside with the vinegar, the vinegar will make your wiper blades softer and more pliable, which will give you a better wipe! This way, there will be no need to go for windshield wiper blade replacement.

Silicon lubricant:

The last option as to how to recondition wiper blades is to routinely apply silicon lubricant to the blades. This you can decide to do on your old wiper blades every 3 months. This will keep your blade wet and make it continue to wipe your windshield very well.

How to Refill Your Wiper Fluid

Windshield wiper fluid is very important as it continues to make your wiper blades soft and good for use. However, this wiper fluid will need to be refilled whenever it gets exhausted. This brings us to the question: how do you refill your wiper fluid?

First, there are indications to let you know that your wiper fluid needs refilling. It can be from the indication light for refilling coming on. This is a major way to know that your wiper fluid needs to be refilled.

Another way to know that you need to refill the wiper fluid is when you begin to see that your wipers are producing milky-colored particles each time you use them. This can inform you that the wiper is no longer soft and it is already deteriorating due to lack of the wiper fluid. In any of the above scenes, you have to take immediate steps to rescue your wiper blades from complete damage. You have to buy wiper fluid and keep it with you.

Then follow the steps below to refill your wiper fluid:

Enter your can and pull the hood release lever. This will unlock your car bonnet.

After that, walk around the front and disengage the hood latch. Lift the hood and look for a support rod along the side of your vehicle’s engine area. If your car has one, use it to prop up the hood; if not, you’ll need to find a different prop. Ensure that the hood is supported before you start attempting to refill the wiper fluid. If someone is there with you, the person can hold it for you.

Where to put windshield wiper fluid?

Now that your hood is supported, the next thing is to know where to put windshield wiper fluid.

Inside the bonnet, find the windshield wiper reservoir cap. Typically, there is an image depicting windshield wipers on it.

Open the cap and set it aside. If you have a funnel, insert it into the wiper fluid reservoir, and pour wiper fluid into the funnel until the level rises to just below the fill line.

Remove the funnel and replace the cap. Close the hood, making sure the latch engages. You’re now good to go!

How to renew the windshield wiper?

The windshield wiper is a rubber blade that is not made to last forever. It can last for a couple of time – let’s say up to 3 or 5 years. The next question will be how to renew windshield wiper? If not renew the existing one, it will be about replacing the existing old one with a new one.

Whichever one you will choose to go by, I have a recommendation in this post on how you can renew your existing windshield wiper blades and they they will serve you better.

Renew Your Wiper Reviews: the easiest way to restore your existing windshield wiper blades.

There is no miracle greater than knowing the cheaper way of achieving what you want. In this Renew your wiper review, you will find a new trending, and affordable way of renewing your wiper without losing all your money. This can protect you and your family from accidents and continue to offer you safe driving.

It won’t matter how careful and cautious you are when you drive if your vision is obstructed. In fact, having clear vision when driving should be your top priority. Save money and always have a clean windshield with Renew Your Wiper! Your safety is our number one priority! Renew Your Wiper can help you drive with a clearer line of vision!

What is Renew Your Wiper?

Renew Your Wiper is scientifically designed to create a perfect “factory fresh” edge on your wiper blades. Water is whisked off your windshield like your blades were factory-new!

Not only does Renew Your Wiper make your car look better, but it also improves the overall safety of your vehicle by cleaning your windshield so you can see everything in front of you. See what’s on the road ahead and be prepared for sudden changes in the weather!

You can save hundreds of dollars through the life of your car! Renewing your wiper is the eco-friendly way to keep your money in your pocket!! Wiper blades start to deteriorate every time you use them. The big car companies want you to spend a lot of money to replace them. This is not only wasteful, but actually dangerous, since it is not always easy to find new blades when you need them.

Now, for a limited time, you can solve all these problems with one simple-to-use tool. The Renew Your Wiper improves visibility when you’re driving so you can focus on more important things!

We use all our senses when we drive. The last thing you need is a dirty windshield obstructing your view. Drive a car with a CLEAR windshield to avoid accidents!

Renew Your Wiper reviews – how to use it?

Renewing your wiper is so simple to use. In a few easy steps, you’ll be amazed at how clear you can see! Whether you’re a veteran driver or new to the road, Renew Your Wiper can make your drive a safer one.

Below are the simple steps to how to use Renew Your Wiper.

STEP 1: Wipe your wiper clean with the damp cloth

STEP 2: Gently glide your Renew Your Wiper from one end of the blade to the other five times

STEP 3: Clean any leftover residue or debris

That’s it! You’ve made your car more SAFE and efficient just by using the Renew Your Wiper.

You’ll never find yourself constantly spending your hard-earned money on new blades. Renew Your Wiper recreates a precise edge on your blades. You’ll always be able to see clearly in the rain.

More accidents happen in the rain than in almost any other time because of poor visibility. Don’t drive when it’s almost impossible to see. You, your kids, and your friends could all be in danger.

Your wipers will be brand new with this inexpensive device. Keep your passengers safe by keeping your windshield clean.


Renew your wiper reviews from users:

People have started making positive Renew Your Wiper reviews to affirm how good the product is. Below are some of the Renew Your Wiper Blades reviews.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars on repairing my wipers. Since I purchased the Renew Your Wiper, I haven’t had to change my wipers once!

Jerry K

I don’t have time to leave my car in the shop. I have such a hectic schedule, the Renew Your Wiper saves me so much time!

Candice K

I was skeptical at first when my Renew Your Wiper came in the mail. It’s such a small device, it doesn’t look like it could do much… I was wrong! This little gadget made a huge difference to my wipers!

Oscar P

 Should’ve found this item sooner. Glad it popped up when I was surfing the web. I like to keep my knives sharp in the kitchen. So glad to have found Renew Your Wiper. Now I can keep my wiper blades sharp too.

Paul L

Awesome! The smears are just all gone after a few simple swipes.

Joan W

As a student, I’ve been trying to save money wherever I can. Wiper blades are kinda that thing I really don’t want to spend money on. I’m a saver. The Renew Your Wiper is cheap and effective.

Cheryl H

FAQ on windshield wiper blade reviews

Where to put windshield wiper fluid?

The indicator shows light that the windshield wiper fluid has finished. You have also bought the wiper fluid but one question is yet unanswered – where to put windshield wiper fluid? Here is the answer. When the light has already indicated that you need to refill the tank for your windshield wiper blades, you have to buy the wiper fluid and keep it standby. Open the hood or bonnet. You can open the hood of your car from inside by unlocking it. After that, support the hood with a rod to ensure that it is firmly raised up. Then you can look for the reservoir that is made for the windshield wiper fluid. There will be a label to show you the container. When you have seen the container, you can then refill it according. After refilling the reservoir, the next thing will be to lock the hood again.

How to use windshield wiper fluid?

There is no direct use of windshield wiper fluid. Someone will be asking how to use windshield wiper fluid, especially if you have not seen where the wiper fluid reservoir is refilled. So when you get the windshield wiper fluid for your car, the only way to use it is to refill the windshield wiper fluid reservoir that is within your car’s hood. This will immediately begin to show on the windshield wiper blades as they will become softened and ready to clean clearly.

How to refill windshield wiper fluid?

How to refill windshield wiper fluid is simple. Buy the windshield wiper fluid. Then open your car’s hood. Search for the reservoir for the windshield wiper fluid. Open the windshield wiper fluid reservoir and refill it. That’s exactly how to go about it.

Why you should check your windshield wiper fluid level?

It is important not to be caught unawares by exhaustion of your windshield wiper fluid. There is already the engine light to indicate when it is low. Before you embark on a long journey, it is important to first, always check most of the important parameters concerning your car. You can do this use the OBD scanner. Checking to identify faults will really help you so that you will not be delayed while you are already on the journey. One of the things to check for is the windshield wiper fluid level. This is very important to ensure that your windshield continue to be clear in the midst of rain and other harsh condition you may meet along your journey.

What wiper blades do I need?

Whenever you feel the need to replace your wiper’s blade, it is very important that you have your car’s model number and year of make. This will help you to get the exact specifications for your car and it will work perfectly well.

I received my Renew Your Wiper in the mail. What should I know before the initial use?

Renew Your Wiper is best used when your windshield wipers are clean. Be sure to clean your wipers thoroughly with the cloths included in your Renew Your Wiper package. If you wish, you may also apply liquid soap along the wiper lip.

How much pressure should I apply when using my Renew Your Wiper?

Use light to moderate pressure when using your Renew Your Wiper. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure for it to work effectively. Remember to keep even pressure as you glide up and down your blades for an even finish.

How many times can I use the Renew Your Wiper?

You can use the Renew Your Wiper as many times as you’d like! Your Renew Your Wiper can be used on different wipers. Be sure to follow the instructions and clean your wipers before every use.

What kind of wipers are best suited to be used with the Renew Your Wiper?

Any type of windshield wiper on any vehicle is suitable to be used with the Renew Your Wiper.

What if my Renew Your Wiper doesn’t work?

If your Renew Your Wiper is defective for any reason, don’t worry! We will gladly send you a new one.

Conclusion on windshield wiper blade reviews

Windshield wiper blades reviews have offered you all you need to ensure that your wiper continue to work well. With all I have told you through this post on how to recondition wiper blades, I am certain that you won’t have any road accidents due to poor vision emanating from poor function of the blades. Whether a new or old windshield, it can be reconditioned to function as a new one. I have also made an offer for you to enjoy.

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