boosting wifi signal through walls

How to boost wifi signal through walls?

Are you currently new to an apartment and having some challenges browsing as usual? Your browsing is probably being affected by the walls of the building, and you may need some tips on how to boost wifi signal through walls.

This is why this post was created to guide you on the possible ways to boost wifi through walls to effectively browse without a hitch. I will be guiding you through these simple and well-outlined tips on how to boost the Wi-Fi signal through the wall.

Before we go on with a simple guide on how to avoid internet delays in your new office or apartment, let’s look at some terms that may need further understanding.

What is a Wi-Fi signal?

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet access. It enables you to browse the internet and get the information you need. You have access to wifi when you subscribe to your telecommunications network provider. You can subscribe to data that will be okay for you for a particular duration. After that, when it is finished, you can subscribe again.

For you to use this wifi on your device or a nearby device, it has to provide enough signal to carry whatever you want to do with it. For instance, if you need information urgently, this will depend on the speed of the Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes, this Wi-Fi speed can be as low as in bytes, moderately in kilobytes, or even as high as in megabytes. The speed you have at a time will depend on the environment and also the device that you are using to connect to wifi.

Some of the factors that create internet dead space also affect your Wi-Fi signal and reduce its speed. Once this speed is affected, you have to look for a way to boost it or extend it beyond the barrier that is stopping it from working effectively. Let’s now consider some of the practical steps on how to boost Wi-Fi signals through walls.

How do I boost the Wi-Fi signal through walls?

how to boost WiFi signal through walls
how to boost WiFi signal through walls

If you have tried other means within your phone, like upgrading from 3G to 4G, and the issue still persists, then here are other measures to follow on how to boost the Wi-Fi signal through walls. However, it is important to note that the measures I will list here may require you to buy devices that will help you extend or boost the wifi to reach anywhere you want it to.

Use Wi-Fi booster to boost Wi-Fi signal through walls

One of the easiest devices that can help you boost your internet coverage is a WiFi booster. You can check out some options I have reviewed to make your selection. These Wi-Fi boost devices include WiFi Ultraboost, WiFi Superboost, and other options that may be available on Amazon.

You can also go for wifi extenders.

The good thing about Wi-Fi extenders is that they can extend the signal beyond the designated points that ordinarily they can reach. It works by carrying the signal from one place to another. This is why it is currently trending as a good option for many people. I have also made reviews on the RangeXTD WiFi extender. Go through it and see how far it helps you boost your wifi through a wall.

Change your router

Sometimes, it may be a result of what is giving you the Wi-Fi signal. It may be due to the fact that your network provider is not giving you enough signal to cross the wall. In this case, you can get yourself a new router that can help you use your Wi-Fi signal for internet service at any point.

Boosting Wi-Fi signal through thick walls?

The act of boosting a Wi-Fi signal through thick walls may seem very difficult, especially if you have not used an internet extender or Wi-Fi booster before now. If you have used a Wi-Fi extender, you will understand that boosting the Wi-Fi signal through thick walls does not require a very difficult task. It is very simple and highly necessary if you need to constantly enjoy internet services.

We are currently in the Internet age, where we need the Internet to process everything. We need no delay or difficulty in accessing the Wi-Fi signal at any time because our lives may depend on the information that comes from it. This is why you have to be ready in case you go to a place where you need to extend or boost your Wi-Fi services.

Do Wi-Fi extenders work through walls?

The first time I heard about Wi-Fi extenders, I was a bit skeptical about them. I asked myself some questions, one of which was, “Do Wi-Fi extenders work through walls?” This question is very important, as it will help me to know why I should go for a wifi extender when my wifi is obstructed by walls.

I tested it and can confirm that it works effectively to extend the signal very well. Wi-Fi extenders come with high speed and other necessary technology that a normal phone does not have, and this is why it is easier for Wi-Fi extenders to work through walls where, ordinarily, your phone’s wifi has limited access.

Can wifi go through walls?

Wi-Fi can go through walls, especially if you decide to extend it or boost the extent of coverage of the Wi-Fi signal. This is the best advantage you get when you extend your WiFi signal. It can travel long distances to bring you the level of internet access you need.


Instead of continuing to wait for when you will eventually be able to use your Wi-Fi signal across the walls of the building, it is important that you look for a good Wi-Fi extender or boost that will help you reach areas that look like they can’t be reached. It is simple to achieve this; all you need to do is buy the best device you need.

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