Hairless dogs: do they still exist?

I thought all dogs have hair until I traveled to India. That was the first time I noticed that there are some species of dogs that do not have hairs. This shocking discovery made me research deeper on why they don’t have hair and the remaining species of dogs that do not have hair. You know, it is easy for one to argue that all dogs have hair except if you have seen a couple of dogs without hair.

Most of the dogs I have come across have hair with them, especially those that are bred in the United States of America. After making the observation and noticing that the hairless dog species are not limited to India and that it exists in other countries like some parts of the United States, I approach dog trainers and dog food processing and packaging companies. The reason for reaching out to the company is to know if there are dietary differences that may have contributed to the no development of hairs by such dogs. However, their answer clearly shows that there is no special package for the hairless dog’s parse.

Before I go on to tell you more about the different things you need to know about hairless dogs, you see the YouTube videos to know the hairless dog species that are still available and where you can get them.

What is a hairless dog?

the word “hairless dog” may sound strange to many people just like the first time I saw hairless dogs. It was unbelievable. It was as if it is not real. I had to reexamine the dogs to ensure that they have the attributes that make them dogs. I discovered that the only thing they don’t have is that they don’t have hairs on their body. They lack fur within their skin clothing and are automatically not fully protected like their counterpart that has fur all over their body. Therefore, those dogs that do not have fur or hair on their body are called hairless dogs. They don’t possess any special features in them and they are not affected differently by nutrients.
One distinguishing factor between dogs and other canine is in dogs’ ability to bark. The hairs on their body are not all that striking but can help you to include dogs into the family they belong to.

Can hairless dogs get fleas?

Fleas are parasitic and enjoy feeding on the blood of mammals. They get attached to the hairs or furs of their host and get to suck blood from their host. The fleas on their own have mechanisms for getting attached to the body of the dog or cat so as to enable them to such the blood without disturbance. The good thing here is that fleas are easily seen while they are on the body of the hairless dog. You will not need to comb or try to see the dog or cat meowing. For dogs with fur, the major thing that draws attention closer to it is that it will persistently be making noise. Those dogs without fur will be difficult for fleas to hide there. This is because there is no hiding spot on the skin of the dog.

Do hairless dogs sweat?

Humans sweat because their skins are directly exposed to the surface. They have hairs and sweat pores that help perspiration. It is easy for humans to sweat with any exercise or rise in the intensity of the temperature around us. Sweating is a way of cooling off our overall temperature. As we release the water from our system, the water cools off us and makes us calm. This is the case with humans. Unfortunately, animals that have fur lose sweat and water through their mouths. Instead of them losing water through their skin pores, it will go out through their mouth and ears. This is peculiar to dogs, cats, lions, and other animals. To answer the question, “do hairless dog sweat?” I will like you to understand and be sure that dogs only sweat through their paw pad. Sweat doesn’t come out through other means other than through this means.

Is there such a thing as a hairless dog?

It is possible that some people are yet to believe that hairless dogs exist. That’s why some are asking; is there such a thing as a hairless dog? Well, there exist hairless dogs though they are getting into extinction. Through the video I provided at the beginning of this article, you can some species of hairless dogs. They exist among people and form part of society though in fewer numbers.

Best way to control hairless dogs from barking?

If you have hairless dog that has history of barking for long time, You can decide to try yourhand on some devices known as bark stoppers to ensure an end to the barking of your dog. Check Amazon stores for quality bark stoppers.

hairless dogs


Hairless dogs exist and are part of some environments. You need to know this in order to accept them into your environment anytime you see them. It is simple to spot them if you already know the characteristics of these hairless dogs. Though their species are getting into extinction, it is good to know that the major difference between dogs with furs and hairless ones lies in the presence of fur. Some who don’t have fur are called hairless dogs.