Fever Patrol reviews 2022: Is it worth buying?

Fever patrol thermometer

Fever patrol review:

Temperature increase in children is a good sign of infection. The increase of the temperature helps to alert the mother that the child is likely sick or about to be sick. In children yet to start talking, they are used to crying continuously in an attempt to call the attention of their caregiver to their health condition. But how can the mother or the caregiver know about their illness if there is nothing to lay hands on like an increase in temperature? With the increase in temperature, the mother is sure to start home management of fever like tepid sponging or giving simple antipyretic like Acetaminophen.

However, it is important for the mother or caregiver to constantly monitor the temperature before it gets too harsh on the child. The body is made of protein-like cells which do not survive intense temperature.

If the temperature is slightly above 37oC there may be no need to worry, but if the increase worsens, there is a huge need to call a physician. One of the problems people encounter in trying to constantly check the temperature of their child is the discomfort they give their sick child which makes the child cry more. This does not go well with the children.

Fortunately, there is now a non-contact thermometer that can read your child’s temperature and even point out to you the degree of the temperature in color codes in case you don’t understand the implication of each temperature range in numbers—like it will show you green color if the temperature is good if the temperature value shows is cause for alarm it will show you yellow, it will be clearly red if consulting your family doctor is of utmost importance.

Here, we have a thermometer with high accuracy and a high-tech sensor that helps assess the temperature of your child. It is called the Fever Patrol thermometer. Below is the fever patrol review.

where to buy fever patrol thermometer

What is Fever Patrol?

Fever patrol thermometer is a digital brand of thermometer which uses a non-contact system to read the temperature of anyone especially children under five years. It is a must-have for all homes that want will always want to manage fever at home first. It is also important for caregivers of toddlers.

Its measurement is very accurate, fast, and without stress to the child in question. Unlike the analog thermometer that you have to open the child’s mouth and put in the thermometer or force the child’s armpit open before you get the reading of the temperature, in this case, it is different as you will only need to come to a reasonable near distance to your child and point the Feverpatrol thermometer to the face of your child and that’s all—you have taken the reading.

You will not also stress yourself trying to guess what the value of the reading stands for as it comes with color codes which gives you a quick understanding of the degree of the temperature and what you should do next.

As a high-tech device, the Fever patrol thermometer has a memory for storage of up to 64 measurements. This helps you to compare between days and be sure whether the home management approach you are using yields any help or not. It will also help you to know when the temperature is as a result of healthy occurrences like the sprouting of teeth in children. This will be similar to the previous temperature increase the child has had. Please note that it is important to consult your physician if the temperature of your child persists beyond three days. Don’t just continue with home management as it may be dangerous especially in the presence of other symptoms.

fever patrol review

Fever Patrol features

  • Color-coded screen
  • Display of low, medium, and high measured values
  • Sturdy, wide handle
  • Mode button
  • Wide switch for the measurement
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Compact design (can be taken everywhere)

Benefits of Fever Patrol

  • Fever Patrol takes the temperature reading of your child without coming in contact with it. 
  • You can measure your child’s temperature while he/ she is sleeping without waking the child up—all that is involved is to point the thermometer to the forehead of your child. 
  • It offers accurate and fast reading through its infrared technology.
  • You can also make a switch between these measuring scales: Celsius and Fahrenheit. 
  • It is user-friendly as you can operate it with just one hand. 
  • It is very affordable and portable that you can go anywhere with it.
fever patrol thermometer benefits

Fever patrol price

Fever patrol is a classy brand of touch-less thermometers. It is very affordable and cost-effective. To enjoy a discount on your purchase, use the feverpatrol website to make your purchase as the cost of fever patrol is cheaper there compared to other online stores.  In the Fever patrol, you have two types; the bigger one and the smaller fever patrol thermometer.

Where can I buy Fever Patrol?

The best place to make your order for fever patrol is at the Fever Patrol website—there are also other online stores like the Aliexpress, eBay, Walmart, and even Amazon store, however, the difference will be clear when you make your purchase from the official fever-patrol website as you will receive discounts per unit purchased.

You will also be sure that you are receiving the best quality of fever patrol and can also monitor your delivery through the tracking code that will be given to you before your delivery arrives. On the website, you can also use different payment types including PayPal, Payoneer, Credit cards for your payment. It is safe and secured.

Contact of Fever Patrol thermometer supplier:

By Email: Support@feverpatrol.com

By Phone:

  • United States (Toll Free): 6094147087
  • Canada (Toll Free): 778 300 0854
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708200084
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 86078316

Fever Patrol thermometer Frequently Asked Questions

How much does fever patrol cost?

Fever patrol is very affordable especially if you make your order from the official fever patrol website.

How does fever patrol work?

Fever patrol is a special brand of thermometer which helps to curtail the presence of infecting organisms like bacteria and virus as it has no contact with your child. It works mainly through an infrared mechanism. As you turn it on through the switch, you will need to move a bit close to your child or the person you want to use it on, then take your reading accurately. After that, you can use the color codes to know if it is abnormal or not.

How to take temperature with no contact thermometer?

No contact thermometers work by infrared mechanism—this means that you don’t need to make contact with the person before you can get the accurate reading as it is normal with a normal traditional thermometer. Just draw closer and point it towards the forehead of the person. That all, you are good to go.

Is Fever patrol legit?

Fever patrol is a great investment towards the health of your family members as it will always help you know exactly what is wrong with your child and when it very urgent for you to see a doctor.

How can I check my fever?

Checking your temperature is simple with no contact thermometers especially this Fever patrol—follow the fever patrol instruction manual or guide to check your temperature.

What is the best thermometer?

First, no contact or touch-less thermometer is the best as they don’t have contact with the person involved and therefore will not constitute a medium of transmitting infection. Also, an accurate, affordable, and cost-effective thermometer is the best. A perfect example is the one we are talking about here, the fever patrol thermometer.

Must read: It is also good to know your oxygen level and also your current weight.

Conclusion on Fever Patrol reviews

Fever patrol reviews

The temperature of your child can tell you many things—it signifies many health implications depending on its degree and changes within the day. The earlier you always get to know about its degree on your child the best as it will help for the early management of the background cause. With most of the fever patrol thermometer reviews from verified customers, it is better to go for a no-contact thermometer like FeverPatrol. Use the button below to navigate to the fever patrol website.

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