EllaPen review 2023: [Latest] best eyebrow pencil to buy now?

Ellapen adds a great shade of beauty to you in a simple and affordable style. Most of the Ellapen reviews have ended with 5/5 star rating which makes it a good recommendation for all both men and women.

Looking good is a business that is not necessarily costly as many thought. Just making sharp lines on your eyebrow can add a great facial look to you.

Yes! With a good eye pencil, you can achieve it easily and even create the impression of well-aligned hairs even if your eyebrows are no more there.

Careful research shows that nothing is magical about makeup. The only thing there is the secret every professional makeup artist knows and keeps hiding; which is the importance of the eyebrows.

They seem to know that the beauty of everyone stems from how the hairs and designs on the eyebrows come into alignment. This is why they focus more to give your eyebrow the best design ever.

However, it is not all about knowing the secret, it also involves the pencil or pen you will use to line the eyebrows and how complex the process is.

Luckily, you will be going further to read a review on an eye pencil that is sharp, long-lasting, and not affected by rain. It is also very simple to use even if you never had an interest in makeup.

The question is; does look good really worth it? Does reading these ellapen reviews worth it? Should I buy ellapen?

Read on!


What is EllaPen?

EllaPen can simply be said to be a tinted contouring pencil that permits full eye-brow drawing of lines that look like hairs. It indirectly makes your eyebrow in shape and look good at the right time. Just one touch and your eyebrow is put in place and look.

This eye pencil is designed to also help people struggling to regrow the hairs on the eyebrow. Those having sparse hairs on the eyebrow should come for this product as it is the best eye pencil to give you that best look. It is the best eyeliner pencil for beginners and makeup artists.

Do you like it? Place your order today and enjoy the good looks that come from this best eyebrow pencil.

Ellapen review: Features of EllaPen

In this our Ellapen review, we have got you all the necessary features you need to know. They are as follows:

This best eye pencil for waterline is also the best eyeliner pencil waterproof. The Ella pen is the first and only eyebrow product that creates realistic hair-like strokes. This is with the help of micro-detailing technology. With this unique and patented technology, you can have your eyebrows in the perfect shape and the fullness they deserve. It is made in such a way as other quality eyeglasses from the same company. Do you want to know why it is this unique? Below are some of its features that will tell you more:

Thin Along With Delicate Lines Indistinguishable

With the tooth edge as the tips, you can make lines of different shapes and this helps the line to look natural. This brings out the beauty of it in a very good way.

Twelve Hours Long-lasting Worry-Free Tint

This is really a scarce feature of other conventional eye pencils. It does not smudge under rain and you will not afraid if it will wear off easily. This is because it is made to offer you the best you need. It will last 12 hours after use and will be very fine for you.

Four forked hints for fast and application:

This product is made of four forks like tips for the application of the eyebrow pencil. This helps you make the application on any part of your body you want it to be on. It is very simple especially if you use it carefully and you can also clean it up.

Water Proof and Sweat-proof High-quality Tint Pens

Still, another problem that typically arises with such pens or pens is they easily smudge by sweat or touch. It will not seem to be true with EllaPen since it’s water, sweat-durable – resistant, and – sweat-proof. We have the cost variable that will be fair since the eyebrow pen may range between $5 and $1 for 10 shirts.

The design of this product put a lot into consideration and also fixed many things before coming to sell this product. Sweat and waterproof is a great feature of the Ella pen.

Water- along with sweatproof:

Apart from the 12 hours of uptime without smudging, this best eyeliner pencil for waterline is known for its great ability to remain intact against the sweat that appears on the face.

Perfect for thick lines and lively Particulars:

While it is good for any kind of lines you may want to make on your eyebrow, it makes better think and lively lines.

Launched in four exceptional tint shades:

Dark brown, medium brown, beige, and orange-brown. The color variation offers you a great chance and choice to choose the one that best fits your complex.

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Ella pen review: EllaPen® Benefits

Below are the benefits you should expect from Ella pen. Our Ella pen review has seen the following benefits from it.

This eye pencil has made huge sales since this year. It is currently trending among women in USA and UK. It has all the features you would want to see in any best contouring pen. It has a four-forked tooth which helps to get the liner as you intended. Below is a list of benefits attached to EllaPen.

Ellapen has Micro-Detailing Technology

This technology helps it to create realistic hair strokes for full eyebrows and a natural look. It is really one of the best things to happen to this best eyeliner pencil that doesn’t smudge.

Super Easy To Use

Just follow the shape of your eyebrows and let the pen work its magic. It is stress-free and you don’t need to be a makeup artist to use it well. You will use the pencil to draw the special filler lines over the area you want it to fill. It is very simple and straightforward if you have ever used normal eyepencil. As you are making the filler lines, you can equally clean any part you think should not be.

100% Waterproof

Doesn’t smudge, smear, or run when it comes in contact with water or sweat. It is has a sweat mechanism in it. Though it is not good to be under the rain just to prove this, if you mistaken saw yourself under the rain, you should not be worried as it will not clean off the filler lines you already make. If you are careful while making the lines with Ellapen you can ensure it is very straight and even when it is under the rain, it will still maintain the straightline. This is a great advantage that comes with using this pencil.


Save time doing your make-up; the Ella pen lets you touch up your brows in seconds! The time it would have taken you going to a saloon or a makeup centre for beauty touches is saved. It saves you this time as you can comfortably do it at home with all easy attached.


The Ella pen is an affordable alternative to expensive microblading treatments. Finally, you can get the same results for only a fraction of the price. No more going to the saloon for them to do the same thing on you. You equally do it better with time. It saves you time and money as yiu will always pick up the pencil and make the beautiful lines on your face.

How does the EllaPen work?

EllaPen is innovatively made in such a way that it is both sweat and waterproof. Each line you make is capable of lasting till the next 12 hours irrespective of the weather. This gives you an upper hand over others that wear other smearing eyebrow liner pencils. The four-forked tips are very best in getting the lines aligned with your eyebrows. As you draw and redraw, it will match your appearance and offer you the best looks.

The most effective advantage of how EllaPen works is the Micro-detailing technology which helps it reach and fill all spaces within your brows. This then offers you a full appearance of the hair on your brows. As simple as that it delivers the best design ever.

How to use Ella Pen

Eyebrow threading has never been simpler before now. Knowing that you start from the center to the tail is good but depends on the pencil used for you to see the real beauty.

How to shape your eyebrow is no more complex. The use of Ellapen is simple you can draw a line on the ground making different shapes. Yes! It is as simple as looking at your eyebrow in a mirror and drawing a line on it till it will make a good design.

If you have been in any makeup shop you will understand that the best-fitting eyebrow lines are not just made once. You draw and redraw till you meet your taste. Remember, there is a place of mastery.

It does not work magically but with EllaPen, you will master how to be your own makeup artist within a short while. The first time you will try it, you will have many doubts within you. You will also have the feeling that it is completely not befitting. I understand that but let me tell you, within one week of your constant eyebrow lining with EllaPan, you should master your best fit. The skill comes naturally.

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Pros and cons of EllaPen

Like every product, the most important thing is for the pros to exceed the cons. luckily, there is almost no disadvantages with this product. The Pros have been mentioned under the section that treated benefits of Ellapen and below are the cons of this eye pencil.

  • EllaPen is creating a buzz in USA, Canadan, New Zealand and other parts of the globe due to its promo price. This has occasion limited products available. You may also be lucky to have them available if you check the official online store. In case you such lucky, do not miss the chance.
  • As a means to cut down the unnecessary charges by retailers on this product, Ellapan can only be bought online. We understand the fears that comes with buying things online but we have provided you with a secured link to the official online store.

EllaPen reviews Customer reports

Users habe made their ellapen reviews as follows:

I have scarce eyebrows and it made me feel self-conscious when I am in public. I’ve tried many eyebrow pencils before, but I could never get it right.

Fortunately, a friend showed up one day with Ellapen. I was no more interested in any stuff linking me to eyebrow pencil yet I tried for last chance.

This eyebrow pen has changed my life! Honestly, this makes my brows look natural and full. Solution really comes when we are mostly hopeless or no more interested. I love this product so much!

Michel Anjie

This is a great product. It makes my brows look fuller. I have no problems with it smearing. In fact, it doesn’t even come off when I sweat during my workout. It’s very important to apply the product lightly.

I was new to eye pencils so it took me a couple of trials to get it right for my brows, but don’t give up because it’s a great product!

Susan G.

I love this pen! The color is great and matches my black eyebrows perfectly. If you apply it like in the instructions, it comes out awesome. It has been helpful since I got one for myself. My looks is better.

Tarsuca Dem
ellapen review

EllaPen Price

Ellapen is very affordable as it is currently selling at 50% discount and free delivery to any part of the globe. The offer is getting limited every day due to the rush caused by the promo. I advise you to check the official website of the manufacturer for availability. If it is available, do not hesitate to get it for yourself.

Best place to buy EllaPen

It is better to buy from the official website of the Manufacturer as it is safe and easy. There is currently, 50% discount with free delivery as part of their recent promos to help you to always look good. Also, you can send EllaPen back for exchange or refund if you think or feel dissatisfied after buying it. This should be done in its original packaging. As for the warranty, you’ll get three years of coverage.

Support Team Contacts

Email at support@hyperstech.com or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5).

Frequently asked questions on EllaPen reviews

Ellapen reviews will not be complete with answering the following questions:

Does Ellapen eye pencil smear under the sun?

No! It does not smear in any way. Just as it is water and sweat proof, it is technically strong and good under harsh weather.

How long does EllaPen last?

EllaPen can last up to 12 hours before it will lose its strength. Within this period, you should have returned from any event or occasion you went to.

Where can I buy Eye Pencil?

You can buy it online from the official website of the manufacturer. It is very safe as it is encrypted.

Is Ellapan the best contouring pen?

If there is anything as best then Ellapen is the one. Its sweat proof and water proof plus the number of hours it remain active has made it stand out as the best contouring pen for any woman. If you are looking for how to regrow your eyebrow, use eyebrow to line your brows for better alignment.

Does Ellapen harm my skin?

Does not harm your skin as there is no harmful chemical inside the ingredient. It can be cleaned at will. It is very safe for your use and will not constitute any form of fear while you are using it. Many people have used before and they have added reliable reviews on it.

Is ellapen a scam?

Ellapen is legit and not a scam. From the eye of most beauty experts, it is highly recommended for use any where. This is because it adds more beauty to you especially if you have some edges where you are supposed to have hair on it but hairs are no more there.

Does it worth it?

To ladies who want to look better or always more presentable, it is good use one of it for yourself. It fills the space and gives you that good contours your eyebrows need. Good enough, you can always do it yourself due to its simplicity. It saves money and time and very easy for the starter.

Conclusion on Ellapen reviews

EllaPen guide offers insight into how you can look good even if your eyebrows refused to grow again, it is exactly what this review has done. I am glad that you can now give yourself the best facial fitness ever. I want you to know that it may be gradual but definitely, within a week of using this pencil for your eyebrow, you will master its use. The design of Ellapen makes it easy to use.