Earbuds is good or bad?

Earbuds is good or bad?

Have you thought of whether buds or headphone is good to health or the other case? While many love to wear their earpiece or earbud as a means to minimize nuisance that go to others following the release of musical sound from their gadgets, there are still a very few that consider wear earbud as bad.

Some people say that it can cause deafness to the user especially when the sound is greater that it should. Others believe that such can lead to accident and also isolate someone from hearing sound within his environment.

To contribute my own and to clear some myths, I have made this post to tell you what you will gain and also what you will lose as an earbud owner. Is there really a loss wearing earbuds? Let’s see.

Is earbud good?

Exploring how good an earbud can be is relative. There are many reasons why people put on headphone. Some do it to look stylish and gorgeous. Take for instance, you are going for a conference where you would want to look good, you can put on an earbud, especially one of the latest ones, to make you look great. Not just that, you may want to make calls or receive calls while the event is on-going, instead of walking outside to make your calls, you can reach the person and tell him or her that you are busy then. No one else will hear it. That is the power of headphones.

Imagine wearing an earbuds, can someone really predict if you are listening to music or not? The first impression will be that you are doing it for fashion but you actually put it on your ears to listen to a special song. How far wearing an earbuds is good can never go out of fashion. It only depends on the person wearing it.

How good an earbud can be depends on how you want it to be. You can choose to use it roughly and it will definitely damage before time. Above all, don’t just buy because of the cost of the earbuds. Buy because it can offer you quality services.

Is earbuds bad?

Well, whatever that is good must have some things that people should be careful about. For earphone, it is not really bad on its own. It depends on the owner and his wrong use of the gadget. Using the buds to cover your ear may not spell good for your cells especially those in your ear.

It can make you temporarily deaf as you constantly expose your auditory organ to high sound. This can also cause you head and other brain challenge such as noise in your inner ear.

If you also use your earbuds to cover your ears to a limit that you cannot hear well, you can be exposed to dangers and miss some opportunities coming from someone near you. Imagine a man driving down the street with his ears covered up.

Things to note as you wear your earbuds

Earbuds is good or bad?

As a new owner of an earbud or a new brand of earbuds, you are tuned to wear your buds almost every minutes until it gets stale. The problem is not with wearing it often, it is with the volume of your music or calls. Your earbuds become harmful with high crescendo of your music.

Also, tightly covering your ears with your earbuds will affect the way you respond to your outside world. You may not hear important notices and other signals you should shear under normal conditions. Some people try to avoid this condition by pausing the headphone on one ear or wearing earbud on only one ear.

In order not to feel disappointed about any bud, buy quality one. It does not necessarily depend on the amount you purchased it. What is most important is having the essential things you need in the buds. Don’t buy buds that has static sound or that cracks.

Final words earbuds good or bad?

Earbuds are good. It all depends on how you choose to use them. Do not break your bank account to buy the most costly and trending brand. The best for you is to get quality at an affordable price.

The importance of earbuds cannot be underrated. It is a must have for everyone into fashion and wants to be very stylish.

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