Door ringer reviews 2022: the best doorbell?

Door ringer is the latest door ringer brand with unique features and benefits which have made it outstanding and a trending video doorbell. It is currently causing a buzz in different parts of the world as it is a must-have door ringer video doorbell for all homes.

You know missing out on visitors is not a new thing. It happens to me often, especially if am inside my bedroom and a visitor didn’t call to tell me he or she is around. This is because, most times, I am busier to notice a knock on the door or not near to hear the knock.

So many people have such homes or offices that getting to know when someone is at the door is not easy except they have a gatekeeper who takes it upon him or herself to tell about the new come’s visit.

This issue has continued with people paying extra to security men or women on the door. Unfortunately, some visitors are still been missed as the person in charge of the gate may feel relaxed at some point and think no visitor again for that day, only for the visitors to check in his absence.

Also, the person keeping the door for you may not have the chance to assess who is at the door before finally giving the person to such a person. Hearing only a knock or noticing a single voice from a visitor doesn’t really show has armed or armless a visitor can be. This has caused the death of some persons whose work permits them to be at the door.

This has led to more intensive reviews and research by our agent to check for a quality doorbell that can take over the work of the person on the door and give full opportunity to easily know who is at the door any day so as to make the appropriate moves.

Here, we have researched and there is a special brand of video doorbell that we will be telling you about here. Its name is Door Ringer Video Doorbell. You can check the Door Ringer Video Doorbell official website to have a quick overview of the unique and innovative door accessory.

door ringer reviews

What is Door Ringer Video Doorbell?

Door Ringer is a special doorbell consisting of a two-way system of communication with audiovisual features. It sends an alert to your phone wherever you are to tell you that someone is at the door waiting for you. With this alert, you can easily come to see your visitor.

It has a good camera system that works both during the day and at night to give you a full view of whoever is at the door. The device has components like a motion sensor which senses the presence of a motion near your door and sends a signal to you.

However, the device works through the help of WiFi which helps it to send you a signal and to allow for real-time communication between you and the visitor to issue commands to the visitor on what is next. It is really great device as it is pre-programmed to work automatically. It also offers a good resolution of videos and pictures of whoever is coming to your door with a wide-angle view of 170°.

Unlike other door defense or security gadgets used on the door, this Door Ringer Video Doorbell can capture images around your compound up to about 15 meters away with toe to head full view of the person.

It is cost-effective and has an easy setup of about 15 minutes with the need for an expert skill or payment for maintenance. It has only a one-time payment which covers the purchase of the device. Door Ringer does not also need any other device as a basic component to work except the internet access which will require sending you a notification.

Door Ringer Specifications

Video1080 HD IR Day & Night Vision
Motion detectionAdvanced Motion Detection & Geo-Fencing
Field of view170° Horizontal & 90° Vertical
Audio2 Way Talk System with ANC
Power3 Battery Pack
Setup requirementStandard Doorbell System
Plug-in Adapter (10-24 VAC) (24VDC)
Internet requirement2 Mbps for Optimal Performance
Operating condition-5°F to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Connectivity802.11 WiFi Connectivity
Estimated installation time15 min

Box of door ringer Includes

Below are the components that you will receive as part of this delivery package.

  • Installation Tools and Screws
  • Video Doorbell
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual

Benefits of door ringer

Door ringer has wide Angle Lens:

With its wide angle of about 170 degrees, you can have a full view of the visitor who comes to see you so as to know the best thing to do immediately. From the way the person is you can also prepare yourself in case it warrants you being careful. It can also transmit this to you through your phone where you will see an alert informing you of a visitor and you can engage the visitor through the two-way communication channel the door ringer has created.

Door ringer video doorbell has good motion Detection:

Through the help of the motion detection sensors that come with this device, every movement within your area can be tracked and real-time notifications will also be sent to you through your phone. This sensor works both during the day and at the night and works best to capture every sign of movement by human beings around your house. With this, it is hard for a criminal element to invade your home with your knowledge.

Door ringer bell is the best for Geo-Fencing:

The door ringer video doorbell is able to capture every movement around your home, it is indirectly fencing your area and giving you the best security you need at home. However, you have to also site the device in a good location where it can capture all the movement into your apartment or building.

Door ringer brand gives live Video Streaming:

The Door ringer door security device has a two-way system that involves real-time live video streaming of what is going on in your home and shows you the clear footage of the entrance of an invader into your home. However, it depends on wifi to perform this function better. With this feature you can have every live proof you need to nail whoever such invade or intruder is.

The door ringer camera has 1080p HD Video and high-resolution pictures:

This quality of videos and pictures shown by this device is enough to tell you who exactly is behind any security breakage in your home and equally showcase the security condition of your home both at night and during the day.

Door ringer bell has infrared for Night Vision:

The Door ringer is made with infrared features and cameras with IR night vision features and this makes this device good and the best of all time. SO you will no longer be afraid of the safety of your home at any time both day and night.

This doorbell ringer gives you head To Toe View:

This is one of the rare to find features in a door security device. It gives you a full view of who is at your door and the person will not have anything to hide as you can see the person from head to toe.

Door ringer doorbell gives smart notification:

Nothing beats the real-time notification that comes from this device to inform you of any movement with the environment where you sited it. If you had located the door ringer on the door within your house, it will also send you a notification each time someone goes near such a door. If you decide to put it on the main entrance door, it will also inform you of every movement around it to avoid you missing any important or unimportant movement around such door. By and large, the device is worth it.

Features of door ringer

  • HD Video: It has a high-definition video quality of 1080p. This is not the highest image and video quality, however, with this, the device works even in an optimum wifi system and can give you the coverage you need without delays.
  • Operating Condition: The door ringer is built in such a way that it is Weather-Resistant. It works under harsh weather of sun or fog and it is also resistant to rain and dust. This makes it strong to work all the time irrespective of the weather condition.
  • Motion Detection: Geo-Fencing Alerts through its sensors and immediately you use the phone app you have to survey your home for possible security threats and immediately you will know what to do as it works under a real-time surveillance system.
  • Night Vision: The device works through 6 different Infrared Enabled light that helps the door ringer work even at the night. The door ringer door security device is made in such a way as to continue to provide you with real-time notifications even at the darkest point in the night.
  • Installation: You can decide to mount this device at any part of your entrance through its mountable bracket. However, you have to fid the bracket well to ensure it gives you a full overview of what is happening in your vicinity. This mounting process does not take time.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility: The door ringer is having 2 to 4G Compatibility. This means that it can work with Wi-Fi quality of 2 G network up to 4G. However, it can also work with 5G if you have such a high level of network speed.
  • Audio: It has a 2-Way-Talk with active noise cancellation in the background. This helps you focus on the issue and understand what the problem is without undue interference from the background.
  • Notification: the door ringer video doorbell is made to offer Smart Real-Time Alerts to you irrespective of where you are and what you may be doing. This notification comes as a result of the door ringer app which you installed during the process of setting up you will know more as you read down. So through the help of the door ringer video doorbell app, you will get to know what is happening and also follow the happening up through the video and audio system. You can also decide to tell the visitor, in case it is a visitor, that you are not home and also tell such a person the best day to come and see you.
  • Lens: Wide Angle lens of at least 170° is what this device comes with to help it give you a full view of what is happening.
  • Power: It comes with a 3-Battery Design to ensure that it lasts for a long time after charging before it will go down. This battery capacity can also sustain any level of video and picture transmission while you are actively using this device to monitor what is happening at your home.
  • Battery Life: It lasts a minimum of 8 – 12 Months on 1 Charge. With this, you only have to charge it once a year and at most three times in two years. The battery itself can also last for at least 5 years before you change it completely. However, it depends on how you are making use of the battery and how you charged it the first time you charged it before use.
  • Door ringer App Compatible: The door ringer app is also very compatible with Android & iOS Enabled devices. You can also download the app in any of the android or iOS stores online without any cost as it is a free app. The extent you will enjoy this device all depends on this door ringer app which serves as the bridge between your phone and the mounted door ringer.

How does the door ringer bell work?

The image below depicts the components that help this device to work. The combination of these components and also the door ringer app on your smartphone also helps this device give you reports and videos in real-time.

Door ringer review

How to use Door ringer Video Doorbell

  • Do the door ringer installation and setup: This process does not take your time and does not need you to have special skills before you can start. First, this product will surely come with a guide for use, so what you do is that you go through the user manual for the door ringer to get a full grasp on how to set it up. It is already pre-programmed, all you do is mount it in the appropriate place where it will give you the full view you need.
  • Start using your door ringer doorbell: After mounting this doorbell at the place you like best, you can start enjoying your device by waiting for an alert from the device to any intruder or visitor or even your family members. The components numbered from 1 to 8 have different functions that help them do their needed functions. As you continue to use this device, ensure that none of the number components is covered to avoid a shutdown from its normal function.
door ringer video doorbell

Door ringer reviews: Why do we recommend Door Ringer?

Door ringer reviews will not be complete without you knowing the main reason why it is important that every home has a doorbell. In our opinion and from what we have seen from the side of the producer and also from the users, this door ringer will help you not to miss a visitor again irrespective of the distance you are from your home. You will also have your property secured with a real-time notification each time there is a threat to them.

And in case an intruder or invader is denying his or her actions, you can decide to show real record or proof of capture through video and pictures which the device captures both during the day and at night. This device is the simplest and most affordable way to maintain the security and safety of your home at any time.

Pros of door ringer camera

The door ringer camera has the following advantages (pros):

  • Easy Installation, No Wiring Needed
  • Motion Detection & Smart Phone Alerts
  • 2-Way Audio To Hear & Speak
  • HD Quality Video With Night Vision

Cons of door ringer camera

  • Does not recognize the owner or your family members as it sends an alert to you as soon as it detects motion.
  • It is currently in high demand and is only available with a 50% discount on the official website

USERS reviews of Door Ringer

The app was easy to download and the video quality is excellent! I can see and hear clearly and love the fact I can answer my door from my kitchen! Great product, I sent 1 to my Mother as well! Thank you!”

Stephenia Toss

“We had a package stolen from our front porch a couple of weeks ago. After setting up the Door Ringer video doorbell, I can watch all packages being delivered while I’m at work. If they try to steal another package, I have video evidence! I feel better about leaving my house now 

Lamika Jonsil

“I can’t believe I went this long without a Video Doorbell! Best purchase I made for our home! Installation was simple. I added the doorbell speaker so I can hear the doorbell when I don’t have my phone on me! Thanks Door Ringer Video Doorbell!”

Benett Lewis

Door ringer price

The door ringer comes at a price with some discounts depending on the number of units you purchase:

  • Buy 1 Door Ringer: List Price: $99.99 (YOU SAVE: 33%)
  • Buy 2 Door Ringers: List Price: $149.99 (YOU SAVE: 45%)
  • Buy 2 Door Ringers: List Price: $190.00 (YOU SAVE: 50%)

Best place to buy door ringer bell?

The best place to buy The Ring doorbell remains at the official website of the producer of this device because at the official website you’re going to enjoy four different things which will include:

  1. To receive your order within two weeks
  2. To receive the original door Ringer brand
  3. To enjoy a 50% discount on your purchase.
  4. To enjoy the return and exchange policy from the producer.

Enjoying the above depends on where you make your purchase. Many people who have made their purchases through the official door Ringer Video Doorbell website have no reason so far to complain as they are attended to immediately.

Frequently asked questions on door ringer video doorbell reviews

Is door Ringer worth the money?

Going by the multiple purposes this device performs, it’s very important to say that it is worth the money that is used to purchase it, especially now that the producer has come up with a 50% discount on each purchase you make. It’s also important to know that this device is cost-effective and very good for anyone that wants to maintain the security architecture best for his or her home. Because this device gives a real-time notification of what is going on in your home and irrespective of where you are you can begin to view what exactly is going on and make out the proof in case of necessity.

Does door Ringer bell send real-time notifications?

Through the help of the Wi-Fi that this device functions with it can send you real-time notification of what is going on at your home and also it works through the help of the app that is within your phone which accept the notification and gives you a login button to view exactly what is going on through the camera at the other end. After seeing the notification you can also opt-in to know what exactly is going on by opening the app to communicate through the two-way communication system to whoever is on your door. This goes a long way to boost your security consciousness and also security assurance within your home.

How to set up door Ringer Video Doorbell?

this device does not take much time and it’s not that conversion because all you need to do is to download The Darling go up into your phone from any of the stores and after they download you can decide to Mount the door ringer at the best place on your door that you can capture whatever that is going on with the new home. 2 things you are set and good to go as it will always communicate to you and let you know what exactly is going on at all times.

Where to buy the door Ringer bell?

Irrespective of where ever you are living a day in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Israel, China, Russia, Ukraine, or any other part of the world you can easily make a purchase of this device through the affiliate link that is currently within this post and you will receive your other within 14 days.

Is door Ringer a scam?

Door Ringer is never coming as it does exactly what it is claimed to do and many persons have come to write reviews about its effectiveness when it comes to giving real-time notification and helping you know what exactly is happening but in the day and in the night.

Conclusion on door ringer brand

Getting a door ringer brand with a real-time notification is hard. However, the producer of this door ringer video doorbell has made it simpler and at an affordable price. The device is easy to install, does not cost money for maintenance, and can only be charged once a year with real records and proof of anything happening in your home. The producer claims that this device is the best for all homes.



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