Dartle Type Keyboard Review 2023: latest keyboard scam?

Dartle type keyboard review

Are you worried about your small-size keypad? Like it is taking you the whole day to type a small piece of information through your small keypad. It’s no more time for you to keep on being worried and keep on stressed out as a result of such issues because there are already a lot of solutions on your way that you can use to evade such problems.

Engineers have come to do great research on how to escape such problems, especially if you do not have other means of upgrading to a larger size.

Engineers have done great work to produce something that is out of such a problem. They’ve made it in such a way that you can be typing on a bare floor, and whatever you write there will be appearing on the screen of your gadget, irrespective of the size of such screen. They’ve provided a device that has a way of working and can always cast its image on the floor and whatever you type there will be as if you’re typing on a keyboard, which will help to transmit into your smaller phone or other big screens.

In this Dartle-type keyboard review, I’m going to tell you everything you’re supposed to know about the Dartle-type laser keyboard, which helps you to type whatever thing you want into your system without the stress of pressing your small-size keyboards. I will give you the features that make this device good for your use, I will also tell you more ways to maximize the good of this device, and also, I will tell you what users of Dartle type laser keyboards are currently saying about it.

At the bottom of this post, is a Dartle type laser keyboard affiliate link that will guide you to safely purchase Dartle type laser keyboard under a 50% discount price plus free delivery.

dartle keyboard reviews

What is the Dartle Type Keyboard?

Dartle Type keyboard is quality and innovative keyboard that people with a small keyboard use to augment terms of making their work faster. This keyboard has a way of projecting a mouse and keyboards on the surface of a flat area, and in such a way, you can be pressing such a flat surface as do your pressing a normal keyboard. What happens is that it has a way of turning your small device or small mobile phone into a walking station where the keypad is now on the floor.

Today more than any other time, we all work on mobile devices, but the elephant in the room is “how do we effectively type”? The dartle-type keyboard is an amazing invention as it lets you have a keyboard and mouse on any flat surface. Now your mobile phone is your own workstation— no more laptop or keyboard to lug around when you really need to blog, type, or fill in reports. This technology effectively creates a virtual reality keyboard to interact with. The Dartle will no doubt change the world.

The dartle type keyboard projects a red laser keyboard and in mouse mode scans your hand movements the same way as a trackpad. The device is the size of a deck of cards and as light as a mouse, so this is really the future of interactive human technology as well.

The sleek ergonomic design and simple one-touch power button make it look like something out of Star Wars or tech from the MCU. It certainly is an attention-grabber.

Technical Facts of Dartle type keyboard

  • Projection by laser
  • Connection by means of Bluetooth
  • Viable with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
  • Battery charged quickly, about 120 minutes
  • Charging by the method of a USB cable

Pros of Using dartle type keyboard

  • Battery life goes on for two entire days
  • Inherent speaker for the keying chaotic sound
  • Delivery is quick
  • The battery is a Lithium-Ion battery and it is rechargeable
  • One button power
  • Laser resolution is stunning
  • Viable with Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Windows
  • Full-size keyboard and mouse
  • Convenient and portable enough that it can be carried anywhere.
dartle keyboard

What Would You Expect From This Dartle Laser Keyboard?

  • Ideal size mouse and keyboard
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, MAC, PC, and Windows
  • Outstanding laser resolution
  • Single-button switch On and Off element
  • Efficient Bluetooth connection
  • Durable battery
  • Minimal, lightweight, and convenient
  • Ideal for individuals in a hurry

Benefits Of Dartle Keyboard

  • It is easy to be carried about: This device is very portable as you can carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. So if you have the type that makes a long channel and you are somehow not in the mood of carrying your big laptop to such a place, you can decide to use a smaller phone while you use this as your keyboard.
  • It’s Easy to use: The defense is very user-friendly as you do not need to be highly skilled for you to be able to use this device. Its connection with your home smartphone is also not something that involves a long process. This is because it is great to connect with both Android and iOS phones. Also, any flat surface can be used as a platform for you to use this device.
  • It Lessens Your Stress: The whole stress of carrying your laptop and avoiding its breakage can be avoided if you can use this. All the stress of also thinking about how you can maneuver to type different things into your system can also be avoided by using this simple keyboard.
  • It’s Ergonomically Designed: This device is also very beautiful and simple for you to carry to any place you wish to carry it. It is compact and portable, and also brings out beauty anywhere you place it.
  • It’s Comfortable Writing With dartle type keyboard: So many people have felt that it will be so cumbersome using this device at first. However, when they started using it, they discovered how simple it is easy for them to use this in trying to write things. They come to realize that it is very comfortable for them writing with a Dartle-type keyboard.
  • It Makes Use Of Wireless Connection: If you detect that does not like wires clocking around you, this one does not. Also in full of many wires around itself. This is because it works through a Bluetooth connection and also projects its keyboard on the floor of a flat surface without a need for wire. Therefore it is so simple and easy for you to make use of it anytime you want to make use of it.
dartle laser keyboard

Who Is Dartle Keyboard For?

This keyboard is for everyone who would always wants to do his or her work very fast, especially when it comes to typing long things. If by mistake you do not have your laptop or your computer device around you and you have a long write-up to type into your system, you do not need to continue to bother or complain about such a situation. What you do is turn on your dartle keyboard and immediately use it to type in whatever you want.

Therefore, this device is good for students who are bought in secondary school, investee, or other tertiary education. It gives them an edge to make any documentation. They won’t at any time without waiting for their laptop or computer device before they could start their work. Moreover, with this device, you can turn on any flat surface into your keypad and work effectively to the extent you want it.

Secretaries, who for some reason are not with a system or computer device with a larger touchpad, can decide to use this while that under mobile phone or device to the workstation. It works very fast in trying to convert whatever you write into your system and make it happier clearly.

People can also decide to use this device for official purposes, irrespective of whichever system or device they are using as these can connect effectively with both iOS. Device and Android devices.

Where Can You purchase Dartle Type Keyboard?

Since this device came up online and people got to buy and test it, it has really been causing a lot of buzz all over the world. The positive reviews that are over 1000 are also contributing to the number of sales that this company has been making each day. However, the good news is that this product is still available and anyone, irrespective of the country where such a person lives can make a purchase on this device. Among other types of keyboards, Dartle type laser keyboard is a cool keyboard, the best keyboard for typing.

Anyone who wants to buy this product can always use the affiliate link at the bottom of this post, which will lead them to the platform where they can fill in their details and enter their card detail in order to make the purchase. It is simple and straightforward. You can also gain a 50% discount by using the affiliate link at the bottom of this post to make your purchase.

The good thing about using the affiliate link on this post is that you are sure that you will fill out the customer’s form which will help you to return or demand a refund of your money in case the product becomes less than what you expect. You can also be sure that your order will arrive on a particular date as you will receive a tracking code that will help you track your delivery. Above all, it is safe and secured and you will always receive what you ordered. This dartletype keyboard review has everything you need to make the best out of this device.

dartle type keyboard review

Contact Dartle type laser keyboard customer service

In case of anything you can contact Dartle type keyboard customer service on:

By email: 

  • support@getdartletype.com

By Phone:

  • +65-6347 5958


  • Complete Performance Commerce PTE LTD Singapore33 Ubi Avenue 3, #08-03, Vertex, Singapore

User’s Reviews on Dartle laser Keyboard

“I work on a table with limited space, that’s why when I saw dartle type keyboard, I did not think twice and immediately ordered one. I love how it works well, wherein it works both as a keyboard and a mouse. This means that I have more space for other things because I no longer have to purchase two devices since I have a Dartle Keyboard.


“This is a wonderfully designed laser projection keyboard and mouse that I use with my MACBook Pro and my iPad. It has amazing virtual laser projection on any flat surface I have tried. This device is simply convenient and ultra portable. No more lugging a keyboard.”

PM Richard S., Silicon Valley, California

“The Dartle Laser Keyboard is an amazing attention getter. Whenever I set it up in Starbucks, everyone wants to try it to see if it really works. Guess what? It’s fast and I can comfortably remote work from any location. The mouse features are particularly good for navigating text and work.”

AM Ruby A. · New York, New York

Where to buy Dartle type keyboard

The first laser keyboards were priced like the first flat-screen televisions. They cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now that Dartle is becoming a household name in the United States of America, you can get huge discounts on the Dartle laser keyboard and mouse while they try to bring this stunning technology to every office, household, and classroom in the world. The more you buy, the lower the per-unit price, but even better, at 50% off, you can get an official Dartle now for $99. This makes it an amazing purchase for yourself but also for family, friends, and co-workers.

Frequently Asked Question (dartle laser keyboard and mouse review)

For what reason do I need the Dartle Keyboard?

There are many reasons why you may want this kind of keyboard, however, one of these reasons may be a situation whereby your keyboard is small and does not allow you to freely type things very fast. In this case, you may want to project the keyboard of your phone on a flat surface where you can now begin to use it to control what enters the screen of your phone. Such projection can also work as mouse-wearing. You use it to control the direction of the icon on your laptop. Even if you have a larger screen and you want a change of keyboard, you can still use this laser keyboard as what you will use.

What devices can I connect with the Dartle Laser Keyboard?

A laser keyboard is very compatible with different kinds of devices. It’s got easily connected to both Android phones and also Apple Phones irrespective of the version. This is because it is a Bluetooth connection to connect to different phones and gives you a quality connection.

How does the Dartle Laser Keyboard connect?

Basically, the laser keyboard connects through a Bluetooth device and this Bluetooth connection is always very stable, depending on the brand of smartphone you are using to connect it. The good thing is that through this connection it can be projecting whatever thing you are typing on the flat surface into your device.

Where can I use the Dartle Laser Keyboard?

You can use a laser keyboard on any flat surface around wherever you want to. Normal planks, other wood, iron, or whatever surface that is flat in something can be projected. Why you will not use your row surface because it will be rough for you to be typing using a rough surface.

Is there anything I should avoid doing while using the Dartle Laser Keyboard?

One of the things you should ensure if you want to enjoy the best from this keyboard is that the place you’re going to project it on is a flat surface. This helps you to type clearly whenever you want to write something into your system. Without the rough feelings that may be coming to your fingers.

Is the Dartle Laser Keyboard portable?

Yes, this keyboard is very portable and that is why you can carry it. So any place you want. You can even decide to put it into your pocket while you carry it from one place to another. That is how compact and portable this device is. that is why it is an even better alternative than carrying a heavy load of laptops from one place to another That is why it is an even better alternative than carrying a heavy load of laptops from one place.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

This device gets to charge very fast and there’s not spend more than two hours in you get to charge it. It also does not discharge its charge as fast as other devices.

Can I need a mouse for Dartle laser keyboard?

This device can also function both as a mouse and a keyboard. This is because it has a directional key that you can use to control the direction of the mouse on your system. This device is also not just meant for larger screen devices like your laptop or computer devices. It’s also made for smaller devices like your smartphone.

Is the Dartle Laser Keyboard safe?

Yes, this device is safe as it does not project any unsafe race like other devices made. So it’s absolutely safe for you to use this device without the fear of it causing any harm to your body.

If I lose the charging cable that comes with my Dartle Laser Keyboard, can I use another USB cable?

If you lose the charging cable that comes with this device, the only thing you need to do is to get to the market and buy another one. This is because the charging cable is not peculiar for it as other devices also used the same charging cable to charge. So what you do is to take the spot one or the one that is damaged to market and there gets the functional one to replace it.

How big is Dartle type laser keyboard?

The projected keyboard is 245 x 100mm (9.64 inches x 3.93 inches); the keys are big and spaced for fast, efficient typing. The Dartle unit itself measures 78 x 40 x 20mm (3.07 x 1.57 x .78 inches) and weighs 54 grams – that’s lighter than a tennis ball!

What can I use Dartle keyboard with?

Your Dartle Laser Keyboard is compatible with most tablets, PC and Mac devices, and smartphones. You can also use it with your smart TV and video game consoles.

Does the keyboard change color? Can you customize it?

Although the projected keyboard is always red, the brightness level will be reduced if the keyboard isn’t touched after 40 seconds. You can always set the level of brightness you prefer as well as the sound you hear as you type the projected keys.

What is included with my purchase?

You’ll receive the Dartle projection unit, a USB charging cable, and a brief instruction manual for setting everything up. Dartle is simple to use, and its Bluetooth connectivity pairs instantly with nearby devices.

How long does it last after being charged?

You’ll receive the Dartle projection unit, a USB charging cable, and a brief instruction manual for setting everything up. Dartle is simple to use, and its Bluetooth connectivity pairs instantly with nearby devices.

Is this like most keyboards I’m used to?

Yes and no. Dartle provides a full-sized keyboard with the standard English QWERTY layout that works on any flat, opaque surface. Of course, most keyboards have their own unique feel and it may take some getting used to the first time you try Dartle out. Trust us, it won’t take long to get the hang of it. The keyboard has a recognition rate of approximately 350 characters per minute (or around 70 words).

Is there a guarantee on this keyboard?

Yes. You have 30 days to change your mind once it arrives. Make sure to keep everything in its original packaging for a full refund of the purchase price.

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Conclusion (Dartle type reviews)

Dartle-type keyboard is a new and special way of typing. Though it is new in the market and in the computer world, many people are currently using this device and these people have made reviews on how well it has helped them. They believe that this device has been able to fill the gap that their laptop or other big computer system use to fill.

They also appreciated the fact that this device works mostly on any flat surface. The compact, portability, and affordability of this keyboard are among the attractive features.

Are you a blogger, or do you work in an office where you need to constantly update things, this device is good for you as it works effortlessly and does not need you to have any skill to use it.