DangoBuds review 2022: Is it worth buying?

Dangobuds review

Dangobuds review:

I was comfortable with my headphones until a friend of mine talked me into buying earbuds. At first, I didn’t like everything about earbuds as I felt they can easily fall off from my ear or have an interruption in their connection. I held onto this belief until I began to use earbuds.

The first time Dangobuds came out and hit the market, my friend was among the first persons to use the earbuds so he felt there is a need for me to also benefit from the earbuds’ exceptional services. As I began to wear on the in-ear earbuds, I noticed that the buds are in such a way that I can do sports with them without them falling off. I also got to know that it can connect to my Laptop, Tablet, and phone through Bluetooth 5.0 which gives it a stable connection.

As if that was not enough, I realize I can live in a world all by myself with DangoBuds—it is made with high-tech microphones which can absorb the noise around and offer me a relative noise-free zoon.

This noise-canceling effect has been in my top desire for a new headphone since I began to work in my new workplace. It was indeed a unique and cutting-edge earbud but yet very affordable. After a while of using these earbuds, it became imperative for me to share my experience with you so that you can make the right choice in case you need a new earpiece.

Below is a DangoBuds review to offer you the information you need on this dango buds.

dangobuds earbuds

What is DangoBuds?

Dango bud is a new in-ear earbud with ultra-modern features to make listening to music more interesting and remove noise distraction within our environment. It is small in size and sticks to our ears as though they are glued to them. It is very cost-effective and made for different uses.

If you are not satisfied with the headphone or earbuds you are using now, maybe because it does not actively cancel noise in the background or because its Bluetooth connection is always off and on, then you need to check Dango earbuds.

It comes with a box that serves for its storage and charging. With the Dango box, you can go any far without losing focus on the voltage level in your earbuds. It is also a good match for anyone who likes to do exercise as it does not fall off from the ears. It has an HD microphone and wireless which makes it very comfortable to wear.

DangoBuds benefits

  • Active noise canceling effect
  • It is wireless and has Bluetooth 5.0 for effective connections with devices
  • Made with HD microphones which give music stereo sound.
  • Does not fall off the ears
  • Comes with a storage box that serves as its charging port
  • Has USB type C which makes for fast charging any time the storage box is down
  • Has stable Bluetooth connection up to a mile for phone calls and listening to music.
dangobuds benefits

Dango buds vs Airpods pro

It is ordinarily expected that a costlier product should do more than a more affordable alternative. However, in the case of AirPods pro, it nothing less than buying a brand. The highest it can do can be the beginning of what other cheaper earbuds like Dango buds can do. So it is even saddening to compare Airpods pro which costs a lot with Dango buds which is less than 100$.

Dango buds customer reviews

These earbuds were a good purchase overall, the sound quality is really good in them and the Bluetooth range is farther than expected. They connected easily to my iPhone and charge quickly and easily as well. The buttons on the side are a little difficult to push to change or pause the songs or something but other than that, good purchase!


This is my first pair of wireless earbuds that I have purchased. Forced to buy them after my Samsung S7 Active took a dump and I bought the Samsung S21 5G (that does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack). The price point was a bit high but I really wanted a set for the nightstand so I don’t disturb the wife at night or early morning.

Earbuds work great! Charging/carrying case with USB-C port is sleek and you can get two full charges from it. The sound quality is better than expected and the noise-canceling function is great. I made the first phone call with them last night and the sound was clear. Leaning towards buying a second pair for the car to make those lonely drives to work a bit more enjoyable.

Capt Rulo

Purchased it for the wife, who primarily used a pair of neckband headphones (Sennheiser CX 7.00) and is looking for something less conspicuous. Overall, not bad for something costing half as much as the alternatives, and the wife’s very happy to have these as her default buds.

Edward Jao

Dango buds price

Dangobuds is less than 100$ whichever online store you check for it—Dangobuds Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. However, the price of the earbuds is more affordable if you place an order from the Dangobuds website.

Where to buy Dangobuds

Dangobuds website is the best place to buy quality dangobuds at a discounted cost. It comes with exchange and returns policies and delivery does not take time. It is very safe and secure to make your purchases on the website compared to other online stores. There are also multiple payment systems available on the DangoBuds website. It is available irrespective of where you are buying it from—the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

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Dangobuds customer services

Name: Quality Performance Limited

377 Valley Road # 1123, Clifton, 07013 New Jersey, USA

Support E-Mail: support@buydangobuds.com

United States and Canada (Toll Free): 866 206 0629 

United Kingdom: 033 0818 0883 

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689

dangobuds website

DangoBuds frequently asked questions

Are dangobuds good?

In deciding whether to buy Dangobuds or not, one of the questions one must ask is if it is really good. First, it depends on what you want in an earbud—some people want to wear brand names which others want to have earbuds that can serve their needs. Overall, dangobuds is really good as it has a stable Bluetooth connection which available on only a few smart devices, HD-microphone, active noise cancellation, etc.

Which earbuds should I buy?

The earbuds to buy depends on what exactly you need. On a scale of 1 to 10, I can give Dangobuds 8. This is because it has shown to be the best under 100$ earbuds with features of over 200$ earbuds.

Are dangobuds legit?

With the customer service constantly there 24/7, the earbud is very legit. However, if you fail to read the dango buds instructional manual and know how to use it, your thought may go towards dangobuds scam or the feeling that you just wasted your money. Anyway, it very user-friendly even to those who have never used earbuds. You can also check dangobuds review YouTube on how to tweak your earbuds.

Where are dangobuds made?

The major distribution hub is in the United States. In case you need to meet with the producer, use the address in the dangobuds customer service above.

What are the best earbuds under 100$?

Any under 100$ earbuds that can give you active noise canceling effect, has USB type C, Bluetooth 5.0, and also has many other benefits is definitely the best under 100$ earbuds.

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Conclusion on Dangobuds review

dangobuds canada

Dango buds earbuds from all sides has shown to be the best under 100$ earbuds as it has many incredible features. To make an order for it, go to the dangobuds website. One of the little challenges you may get is the rush in demand which makes its availability on and off.

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