Dangobuds review

DangoBuds review 2024: best earbuds to buy?

My friend recommended DangoBuds to me when I asked her about the best earbuds I can buy. Does it really worth buying? This and more questions are what this DangoBuds review will explain. You will also see a link to the official website where you can buy DangoBuds at a discounted price.

Dangobuds are the new face of earbuds. If you are finding it difficult to use your earphone whenever there is noise, you make a new choice to one that has a noise canceling effect. There is no need to continue to battle with your wired earphone or your earbuds that cannot connect up to a kilometer away from the source of the audio.

Here you have the Dango earbuds reviews to make it clearer what you stand to gain by using this device. Ensure to read it till the end to know all that is contained. There is also an affiliate link to the Dangobuds website in case you want to buy your own with a 50% discount.

What are dango earbuds?

Dango earbuds are a new in-ear earbud with ultra-modern features to make listening to music more interesting and remove noise distractions within our environment. Dango earbuds are small in size and stick to our ears as though they are glued to them. Dango earbuds are very cost-effective and made for different uses.

If you are not satisfied with the headphone or earbuds you are using now, maybe because it does not actively cancel noise in the background or because their Bluetooth connection is always off and on, then you need to check Dango earbuds.

Dango earbuds come with a box that serves for storage and charging. With the Dango box, you can go any far without losing focus on the voltage level in your earbuds. Dango earbuds are also a good match for anyone who likes to exercise as it does not fall off the ears. Dango earbuds have an HD microphone and wireless which makes them very comfortable to wear.

dangobuds earbuds

DangoBuds benefits

  • Active noise canceling effect: Dangobuds are known to offer you a clear voice to communicate with people over the phone. You can comfortably talk with your friends even when you are in the market. These are exactly things you stand to benefit when compared to other brands. I have once used an earbud that made communication with people using my phone difficult. I could hear them but they continued to complain that they can’t hear me. It continued to the extent I decided to drop the earpiece for another one that is superior and offering me the needed services. It also has a noise-blocking effect where it does not allow other sounds to penetrate into your ear but the most important one used when you speak with people on phone is the noise canceling effect.
  • Dangobuds are wireless and have Bluetooth 5.0 for effective connections with devices: you can be connected for more than 10 to 15 meters away from the source of the sound and you will still hear clear sound. Bluetooth enables Dangobuds to connect with different phones including those with the latest Bluetooth versions. This has set it out for good ad you can use it with your phone irrespective of the brand. The Bluetooth does not take time to pair up with it and gives you what you expect. The distance you can go with your earbuds solely depends on the extent your Bluetooth can carry the wave to.
  • Made with HD microphones that give music stereo sound: if you like a good mixture of bass and rock, then this is your best hand-free earphone. The sound quality it produces is good for the ear and makes every voice sound good. Nothing can be compared to an earpiece that can give you exactly the sound of a music without making some addition on the tune. This is really incredible and makes you continue to enjoy the music to its maximum point.
  • Does not fall off the ears: the size made Dangobuds fit well into your pinna as such you will not have the challenge of it falling off your ears. Imagine struggling to walk along a busy road because you are afraid that your earpiece could fall off your ear. Such is a headache and that is why Dangobuds are designed to suit your taste and in a way, one size fits all. You may have to remove it from your ear once in a while so as to ensure that you continue to enjoy good aeration within the ear it is plugged.
  • Comes with a storage box that serves as its charging port: it is quite simple for you to make use of Dangobuds because it has its special box which you will easily put inside each time you have it off your ear. This box is portable and can easily allow you to carry it from one point to another. Another good thing about this box is that it also serves for charging the dangobuds. Yes, the advantage here is that you can be making use of the earbuds while charging the box, and at the time the dangobuds are running down, you can recharge it easily. It has a meter that will appear on the bar of your smartphone each time you are using it to help you know the battery capacity. This battery capacity is a huge indicator of when to recharge it.
  • Has USB type C which makes for fast charging any time the storage box is down: charging the box has been made easier and simple through the use of a type C charger. With this charger, you can easily charge it within minutes. The good thing is that with this cable, you can have a faster charging of both the DangoBuds and also the charging box.
  • Has stable Bluetooth connection up to a mile for phone calls and listening to music: when it comes to the quality of earbuds especially headphones, speed and stability when using Bluetooth are priorities. That is exactly what you stand to gain from this device. It gives you high speed and stability while you use it.
  • No wire is involved: here you will not be battling with wires to fix it well over your ears. You can put your dango buds in your pocket as you get to enjoy the HD quality of your stereo. If you are looking for a headphone that can allow you to continue with what you are doing while also listening to your sounds, these dango buds are the best.
  • Does not drain battery fast: it can be used for a long without it affecting the battery as it has a great micro battery which helps it to last as long as possible.

What you may not like about hand-free earbuds

  • It can completely block your ears: sometimes, depending on how you fix it on your ear, it can block every sound coming into your ears. With this, you will find it difficult to hear when another sound is around you. This is what some people mistake to be the noise-cancelling effect from an earplug, but it is not. It is simply noise and sound blocking effect. What this means is that it will totally block the normal sound you should have heard ordinarily and can even deprive your ear of oxygen.
  • It can predispose your ear to infection: depending on the frequency. The increase in the rate at which it is used, it predisposes to an ear infection as the blocking effect continues to last. This is the reason why you should develop the habit of removing and fixing it back. This almost applies to any earbud you are using.
dangobuds benefits

Dango buds vs Airpods pro

Here, I will consider two different earbuds from two different producers – Dango Buds vs AirPods Pro.

Dango BudsAirPods Pro
With good discount for every purchase made since the company is still running promo. It sells at less than a 100$Well established brand with high cost of buying it. The price of buying one is more than 100$.
Universally made for both android and Apple phone users.More compatible with Apple made devices than with Android phones
More user-friendly as beginners can also make use of it to enjoy their music and headphones conversation.It is more complex as it is made to offer more extended range of services.
It offers noise cancelling effect.It also offers noise cancelling effect.
Dango Buds are good for the range of distance you can use them when they are connected with your device.It covers more distant when you connect it with your device because it has a more sophisticated Bluetooth.
Generally, from all indications of Dango Buds vs AirPods Pro, it is evident that Dango Buds will be a more affordable and economical earbud for you to use than AirPods Pro, except you are just looking for the best for yourself. Them in such case, you can spend money on the best to buy the AirPods Pro. The link to buying DangoBuds is in this post, however, if you want to check for the AirPods Pro, you can use the AirPods Pro Amazon for pricing and other information.

Dangobuds reviews customer reports

Below are dangobuds reviews as reported by some of the users:

These earbuds were a good purchase overall, the sound quality is really good in them and the Bluetooth range is farther than expected. They connected easily to my iPhone and charge quickly and easily as well. The buttons on the side are a little difficult to push to change or pause the songs or something but other than that, good purchase!


This is my first pair of wireless earbuds that I have purchased. Forced to buy them after my Samsung S7 Active took a dump and I bought the Samsung S21 5G (that does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack). The price point was a bit high but I really wanted a set for the nightstand so I don’t disturb the wife at night or early morning.

Earbuds work great! Charging/carrying case with USB-C port is sleek and you can get two full charges from it. The sound quality is better than expected and the noise-canceling function is great. I made the first phone call with them last night and the sound was clear. Leaning towards buying a second pair for the car to make those lonely drives to work a bit more enjoyable.

Capt Rulo

Purchased it for the wife, who primarily used a pair of neckband headphones (Sennheiser CX 7.00) and is looking for something less conspicuous. Overall, not bad for something costing half as much as the alternatives, and the wife’s very happy to have these as her default buds.

Edward Jao

Dangobuds price

Dangobuds price is less than 100$ whichever online store you check for it—Dangobuds Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. However, the price of the earbuds is more affordable if you place an order from the Dangobuds website. The price will also be lower depending on the units you want to buy.

Where to buy Dangobuds

Dangobuds website is the best place to buy quality dangobuds at a discounted cost. It comes with exchange and returns policies and delivery does not take time. It is very safe and secure to make your purchases on the website compared to other online stores. There are also multiple payment systems available on the DangoBuds website. It is available irrespective of where you are buying it from—the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

dangobuds cost

Dangobuds customer services

  • Name: Quality Performance Limited
  • 377 Valley Road # 1123, Clifton, 07013 New Jersey, USA
  • Support E-Mail: support@buydangobuds.com
  • United States and Canada (Toll Free): 866 206 0629 
  • United Kingdom: 033 0818 0883 
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689

Dangobuds Amazon

Dangobuds is available on many online platforms including Amazon where you can read Dangobuds Amazon reviews to know what the users are saying.

dangobuds website

DangoBuds frequently asked questions

Are dangobuds any good?

In deciding whether to buy Dangobuds or not, one of the questions one must ask is – Are dangobuds any good? First, it depends on what you want in an earbud—some people want to wear brand names while others want to have earbuds that can serve their needs. Overall, dangobuds is really good as it has a stable Bluetooth connection which is available on only a few smart devices, HD-microphone, active noise cancellation, etc.

Which earbuds should I buy?

The earbuds to buy depends on what exactly you need. On a scale of 1 to 10, I can give Dangobuds 8. This is because it has shown to be the best under 100$ earbuds with features of over 200$ earbuds.

Are dango earbuds legit?

With the customer service constantly there 24/7, the earbud is very legit. However, if you fail to read the Dango earbuds instructional manual and know how to use it, your thought may go towards the Dango earbuds scam or the feeling that you just wasted your money. Anyway, it is very user-friendly even for those who have never used earbuds. You can also check Dangobuds review on YouTube on how to tweak your earbuds.

Where are dango earbuds made?

The major distribution hub is in the United States. In case you need to meet with the producer, use the address in the Dango earbuds customer service above.

What are the best earbuds for under 100$?

Any under 100$ earbuds that can give you active noise canceling effect, has USB type C, Bluetooth 5.0, and also has many other benefits are definitely the best under 100$ earbuds.

How long do Dango Buds last?

Dango buds can last a minimum of 5 years. However, this answer is quite conditional because it can barely last a year under the use of some people. There are people who can carefully use for more than 10 years and it will not develop any fault. It does not malfunction on its own rather it will continue to serve you for a very long time and giving you the musical tune you need. I have used mine for more than 3 years and counting.

How do Dango buds work?

If you have used any earbud before now, you may not need to ask the question – how do Dango buds work? This is because earbuds work in similar ways. Dango buds depends on the Bluetooth for it to be connected with the phone and for it to continue to produce sounds that is emanating from the source. It doesn’t have its own music or sound rather with the help of the Bluetooth connection, you can listen to sounds from your smartphones and other devices.

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Conclusion on Dangobuds review

Dangobuds are quality and one of the best earbudß in the market you can buy them easily and see them delivered to you immediately.

Dango Buds earbuds from all sides have shown to be the best under 100$ earbuds as it has many incredible features. To make an order for it, go to the Dangobuds website. One of the little challenges you may get is the rush in demand which makes its availability on and off.

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