Colorize Outdoor Lights Reviews 2023: best solar outdoor light?

Colorize outdoor lights is a solar-dependent outdoor light used to control the illumination in your home bringing the beauty of your home to its zenith. Colorize lights are specially designed solar bulbs that bring out the beautiful both during the day and at night. We know how important Light is; in fact, it is a vital component of every home. The kind of electric power light that is in your home will determine the nature and look of your home. A great way to go with the design and acceptance of your worth by your friends.

Different types of bulbs have already been made by different companies however in this article we are going to be looking at a special bulb known as colorize that will help to give your home improvement and give you the best luck by every year

Can be compared to a home that is well lighted this is because such a home gives different lights and gives hope it also makes the light look bright and as well as appearing to be its best. The painters have reported that one of the things that makes the color and appearance of the things come up more depends on the type of light you select to use in your house. I meant to produce a single light while others can produce as many colors of light as possible.

Colorize is good because the kind of color they produce makes a room look better and well-designed. The thing about some of these colored lights is that they come in such a way that they give sometimes false color to everything inside the room making it beautiful and so attractive. This is why someone can look at a room and desire to be inside it or to live inside it simply because of its look of it.

Colorize lights reviews will tell you what users of colorizing solar lights are currently saying online in their colorize outdoor lights reviews. It will further tell you the benefits and features of colorize lights. The goal of colorize lights review is to guide you on whether you should buy this solar light or not; a decision you will make yourself. In case you choose to buy colorize outdoor light, a safe and secured affiliate link is at the bottom of this post to help you.

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What are colorize lights

Colorize lights are a special type of innovative outdoor solar-powered light that produces different colors of light inside the room or where you use it. It is a smart way of beautifying your home and giving a different light that tries to make the paint and also the design around you look brighter. Colorize lights remain a secret that has raised the beauty of most of the rooms that you see in different Hollywood movies.

Most of the buildings you are my own social media and different entertaining areas are actually designed with colorize lights and that is why it’s time you look at them they tend to grow with different light and East light has a way of attracting you to them because of how beautiful they make the apartment look.

Colorize lights are exactly what a startup company has done to ensure that everyone can replicate such a scene in their own home or place of work or business area to ensure that they keep up with the business and keep attracting customers from the way their stores and companies look. Packaging and beauty are part of the essentials of life. This is because some of the time she will be judged by their appearance and that is why you need to always be for p appearance to look up to standard.

Colorize light is very affordable easy to maintain and something that you can always get replaced at any point in time. Also, longer-lasting it is quite affordable and this is why many people who live in the United States of America, Canada, Israel, and other parts of the world and rushing to get their own units and then sure they put them in their homes to make their home look beautiful and for a long time.

I would like to have a bulb that will not spoil or stop working the following month after purchasing them however it’s quite unfortunate that most of the bulb that is currently in the market does not last more than a week or at the most, they can last up to one month and they will get. Colorize bulbs only to give beauty to your home it has a time interval it will last without it causing damage to its own.

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Colorize solar lights specifications

  • Colorize solar lights have solar Panel: 5V
  • Colorize Dimension: 5.4 x 9.4 (DxH)
  • Brightness: 6.5 Lumens
  • Light Colors: Light Colors
  • Lighting Body Material: Plastic
  • Assembly Details: Adult assembly is required, tools not provided
  • Protective Qualities: Protective Qualities
  • Package Quantity: 6
  • Light Bulb Type
  • Power Source: Power Source
  • Battery: 1200mAh (+/-5%) Lithium-Ion, included for each
  • Smart Light Sensor Function: Auto-charge during the day, Auto on at night
  • Colorize solar lights have color Box Dimension: 37cm L x 14.1cm W x 14.2 H

Colorize lights review: features

For you to properly understand what Colorize lights have to offer, here are the features as captured in this colorize lights review.

  • Colorize lights are solar Powered: no need for you to depend on other sources of power that can easily fail you when you need it more. No one will be happy that such a beautiful light goes off when your friends are around because that’s exactly when you need it most to give you a room and the upper hand and also attract more friends to your home. This is the reason why the producer of the colorizer light bulb went the extra mile of making sure that it is solar power out and its power source will depend on the sun however you can also study solar power for as long as possible and utilize it even when there is no solar light.
  • Easy Setup No Wires and Saves Money: you must not be technically an expert for you to utilize this picture but hope this is because it comes in a simple setup way whereby you do not need technical know-how to be able to manipulate it. It is as simple as opening the package and then fixing it up it does not need you to connect wires at different points or for you to come to an electrician for you to be able to make the wire connections that are involved. A user-friendly product and one that does not stress you or make you begin to call on specialists before you can start using it.
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lights: it produces bright light that makes better sense and also adds beauty to your home and wherever you put it this is exactly one of the reasons why a lot of users especially from the United States and Canada are really going for this product most of them have also come online to make reviews about this product on how good it is and why everyone should cute was having one in their home.
  • Water-Resistant: this light bulb is specially made in such a way that it is very resistant to water and dust it has its own protective that is able to cut it off from water and this is why it spent a long time without being damaged as it is resistant to the damaging effect of water and as well as other causes of its damage. This is why this very light is suitable for all kinds of places in your home either indoors or outdoors all within our veranda it always matches it well and cannot easily be destroyed by water or other things that come to ensure that the bulb stops working or that’s tried to stop another bulb from working.
  • 4 Color Plus Multicolor: under normal if you have this bulb you are already sure that you are having special colors however the addition of other colors will also follow suit to ensure that you have the best design anywhere this bulb is. Exactly what they offer you get by having this bulb which you will not get from any other type of bulb that you may buy to use in your home or anywhere you may want to put it.
  • Upgrade Your Home: the major function of this job is to help you upgrade your home to a very high standard one that when people look at it then it will really matter what and it will give the people the Express impression that you are really happening personality within your locality. This bulb is in no way not among the cheap worthless Bulbs other people use within society.
  • Easy to Install: no stress very easy to install and does not come with other technicalities that make it complex like other special bulbs that exist. Why anyone can have this Bob irrespective of his or her technical know-how or ability to manipulate electrical gadgets to produce the best?
  • Automatic ON/OFF: This very Bob has a special way of working in the sense that the beat is automatic. This is to say that it turns itself on whenever the dark is approaching and as well turns itself off whenever the light is on. This very bulb is also being controlled by people who work around this is to say that it is also controlled by people’s shadow. When people pass on that light it produces a light brighter than what is currently produced before the person starts passing and with this light, it can show you a full glance of who is passing and whatever the passing is passing with.
  • Makes your home unique: needless to say that this is a Bulb for Special People. However, it is obvious that this bulb is exclusively for people of class and not just anybody. Affordable and easy to set up does not mean it is for everyone and this is why those who have it are really worth it and it has been working for them to upgrade your home to a higher standard.
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How colorize solar lights works?

Colorize solar lights have 4 color options and 2 modes to match any mood you want in your yard. Don’t worry, you can also set it to white for an elegant home upgrade as well! 

Colorize solar lights harness the sun’s energy during the day by using its super-efficient solar panels. Once it gets dark outside, it automatically turns on the dusk-to-dawn technology. 

Easy way to install colorize pathway lights

Installing colorize pathway lights isn’t hard to do. All you have to do is take them out of the box, flip a switch to choose the color mode you want and place them on the ground wherever you want. 

No complicated wiring or annoying battery replacements. Just stake it into the dirt or grass. Then enjoy the newfound beauty of your yard!

You don’t have to worry about the elements either, Colorize is IP44 water-resistant so it can withstand surviving outdoors in the rain

Colorize lights reviews: Benefits of colorized solar lights

Below are the 10 amazing benefits you will be happy to know before buying colorize light solar

  • Colorize Lights Make Your Home Look Like A Getaway Retreat: I give your home the best look that you can ever desire through its multi-colored looks and then and even attractive appearance which makes your home very adorable.
  • Create Your Own “Color-scape”: I want to have your own color scheme by buying the colors you like and that will really give your home a while selected appearance which will suit your test and worth. This means that you select your bulb according to the light you want to appear in your home if you want it to be predominantly green and yellow you will make the choice if you want it to be predominantly any other colors you also get to select the ball back issue they call off with you want.
  • Perfect Holiday Light: Do you want to really enjoy your holidays? Then go for colorize bulb that works very fine to give everyone the best look and as well give you a very good comfort whatever it is fixed on.
  • Colorize light solar is easy to be put Anywhere: no limit to where you can put colorize solar bulbs and this is why it is very great as it can always fit in with different colors as well, you have choices when it comes to color combination.
  • Stand Out From The Crowd: solar bulb has been so peculiar among a few people who want to decide on their home for a great look. Truth is that everyone likes to stay in a place that is well decorated and has good lighting however not everyone knows how to combine such kinds of looks. Persons who know how to come about such looks and are not always much interested in gaining ground or going too deep to ensure that their new room or home looks so attractive to whichever visitor comes.
  • Colorize Lights have a 20-second Installation: does not take much time for you to get it installed and whatever place you are leaving or you want it to be. This is independent of your technical skills, whether you can manipulate electric gadgets or not, is less important. There’s no wired connection or a place where you must be technically good for you to work on it. It is as simple as opening the box and getting it fixed and installed. You must not wait to see another who installed it for you to know how to install it. This is because there is a guideline for you in the user manual which you will receive when the product comes to your doorstep.
  • Colorize Lights have No Messy Wires: the advantage the bulb has is that it is a direct fixed bulb. You do not need to go looking for wires in order to get them connected to a power source that will work. It works through the solar panel and the solar panel of six to turn on and off at the right time and this solar panel is really a great advantage to it as it helps it to last for a long time while giving you different colors online the power supply from external bodies where your life can go off even when you need it most or say the least when your friends are around and you are having a great time.
Colorize solar light review
  • Saves You Money: colorize bulbs issue money and store energy as they last for a very long time giving you the best colors of light that you need and as well as giving you peace of mind and comfort in your home. It’s more like a one-time solar bulb that can serve you for up to two years without it getting spoilt and it is also well designed in such a way that even water cannot destroy it or damage it because it is water-resistant that can stand the effect of water to a reasonable extent of time.
  • Colorize Lights Turns ON/OFF By Itself: the great benefit that is attached to a polarized bulb is that it gets to turn itself on most of the time without you coming to turn it on. Saving you this energy is a great advantage that everyone would like and would also want a such a bulb that turns itself on to be in their home. No one standing up or sitting down in the name of trying to turn up the light every time.
  • Thousands of homeowners are crazy about Colorize: colorize light is one of the most trending solar bulbs currently and a lot of people are going for this ball because of its automatic turn on and off and also its long-lasting features. Users have also made reviews on colorize and stated how they love to colorize for what it has to offer them in terms of multicolored layers of light.

How to use colorize landscape lights?

STEP 1: Choose your location

Position Colorize landscape lights along a walkway, landscape, or another area of your yard where they can be exposed to direct sunlight, with no obstructions (such as trees or bushes).

STEP 2: Charge your lights

Press the button to the ON mode. Continue pressing the ON button to set in the function of your choice, including white, red, green, blue, and color-shifting rainbow light. Set color choice prior to letting the unit charge.

STEP 3: Let Colorize illuminate your landscape

Colorize’s dusk-activated function will turn the lights on automatically in the evening, giving your landscape up to 8 hours of beautiful rainbow light!

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Can colorize outdoor solar light make your home standout?

Ever felt like your house looks a little dull from the outside? You want to install some super bright, colorize outdoor solar lights but hiring an electrician would cost you an arm and a leg


  • The Pool Area

Is your pool looking dull at night? Adding just a few of these around your pool will make it stand out and look gorgeous.

  • Landscaping & Gardens

A poorly lit garden or landscaping area is a turn-off at night. Colorize™ fills your garden, fences, pools, BBQ areas with stunning & colorful light! Be warned: Your neighbors might start asking where you got them!

  • Dark Pathways:

Accidents happen, tripping & falling on a dark pathway can cause serious injury. Light the way and stay safe with Colorizes™ “striking” LED lights.

Colorize solar light reviews

colorize lights reviews: Pros and cons

  • Transform Your Dark & Boring Yard into a Bright Paradise that Impresses Your Neighbors
  • Small, Simple, & Convenient – No Complicated Wiring, Batteries, or Professional Installation Required.
  • Make Your Home the “Life of the Neighborhood” in Just a Few Quick Minutes
  • These Are Perfect For Your Patio, Your Pool, Your Garden, Pathways, And More!
  • Super Easy-To-Use – Just Place it Down & it Immediately Begins Absorbing the Sun’s Energy when Night Falls it Automatically Turns on!

Cons: colorize reviews 

  • Colorize is only available online 
  • Limited offer available 

How can I purchase colorize?: colorize Reviews

Whether you are living in the United States of America or in Canada or in Israel or in Argentina or any other part of the world the process of buying this colorizer light is the same everywhere. Because there is a central platform where you can make your purchase and that central platform is under a link that is already under this post. The link under this post that shows that you buy this product is simply an affiliate link from the central portal that will lead you to a safe place where you make your purchase at a 50% discount and then exchange and return policies will also be available for you after making your purchase.

The good thing about making your purchase from the central portal is this one thing is that you are sure of your transactions you’re very sure of how safe and secure your transaction is going to be unlike other things and in other platforms where you make your transactions and at the end of the day for your product to be delivered it will take years and for some reasons and in some occasions you may never see your product which means you will lose your money.

The reason why I have searched and gotten a safe and appropriate affiliate link is that will lead you to where you make your purchase. As you know there are many online vices that are currently ongoing and one of the ways to not be a victim of such a crisis is by you and sharing that you make your purchases from the right source and also a trusted and tested platform.

That will also advise before you make any coaches that you ensure that you have a contact detail of the manager or the team that is distributing the product this is to ensure that you have open communication with whoever will deliver your product when you are unable to receive your product you have people you can lay hands on and make your complaint.

Colorize lights Customer reviews

“We have a large painted mural on our back wall behind our pool. These four solar lights really brought out all the colors and made it look extra alive”.

Dorcas Zerus

“They really light up the house and we get a lot of compliments from the neighbors.”

Luke Genner

I like colorize outdoor lights for its ability to turn itself on and off at the right time. One evening, I was having good time with my friends and of a sudden the bulbs of this colorize solar light turn themselves on and my home was transformed immediately to an earthly heaven. Friends really liked the look of my compound immediately and all of them promise to buy and edify their home.

Denis E.

Frequently asked questions on colorize lights reviews

Do I need batteries or wiring to use colorize?

There will be no need for you to use batteries for this light bulb this is because it comes as a solar-powered light and it has its own ability to control its light and does not depend on an external power source. Generally, it’s also powered by the Sun however it can also store sunlight in such a way that it can power itself when the sun is not available and this is why it is superior to other competitors. So do not need wires in order to make it work this is because the installation does not need a very high wire so you need to make serious connections before it will start working as it is totally dependent on the sunlight for it to start work. This is why it has eliminated every barrier of usage from A common Man and has raised the hope of any common man who would want to use it in order to boost up his home and it also comes in such a way that anyone even those without special background or electrical skills can as well use it and get the best of it without applying any technicalities.

How many colorize lights do I need for my home?

Well, there is no particular number of colorize lights that you need for your home this is because it all depends on the amount you can afford and how you want your home to be. Want your home to look beautiful and very exotic the more you go for a higher number in order to boost up every corner of your home and give you the best Look in town. It is that it is very affordable and easy to set up so it’s not something that you find so difficult for you to get and then get in a higher quantity. As the number increases you also have some discounts that are really significant and this is because you can buy three and one will be free of charge this helps you to give your home a better look and then an exotic appearance.

Can colorize solar lights stay out during Snow? 

The light is automatic and majorly depends on how bad can a viral mean is. It does not work under the direct presence of sunlight which means it does not really work when the sun is shining. It gets itself off at some point and turns itself on as soon as the area begins to dim into darkness, this may make some people assume that it does not work under snow compared to the way it works when everywhere is dark. Exactly one thing everyone needs to know before going for this product.

How Do Colorize outdoor lights turn on at Night?

How colorize turns on at the night is really automatic and that is exactly how it is being set up to work especially when the light is coming up and when the light is getting dim. Under the Express control of normal light which makes it turn on when the sunlight is going down and that’s why I turned itself off when the sunlight is coming up that’s exactly how it works to control itself.

Are colorize waterproof and safe sprinklers?

What is good with this light bulb is that it is waterproof and you can spend water on it and you still remain intact without it getting spoilt. This is there a feature that you see in Bluetooth speakers and other airports which are being made in case of a fall into the water so they not to get spoilt however you now see it in a bulb light such as colorize bulb. Please Bob does not cost extra money because of the fact that it is waterproof this is because the producer made it in such a way that it will really be cost-effective and as well as last very long for anyone who decides to make an investment in it by buying it.

How long do colorize lights stay on?

The time that this solar bulb can stay on there serving your papers depends on the source of heat energy which is sunlight and this implies that it depends on how long sunlight has been available for the pastor and does so for that particular time interval. This is because it takes sunlight for a retail store is energy that is used to work during the back and if there’s no sunlight that means it cannot able to save energy that will power it to work for a long time and this also implies that it can work to a very long extent depending on the energy is stored on its own which is the sunlight. It does not have an external power source or something that powers it other than the sunlight so it solely depends on this sunlight to produce its best.

Is colorize light a scam?

Colorize solar lights generally is not a scam because most of the users have really taken it online to testify about how good colorize is and a lot of things this colorize can offer you in your home. Colorize is an innovative product that has turned many homes into a place where before now go for holidays. In fact, some of them said that it is no better for them to go to a hotel just to cruise as this polarized light has turned their home into great heaven.

How can I get my money back in case I do not like colorize solar lights?

I’m back in case you do not like this light is very easy this is because already there is an email address wearing you can send an email to requesting an exchange or refund in case of damage to your product. If colorize is not satisfactory to your test you can household demand a refund of your money and within a space of time your complaint will be reviewed and your money will be sent back to you without much stress from you. This policy has been made severally by the producer of this colorize solar bulb, especially as regards its readiness to refund anyone who demands a refund on a journey ground.

You can also read another alternative for colorize outdoor light such as Bright light.

Conclusion on colorize outdoor lights reviews 

Do you want your home to glow in very good and well-designed light of multi-colors? If this is what you want, then you don’t need to wait any longer again as you have got what you need in this particular like that was talked about so far. With over 2000 reviews online it has proven to be the ultimate that can save what you need assistance ability to be water-resistant portable and last very long depending majorly on the solar power supply without it depending on whether there is an electric power supply or not.

Many people who have been using this product in different countries including the United States, Canada, Israel, and Argentina have also testified to the goodness of this colorize outdoor solar lightening multicolor light which has saved a lot of homes from its little Look and taken it to an upgraded level. Most of the exotic places you used to see in Hollywood movies majorly have this particular light bulb on it which makes it look very good and attractive and everyone would want to go to such a place to chill out during their summer break.