Galaxy watch active 2

Can Galaxy watch active 2 make calls?

Galaxy watch active 2 make calls. Using smartwatch to make calls is not new. Tech has escalated the extend and features in smart watches. They can do a number of things which make them indispensable in our present world. You can receive your text messages, email messages and calls. You have the option to receive the call direct from your watch. This is because galaxy watch active 2 has sensors and strong Bluetooth connection to make your call have stable speed and fluent.

Galaxy watch active 2 is compatible with most Android phones which makes it best for not only the Samsung phones but also for other brands of Androids. However, the extent at which you can enjoy the call will depend on your region, carrier and phone model. This is the reason why some Android users may make complains that it does not work effectively for them.

How to make call with galaxy watch active 2?

  • To answer calls using galaxy watch active 2 you have to ensure your watch is having enough power. Ensure the battery capacity at the.point can carry you to the extent which the call may last.
  • Ensure your smartwatch is connected with your smartphone. This will ensure you have connection to know when there is a call into your phone. Ensure that your watch is connected to your smartphone will give the chance to know be current with all that may be going on within your phone.
  • When you get notifications for call, you can choose to make the calls over your phone or over your smartwatch. The Bluetooth of most of the phones is great enough to give you the best in your conversation. It also goes under hitch free condition. You can also decide to end the call using your galaxy watch active 2.
  • Ensure you don’t go beyond where your Bluetooth connection can cover. Going beyond such mark will affect you as the call may end or the quality in the conversation may be poor. This is a crucial point to note while making use of this device.

Benefits of using Galaxy watch active 2 make calls?

  • There are many advantages of using your galaxy watch active 2 to make calls. You will have a phone free call. You can decide to keep your phone with reasonable range and take your calls. If you are a dangerous place where you are afraid that your phone may be snatched away from you, you can have your phone inside your pocket while you make your calls.
  • Maintains cleanness: when your hands are dirty, you decided to receive calls using your galaxy watch active 2. By doing this, you will run away from staining your phone. This is mostly important for people with occupation that dispose them to dirty work. So all you need to use galaxy watch active 2 for calls is to have you watch on your wrist. The volume of your calls is also enough for you to hear well.
  • In distress, you may want to make calls using your galaxy watch active 2. This works in a situation you don’t want to use your phone either because you are constrained from using it or that it is just your choice.


Making calls using galaxy watch active 2 is very simple and compatible with most Android phones. You will have a very clear conversation. It has turned out as one of the ways to enjoy your conversation when you are disposed to using your smartphones for making calls. With effective Bluetooth and reasonable distance, you can enjoy your calls from galaxy watch active 2. Galaxy watch active 2 has different sensors including the ones that help it to monitor your blood pressure.

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