BLX buds earbuds reviews 2022: is BLXBUDS the best buy?

Does BLXBUDS worth your buy? This is the question that this BLX buds review tends to answer. BLXbuds earbuds review will cover the features, benefits, and what users of this device have to say about it.

Having a quality earbud is not by chance, it takes you knowing some features that make for quality. The cost of a unit of headphones is not even a major pointer to the quality of stereo it will offer. Some of my friends use high-end earbuds but complain about how they are yet to get the audio satisfaction they need for a space of 3 months. If such will happen then cost isn’t really the best yardstick to measure quality.

You may have seen people wear different earbuds that made them look elegant and stylish. That is exactly one of the advantages of having earbuds. How you will look wearing a particular earbud should be important to you, however, knowing why you will buy a particular brand and how you can maintain it should also be a priority.

In this post, I will review one of the trending earbuds called BLX BUDS. There is no brainer or extra effort needed to look good with buds. Yes! I mean it and I believe with this review on BLX earbuds, you will make the right choice and join the thousands already cruising with BLXBUDS.

Before coming up with this review, I have gone through most of the reviews online on this earpiece and none was as comprehensive as I believe will be helpful to you. So I decided to make this post to tell you more about BLX buds, to tell you more of the gains that will bring out your true personality as an owner of these earbuds. I will also tell you where you can buy it in case you are yet to have yours. This will be based on what many of the users have been saying and my own experience with the buds as a reviewer.

blx buds reviews


What is BLXbuds?

It is not about having earbuds, it is about having the best quality at an affordable. No other earbuds will offer you that except BLX buds. It is a specially produced headset that helps you make your hand-free calls, listen to music, appear presentable in the best style and fashion ever. It really fits into every dress you wear and makes you appear highly trending.

The good thing is that you don’t have to press any button to make it work and you can also control it for only one to be producing music while the other is paused. This will help in situations you don’t want to appear off by taking out one of the earbuds. This is really a great feature of this device.

It has an insignificant latency period of 0.1 seconds and can last for more than 10 hours after a full charge. You can use it for your routine sports or exercises without pressing any button. It highly touches control. Many people have used these buds for months to years and have affirmed to it is faultless.

The producer also has a warranty and guarantee cover for the product. So if it develops an issue when you buy it or after buying it then you can return it for exchange and refund. This is the highest level of surety any producer can give.

Features to expect from quality buds

Below are the features you should look out for whenever you want to buy any earbuds. The essence of checking out for these things is because you need to be very sure that you are up to buying the quality one and not just one that is fanciful.

Battery life

Battery capacity is an essential feature one should look out for before buying an earbud. For BLX buds, the battery is awesome. This is because you can use it for more than 10 hours after charge. The casing can also be charged to give power when needed. A long-lasting battery is one of the features that made this earbud outstanding.


The design of earbuds can be summarized to be classic, sport, or star design. Each one has what makes it outstanding. One good thing about BLX earbuds is that it is tight-fitting in such a way that it does not fall off while you are using them to do exercise, unlike others that can easily fall off from even the case. This earbud has a metallic body that attracts the magnetic on the case and makes them tight.


BLXbuds has touch control instead of physical control. To stop a piece of music you can tap on it once. To continue, you can tap on it twice, and to forward to the next song you should tap on it three times. As simple as that you are in charge of your earbuds. This touch control is better than a physical button as you may find it difficult to press the button when the buds are on your ears. Another way you can pause the song is by removing the earbud from your ears. This is because it has auto ear detection.


It takes 1.5 seconds for these earbuds to connect with your device. It is made of the latest Bluetooth 5.1 which works best with both the latest and old versions of Bluetooth. Response to tap on the device is also fast as it does not take much time to produce an effect. Latency is the time it takes for your earbuds to put to effect what you commanded. Some earbuds take at least 2 minutes to connect with phones or to initiate an a-pause-command. Long latency time is one of the worst things you can see in an earbud. It is like all these low RAM devices which take hours to turn on.

True wireless stereo

It has wonderful touch sensitivity. With a single table or double-tap, you can control the effect you will get from the earbuds. Very wireless and pairs very fast with your laptop and smartphone.

Water resistance

BLXbuds has quality water and dust resistivity. It can stand mild rain and sweat up to a reasonable extent. However, if you use it to swim it will be damaged by the water. The IP rating is so strong that even it falls into water, you can still pull it out and continue to use it. It is only a few wristwatches and smart weight scales that have such quality water and dust resistance as these BLXbuds.

Volume control

Volume control is as simple as you can control it by tapping on it. You can reduce or increase the volume just by tapping on it.


It has the latest Bluetooth version which makes its connection to be stable and strong up to a distance of 10 miles. You can also be able to pair it with other devices more than one at a time. Unlike what you get from other earbuds, this particular brand is unique as it has enhanced connectivity which helps it to connect with devices with older versions of Bluetooth.


If you are looking for an earbud for making calls or listening to music, you have seen the best. BLXbuds has a quality sound system from its microphone. It moderates the voice to produce exactly the incoming voice that is not much bass or too light. You will definitely like it.

Noise cancellation

You need to know the difference between noise isolation and cancellation. Both of them mean different things as noise isolation is more like using the buds to block your ear and isolate your inner ear from the noise within your environment while noise cancellation is the process of filtering and canceling the noise within your environment. With BLXbuds, the noise within your environment will be reduced to a minimal level.

blx buds review

Features of BLX buds

  • Auto-pairing after first connection: Your earbuds pair themselves automatically after the first time you made a connection with your smartphone. You will only notice that it has connected with your device. It’s just so compatible and can connect easily with more than one device. This is the advantage that comes with the type of Bluetooth(version 5.1) it has.
  • TWS Dual stereo wireless: You do not need your long wires to connect to your phone. The good thing is that it connects automatically and without long wires to any device that is compatible with it. You can also get to enjoy a split hearing of your sounds. This is when only one bud is paused while the other is not. This helps you better than removing it now and then. As you can listen to background noise from your environment. This has proven to help to avoid accidents while walking or driving along the way.
  • Dual microphone call: The microphone in this device is also good for making calls. Unlike others that will provide you with a more feminine voice, this gives you the exact voice you need. However, it has a little added bass on it.
  • IOS, PC, and Android Compatible: Village board is highly compatible with different devices. It can connect with your iPhones, your laptops, and then your Android versions.
  • Color: Black with smoke black transparent cover on charging case
  • Charging case: Input DC 5V 300mA Output DC 5V 100mA
  • Earbud’s battery capacity: 40 mAh:
  • Full charge for Earbuds: About one hour:
  • A battery of charging case: 5V/300mAh: 
  • Full charge for Case: About 1.5 hours:
  • Playtime: 4.5 hours:
  • Earbuds: Input DC 3.7V 40mA: 

Benefits of having BLX earbuds

Quality stereo: The quality of BLX earbuds is great. It comes with the best sound quality. Unlike what you have in other ones where the voice represents the feminine voice. The device you have on this year’s board stands for both genders. It is really a firing advantage that the voice stereo is very good. The above qualities did that.

Compact and portable: BLS bodies are very compatible for use. You insert it into the charging case and you can carry it anywhere in a very fanciful style. The fact that people can put it in their front belt and go to a fire distance makes it a hot cake. And why people are really coming for it. There are many brands that have almost the same close price, but this very one is able to maintain its lead through its series of upgrades.

Boosts your social presence: There’s a popular saying that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. This goes beyond a mere word to include that when you dress smartly you get addressed smartly and when you dressed in an elegant way, people will take you for who you are. This is exactly what these earbuds do to give you an elegant look that is beyond what others offer. It is a high taste here, but that tends to improve or boost your social presence wherever you come.

Gives you hands-free ease: with this earbud, your hands can now be free for you to do two things at a time. You can decide to be making a call and at the same time be cooking or writing down the conversation. As simple as it sounds. A couple of times I have been eating or washing my cloth and a call came in.

I didn’t miss the call even when my smartphone was not there with me. The call also came through my earbud and immediately I answered and kicked off conversation while still washing my cloth. This is the only time you are free to do two things at a time. You can also be recording what you’re hearing during the conversation with your phone.

You can also choose to play any kind of music you want without interference from the wires of your earphone. Earbud has modernized in such a way that even with miles where your phone is, you can still play the song of your choice and you can also get to do other things.

The smart earbud has passed through different stages of upgrade which has recreated it severally. So in all, it is important to choose earbuds with good sound quality so that you can enjoy what truly comes from the gadget.

Highly compatible: This is earbuds are free to connect with different types of phones. It can connect with an Android and iPhone and also tabs. Even within androids, it is universally compatible as it can connect with different brands within an Android series. The same happens to the Apple series where it can connect with different iPhones and other different iPhone tabs.

It can also connect with several non-phone gadgets that produce a song. That’s a great advantage that comes from this very device.

blxbuds review

Why BLX earbuds are better than other buds

It is good for us to look into the difference between BLX buds and also other brands of Buds that are in the market to pinpoint their differences. With this, you can know the advantages that really come from these buds and how they can be of greater help to you. The table below has the difference:

BLX budsOthers buds
Fast chargeSome have while others do not have a fast charge
Stable and strong 5.1 BluetoothMost of them have Bluetooth versions below 5.1
Playtime of 4.5 hoursPlaytime less than 3 hours after every charge
Charge time of 1.5 hoursTakes more than 2 hours to charge
Easy setupSome may take the rigorous process
Super compatibilitySome are limited to Android or Apple
Wider coverageSome only pair when the distance is a few centimeters

Pros and Cons of BLX earbuds

Anything that is good has something that is bad with it. Therefore, it is important for us to look at the pros and as well cons of this BLXBUDS. This will help us know exactly what we’re going into. And how to prepare the mind to face whatever comes from it.

Universally compatibilityStock may be limited when you check
Affordable to manyPurchased only online
User-friendly to everyoneMust be recharged when the battery is down
Elegant looks 
Quality sound system 

BLX buds vs AirPods

It is easy for someone to compare these two earbuds. However, the differences are clear; one is very costly and classy while the other is affordable and classy. Both of them are made high-tech which helps them deliver the best for the user.

blxbuds reviews

BLX buds customer reviews

BLX earbuds are so good. I like the ease of connection I have from it and also how long the battery lasts. This is not the same with the other buds I was using. I was thinking how come 49.99 dollars give me this kind of gadget? However, after using it for a couple of two months, I wish to say that it makes the difference in that this device is underrated and it is one of the best you can buy.

Before now I had lost interest in buying earbuds because most of them stop working within a couple of times. But not when my girlfriend has made her choice and sent it to me as a gift. She is aware of how much I love music but I felt she is also aware of my apathy to buying earpiece especially buds as it stops working easily. Sending the earbud to me as a birthday gift changed everything. I decided to accept it but reluctantly. However, it changed my mind for good. It is BLXBUDS or none.

Blxbuds for sale and pricing

The price of BLXbuds is 49.99$. This price depends on where you want to make your order. If you make your order at the BLXbuds website, you will receive the full discounts accrued to customers and also free delivery. You can also get these same buds at Amazon stores, Walmart, and at Alibaba express. The difference you must expect is in prices and delivery time. Below is the discount you will have on the gadget.

  • 1 BLX Bud sells for $49.99
  • 2 BLX Buds sell for $91.99
  • 3 BLX Buds sell for $124.99
  • 4 BLX Buds sell for $159.99

BLXBUDS website

BLX buds website remains the best place for you to make your order as you will get it at a subsidized price. You will also receive a full three months warranty coverage which will involve a refund and exchange policy. You will have a secured and protected card transaction at the official website. You will also be sent a monitoring code which will help you know your delivery when it comes.

Contact BLXBuds 

There is 24/7 customer service available. This is to ensure that whichever complaint you have is received appropriately. So you can decide to call the agent or send them mail through their website. You don’t need to go miles just to lodge a complaint.

  • US & Canada (Toll Free):855 756 5448 
  • Australia & New Zealand:(02) 5133 5672 
  • United Kingdom & Ireland:033081 80842 

Frequently asked questions on BLXbuds reviews

To show a comprehensive review on the BLX board. I have dedicated his path to answering questions that people have been raising in different online review sites as follows:

Where are BLxbuds made?

BLXbuds is made under cheap labor where materials for production are also cheap. That is why such quality devices can be sold at such an affordable price when compared to its counterpart like AirPods pro. China has one of the best tech-industry that produces highly affordable devices. This has made some of the American-owned companies relocate to Chana for cheaper production.

Where to buy BLXBUDS in Canada?

The safest place to buy BLXbuds is from the official website. From there you can make your order and it will be delivered to your location as fast as one week.

BLxbuds how to use?

How to use BLX buds is simple and as enlisted below:
Unbox the delivery
Charge your earbuds and the case
Connect it to your phone using its high-tech Bluetooth.
Put it on your ear.
Follow other user-guideline that should come with these earbuds.

How BLxbuds work?

BLX buds work through Bluetooth technology to transmit the sounds produced on your phone. The Bluetooth is so strong as to enhance a stable connection.

Is BLxbuds legit?

BLXbuds has generated high traffic on the internet. It is the latest and most trending earbuds. Highly affordable and very stylish to wear.

Is BLxbuds any good?

BLXbuds is a great match for many who are looking for quality earbuds that can offer a stylish design and good connection with long-lasting battery capacity.

BLxbuds is it worth it?

BLXbuds are worth it and that is why it has been trending and generating many online reviews. Many people have said many positive things about the buds.

Final note on BLxbuds review

It is rare to see quality products being affordable but that does not mean that all costly products are quality. These BLXbuds are an example of those affordable products with high quality.

You are looking for earbuds with insignificant latency time or those that will offer you a good microphone? Here is it. BLXbuds remains the best for you. It makes you highly presentable with a stylish outing.

With these buds, you can do two different things at the same time. You can be cooking and also be listening to your song. Yes. There will be no interruption from your Bluetooth connection. I know you will not miss this opportunity as there is no other second chance.



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