Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting Reviews 2023: Hidden truth from an expert!

Blast auxiliary motion lighting is a new trend in illuminating the dark part of your room with a connection to electricity. If you want to always not when there’s a motion or somebody walking around in your home it is good you come with the base as if the dirt every movement around it and then flashlight towards such direction.

From the outcome of our research on this new and special lighting device, we find it very good for some edges of your house where you normally would not consider giving an electric connection. Also very good if you want to use it in special places within your room like within your wardrobe to enhance the light that comes up each time you go there.

No more struggling to see when there is a sudden power outage. No more doing a blind search in your room looking for some of your materials in the dark. This is the new leading way of putting light in all corners of your home. And it works automatically by reacting to your movement around it and turning itself on to give you the lighting section you need.

If you are looking for an uninterrupted power supply from a bulb and you need cheaper products than the regular solar power bulbs, then Blast auxiliary motion lighting is the best.

This post will essentially cover Blast auxiliary motion lighting reviews. It will open your eyes to the beauty that Blast auxiliary motion lighting gives.

What is Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting?

Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting is a very affordable light system that brings up light to every movement around it. It comes with 10 LED lights which ensure that light comes up even in the dark. It has a special technology which flashes light each time you come around it. It is very economical to use as all you need to do is to charge it with your laptop, power bank, or directly with a cord and, it will come back immediately giving you motion-dependent light for 11 hours per every full charge.

The main purpose of this light is to ensure that each corner of your room and your kitchen or wherever you intend to use it is having an uninterrupted power supply. It can be used conditionally to sort out immediate light issues.

It is not an alternative for your solar panel lights or your usual light as it may not produce effective light like your solar panel.

More facts on Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting

It has an easy and instant installation

Anyone can do the installation as it is very easy. it is a form of DIY for anyone, anywhere! No tools, screws, or nuts are needed. Blast is completely cordless, and comes equipped with an adhesive base that can stick onto any flat surface, just peel off the protective strip and place it anywhere! You have to ensure that the surface is flat to enhance its stay. It can stay for as long as you want it to be there.


It works in an automatic way as you may not need to get worried over the extent you allow it to stay there. Light where you need it, and only when you need it! Never worry about leaving the lights on! With 2 Sensor Modes, it detects your motion in the dark or daytime. Lights will flick on for motion within a range of 3 to 8 meters, and will automatically turn off after about 15 seconds with no motion.


Make any space brighter than ever! With 10 LEDs in each light, Blast Motion Light provides enough light to make sure you never stumble in the dark. LED lighting is brighter and lasts longer – it uses 75% less energy than traditional bulbs! It provides majorly light and does not come with the heat that may accompany normal or traditional bulbs. However, it should be noted that these bulbs are not a direct replacement for the traditional bulbs as they perform different functions at different times.


Blast Motion Light can be used in your attic, basement, kid’s room, closet, cupboard, drawer, storage room, garage, medicine cabinet, storm cellar, vanity, workstation, along your staircase – ANYWHERE! It is all dependent on your choice. Choice of where to place and the surface of such place. It is better to use a flat surface or create one each time you want to place this bulb anywhere.


Recharge quickly with any USB charging port, power bank, or laptop. No cords, no batteries, and not wired to your household electric supply. Blast Motion Light can last up to 11 hours on a single charge. Save on batteries, save on electricity! It is essentially affordable and economical. However, it is best to see it as a lighting device for emergence than to see it from the light of other similar light-producing bulbs including solar panels and normal in-house light.

LED Lights

Providing enough light to brighten up any dark areas in your home, each LED light has an approximate lifetime of 80,000 hours. And with the Blast Motion Light’s automatic shutoff feature, a single charge of the battery could last you many hours on end! These LED lights are powerful though with less energy as compared with other bulbs but have all it takes to give you the best lighting in an emergency situation where you need light to avoid stumbling. It is good as it is reactive to darkness ad motion which makes it best in places you want automatic power on every time.

Light Sensor

The light will only activate if the room is dark, preventing the light from turning on under bright conditions. This way you don’t get any irritating blasts of light when you walk past your Blast Motion Light unit in a room that already has the lights on. This cutting-edge technology that allows it to get activated only in darkness helps it to economize its power and utilize it most when needed.

As soon as you have your room covered with bright light, it will gradually turn itself off. This means that you may not use it in the presence of other light but can be used essentially in all the corners of your house where you feel should have an automatic reflection of light each time you pass there.

Motion Sensor

Activates only when it senses motion – perfect for lighting up the insides of a cupboard when you open the cupboard. And when the unit stops sensing your motion, the lights will turn off after 15 seconds to extend battery life.

There are two major things that can activate this light system and those two things include the darkness and also motion around it. It has a technology that recognizes the presence of someone or motion around it and immediately turns itself to ensure there is light and turns it off as well to enhance energy conservation.

Sensitive Distance: 10-26ft

The light can activate from up to 26 feet away, making it ideal for lighting your walking path at night and in dark rooms. This lets the lights automatically turn on, even if they’re at the bottom of the staircase while you’re at the top. Even your shadow at this reasonable distance can activate the light. No more struggling to see your path in the dark as it will illuminate your path with streams of light that are enough to make you see well and not stagger.

Sensitive Angle: 120°

The sensor can detect motion over a wide range of angles, allowing you more freedom when placing the lights. This is a thousand times better than motion-detecting lights that have a narrow detection “sweet spot” that always misses you when you enter a room.

One great advantage in the usage of this motion-sensitive light is the fact that you can detect motion around a wider range of angles compared to the ones that are not in their detection of light. Simply use it to ensure that whatever comes near it is shown through the light activation and also for security reasons.

Easy to Set Up

Just charge the Blast Motion Light strip via USB, then mount the lights using the magnet and adhesive combination. You can move the lights wherever you want them to put light wherever you need it, whether it’s in your garage, kitchen cabinets, or basement staircase.

Benefits of Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting

Instant bright LED light:

for dark closets, drawers, hallways, stairways, and more. With this light, you can easily come back to doing whatever you’re doing irrespective of a power outage that may suffice.

A cutting-edge technology that makes lights come back as soon as the normal life is taking off and immediately you can continue to move without tagging along they’re moving past or also continue to do things at the corner of your room irrespective of how that such place is because the light was not gonna come as soon as there’s darkness or as soon as you move past it in darkness.

Incredibly easy to install

You don’t need extra knowledge to install this device as it comes in a simple way with its user directions which makes it one of the do-it-yourself devices. This easy installation has really been a selling point with its additional economy in terms of purchasing and maintenance.

with a long-lasting rechargeable battery

You can decide to recharge this motion lighting in different ways you can sell to use your power bank laptop or direct cord to charge it and after charging it you can be sure it will last as long as possible at least 11 hours. The fact that it is self-controlled makes it better in terms of energy conservation as holy doses to turn itself off when there’s light and also to go on as soon as there are bright lights off.

Detects motion up to 26ft away

So many persons have sustained injuries simply because they stumble or fall and injure themselves. It’s advisable that you put light on your part, especially if they routinely used parts in your home or anywhere you live to ensure that whenever there’s an automatic power outage you still have lights that can give you directions, especially to your living room.

All of your house or home that also is hardly having light can also be a good area for you to place the light on them as they shine slide each time you move towards that direction or two also check to mentor the movement that maybe it was that direction. So you’ll never trip or stumble in the dark again


Its technical feature of turning itself on and off is an added advantage especially as it is able to conserve more energy with each turning off and also this helps to make it longer before you can recharge it after every charge. So if you’re struggling to get it recharged most times you can decide to store more power within your power bank or even with your laptop and use it to charge it when I fight rules now without the stress of looking for a direct power source to recharge it.


Installation of this motion-detecting light bulb does not have a way of affecting the environment and is not also affected by the environment as it can withstand harsh weather conditions including rainfall and dust. Is it best for all kinds of environment and also environmentally friendly for you to maximize its benefits.

A good alternative to other home lighting options

How did motion lighting as an added light in your home or have it as a direct alternative to your light options at home especially the one you use when you are central powering is failed or is no more active such as when there is an emergency power outage within your home. Already dark this lighting motion will automatically be turned on and immediately you can continue to do whatever you are doing through the light it produces and that a wide range of coverage.

How does Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting work?

  • First, you have to ensure that you use a location where you are always noticed to be dark or likely to be dark.
  • Choose a location that has a flat surface.
  • Place magnetic sticker in the desired location
  • Blast Motion Light will automatically attach
  • When you want to charge your light, just pull it off

How to use Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting?

  • Simply charge Blast Motion Light’s battery from any USB-A outlet.
  • Use the magnetic foam strip to mount the lighting wherever you want it to go
  • Start enjoying Blast Motion Light to see perfectly where it used to be too dark to see a thing.

Why do I recommend Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting

This may be the first place you are hearing about this lighting bulb or possibly not. However, I will tell you in brief why this light is the best for you to purchase for your home use.

You have a wardrobe that is dark most times because there is no direct light connection to it. Or you have some places within your home that is hardly under illumination because the central bulb in your room is not getting such places covered. It is time to say no to it by getting for yourself the best lighting system.

Some people also have a walkway that is often in the dark each time there is no power supply or you run out of bills for your light. Wait no further, get this affordable and rechargeable power source. It works very fine and will certainly be good for your home.

Users reports on Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting

Lights that get left on is a real pet peeve of mine. A light on in a closed closet? Arrrrgh! I hate wasting money like that. These lights have been great.

Jill G. – Orlando, FL

The cost of refitting our old, dark house was staggering. I’m so glad I tried these lights—they’ve saved me a boatload of money.

Ben W. – London, UK

I’m absolutely useless at DIY, and don’t mess around with electricity at all. These were a breeze to install, and they are really bright. I’m getting a bunch more for other rooms.

Donald R. – San Francisco, CA

What is the price of Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting?

1x Blast Motion Lights – 1 piece

$39.99 (SAVE 35%)

2x Blast Motion Lights – 2 pieces

$79.99 (SAVE 35%)

3x Blast Motion Lights – 3 pieces

$89.99 (SAVE 51%)

4x Blast Motion Lights – 4 pieces

$109.99 (SAVE 55%)

Where is the best place to buy Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting?

Buying Blast auxiliary motion lighting should be done on a recognized website where all necessary tracking details will be provided. In such a place, you also stand a chance to earn at least a 50% discount on your purchases.

Moreover, the fact that you will need to be covered by the exchange and return policy makes it necessary that you make your purchases through the official website of the producer of Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting. It gives you the chance to have a hitch-free transaction.

Frequently asked questions on Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting

  1. How long will Blast Motion Light last?

    The lifetime of the lamp is around 80,000 hours. If you were to run the light non-stop, Blast Motion Light would last approximately 11 hours before charging again.

  2. Does the Blast Motion Light save you money?

    Blast Motion Light only turns on when it senses motion, saving you from having to run an electric light 24/7.

  3. Is Blast Motion Light difficult to move around?

    Not in the slightest! Blast Motion Light lets you move it wherever you like with its combination of magnets and foam for easy mounting.

  4. Will the Blast Motion Light be going on every time the motion sensor senses movement?

    Only if the room is dark. If the room is already lit, the Blast Motion Light will not activate.

Conclusion on Blast Auxiliary Motion Lighting

My conclusion on auxiliary motion lighting will just tell you the importance of not being in the dark simply because there is a power outage. There is a more economical and easy-to-use lighting device that is currently trending and will make a good one in your home. Just go for it today and make your usually dark corner glow with light.