Best pillows for stomach sleepers

Best pillows for stomach sleepers in 2023?

The best pillows for stomach sleepers are not really hard to get but you must know what you want.

Most people sleep on their backs or sides. Only a few people attempt to sleep with their stomachs. Among those who make it to sleep with their stomach, a reasonable percentage do not use pillows. Our consideration now is to tell you the best form of pillow for stomach sleepers who could need a pillow for their sleep.

Side and back sleepers are more considerate of the kind of pillow they sleep on to ensure good alignment of their spine and also reduce the level of shoulder, neck, and head pain that they may have. As opposed to the above, stomach sleepers don’t care much about elevating their head and neck to align with the rest of their spine.

With a stomach sleeper, the best pillow is one that is soft and thin. The level of elevation of the head and neck you need is not much. Therefore, it is important to consider slight elevation when looking out for the best pillow for stomach sleepers.

Before you go ahead to make your choice of the best pillow for yourself, it is important for you to consider the type of sleeper you are. Some people can sleep on their backs or stomach while others can sleep using any side of their body. It is important to know exactly the kind of sleeper you are and make the right choice for yourself.

If you can comfortably sleep using any side, then you don’t have to worry yourself looking for the best pillows for stomach sleepers. Yes, there are already combination pillows containing thin and thick layers. You can choose from them.

However, if you have seen yourself to be good at only stomach sleeping, then you have to go for the best for yourself. According to a sleep science expert, sleeping on the stomach with a pillow does not make much difference from those who don’t sleep on it.

It is absolutely a case of self-preference. The expert went on to say that if a stomach sleeper uses a pillow, there is a need to go for those that have a thin layer and are also soft. This will be enough to offer them all they need.

pillow for stomach sleepers

What are the factors to consider while choosing a pillow as a stomach sleeper?

  • The size of the pillow: the best pillow for stomach sleepers is one that is thin with a soft consistency. You need one that will soft for your usage. It is very important to consider the height of the pillow because that is the level of elevation it will give to your head. Your head on its own does not need much elevation because there is not much depression in the neck region, unlike the side sleepers. You have to also consider that you must not cover your nose while sleeping on your stomach to avoid you getting suffocated. The most important thing is to give your head a slight elevation you must use a pillow.
  • The shape of the pillow: a pillow can be made in different shapes to suit you very well. After considering the size of the pillow, you will need to consider the shape to ensure that it fits into what you will like to use as a pillow. There are different shapes you can go for such as cutout pillows or contoured pillows. However, because the type of pillow you need should not be high, you may not need a gusseted pillow. That extra layer in a gusseted pillow is not needed. So you will need to consider between the cutout shapes and the contoured shapes. Any of them will be good for you. You can also go for a gusseted pillow if you think you are also a side sleeper or you want to use only the extra layer it comes with while giving off the medium layer.
  • Affordability: it is important to consider the cost of the pillow you want to use. Some are too exorbitant while offering less value. Therefore, you must ensure that the value it is offering is equivalent to its cost of it. There should be cost-effectiveness before you try to make a purchase. It will give you more peace of mind that the purchase you made is worth it than going for something that is far less than the expected benefit.
  • Durability: sometimes, the materials that are used in doing these pillows are inferior. They are low quality and result in low durability of the pillow at the end. That is why it is important to consider the durability of the pillow before you make your purchase. This will lead you to consider the trial and return policy of the company. You have to consider the ease at which you can make your return after purchase. This will help you to wash the pillow and allow it dry. If after getting it dry and it still maintains its appearance and shape, then it will be durable. Why it is good to know the trial and return policy for this pillow because some people will not accept the pillow back when you will come back to tell them that it is of inferior quality to what you want. So knowing this beforehand will be important to prevent you from going home with pillows that will not stand the test of time.
  • Ease of washing: nothing about bedding can be as irritating as having a smelling pillow. It can be horrible, especially if you are the type of person that allows your visitors to climb your bed. Even if you are not the type of person. You will certainly not enjoy it. One of the causes of smelling of your pillow is sweat. Fortunately, some pillows are made with anti-smelling substances like silver nitrate that help to prevent smell and allergy. However, the Hallmark of preventing your pillows from smelling depends on how easy it is for you to wash them. If it is easy for you to wash either the pillow case or the whole pillow, it will be much better than having a pillow that is difficult to wash. You can read about how easy it is for you to wash the pillow before you buy it. It is important to note that even if your pillow is not easy to wash, ensure you have a quality pillowcase that will be easy to wash.
  • Comfortability: the ultimate of what you are looking for in a pillow is not just good design. There is really a gross need to get one that will make you comfortable. Many experts have advised that it is crucial to always spend about 15 minutes testing each pillow, especially by lying on the pillow to test its comfortability. You can also use the bed in such a shop and test it before you can make your purchase. However, we will show you the ones we have tested and how best you can make use of them.
  • Cooling effect: you can also consider if there is a note on the cooling effect from a such pillow. You don’t need a pillow that will cause you to start sweating unnecessarily. Therefore, you need one that will be in tune with your body. The downside of having a pillow that makes you sweat is that it will increase the frequency at which you wash the pillow or else, your pillow may start smelling as a result of microbial action.
pillow for stomach sleeper

Does a pillow cause headaches for stomach sleepers?

Generally, anything that can give the head support can cause neck and head pain. Such can cause headaches when the support is not good for the head. An example of such support to our neck and head is the pillow. This is why it is very important for you to be selective of the pillows you use while sleeping.

As a stomach sleeper, you have to go for the pillow that will give your head slight elevation. Going for the one that lifts your head high will cause you pain over your shoulder, neck, and head.

How to know when the headache is from your pillows for stomach sleepers?

It is not every headache you have that is caused by pillows. Normally, a headache is a symptom of illness or abnormal body nature. There are many things that can cause you headaches.

This is why you need to know and be sure that your current headache or neck pain is caused by your pillow. To check the cause of your pain, you will need to withdraw from using the pillow for at least three days.

If after ceasing the use of the pillow, you can check if it is still there or it has gone. The catch is that you must not take any form of painkiller while you are testing the cause.

However, if you have already taken some painkillers like acetaminophen and the pain is still there, you can stop taking the painkillers and try sleeping without a pillow for the next three days. If it stopped within these three days, then you can conclude that that is what is causing you the pain.

Stomach sleeper: what is the best way to handle headaches from pillows?

If after spending three days or more off your pillow and you realize that the pain stopped without you using any painkiller, it means that your pillow is the cause of your pain. What this implies is that you will discontinue using such a pillow because it is not ideal for you.

It is either that it raises your head and neck too high or that it positions it in such a way that it causes you pain. So totally discontinuing such a pillow is very important. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use a pillow again.

No! That’s not what am saying. You can look out for another specification that will be comfortable for you. You must go for the one that will give you the best sleeping comfort.

Our pillow recommendation for stomach sleepers

It is important to have the best pillows for yourself. You need those ones that give you comfort. You can buy more than one so as to enjoy more discounts and free delivery. Below are the lists of the pillows we have tested and we are recommending them to you.

Derila memory foam for stomach sleepers:

Derila memory foam for stomach sleepers

Derila pillow for stomach sleepers is where support meets comfort! Traditional pillows can lead you to sleep in incorrect positions that cause a lot of pain ad already outlined above. When you switch to Derila, you’ll relax into memory foam that adapts to your position and gives your anatomy the support it needs. Allowing you to tackle your busy day, without pain and tiredness holding you back.

Why do we choose Derila?

  • ✅Ergonomic Design
  • ✅Premium Memory Foam
  • ✅Easy to clean with a washing machine-friendly cover
  • ✅Lightweight and Portable

Nuzzle pillow for stomach sleepers

Nuzzle pillow for stomach sleepers

Nuzzle is the world’s first and only pillow that has two adjustable inner layers that adapt to how you like to sleep! The inner thin layer is majorly for stomach sleepers while the medium layer can be used by side and back sleepers.

It uses thousands of nano-coil fibers to cradle and supports your head, putting an end to pain and letting you enjoy, deep, restful sleep. Unlike standard, one-size-fits-all pillows, the Nuzzle Pillow features two adjustable inner layers that support your neck and cradles your head no matter what position you like to sleep in.

Ever since the Nuzzle Pillow was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated – resulting in the sales of over 2 million Nuzzle Pillows! Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in its product that they are now offering a 100% money-back guarantee and are extending its one-time discount of 50% off.

Conclusion on the best pillow for stomach sleepers

Pillows for stomach sleepers should be selected with care, especially with the generally known fact that the wrong choices can lead to intermittent headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. We have given you two great options you can choose from. If you still need more, then you are free to use the internet to make your search. However, ensure to apply the criteria you have read above.

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