BarxBuddy reviews 2022: Is it the best anti-bark device for dogs?

Barxbuddy reviews:

Barking from a dog can be a sign of impending danger—it can be a sign that there is an intruder to watch out for or the presence of unwanted objects in a compound. What about when it becomes disturbing? What of when you no longer have your peace as a result of the barking dog of your neighbor? What exactly do you do in such a condition—to relocate or to endure?

Whatever you would do, I bring to you good news about an ultrasonic device that is simple to handle and can calm any dog barking uncontrollably. It is smart and works briskly to make that happen. With this review on Barxbuddy, you will understand the importance of calming dogs down with a mechanical ultrasonic device instead of manually as the dog may grow wild and bite you.

barking dog
barking dog

What is barxbuddy device?

Barxbuddy is a device made to calm dogs down against excessive barking. It works for dogs and few other pets. It is simple to use and economical to maintain. You do not need to continue to be discomforted by the barking dog—it is time to distract the barking dog with an ultrasonic device like this. It is harmless to both you and the dog.

The device is able to calm any specie of dog down and make it less harmful both to the owners and to the visitors. You don’t need to keep worrying on how to sue your neighbor to court for the noise constituted by their dog, no you don’t have to do that. All that can solve this your problem with warranty is this device.

This device is very user-friendly and very compact that you can travel with it to any place you feel that dog may cause you a problem.

barxbuddy anti bark device

Prons and Cons of Barxbuddy

The pros or benefits of Barxbuddy outweighs its cons. below are the lists of things you stand to gain from this device:

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can work on all species of dogs.
  • It shows immediate effects.
  • It has also been the recommendation of most dog trainers as a non-violent training device.
  • Produces sound that only stops the excessive barking without any harmful effect.
Barxbuddy ultrasonic anti bark device
barking dog

Below are the cons of barxbuddy:

  • You can only make an order from the barx buddy producer online.
  • Producing new ones may take time and there is currently a high demand for it, so orders are made immediately barx buddy is available.

How barxbuddy works

Barxbuddy works by producing sounds that get to calm the dog down. It works as though it is a melody to the excessively-barking dog and gets to distract it from more barking. You can also see Barx buddy videos to see where someone is turning on the device in order to make a dog or other pets calm. If you like making outs with your dogs or other pets, you can go for this wonderful monocular camera for taking good pictures.

how barxbuddy works

Barxbuddy customer reviews

There are currently over 500 barxbuddy customer reviews online in barxbuddy reviews Amazon and other online barxbuddy reviews Australia. Below are three review extract form the avalanche of reviews.

3 dogs in the house so when one starts up they all start up. We used the command “QUIET” in a firm voice followed by a short press on the button. Within a few days, all that was required was the command. The dogs still bark when someone comes to the door, and other random times, but the command QUIET ends the borking frenzy.

Cohen Fincher

I was looking for a product that would help stop my dog’s barking without hurting him. Every time somebody rings my doorbell he barks non stop by the door and I have trouble hearing the person talk.

I decided to give the Barx Buddy a try and I’m glad I did. I’ve have a few days of testing and when I use this on my dog Bolt he stops barking and walks away. I’m so glad I have this product a try.


I have a 9 yr old bulldog. He’s never been a huge barker, unless you knock on the door or are UPS. In his older age, he has gotten to the point where certain commercials really get him riled up.

At first it was funny, but the longer it goes on it, it makes it harder to relax with the tv on without him going absolutely crazy. I wanted to find a solution to fix this new problem. I didn’t want a bark collar or anything that would cause harm.

I came across BarxBuddy. and Wow, does it work. I just keep this little gadget by the remote and instead of scrambling to flip the channel, like we would in the past, I just turn this thing on and he quiets down. I’m hoping through repeated use of Barx Buddy I can desensitize him from the commercials.

Haley Moore

Barxbuddy price

Barxbuddy price is 90$, however, there is huge discount currently so you can get it below this price. Getting it cheap depends on where you go for it. From the producer or manufacturer, it is cheapest. Other store can like Barxbuddy Walmart and barxbuddy Amazon can sell it but costlier.

Barxstop reviews

Where to buy barxbuddy device

It is safer and more protected to make your order for barx buddy from the barxbuddy website. You will get one month warranty and a discount if you make your order from the website. The warranty ensures and assures you of enjoying a 30-day exchange and return policies. You can also order for the best pet food at the same site.

barxbuddy anti bark device

Barxbuddy frequently asked questions

Does the barx buddy really work?

This device has been tested and trusted to be effective against the excessive barking from dogs and few other pets that make noise uncontrollably. Barxbuddy petsmart is highly good at calming down the noise from dogs by emitting sounds. It does not take the whole time to do this. Immediately you turn on the button, it will start working.

How much does a bar buddy cost?

Compared to what barx buddy is in for, it very affordable and last long in use. To get it cheaper, you need to purchase or place an order from the Barx buddy producer. This way, you will not only have a 50% discount but you will also be covered by the return and exchange policy. This is not obtainable if you go for barxbuddy Walmart, Barxbuddy amazon, or even barxbuddy eBay.

Is barxbuddy harmful to dogs?

No, it is not harmful to dogs. However, it momentarily makes them calm and stops them from barking thereby giving you the quiet air you need.  
You can point it to the dog or touch the dog with it if you want. It will not affect the dog either then or later.

Which countries can I get Barxbuddy?

Barxbuddy device is almost in all the countries of the world. However, placing an order for it from the producer will make it more available though it may take up to two weeks depending on the location. Whether you are looking for barxbuddy nz, barxbuddy uk, barx buddy Australia, or barxbuddy Canada it is available for you if you make an order for it using the barxbuddy website.

Are ultrasonic bark devices cruel?

No, there are not. They barely work to calm pets down without any identified cons so far.

Does barxbuddy work through the wall?

Yes, it does. Basically, barx buddy works by producing a certain level of sound that only dogs and few other pets respond to it. The effect of the sound produced by this device works on these pets to calm their mind down against excessive barking.

What is the best anti-barking device?

The best anti-barking device is any device that can stop excessive barking from dogs without any side effects. To fit into this category, the device need to be compact, easy to use and does not cause harm to either the dog or the person using it.

Can I sue my neighbor for their barking dog?

No! You don’t have to sue anyone as a result of a barking dog. Here is what you need to make the dog calm whenever it starts barking—barx buddy. This device does not depend on high proximity or stopped by obstacles like walls—barxbuddy range is okay to control the noise from a nearby dog.

Is barxbuddy legit?

From the barxbuddy reviews Amazon, it is no doubt to establish that this device works perfectly, and therefore there is no barxbuddy scam—barxbuddy is legit.
It is highly recommended for use indoors and outdoors. It does not have harmful effects and can be used on different species of dogs. This said you can go with it while on a journey.

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Barx buddy reviews final conclusion

barxbuddy review

It is disturbing to the ear and discomforting to the brain to allow a dog to continue to bark excessively. It will deprive concentration and deny sleep. However, if you notice that there is no cause for alarm and that your dog has developed the likeness to bark excessively, don’t worry again.

All you need is to lay your hands on an ultrasonic device like the Barxbuddy anti-bark device. available research and reviews show that barxbuddy is effective, works, and is good.

You don’t have to keep worry about your dog each time you have a visitor or worry of the uncontrollable barking from dogs around you. It is not all your visitors that are criminal or have criminal tendencies for your dog to be barking uncontrollable and be constituting noise. It is time to tame your dog.

This gadget is highly trusted to calm dogs down irrespective of their species or where they are brought from. The device is also economical as it depends on few batteries which last long for you to use. It remain the best buy dog bark controller.

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