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Barking dogs – causes and the best way to stop it!

Dealing with excessively barking dogs

The only way dogs communicate with their environment is through barking. They so to everything around them when they feel there is a need to bark. You can get a dog barking when it has a warning, an invitation to signs of danger when it is bored, lonely, scared, frustrated, having separation anxiety, or merely as a sign of happiness. Being closer to your dog can help you understand the mood it is in at all times.

You will also be able to know when your dog is hungry and barking because of that and also differentiate it from other times when danger is in sight. A dog is a sacred animal that knows how to sniff out danger from wherever it is hiding. People use it for different reasons bothering as security for maximum protection from invaders or as a house pet.

If you are planning to take in a dog as a pet for your own best advantage, it is important to understand the meaning of every moment for barking dogs. This will help you know when it is giving you survival tips. A dog can sense the presence of an invasion miles away and may begin to bark at the invader from there. You may feel the dog is disturbing you if you are not aware of what the dog is doing. Unfortunately, dogs cannot talk like humans.

While dogs are barking, they may appear in different positions; this may be a pointer to what is causing them to bark. For example, a dog that is standing and ready to attack while it is barking is surely pointing to a clear sign of danger. At other times, when a dog is lying down and barking, it may simply be a sign of happiness or welcoming its owner from a journey. Some parts of its body like the tail or head may also portray a possible sign of danger.

barking dog

What a dog’s tail wag and bark might mean?

Dogs belong to the class of animals called canines. They are made with tails and other parts of their body which help them to communicate among themselves. The good thing to note here is that dogs are better off with movement vision than color vision. Dogs can notice and understand movements that are miles away from them and the best thing they do is to either bark or move part of their body such as their ears, head, or tail as signs of what is happening. Below are some of the reasons why do can bark and also wag their tail.

  • Happiness: when dogs are happy, they may choose to show it by wagging their tails either barking or not. This is most understood by dog trainers as the wagging of the tail will always be best interpreted based on prevailing situations. When a dog finishes eating and stands up to wag its tail, this simply means satisfaction and complete acceptance of the feed.
  • Warning: When you receive a strange visitor to your home, your dog may wag its tail as a sign that there is danger. However, it will start first by barking at the stranger. If you are able to stop it from barking, it may begin to wag its tail as a sign that it is not comfortable with what is happening to point out the obvious danger to you for you to take action. If after that you are not able to take action, it may leave you to your fate.
  • ways of communicating with other dogs: puppies are born without the ability to speak. They only begin to learn their language as they grow. This applies to even children. They being to learn new languages and body language as they grow. Children learn to communicate with others both in signs and by vocal language as they grow up. This is exactly what happens when dogs begin to communicate with one another using barking and wagging of tails as signs. They have made things to communicate among themselves including satisfaction with their mother’s breast milk
  • Showing anxiety: If dogs are anxious to see their owner, they may wag their tails as a sign of anxiety. Or there is palpable danger at sight, they may start first with wagging of their tails. The thing to note in this case is that the wagging of their tail is followed by barking. However, this is not the case at all times. This is because it may happen due to delays in bringing food to the dogs.
  • Call to distress: when dogs are in distress on their own, they may wag their tails as a sign that there is a danger for them. For example, when the dog is trapped and unable to move, it may move its tail in a different direction calling for help from other dogs or from the owner.

*The bottom line is to take out time to understand your dog based on the clue we have read above. All dogs are not the same. Some have been trained to behave in different ways. It is good to know those ways.

Different barking styles from dogs.

When a dog wags its tail while lying down?

When a dog is calmly laying down and wagging its tail, you may not have much to be afraid of. This is because it may be wagging its tail to remove files or ants from attacking it. It can also be normal communication, especially if there are other dogs there. However, dogs may do this for a couple of reasons which you will interpret correctly depending on your understanding of your dog.

Do dogs stop barking on their own?

When you see a dog barking aggressively, you may be tempted to ask, “do dogs stop barking on their own?” Yes, dogs can stop barking on their own when their need(s) are met. Take for instance, when your dog notices a danger and starts barking, it is indirectly calling for your attention. It needs you to intervene. It will stop barking as soon as the danger is taken care of. It may persist to barking until your attention is fully on it. However, some dogs are known to bark carelessly. They bark at anything they see including humans and objects. These dogs may need a bark stopper to stop barking.

Why do dogs bark at night?

Dogs are blessed with good sights even at night. this is because their vision does not completely depend on clear color vision like humans. They depend on movements around them to predict what is about to happen. This will be asides from their uncanny ability to know when someone portends danger. Therefore, as the dog depends on movement to tell what is happening around it, it sees and understands what is going on around it anytime and bark at it.

Why do dogs bark at nothing?

The major communication for dogs is through barking. They bark to show that they are hungry, angry, or happy. You can imagine how you communicate with your environment including the humans around you. You tell them when you are hungry when you want to go to the restroom, and when you want to do other things. This is the clear difference between dogs and humans. Humans make vocal communications that can be understood among humans and dogs can do the same but can be better understood by dogs. This simply means that even when your dog seems to be barking for no reason, there may be reasons for that which you may not understand because you don’t know all signs and barking styles of the dog.

Does barking dog bite?

Barking dogs can bite if they are aggrieved. Barking does not always posit danger every time. It may be a sign of happiness for the dog or merely a way of communicating among themselves. It is very good to always know the reason why your dog is barking before going near it. It will save you from unnecessary attacks from dogs. It is also important not to ignore your barking dog as it may be putting out a notice to your advantage. As a general rule, withdraw from any dog that is aggressively barking, especially if it is not your dog or not in your apartment.

How does dog barking stop?

Asking how a dog barking stop is the same as asking how a talking child stop. This is because the dog will stop barking the moment its need is met. Take for instance, if there is a strange person in your apartment, the dog may raise an alarm calling your attention to it. The moment it knows that your attention has been drawn to it, it may calm down and allow you to continue. However, some dogs may bark when there is a need and also when there seems to be no need. They bark annoyingly. In that case, there is always a device that has been tested by dog trainers on how to stop dogs from barking. Hunger also contributes to dogs barking uncontrollably. Therefore, if you can ensure that your dog is well-fed, it will help to reduce the frequency at which it barks.

Conclusion: barking dogs, causes, and what to do

Paying attention to knowing why your dog is barking at all times will help you. When you buy a new dog, you can also pay attention to special body movements and the language it makes. This will help you immensely in times of danger to understand it better. There is also a device for better ways of controlling the way your dog barks. Dogs that are well-fed will not bark uncontrollably in an annoying way.

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