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Automend Pro Reviews 2024: the best Automend car diagnostic tool?

A problem know is said to be a problem half solved. When you know the problem with your car, you can spend less cash and time trying to fix the issue. Automend pro is all you need to keep you informed about the challenges holding down your engine and other parts.

Have you ever run out of luck that you could not meet your mechanic at the moment you needed him to work on your car? The problem sometimes is that some mechanics are still learners. They cause one problem or the other while trying to fix your car for you.

This problem they caused will still be repaired by you with your hard-earned money. Also, because of how technical it is for them to identify the problem, they often charge an overprice. Do I need to tell you that even with such an overcharge, they may not get the exact problem with your car?

Luckily, a device has been produced to help out with that. Automend Pro is a device that has been produced to help you with monitoring your car to identify problems with it. This device is a premium one as it helps you to control your mileage and fuel consumption. Yes, it has also a way of acting as your engine temperature coolant as it will always initiate the such process at the right time.

This device is compact and good for most cars. However, it only works on cars made from 1996 and upwards. This is because such cars have OBD II ports. Automend Pro needs these ports to connect to your dashboard so that it can syn itself with your engine and other electrical processes within your car.

We have taken our time to see through most Automend pro reviews and we have the summary of what Auto mend pro represents within this post.

What is Automend pro?

Automend pro is a diagnostic tool for vehicles that are made from 1996 and above. It is one of the best electronic tools you can use as a detective to check what is wrong with your car. It works in a simple way by analysing and detecting what is wrong ranging from your engine to normal mileage issues.

When you plug it into the OBD2 port, it can analyse your car’s road worthiness and at the same time, tell you what is wrong with your car. While it works as a diagnostic tool for your car, it can also be used as a means to reduce the level of fuel consumed by your vehicle.

It does this by synchronising itself with the engine of your car and making it to reduce the level of fuel consumption but retaining its normal function.

When you have in mind to go on a distant journey and you want to ensure your car is good for the road, it is advised you use this tool to check the maintenance level of your car so that you won’t have any problem or be stopped along the way unnecessarily. Fair enough, this device has been able to stop undue and unanticipated vehicle issues by helping to detect it as early as possible.


Automend is a smartphone app that receive notifications and statistics from the Automend pro device.

As soon as you connect your hardware to the ports on the dashboard of your car, it will immediately start sending the details of your milage, fuel system status, and also other vital information you should know.

Automend is compatible with different phones and works well to receive information from those cars.

How does Automend pro work?

Automend pro helps to monitor your car from it engine to the way it consumes fuel. It also tells you about possible mentainance to embark for your car.

It works majorly with the help of the Automendpro app which you can install on your phone to enable the hardware to transmit the information it got from your car.

So when you buy your Automend pro, you will need to download the app into your phone and sync it with the hardware Automend pro. The app will output information concerning your car helping your mechanic to easily repair the car for you at easy.

Automend pro is known by most users to work also on the engine reducing the level at which your car consumes fuel. It is not yet known to have any adverse effect on the engine of your car.

How to use Automend pro diagnostic tool

Making use Automend pro diagnostic tool is simple. It is required that you will have a car that is made in 1996 and above or till date to make use of this device. You need to also install the Automend pro app on your smartphone.

The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. This makes it easy for everyone regardless of the model and brand of phone you are using.

When you have the above, you are 70% set to make use of this wonderful device. There is a port on your dashboard with several teeth. This port is called OBD2. The full meaning of OBD is onboard Diagnostic. It helps you to make a diagnosis of what is wrong with your car.

So when you see your engine light suddenly come up, what you will need to do is to use this device. After synchronizing with your smartphone and following the instructions needed, you will get exactly where the challenge of your car is coming from.

Who is Automend pro made for?

Automend pro is made for anyone with a car made from 1996 till date. If you have been disappointed by your car while on a journey or in haste to meet up with a schedule, you will know the need to properly check your car before embarking on any journey.

Have you ever felt overcharged by your mechanic? You feel that his service was a total rip-off of your hard earned money? Not anymore with Automend pro device because it will tell you what is wrong with your car and you will prepare your mind on the amount to spend. Instead of allow the mechanic to cause more problem for your car.

The cost of diesel has also gone up and it does not look as if it will come down soon. If you have one of the recent cars, you will see how they seem to drink fuel. Automend pro is known to, among other services, minimize your car’s fuel consumption.

Automend pro reviews: Benefits

It is important to let you know some the benefits you stand to gain from Automend in Automend Pro reviews.

  • Substantial Fuel Savings on any vehicle built since 1996: Automend pro car diagnostic tool is known to help your car control the level of fuel consumption without affecting the services of functions performed by your car. This is because it is connected to a port that directly works with the engine of your car.
  • Automend pro is affordable: unlike other competitors, it is available at a discounted price. You are sure of saving 50% discount buying from the official website. This discount applies just for a limited time.
  • Easy to install Automend pro app and use: it is compatible with any smartphone and works effectively with such phones. It does not need you to be an engineer before you can make use of it. This is because the interface is friendly.
  • Reduces emissions: in addition to helping your car with preventive maintenance, it also decreases the rate at which your car emit gases.
  • Smartphone app monitors your vehicle’s health and warns you of needed repairs. When you apply to this caution, it will be easy for you to avoid undue disappoint. It is advised that you check your car with this device before you embark on a distant journey to avaoid being disappointed.
  • Know Your Car Problems first hand: with this device, you will not depend only on your car mechanic who has continue to extort money from you by calling a small technical issue to be big or what it is not. It is time for you to know your problem as regards your car and tackle it squarely. Yes. It is easy.
  • Cut down your expenses: when you know your car’s problem, it is difficult to lose money on it unnecessarily. You can even decide to fix the challenge if it is what you can fix. Imagine that your car stop at the countryside where getting a mechanic who can give you satisfaction is not around. And you decide to try with this Automend pro OBI II. Fortunately, the issue is not big. It is still what you can fix. And you just fixed it. Your car started working. This is the story of some of the users of Automend pro car diagnostic tool. It cuts down expenses and your can easily finish the needed work on your as expected.
  • Universal App connectivity: the compatibility of this device is a great advantage to you and everyone using it. Because you can easily connect it with your phone.
  • Plug-and-play design: no much technical know-how required. You will plug Automend pro on the OBD2 ports. Immediately, your phone will beep showing you that an app has just been activated.
  • Impact rating indicator: you can know the level of damage already done to your car using this device. It will rate the level of the problem into severe, medium, or low issues. As soon as any issue is triggered, this device will tell you about it. However, it doesn’t tell if your car will be flat or that it is flat. It works with those things controlled by the engine.
  • Color-coded severity: you will see red light to show you that the issue triggered is severe. This would make you understand to take immediate action to fix it.
  • Over 7,000 diagnostic codes built-in: it is versatile in the things it can do. This is because it is an advanced diagnostic tool with an utmost touch of excellence.

Automend pro review: Features

Automend pro review is not complete without knowing some of the outstanding features.

  • Coolant temperature checker
  • Oil temperature checker
  • Fuel system status checker
  • Vehicle speed checker
  • Intake air temperature checker
  • O2 level checker
  • Mileage checker
  • Maintenance checker
  • Manufacturer- recommended maintenance checker

Why Automend pro is better than other options?

Automend pro is better than other competitors, from our analysis so far, because it is affordable. It is also compatible and works effectively to control the milage of your car and the fuel consumption.

Automend pro is also know to monitor the health of your car. As it is doing so, it is also output information for you to know. This device is also easy to use with simple app interface on your smartphone.

Automend pro review

From my own experience, this is a reliable device you can trust to give you reliable information. It is able to remotely search your car and pick out all the faults that need to be fixed. In this my Automend pro review, I have searched and gone through over 1000 Automend pro reviews from other users and I can tell you that it is positively recommended. Example of the positive comments are quoted below:

Automend pro reviews from customers

This product paid for itself the first time I used it. I’m not a mechanic and have no idea how to use most of this product’s capabilities. This said, I’ve used this device multiple times with great success. It doesn’t just read your car’s computer codes, it scans them, provides live data, and does smog checks, too. I have learned a lot thanks to this device.

John Z.

I’ve been researching for a long time and finally purchased the Automend Pro. I’m so glad I finally did. Now I can rest easy knowing if anything goes wrong with my car I will know what the problem is immediately – even before taking the car to a mechanic! It also makes sure that mechanics are being honest with me!

Maikali Godfrey

I usually take my car to a local mechanic for inspection every 3 months, and I actually pay an extra amount for the scanner on board my car’s computer. Now that I have my own scanner, I have the facility to use it whatever I want. It saves me a bunch of money. Now I will always get a quick diagnosis before long trips so I don’t have any unforeseen circumstances during my travels. Thanks, Automend Pro team!

Loran Jane

Automend pro price

Automend pro price is $50. This is the 50% discount accrued to a single unit. As your purchase increases, your discounts will also increase leading decrease in its price.

This affordable cost is available at the company’s official website. We have provided an affiliate link to help you make the purchase.

Where to buy Automend pro

The best place to make the purchase is at the official website. We are just a review site reviewing Automend pro. We are going the extra mile to provide a place where you can make a purchase of this device to avaoid Automend pro scam.

Many fake competitors of Automend pro are on the the internet and that is why we are providing you an affiliate link for you to engage in a safe transaction. We will be earning the little commission from the transaction.

However, it does not affect our review, rather it helps us to continue to make more reviews. Our joy is that you have your transactions safe and secured through the links we provide here.

Automend pro website

Automend pro website is where you will.amke the transaction. Use the button below to make your transaction.

Automend pro Amazon

Automend pro is not yet on Amazon as at the time of writing this reviews. However, Automend pro Amazon review may be available in the next 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions on Automend pro review

What is the Automend pro cost?

Automend pro cost $49.99 per a unit. However, the cost decreases with more units you buy. There is a discount on the purchase of this car diagnostic tool.

Does Automendpro really work?

Automendpro works very well to ensure you can easily follow your car up and monitor its health. Automend pro scanner works in combination with its smartphone app which it sends the notification to easily. This is simple with any device you are using it. It does not take you much time to understand the statistics that this scanner hardware releases. You can use the information offered by this app to maximize the health of your car.

Does Automend pro worth the money?

Going by the functions we have seen from Automend pro and other ones the official company said that it can do, we are okay to say that it worth the money. We are also recommending this car scanner to you if you want easily optimize the health of your car each day.

Is Automend pro any good?

Automend pro is very effective an a car doctor to enhance the health of your car. It does this by monitoring the health of your car each moment you connect it to the port. In addition, it also influence a decrease in the fuel consumption of your car and improves its millage. The extent of gain while making use of this device is unlimited. It is a portable device you can easily use anytime for your car.

Automend pro for sale?

Automend pro is for sale to everyone irrespective of the country you are currently staying in. You can easily get it. Its delivery is also between 3 and 5 working days. You can also buy as many as possible. Delivery is also free with no extra cost involved. The website is encrypted to ensure full protection to your cards.

Is Automend pro legit?

Automend pro is very legit and available through a well-registered company. The product is also real as it is durable. However, ensure you have a car made on or after 1996. This will mean that your car has OBD2 port for plugging this Automend pro hardware.

Does automend pro require a subscription?

No subscription needed. This device is a one-time purchase device. The payment is once and it is $49.99. The device is also durable with a premium design. The app is free irrespective of the brand of smartphone you are using. You will download the app which has been used by over 5000 people since this great hardware entered the market.

Conclusion on Automend pro reviews

Finally, Automend pro is legit hardware that enhances the fuel consumption of your car and also its mileage. It works very well to monitor and detect an issue trigger in yours. It also helps to save you a bulk of the money from your mechanic. We believe that comprehensive Automend pro reviews will be helpful to you. This is why we went dipper to offer you every information needed to maximize this device.

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